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Psicologia das Câmaras
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Recorded in Real Time 5/29/2022 Author's Room Published on 6/12/2022 in Kanal Jupiter Voice of Raul Catulo Morais with Jupiter Editions with All Rights Reserved

Internet das Câmaras nos Castelos I
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Internet das Câmaras dos Castelos II
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Internet of Cameras in Castles: Case Study of the Castles of Santarém, Leiria and Palmela. In focus:  Castelo de Leiria. Right of Resistance. Recorded in Real Time 6/30/2022 Author's Room Published on 6/30/2022 in Kanal Jupiter Voice of Raul Catulo Morais with Jupiter Editions with All Rights Reserved

Intersexual e Interdireito
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"Intersexual and Interlaw" - Raul Catulo Morais in Planeta Terra in Real Time 10/30/2022 Published in Kanal Jupiter in Sexology & Parliament 10/30/2022 with Jupiter Editions

Só 1 min para Sacos e Talões
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"It's only 1 min to talk about plastic bags and receipts, please  please! It's only 1 min! 9 mins is like 1 min..." - "And about the Bee Party?..." Raul Catulo Morais inReal TimeinParliament of Jupitersitting next to the Bees as Spokesperson for the Bees 10/30/2022

O Inquilino Sebastião do Rugby
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jupiter case study: public consultation fair field

Source: Correio do Ribatejo, Regional Network, Jornal Mirante and other Newspapers--Start-Up Secrets of the Region

11:39 (9 hours ago)

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In response to the Public Consultation opened by the Municipality of Santarém in relation to Campo da Feira Infante da Câmara, I hereby express my opinion and the opinion of Jupiter Editions in writing in this email, also representing, therefore, Jupiter Editions and providing the link of the Parliament Program of Kanal Jupiter where the opinion was issued by voice in the "Jupiter Case Study: Public Consultation - Campo da Feira". In the first place, it is fit  to praise the initiative of the Municipality of Santarém in relation to the opening of the Public Consultation to the population, the type of initiative being quite important to give greater emphasis to democracy and the Rule of Law in that we are included.


1) You do not agree with any of the 4 projects presented. The road ending is considered a bad point, unnecessary, because the road already exists and should remain that way. It does not seem to make sense to project the playing fields onto the fairgrounds, stealing the natural space from the fairgrounds when, on top of that, there is already a plan for a playing fields project on one of the outskirts of Santarém (foreseen in Fontainhas). Regarding the idea of projecting the large garden with the idea of afforestation of the space, it is considered that it should be done in other places in the city, for example in Jardim da Liberdade, which is a space with a large void and being that,_cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ yes,  central city,  or in Ribeira de Santarém, which was already designed to be the city's large lung garden.


2) Although it is known that Santarém's Santa Casa da Misericórdia manages the Bullring, it is considered disastrous to "move" in the Bullring, under penalty of its de-characterization, being only necessary a painting keeping the colors and facades.


3) If any of the 4 projects go forward,  it is requested that the Jupiter Editions project be included in one of the works, in which it is intended for one of the infrastructures or shop or space_cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ to function not only as a publisher, but  also as a studio and also as a shop and creative-café-space.


4) It is suggested a New Public Consultation in which the Chamber calls more architects and also designers in which it hears new projects and drawings for Campo da Feira, which are simpler,  more realistic without mischaracterize and steal space for fairs and events that are held outdoors and that can continue to be held outdoors at a low cost of work.


Direct link to Jupiter Case Study: Public Consultation Campo da Feira in Parliament in Kanal Jupiter


As the Inatel Foundation is in possession of the abandoned Sports Pavilion, also wanting to participate in the Bullring Revitalization project and the City Council having the intention of demolishing the pavilion, Jupiter Editions are opposed to the demolition by showing themselves to be available_cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ to keep the flag should the House win the title war. There is another abandoned pavilion in the field of the fair and Jupiter Editions requests the Chamber so that the Chamber cedes the space to Jupiter Ediitons and finances the work project for the rehabilitation of the pavilion to be able to work on the idea of the 3rd point opened in this email . Outside the fair field project,  knowing that there are some abandoned buildings in the historic center such as the building in front of the Bernardo Santareno Library or other empty stores  Jupiter Editions once again asked the City Council to cede the Space in order to operate with a Headquarters in Santarém, suggesting for example the concession of the esplanades of Castelo das Portas do Sol which were once again put up for public auction in the same idea of point 3, knowing that it would be a great asset  for the city of Santarém even in terms of tourism, making it possible for Jupiter Editions to set up theaters and make theaters with just the space on the esplanade of Castelo das Portas do Sol, for example, functioning at the same time as a bar, with works registered with the reference location of Castelo de Santarém where it is possible to recreate innovative and original contexts of immersed film films. in live outdoor and street theater.


Raul Catulo Morais


Founding Partner and Legal Representative of Jupiter Editions and Jupiter Project


Direct link to Jupiter Case Study: Public Consultation Campo da Feira in Parliament in Kanal Jupiter

Conclusão da Consulta Pública
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Sonho de Mel
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Reflections on the Public Consultation

1ª Tentativa da Conclusão
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Botão nº666:
Komedy & Politiks

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Botão nº666: Komedy & Politiks publicado in Comedy and Parliament do Kanal Jupiter; Raul Catulo Morais With All Reserved Rights With Jupiter Editions

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