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«Whatever you do, do it well. Do it so well that when people see you do it they will want to come back and see you do it again and they will want to bring others and show them how well you do what you do.» Walt Disney

«(…) a bank came forward to save us! Because there are banks that save lives! There are banks that save business! And if life is a real business, if that's what life is, it's important to have banks capable of saving these businesses from life.” in 2080 by Antoine Canary-Wharf

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Jupiter Editions was born with a base of 9 algorithms. Currently, there are doctrinal divergences in the legal science of advanced courses in Law and Artificial Intelligence as to whether or not algorithms can evolve into other different algorithms from a base or if they will stay the same. Our editorial experience invites us to join hands with the doctrine that algorithms can evolve into other algorithms. From our base of 9 algorithms we saw 188 arguments. Of the 188 arguments we saw 564 scripts. We wrote the scripts for 78 films. There are movies after movies. They are theaters after theaters. They are technological books that in an augmented reality teleported us At the Speed of Light by Gil by Sales Giotto to 2080 by Antoine Canary-Wharf or to Jupiter by Gabriel Garibaldi. And it was because of this book technology that Jupiter Editions quickly became the first publisher-director-producer willing to live in a hotel where they turn their books into live theaters and where they have their own movie theaters to show them. From this desire was born the Jupiter Project and the Print Your Heart Project by Jupiter Editions

It must be noted that Jupiter Editions is a project of authors and artists. It was the authors and artists themselves who founded Jupiter Editions. Therefore, the Jupiter Editions economy is an infinite ink economy, because its founding authors and artists have infinite ink. Jupiter Editions is born “from scratch”, rises from “zero”. The founders of Jupiter Editons, without knowing anything about programming and building websites, had to build their own little shop with the tools they had available. They also had to learn the mathematical languages to go to the bank and present numbers to the bank. Jupiter Editons' Print Your Heart project deserved the applause of banks.

Jupiter Editions Business Plan is able to demonstrate an annual turnover of 16M for year zero with the investment and financing in the Print Your Heart project. In a financial conservatism, “our” art showed us, as the “worst possible scenario” an annual turnover of 16M for year zero, 35M in 2022, 60M in 2023, 70M in 2024, 75M in 2025 and with a successive growth rate of 2% until 2031, starting in 2025. The founding partners Jupiter Editions had to behave like computers and learn the language of computers to self-install new software on their hardware to survive in the highly competitive technological market .

From the moment the books were delivered to Jupiter Editions, during the edition, using the Gründungspartner's equity, Jupiter Editions has translated Antoine Canary-Wharf's 2080 into Castilian and Target – The digital footprint of Ralf Kleba Kodak, wrote the scripts and scripts for 78 films, which he hopes to release by 2030, hoping to release by 2025 18 films, 11 series and the pilot project of 5 novels. In February Jupiter Editions started the first golf recordings covering 5 of its feature film projects.

Jupiter's source of creativity and human resources has its first location in the Gründungspartner or the entire project and its foundation would not have been possible. DK, founding partner, physician by profession, is at Jupiter Editions Director of Production and Editorial Scientist (head of scientific research of the editorial plan) and Coordinator of the Editorial Department of Medical Sciences, of the Editorial Department of Health and Happiness and of the Editorial Department of Artificial Intelligence and Medicine. He is also manager of Jupiter Editions, having acquired business knowledge and taste, especially in terms of business strategy in Clinical Management and Governance. It was DK who designed Sales Giotto's At the Speed of Light by Gil de Sales Giotto the covers of all books in the First Editorial Plan of Jupiter Editions. R., founding partner, jurist by profession and with an Advanced Course in Artificial Intelligence and Law and an Introduction to Internet of Things Automation Course, is at Jupiter Head of Editor, Screenwriter, Executive Director, Artistic and Casting Director, Coordinator of the Editorial Department of Law and Psychology and of the Editorial Department of Law and Artificial Intelligence, Supervisor of the Ethical Business and Sustainable Partnerships Center for the Future and President of the Court of Contests and Auctions.

Jupiter Editions knows that it was born in a market coupled with a Technological Information Society. It was Jupiter who wrote about the Technological Information Society by the hand of Jupiter Editions. We know there is a story about Jupiter funding that will have to be handwritten by Jupiter Editions. We want to sell this story with the greatest passion we have for the transparency of healthy, green capital markets, Commercial Law, Corporate Law and Banking Law. We know that all Jupiter Editions learning is part of your writing, editing and publishing process. The fact that Jupiter Editions has artist friends, such as painters, humorists, musicians, actors, able to take their band or their spirit and simply go on stage for the pleasure and pure pleasure of entertaining, acting, painting, makes us being able to organize a rich cultural agenda of music and theater that is perfectly integrated into our Writing, Theatre, Painting and Film Competitions and Workshops. Jupiter Editions simply realized that their world revolved around artists. Jupiter Editions found itself surrounded by friends who all had an artist's spirit. And it simply saw that it could project. It simply saw that it had an economy capable of managing. It's a talent company. It's an artist company. To finance Jupiter Editions is to finance art, creativity, originality and noble spirituality. To finance Jupiter Editions is to finance the pool of ideas that springs a raw natural talent for the business of life. That's why Jupiter Editions knows how to greet the market: “Hello, Market! I'm Jupiter Editions and I'm Much More Than just A Publisher”.

Print Your Heart Project



4/05/23 Jupiter Editions no Centro de Emprego (Tubarões)
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