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Jupiter Editions bet on 9 books from 9 new authors. The main purpose of the donation is the protection of writing quality.

To make a donation to one of the 9 authors, you can do so by bank transfer to the

IBAN PT50 0010 0000 5854422001  or MB WAY 965108603


  By default, if the grantees say nothing about the destination, the donation will be 99% for the authors, with 11% for each of the 9 authors and the remaining 1% will go to the philanthropy of Jupiter Editions such as the Tree Plantation, Fighting Hunger or Fighting Garbage. The donation can be made on account of any of the funds that Jupiter Editions intends to open and develop. The donation can be 100% destined to an author or a mission.

The donation can be anonymous, but Jupiter Editions suggests that the grantee identify himself, above all, if he finances the voice of one of the authors, so that the author can thank him in a personal note. Just send an email to with the subject DONATING and proof of bank transfer.

If the donation is intended for an author and if a photograph or message from the recipient is attached with proof of transfer, Jupiter Editions undertakes to forward the email to the author.

Please see our Privacy Policy to find out how your data is handled by Jupiter Editions.

Jupiter Editions does not assign or sell your data to any partner.

Jupiter Editions can only transfer the data of Member Readers who have accepted that a certain company or partnership communicates with Member Readers. If a new partnership is approved by the Ethical Business Center and Sustainable Partnerships for the Future, Jupiter Editions will ask Member Readers interested in providing their data to the new partnership in the Jupiter Account, explaining to Member Readers the importance of that partnership. When partner companies/partners contact Member Readers, on the 1st contact they must announce the partnership with Jupiter Editions, so that the customer can clearly see the partnerships and their importance for the sustainability of companies in a highly competitive market. ©Jupiter Editions

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