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Mission Support the lifeguards

Jupiter Editions recognizes the importance of the lifeguard profession and is aware of the appalling working conditions that many lifeguards are unfortunately subject to in Portugal. Jaime Maria Bayamonde da Costa Ayala and Antoine Canary-Wharf provided Jupiter Editions with an impressive account of the lifeguard profession. The Authors of Sebastião Lupi-Levy's System bring the solution to combat instability and poor working conditions for lifeguards.  Jupiter Editions supports lifeguards 100% by providing free legal support in order to protect the dignity and professional status of a Member Reader who is a lifeguard.

In addition to legal support for Member Readers and Member Writers  lifeguards, under specific conditions Jupiter Editions may activate one of its funds to contribute to the expenses of food, transport and accommodation for lifeguards who have participated in Jupiter Editions Missions or who are active Member Readers.

O Outro Algoritmo do Amor

O Outro Algoritmo do Amor

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The other love algorithm: Real-time recording on 05/10/2022 at  4:52 pm  and published incanal jupiteron 05/11/2022. integrated in the Masonic Film and Theater ofProcess File #666 - Divorce Between Jupiter and SaturnAll rights reserved © Raul Catulo Morais


mission support the surfers

Jupiter Editions supports its Member Readers and Member Writers who are professional surfers, contributing, under specific conditions, to the costs of transport, accommodation and food for the championships and the life of training until the fund for this type of support is exhausted.

 Through a Surfers Internet, Surfer Member Readers or Jupiter Agents can hack Jupiter Editions for Jupiter Editions to organize events and championships for surfers. Surfers Member Readers or Jupiter Agents may also abduct a Member Writer at Jupiter Editions Gaming by hacking their writing with new waves and request a redemption from Jupiter Editions via the Surfers Internet  to release the kidnapped Member Writer and win the Jupiter Editions Gaming .

Aulas de surfe


by Antoine Canary-Wharf

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