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Jupiter Books Stock Exchange

movendo planetas

6% of Jupiter Editions profit is to be distributed with Member Readers in a so-called Circular Savings of Currency Investment Incentive on the Book Exchange

All Member Readers or Jupiter Agents with 16 jupits can participate in the 6% profit universe of the Jupiter Exchange in proportion to their jupits. 

Jupiter Editions books ended up on the stock exchange! Every day its value increases on the Jupiter Stock Exchange!

Jupiter Editions Member Writers are "robot-writers" with an infinite ink expression capable of writing a book or the script of a new movie in one day, every day. There is a key interest for a market to finance and invest in the writing of each Jupiter Editions Member Writers, because the investment and financing protects the writing quality of Member Writers, producing more and better, in an environment worthy of peace of mind and happiness.  

Every day Member Writers produce writing and this writing ends up being part of the works and works already delivered to Jupiter Editions, always being an upgrade. The argument, the story keeps getting stronger and stronger, more magical and more spiritual, always valuing more and more. The Internet of Things itself, which connects books between each of the author's spirits, is showing new connections.

There's a fantastic Internet of Books at Jupiter Editions!
Connect Now to this
Strange Internet of Things!

Enter the Jupiter Editions Gaming
Build the Jupiter Editions Puzzling

Join the Jupiter Stock Exchange

How does the Stock Exchange work? Who can enter the Stock Exchange?


All Member Readers with 16 jupits can enter the Jupiter Stock Exchange.


If a Member Reader enters the exchange with 27 jupits they can at any time withdraw for example 6 jupits from their wallet to register for a Gold Book Hunt to Fight Hunger with Garbage Collection and Tree Planting to earn more jupits and join the exchange with more jupits. Entry and exit at the Stock Exchange is free.


Each Member Reader's Strategy Law imposes freedom to enter and exit the Exchange at any time without fees, taxes or charges.


The Jupiter Books Value information about the 6% Legitimate Value is automatically updated in the Jupiter Account. It is not mandatory for Member Readers to install the Jupiter Account in order to enter the Exchange or to access updated Exchange information. Member Readers with 16 jupits can alternatively send a letter to the head office or an email to with the subject "Jupiter Scholarship" in order to enter the Exchange, sending proof of their jupits (invoice for books) as an alternative to the Jupiter Account , diplomas of participation in Jupiter Agenda events). The regulation of the Exchange is private and is available to all interested parties who are already on the Exchange or who want to be listed on the Exchange. The regulation request can be requested through the Jupiter Account by Member Readers with 16 jupits or can be requested by letter or email providing proof of the jupits. The information provided by Jupiter Editions about the Exchange is of a closed-circle confidential nature.


It is the Member Readers who give the value to the Scholarship itself.  It is Member Readers who value or devalue the strength of jupits within the Exchange. The equivalence and proportion of jupits to the value of the physical currency that each Member Reader fits in the Legitimate Value of 6% has to do with the number of Member Readers that are in the Exchange, the most popular number of jupits that most Members Readers have and other natural mathematical variables of the Exchange Regulation.


According to the Exchange Regulations up to the first 3 years of the Exchange's life, there is a maximum limit of jupits with which each Member Reader can enter the Exchange to allow the growth of the strength and appreciation of the jupits and not to prejudice or frustrate Member Readers' expectations with less jupits.


Pursuant to the Exchange Regulations, 15 days after the distribution of profits to the members and rendering the accounts to the Tax Authorities, the Member Readers in the Exchange will be called to the Solemn Ceremony of the Legitimate of the Members Readers to accept their legacy. Member Readers may accept or decline the legacy at the ceremony or respond within 30 days. Refusing the legacy multiplies the number of jupits from the Member Reader by the magic number coming out of the Tombola of Jupiter. The Member Reader who has repudiated the legacy will be able to withdraw their multiplied jupits from the Exchange and re-enter at any time.


Until the distribution of profits, all Member Readers with 16 jupits can enter the Stock Exchange except for Boycott of Member Readers.




Boycott of Member Readers


Member Readers connected to the Internet of Things can, with their Strategy Right, boycott the Stock Exchange and close the entry of new Member Readers on the Stock Exchange in a given year. If the Exchange is closed by Member Readers, new Member Readers will have to wait until the next fiscal year after the distribution of profits to the partners and Member Readers to enter the Exchange.


According to the Exchange Regulation, it is Member Readers who have the power to change the value of books, in a true Gaming Power of Information. Member Readers can change the Game Rules up to 6 times if they get 66% of the votes in favor according to the Exchange Regulations. Once achieved, Member Readers serve as a corporate head within Jupiter Editions with Power of Decision and Power of Pressure with other members.


Jupiter Scholarship Date of Birth: September 3, 2021


Jupiter Scholarship Age: Year Zero

Buy the 2080 from Antoine Canary-Wharf today, because tomorrow it will cost €630. Invest now in this Internet of Things !

There is a superior Print Order that tells us to double the price of books in each publishing competition. There is a Gaming and a Puzzling that makes the stock price of this Internet of Books increase every day. It is always increasing. When a Member Reader becomes a Member Reader, they earn the lifetime right to be able to buy, within the range of books, always at the price they bought first.


For example, if a Member Reader  bought the Jupiter from Gabriel Garibaldi in 2021 (from the Premium Line range) for €60, which means that in 2023, even if Premium Line books cost €600, the Member Reader will always have the right to oppose the price and power buy any Premium Line book at the lowest price you bought first by invoking yours  Lifetime Right. But why all this?  Because there is a tension in Jupiter. Isn't that the story of Jupiter by Gabriel Garibaldi? There is a force that wants to open society, but there is another that wants to see society closed. Is it all about capital? Who will win?

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