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Secret Files 

Jupiter Editions First 9 Complete Books Leaked 9/9/2022
The Algorithm of Love was leaked on 7/7/2022 inIllumminnatti Games 
Full Leak at 11:44 pm on 9/9/2022 of the 9 books within the Masonry in Kanal Jupiter Program Legal Deadline. 

Target - The Digital Footprintby Ralf  Kleba-Kodak (222 pages. 1.44MB)

Technological paranoidby Federico Ferrari (189 pages. 1.17MB)

The Authors of the Systemby Sebastião Lupi-Levy (392 pages. 2.67MB)

At the Speed of Lightby Gil de Sales Giotto (369 pages. 1.67MB)

Jupiterby Gabriel Garibaldi (229 pages. 1.50MB)

2080by Antoine Canary-Wharf (969 pages  4.58MB)

Technological Knightsby Barac Bielke (159 pages. 1.22MB)

The Technological Godby Simão Roncon-Oom (155 pages. 1.28MB)


§ Hey R.

§ Hey...

§ Sooner or later he will come to claim his rights in your stories. Will come to claim his name. He will say that one or another sentence is his, because they have his expression, his feeling and his spirit. He'll say that you recorded his last name in the stories of your life and that's why they belong to him. You will not be able to forget that you are the owner of all the works and that you only gave him all your fortune for love. It's normal that you stayed with his spirit and his psychiatric expression. He also got your legal and political expression of seeing things.  You made a will where you wrote his name, as the main legatee and as the first legitimate heir of the Hierarchical Order of Successions. It was for  that you wanted to marry him by the Code of Commercial Companies to legally maneuver the System and in Legitimate Defense against the Civil Code which does not have the Regime of the Valentine's CodeJupiterby Gabriel Garibaldi. You thought about your death,  for love. You wanted to leave things done. You used the Jupiter Saturn Society as a Smart Strategy to covertly celebrate an urgent marriage with him, so that if you died he would be fine with the condition of continuing the philanthropic project of Jupiter Editions. You were  truly a philanthropist from the beginning of life, despite having been silenced by Freemasonry. But it was all in sight. You left everything in sight. You printed your heart and opened your books  and your notebooks. That's why you enteredIlluminati Games. You entered with your works to play the Masonic game against Freemasonry. You are not anti-mason. You're a Mason without an apron. Is different. It is a "privileged position to see things" differently. You also have to hit the stones on the works, but you hit freely. You are a freemason. You are the son of bricklayers. Your father knocked the stones out of the hospital and then entered the hospital as a doctor with the mask of "Assistant Medical Technician". He left the hospital and went to beat the stones of the court and entered the court as a magistrate with the mask of "Auxiliary Technician of Justice". As if you were a blind man, you wrote blindfold  n'The Algorithm of Lovea Game of Masks and Characters that became real. That's why you entered us firstIlluminati Games withThe Algorithm of Lovein the hands. You see that in the Masonic gamesThe Algorithm of Love  had become a lie. The Lies Game exists in reality to sometimes paint a Reality Pink... Tal  how it became a lieThe Algorithm of Love,  also turned into a lie the covert marriage of the Jupiter Saturn Society. Was it because of a Neptune that entered the middle of history? Who is Neptune in the middle of the story and in the middle of the story where is Neptune? With the divorce from the Jupiter Saturn Society, don't forget to tear up the will you left. Do not forget that the will is freely revocable in life. Just analogously use the Civil Code article to rip  the will and put an end to it once and for allThe Algorithm of Love. There are 6 Love Algorithms. You will have to set one of the 6 Love Algorithms on fire. You were born with a Base of 6 Basic Algorithms, but they have evolved. It also evolves with them. Let them evolve you. You are in an Evolution. Evolve! It just evolves, R. Calls one of Jupiter's  Lawyers to tear up the will offering him one of the Love Algorithms. If you don't tear up the will, it is Saturn who will benefit from your Death and who will inherit Jupiter Editions. Jupiter and Earth, unlike Saturn, benefit from your Life and not from your Death. Ceres and Neptun also benefit from your Life. They entered the Invisible War of Cosmic Tension secretly in favor of Jupiter against Saturn, despite Neptun appearing in the Solar System as neutral. Remember the disguised divorce in the Commercial Register so you don't forget to tear up the will and move on. Don't get carried away by the poppy puffs or the "love drug". He drugged you with poppy seeds. The poppy cakes he brought to the Table of Cakes and Sweets ofIlluminati Gameshave drugs. Call the Judiciary Police, R. [If you fall in love with him again, call the Judiciary Police and ask to speak with the military psychiatrist Ludgero from the Judiciary Police. Only Ludgero will be able to face Machiavelli's Psychiatry. You wrote a psychiatric novel with him in bed.]» 14h37 09/11/2022 Raul Catulo Morais (Last Annexes ofIlluminati GamesinForbidden Book: A Masonic Love in a Devil's Freemasonry).





"I brought you a new balloon..."


«And I also brought poppy cakes...»


"You did it..."

"It seems so..."



«My flight is only at night... Do you want to come to the hotel for dinner?»

"No thanks. Where are you going to fly? For Titan?”

“For Miranda. But I make a stopover in Ireland first... But you already have plans, is that it?”

“As a matter of fact, I don't. But I don't want to have dinner with you. Did you come for the money?”

«Raul... I would never show up again for the money... I think you know me a little... Also because I don't need money...»

“Oh, do I know you? Lol...»

«Don't say "lol"... You look less beautiful...»

«You disappeared when we were 30...»

"I was only 26..."

«Lol... You disappeared when we were 30,  now you appear when we are 40?...»

«I'm not yet 40... I'm only 36... But you look very handsome, Raul... You don't even look like you've gotten out of your 26,  of your 30...»

"Thanks. You look like you're 56 or 66...»

"Do I really look like I'm 56?"

«Ya, you seem... It seems that the Sorcerer has turned against the Sorcerer, doesn't it?»

«I didn't cast any spell to make you age faster. The spell I cast was to stop time, to do what you had to do with time standing still. It seems that time has not even passed us by and 10 years have passed. I remember everything, Raul. And I know that you can also now see with different eyes how things were and why things were done the way they had to be done.»

«I don't like your conversation and I don't like this conversation. It's like the conversation at Aunt Giralda's because of the shit about the jewels where you said you could hear Aunt Giralda saying "that there were things that had to be done" in a Set of Keys and a Set of Jewels just like the one history of Carminho and Xico Castelão... Did you know that?»

«Huh? No... Calm down... I didn't know that... What is this story?»

«When Carminho's aunt gave Carminho the house keys for Xico to go live with her, it was on the same day that my aunt gave me the keys to her house so that the two of us could go live at my aunt's house for 11 years... The day my aunt showed up at the house saying that there was no jewelry, it was the same day that Carminho's aunt showed up at her house saying that there was no jewelry and Carminho blamed Xico and separated from him to take over her aunt's house in the game. It was what my family wanted me to do with you and what I never did. A Freemasonry wanted to separate us and managed to separate us, because you gave in and didn't tell me the Truth. Even you wanted us to part in a Masonic theater between the two of us just so I could have the house and the view from Castelo de Palmela over Setúbal, Troia, Comporta and Melides; but I didn't accept it, because I would never accept living with you in a theater and in a Masonic game unless we played both on the same side with the same degree of information. Carminho asked me at the Mexican Restaurant table how I could pay for the ticket from Santarém to Lisbon if I didn't work and I said that my father was paying for the ticket. The Masonic game told my father to cut my pass to go to the Faculty of Law and you started working at Empresa de Dados with its headquarters in Canary-Wharf so that I could continue to study and date you in Lisbon... Very sincerely,  I don't even know if "cutting the pass" was part of the game program and if you were Masonically aware of the game.  I saw you connected on an Invisible Internet to my father on the day of the Congress of Doctors and on the Island of the Pirates. With the whole game I missed the important answers to the important questions. Very sincerely...”

«You already used "very sincerely" earlier in the conversation...»

«LOL! Quite honestly, I don't know whether or not you were a knight or an algorithm sent by my father, by the game or by a Devil's Freemasonry. I'm starting to believe the argument thatThe Algorithm of Lovewas a novel written within an episode of theTechnological Knightsby Barac Bielke.»

«Our first kiss was at Pensão do Amor... What invisible hand paid for the room at Pensão dos Namorados? Who will have owned the Valentine's movie? It seems that one of the boyfriends didn't see the cameras on the first day...»

«LOL! We kissed on the stairs. We always made out on the stairs. We didn't go into any room in the pension...»

«Ya... We started fucking right away on the boarding house stairs... But it looks like someone wanted to break into one of the boarding house's abandoned rooms with their Royal Right of Usucapion... Raul, look at me... Look at me eyes and see the technologies that I bring in my eyes. I am devoid of technologies. I only wore them on Pirate Island when the game told me to try to Hypnotize you with the Illusion Rules... Do you remember why we stopped "robbing" the pension and went to the top floor of the building's stairs?»

"Of course I remember. When a movie camera was installed.»

«Raul, por  that all this is very hard for you to hear... If you hadn't seen the camera I couldn't tell you anything, because we were connected in Network when we went up that same time. Because you were the one to see it, we went down and never went back there and went to find another dating spot. But other  couples weren't so lucky and ended up at an obviously owned and listed Dark Net Porn. I don't have the Masonry of the Public Ministry e  of the Judiciary Police that you have on your side of the Jupiter Army... I have others, Raul. You got the Jupiter Army, I got the Saturn Army. That's why I always told you  that you and I complement each other. Our Freemasons are different. Those who defend me do not defend you, but they do not  attack you because of your invisible Freemasons and because of the legions from above. You can't "see" them all the time. Sometimes only. But you are seeing them right now. Makes it look like a Masonic Movie. But not. It's real life.  If I hurt you right now, the Iron Head who's sitting there as if nothing was wrong with his golf cap would ruin me. But if you hurt me right now, the Bull's Head at the window would shoot you. Then die, he knows. But it would be self-sacrifice. You completed the Masonic Study until the End when you reached the Freemasonry of the Judiciary Police and the "Treasury" of the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Medicine, which are the last to be studied of the Course of Occult Sciences that you opened in the Secret School of Jupiter during the your Great Masonic Walk of the Great Full Moon of the 9th of the 9th of 2022 after you have leaked the 9 books. I know you fulfilled the program without seeing the program, as usual, like a blind man's buff. I saw you from Titan going down Jupiter Mountain that day and passing by our spot where we were secretly setting up our tent, how I saw you photographing my face on the wall, how I saw you climbing the Royal Staircase of the Idylls under the Castle after having passed by our picnic table where you introduced me to your Freemasonry for the first time, without even knowing that it was your Freemasonry. It was the Iron Head that passed that day, the head that saved you from a headbutt that would have killed you...»

“Why did you use air quotes like when you said treasury?”

“Don’t you know, Raulzinho?”

"Say it..."

«Someone had a debt of 2,000€ at the Faculty of Law, but mysteriously the debt went to 966€.... The debt was settled and mysteriously a New Debt Balance of 666€ appeared on the Portal regarding "future fees" that blocked the Enrollment Process and someone tried to print the New Debt Balance of €666, but mysteriously the print key did not work and someone went running to send an Urgent email to the Treasury talking about the Debt Balance Error...»

“Did you send the error?”

«It wasn't me... It was the Algorithm...»

«Did you program the Algorithm?»

«Ya... Just Fun... Just to feel my technology... Just to watch the Portal vulnerability...»

«You hacked the Faculty of Law Portal lol...»

«Ya... Weak portal... From Titan, the portals of Earth are worthless... I was the one who designed a Magical Titan Portal from Titan in your Great Walk of the Great Full Moon of the 9th of the 9th in "our" Source Sacred and I saw you go up to the roof of "our" Fountainand remembering the times I kissed your chest at the Sacred Fountain as if I were eating your heart. We could have been fined, but a Masonic Military Police on horseback protected our love with binoculars... If they had the same orgasms as us, we don't know or care.

Maybe in an episode ofTechnological Knightsby Barac Bielke, Angel Studios is Jupiter Editions and Eagle Studios is Saturn Editions... In the script, Jupiter Editions was born as Legitimate Defense and Response to Saturn Editions' "illegal" games... I'm just trying to build with you the story... We could once again write a new story in co-authorship, but this time with our real names and not with our pseudonyms. You gave me so many pseudonyms in the stories... That's why I came back. To write a new story with you without pseudonyms.”

«I am not going to write any novel with you in co-authorship.»

«Who said romance, Raul? I want to write with you a story different from what we both live. If we travel to Djerba, I want to write a story with you in Porto Santo. If we travel to Saudi Arabia, I want to write a story with you in Uruguay. Did you get the important partnerships in Montevideo?”

"You made me 30 on August 25th when I went looking for you with the following fucking in-game message "I believe you may have questions, but there are questions we never get answers to in which case you're going to have to learn to live with them and draw your own conclusions"??? And now you come back to me and come up with a whole new story, Dimi? With a shitty story? Because it's a shit story! For me it's a bullshit story that is  worthless! You killed me in Mata Lobos. You tried to kill me in Mata-Lobos. I survived the Game of Love that I never wanted to play and that you forced me to play. I didn't grieve right away and that's why I came back later when I "understood the game" and saw "the game with different eyes", but you left me even more confused with the shitty message you sent me. It was as if you had put me back in the game when I had already left the game.”

«So, you came looking for me just to ask me questions... Just because I told you in Mata-Lobos that when you had questions later you could ask them in the future... But you only came looking for me to ask me the Game of Questions... That's why I gave you this answer in the game... I still love you, Raul! And I want you! It's you I want! Things really had to be done that way, Raul.”

“What the fuck is this? Han? Are you a psychotic or what? What a shit talk! No, things didn't have to be this way! None of this made any sense to me! Anything! Anything! Anything! I could have killed myself! Do you understand?

«Raul, I knew this would never happen, because I know you and I know how smart you are. I know you continued through various parts of the game for us. I know that and I know that you know that I know. I know that when you saw the game, you just accepted it and did what you had to do. I've been watching you all the time and I think you played well. So much that you played, that you managed to win. You were always winning in the first games, even though you didn't see the games. But I think we're adults now and we understand things differently. Or do you not agree?”

“No, I don't agree! All this for me is surreal! Unbelievable! Unbelievable! You disappear when we were 30 and now that we are 40 you appear out of nowhere in front of my shop with poppy puffs and a hot air balloon in your hand...??? LOL, DIMI! I also learned how to make hot air balloons. I found the store where you went to buy the Super Glue in Cyanoacrylate Base and the materials to make the balloon. I went to get the "other materials" at the same sewing shop that you went to and I also learned the difference between knitting and crochet in the shop. I also sell hot air balloons in my shop, like I sell poppy puffs...»

“You learned how to do it, did you?”

"No. I partnered with the Russian Store...»

“You learned to speak Russian, did you? They don't usually partner with people who don't speak Russian or Ukrainian and they have those faces of few friends...»

"This is not true..."

«But tell me, then... Were you the one behind this partnership of mine?»

«You are asking those questions prohibited by the Game of Questions, Raulzinho...»

"Lol, Dimi... I think you better go."

"I can not come in? I wanted to buy one of your books to read on the plane...»

"PurchaseThe Algorithm of Love. I think you might like it.”

"Where are you going?"

"I'm going away..."

«Txi... You leave your own store and thus leave a customer who could be a potential partner of your store?»

«I don't need those "in bed" clients. I'm not a prostitute. I am a bookseller and a writer...»

«Good answer, Raulzinho... I liked it... You continue to give good answers, Raulzinho...»

«Sometimes I write bitching and bitching in my books... I had to find a character of a luxury prostitute for myself in a shitty novel that a Devil's Freemasonry forced me to write... When you enter, tell the shop who you are the Dmytro to pay only 6€ for the book...» 16h06 11/09/2022 Raul Catulo Morais With All Reserved Rights in Real Time with Jupiter Editions

«Hey there...! Great discount, Raulzinho...»

«Can you stop calling me Raulzinho? Stop laughing like that with that face!!! Please, stop!"

"It really seems like 10 years haven't passed, does it? It seems like just a year has passed... Doesn't it?»

«Stop doing that voice,  please... Stop...»

«But look... Come here... Where are you going? You can't leave your shop like that... Are you leaving your own shop? So I'm going to robThe Algorithm of Love... I bet you don't even have cameras in your little shop...»

«Well, no... I don't have it!»

«Txi... I'm going to do a big robbery a'The Algorithm of Love... Ya... I will take you with me to  to Ireland and to Miranda and then in Miranda I will writeThe Other Algorithm of Lovewith Raulzinho... Where are you going, Raulzinho...?”

«Let go of me... Come on... I have to go... Dr. Diogo is already calling me. I have to go..."

«Do you leave your shop like that and leave your little books at the mercy of the Devil? The Devil is going to steal your books and have the shop closed... You are not "a good father of the family", Raulzinho... You leave the shop and the books like this...

«I'm leaving, but I'll be back... It's not 10 years later like you. I don't leave my store. I don't even close it just because a Devil's Masonry tells me to.  I'm not afraid of devils. I'm not afraid of the devil. You left... You ran away in fear of the devils... You are not a Devil. If you were, you wouldn't have left. You wouldn't have left like you left in the middle of the hell of a movie...»

«You know that I didn't leave... And you know that I could have sued you for using my name and surname...»

«You know that according to the Rules of the Masonic Game  you couldn't file a lawsuit against me and if you did, the game would all turn against you in court, even if you had to do "one of those Masonic theaters" in court... And finally, you know  that I would win... You know I would be playing at home...»

«Well, yeah... One question, Raulzinho... How can you be a judge and a merchant with an open shop when the Statute of Magistrates and   even the Constitution itself prevent it?»

«Because I changed things... Don't get too attached to the letter of the law, especially to constitutional precepts that were written and invented by a Devil's Freemasonry.»

“How did you manage to change things?”

«Because I entered Freemasonry without wearing the ridiculous apron and without lowering my head and saying that I believed in a God-Fantasy that only exists in the heads of donkeys!»

“Did you call them donkeys?”

“Yes, I called them donkeys. Eyes to eyes. I am a mason without an apron...»

«Do you remember when I wanted you to cook for us all naked with only an apron on?»

"Yes, I remember."

«Here! This was the apron I wanted to see you wearing. You can only hang it in the kitchen. It looks good just hanging in the kitchen. It's a really nice apron, with stones and everything. I was the one who brought the stones from Saturn and pinned them to the apron. Accept Please. What did you do with the Globe I gave you?”

“It is saved.”

«Do you know why I offered you the Globe for Christmas when I already knew that in the game I would have to "kill" you with the Bronze Man in Mata-Lobos?»

"So I don't forget you?"

"No. To tell you that I didn't leave without first telling you that you had the world in your hands. I couldn't leave without telling you that. Without giving you that strength. It was just a force. My sister also gave you an important gift to continue with all your strength. Even though we are from Saturn, we protect turtles like Jupiter. We know that turtles are eaten by crocodiles. I know you called me crocodile. The best answer I could give you, Raul, is that I am the crocodile that protected a turtle and I told all the crocodiles to do something to my turtle that I myself was starting a war with all the crocodiles. In another "analogy" if you want, but only if you want, I'm that "lioness" who fell in love with "that gazelle" and protected her at BBC Wildlife. I think you understand my language and my language codes. I have to speak in code because I am connected to the Crocodile and Lion Network.”

"I don't know what to say about what you're saying."

«You are different, Raul. You respond differently. Your voice is huskier and sweeter than it used to be. But I remember that you had one or two notes to tune... And I see that you tuned it.  You have an even more beautiful timbre. It's really different... You have that "wanted" tone... Don't you really want to go to the hotel for dinner? I can cancel the flight and go alone on tomorrow's or we can go together, in case you want to go back to Miranda...»

“Let it be, Dimi. Let it be... It's for the future... As you always told me, it's for the future... Aren't you the one who likes the future very much?"

«Be careful... Don't forget that I can see the future...»

«You can see it... But don't forget to be happy and live in the present... Be happy... Goodbye!»

«Txi... Using my lines...»

“Is that what you came to claim? Have you come to claim your cues without any way?”

"Yes. I came to claim my cues and try to steal a kiss from you.”

“It's not your lucky day. Talk to my lawyer if you want to claim the marks you left on my stories...»

“Who is your lawyer?”

“It's Dr. Diogo."

«Txi... Did you marry him?»

"More or less..."

«The 3 of us would even look good walking around the moons of Miranda and Titan...»

“Go away, Devil.”

"I am not going. I went back. You were right... Psychiatry is not for me... I'm going to be the Doctor and the Head of Household and we're going to open a Jupiter Editions store in Ireland. It pays to be a GP in Ireland and it pays to open a shop there, because a Great Saturn Business Center is secretly being formed... Let's take Jupiter Editions with us to Ireland and Saturn, baby. .. I heard the jupits were going to plummet on the Jupiter Exchange... We better move the Jupiter Editions books to the Saturn Exchange, baby... I know your romance with Dr. Diogo is just a fantasy... I know he's straight, baby...»

«I'm not your baby anymore. Don't call me baby again."

«Otherwise you call the FBI, right baby?»

«Yap... See how you know? Good flight!"

“You go to see Dr. Diogo?"

"Yes I will. Good flight!"

«Okay, it's up to you... Send him a hug from me and my lawyer.»

«I send you. Who is your lawyer?”

«Dr. Rui from PLMJ.»

«Lol! Send her a hug from me.”

“Do you know?”

"I know. He was the one who got me to referee the derby at the Night Game at Católica... Good luck!”

«Ah!... I thought that whoever had put you refereeing in the derby had been your Padrinho Francisco from the CDS...»

«I had 6 godparents. The Doctor. Rui was one of my 6 "unofficial" sponsors. Good luck Dimi!” 20:36 09/11/2022 Raul Catulo Morais With All Reserved Rights in Real Time in Jupiter Editions

“Do you believe in God?” «I believe in Technology and Medicine. I see that they are capable of Extending the Telomeres of Life, and therefore our Years of Life. I can't see God granting us 666 years of life, but I can see Medicine-Technology granting us 666 years of life. I like to live. I follow Life. I feel eternal. I feel technologically eternal. I do not seek death, nor do I seek to die. I don't see death as part of Life. I fight against Death. I'm looking for Life. I'm looking for the Secret Ingredients of Life. I do not wanna die. I want to live. We were born in Hell. I don't see God in this Hell. Perhaps "God" is evil. If he exists, I don't see him. Or he exists and he is evil. Either he exists and he's in prison, he's not the one ruling, or else he's bad. Or it doesn't exist. I see other planets. I see the Swarms of Galaxies as I see the Swarms of Bees. I believe that just as Groups of Bees protect “young people”, so Jupiter-jovian humans invisibly protect humans on Earth. It is worth remembering that Earth only exists as we know it because of the Bees and because of Planet Jupiter, which is a true “guardian” that keeps meteorites away from Earth. It's funny to see and think about it. There are very intelligent viruses, technological viruses capable of sustaining human lives. Maybe I'm surrounded by intelligent viruses that have hacked my brain system and make me write what I write and that hold back my thoughts and my life every day. Technologically I can see these viruses. I see, therefore, how “fantastic” is Technological Life and the Life Extension Program against the very Laws of Nature. Humans were no longer supposed to exist. But we exist. Thanks to Technology and Medicine. I don't believe in God for that reason. But maybe, in the middle of the story, I am a Messenger of "God". Of the “God” that others see, but that I do not see.» 666,666,666,666,669. Raul Catulo Morais in *Page 206* The Forbidden Book: A Masonic Love in Freemasonry  hell, by Raul Catulo  Morais

The Book  Forbidden: A Masonic love in a hell of a masonry, by Raul Catulo Morais Chapters 6, 7, 8 and 9 - 3 parts - 233 pages 8.89MB - Published in 05/09/2022 inIlluminati Games


Film-documentary 66min6secs

in real time just play 

Put the pieces of the puzzle together....

Illuminati Games

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Connect the references to the documentary and build the puzzle...

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1st game of  argument/reportIlluminati Games:Red Code

Jupiter Editions opened a new FILM-DOCUMENTARY 66min6sec button next to the OFF THE RECORD button that links Pirate Island to the Illumminnatti Games. The Illumminnatti Games broke Jaime's Sacred Porcelain Skull and Jaime will have to raise characters, pseudonyms and the legal personality of Jupiter Editions. Watch live documentary footage online on the Jupiter Editions website. Jaime is at Sítio de Mata Lobos. The deadline is short. The deadline is until the Full Moon. A war of wolves! The wolves will kill each other. The wolves go to eat at Sítio de Mata Lobos. Jaime is in the middle of the war. It is in the middle of the war between the wolves-dukes of Loulé and the wolves-pirates of Faro. Who will win? Do not miss the construction of this documentary piece by piece. Stay at home with Jupiter Editions watching the war in real time. For your safety: STAY HOME! The wolves are going to be eaten!  The wolves are going to be killed! Only a group of wolves will howl on the night of the full moon at Sítio de Mata Lobos. 02:28 14 January 2022 Real Time Ad Published on the Jupiter Editions Facebook page and sent as a courtesy to Banco BPI, RTP, SIC and TVI. A JUPITER EDITIONS report. Raul Catulo Morais Jaime Maria Bayamonde da Costa Ayala

All Rights Reserved © JUPITER EDITIONS ®

1st Photo Game

Night Photographic Report with the means available for the publication and announcement of the report of 01/14/2022


2nd Photo Game

Photographic Report 01/15/2022 with available means and publication at 01:06 01/16/2022

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The Illumminnatti Games order to open the game of partnerships and attack 6 aircraft carriers

the 6 recordings were made on 01/15/2022 between 7 pm and 8 pm

3rd Game: 1:49 pm 01/16/2022

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5th Game: 8:36 pm 01/17/2022

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the recordings were made on 01/16/2022. Last recording at 2:36 pm.

6th Game: 10:59 am 01/18/2022

«Because Raul, on the contrary, is Luar. Because 666 backwards is 999.”

Raul ao contrário é Luar- Parte I
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Raul ao contrário é Luar - Parte II
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«Because you have to talk about Raul who appeared in Porto Santo. You cannot hide it. You can not. You can not. You can not."

12:47 777 the illumminnatti games changed the numbers. The illumminnatti games have published the magic booklet and 7 pages of the notebook of 11/27/2021

Level 8: 888, Almost 999

Que filme do Caralho
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What the fuckk
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Fred helena
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«What is the name of the two trees that hide the sixth box of bees? If you don't know, ask the landlord who will pick up the old TV at the house and ask if he knows the shepherd Augusto with whom you were counting the 66 sheep. You didn't count cattle. You counted sheep. All had horns. The shepherd did not cut the horns. Let them be. Have you written the letter to Augusto yet? He writes. The shepherd will reply that the sheep that appeared without a shepherd in the Mata dos Medos after you opened the Bee Box belonged to your landlord.» 3:38 pm 01/18/2022 Katullo di Verona in Jupiter Editions.

Youduques de louléThey're leaving Vale de Lobo to clean your computer, but they're going to have to take a detour. Onemasonic policeit will cut the road, the film will protect you. you havethe love algorithmin your hands. your cousins from cascais will call the dukes and say that they have the police who are holding the film in the palace of foz in their hands. the dukes of loulé will rob the igac and will clean up your 12 works. for them, you are playing a dirty game. to them, your books are shit. how will you prove that you are the author?16:18 01/18/2022 all rights reserved katullo di verona in jupiter editions in real time © 2022-2020 Jupiter Editions

Answer: Not two trees. It's just one. The tree that defends the 6th box from the bees is a Tree of Life with 2 heads. The landlord had to behead to grow a new head. It's two heads. But it's just a tree. The Yucca we bought at the DIY store doesn't like the sun, it's a dark plant, it's a houseplant,  it's a plant to be in a pot. If it were planted at the foot of the Tree of Life, through the Dark Net of Fungi it would hack all its nutrients, killing it. The DIY store has my movie buying Yucca. The operator of the surveillance camera pointed at cashier #6 at the DIY store showed my film to the secretary of the owner of the vacuum cleaner store. That's why they knew the story of Yucca and the little monkey. I argued with the owner of the shop on the esplanade about the automatic teller machines. Next to us on the esplanade was the journalist dressed in a construction man's suit. The journalist was behind us in line at the DIY store when we bought the Yucca. He saw me walking into the DIY store with the little monkey slung over my arm. 6:08 pm Raul Catulo Morais 01/18/2022 Jaime Maria Bayamonde da Costa Ayala in Jupiter Editions


curriculum vitae - 01:58 01/19/2022

curriculum with new references - 18:08 01/20/2022

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Tinha de ser
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Não me apetece nada ser decapitado
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Caixa de supermercado
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Siga a marinha
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«A new Freemasonry has hacked the film. Inform the Technological Society of the true meaning of Freemasonry according to the Illumminnatti Games' Universal Dictionary of Jupiter's Language to gain a new lens and see who hacked the movie.»

«Freemasonry means spiritualism.»

«Your film was hacked by the Moors. Avoid taking the movie out of your head with 3 references from the Algarve of Arab influence on the 18th of January.»

«Alfarroba, Xerém and Açoteia.» 

"You will not be beheaded if you link references to Arabs." Time: 88secs.

«Carob is a tree introduced in the Algarve by the Arabs. Its seeds were used by merchants to value diamonds, because the weight of a seed was equivalent to a diamond carat. For the Arabs and the Algarve, a carob is worth a diamond.»

«The xerém dish originates from the Arabic term Zerem, which was left by the Moors in the Algarve. Milled corn originates from North Africa and Asia. There are many recipes for xerém. My boyfriend stole the recipe from Príncipe's mother, but replaced the ham with poultry bacon. Added shrimp  to the recipe. At Villa dos Piratas, the recipe for xerém is made with cockles and was one of the finalist candidates for the 7 Wonders of Portuguese Gastronomy.»

«The roof terrace is the terrace of Algarve houses, typically the Villa dos Piratas, which replaces the roof, mainly intended for the use of water. It was an architectural element introduced by the Arabs.» Time:  88secs.

"Congratulations! The Moors freed you.  You gained another Freemasonry. The Arab community that lives in the Algarve knows that you see the sacred pig and that you hear and dance to Arab music, so protect your film. Good luck!"


Illumminnatti Games: January 21st to 29th

proof of the 9 books of the 9 pseudonyms

3rd set of photographs: Porto santo

porto santo1.jpg
porto santo2.jpg
rosa de areia.jpg
rosa de papel.jpg

A dark side in the algorithm

Judiciary Police

otter beach

internet of things

Life in real time

holy parts

Humans with vampire spirit

Partnership and intrigue game - dark code

jupiter movement

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 the 4 recordings were made on 01/21/2022 between 10:53/13:03

Lease Agreement

Kill of fears

«In the process of Ilha dos Piratas you write with Jaime's hand in a living report that from the house of Boa Psicologia nº 666 you were linked to Criminal Law to the magic portal nº 66 that separates golf from Mata dos Medos. Are you sure you left the Forest of Fears? Are you sure you didn't die in the Forest of Fears? Are you sure you're alive? Proof that you left the Mata dos Medos and knocked on the door of the Devil's House, to be forgiven for the theft you committed. You stole a 6 Devil's Gold inside one of the bee boxes. You defied the Devil's Laws when you wrote the Devil's number in your sacred notebook and surpassed his numerology. »

May 6, 2021 photos of raul

«You left house nº 666 of Boa Psicologia linked to Criminal Law and ended up at Portal Mágico nº 66 that separates golf from Mata dos Medos. You entered the Portal, without fear, with the2080by Antoine Canary-Wharf in the hands. You left the Portal with 2080, with a Golden 6 and with two pieces of the Guernica puzzle, not knowing that the pieces were from Guernica. At Boa Medicina's house, with the two pieces of the puzzle in your pockets   that you brought from the bee box in Mata dos Medos, you picked up a book at random. You took on Picasso's Cubism. You opened to a random page. You landed on the Guernica page. You knew where  the Guernica puzzle had been assembled, so you opened the trapdoor and went down the stairs. You saw that the two pieces you had in your pockets were missing from the puzzle. You didn't give them. You went down and up the stairs in silence. Because you took up Picasso's Cubism, you ended up in the Villa dos Piratas, the Villa of Cubism. In a Game of Cubes and Labyrinths you found the Devil's House on the Island of Pirates. Publish the Guernica pages with the 2080 references that led you to the Cube Game to get out of the cubes and move on to the last level.»