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at the speed of light
by Gil de Sales Giotto


«Just reinvent ourselves and start all over again. Life is long. We have a life to start over and over again. We just sit in Life. When we've loved and stopped loving, we don't expect anyone else to sit with us again in Life. It's like "one of those" impossible movies that "don't  exist"... But if someone is  sit down,  we can love again. We can always start over. Ever. Always.  This is exactly what being human is. It's having the ability to start over, reinvent, to love again.» Raul Catulo Morais 4:06 pm April 11, 2022 inThe Magic of Algorithmsand theInvisible Brain Chipin co-authorship with Jaime Maria Bayamonde da Costa Ayala.



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Antoine Canary-Wharf, Barac Bielke, and Gil de Sales Giotto wrote letters to governments and societies. Antoine wrote one of the letters with 9 guns pointed at his head...


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