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jaime maria bayamonde DA COSTA ayala


The Algorithm of Love

by Jaime Maria Bayamonde

da Costa Ayala is the winner

of the Callisto Literary Prize

2020 best novel


Jaime delivered 9 works to Jupiter Editions.

Of the 9 works, 4 belong to a valuable tetralogy.

The Algorithm of Love belongs to the valuable tetralogy. 

Machiavellian law is a title already revealed by the author of one of the works submitted.

Machiavellian psychology is a title already revealed by the author of one of the works.

LIFEGUARDS is another title of one of the works delivered.


Follow Jaime's Lifeguard Diary

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Demos from The Algorithm of Love

Resource Smart Green Capitalism

Chapter II – From My Intelligent Capitalism of Resources in The Algorithm of Love

Freedom screams from the Internet of Things 

1st Cry of Freedom for the Internet of Things

2nd Cry of Freedom for the Internet of Things

3rd Cry of Freedom for the Internet of Things

4th Cry of Freedom for the Internet of Things

Pirates Island

Jaime's Lifeguard Diary

200 millions

I only have 10 minutes to write

A problem of Freemasons

I just wanted to rest from this IoT


Intuition - A War

we have movie


Artificial Intelligence and Medicine

Hands up


Deep sea fishing


A Little Piece of Heaven


Sid – Maltese Cross

the pirates want me

check to the king

Said he needed time off (Grindr's marine)


The history of Jardim dos Idílicas, by Gulbenkian and Sporting (Hands to the Work!)

Naval battle

The Invisible Pact with the Bugg (Secret Legion of Life)

Wrong message sent to Brunnös

Water Edge Boat

Answer: There is only one dimension. There are no parallel worlds.

Illumminnatti Games

Lifeguard Diary Manuscripts

Real Life Simulator

There are things I still haven't noticed about this IoT

This wind is not very favorable

A dark click of things

All I know is that the drone came from the captain's boat

Freemasonry is information (Grandmother)

A Dilemma of Freemasons and the Invisible Hierarchies

Help, get me out of this movie!

The answer is alien. It's in Gabriel Garibaldi's Jupiter (strong criticism of Psychology)

Amphibious chair for people with reduced mobility

We chameleons are an entity

I don't dance where there are cameras

«You were born with White Magic… You were lucky…»

Zoomarine, a hell of a movie

Diogo Bug

News Medical Association

There is nothing more sacred than life (BD)

the tardigrades

Game Psychology & Inverted Psychology

The angel delivered the Holy Skull to the fishermen

A dismissal for a set of 9 towels

From Good Astrology to Good Psychology

magic boat

Free Mason

Criminal Code

Consult the family trees of The Algorithm of Love

Frederick von Dar Maase Family Tree


Family Tree Jaime Maria Bayamonde da Costa Ayala (paternal part)


Jaime Family Tree (maternal part)


Official Demo -  "The Algorithm of Love"

Demo -  "Philosophy of Human Predation"

Demo -  "Internet of Things"

Demo -  "We are Technological Angels"

Demo -  "A Political Dating"

Demo -  "The Tax Authorities and the Valentine's Code"

Demo -  "When Love married the tax authorities"

Demo -  "General Communion versus Separation of Goods"

Demo -  "Simulation is a legal business"

Demo -  "Basically bro was hitting on grandma's party"

Demo -  "Smoking is a mental matter"

Demo -  "Schizophrenic gene"

Demo -  "Epigenetic Theory of Golf"

Demo -  "The Great Works"

Demo -  "Divine Baggage"

Demo -  "Big Data For Geeks"

Demo -  "It's all turning into a database"

Demo -  "Heart Center"

Demo -  "Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity"

Demo -  "Artificial Intelligence and Law"

Demo -  "Self-defense"

Demo -  "Terror and Dromatic Fever"

Demo -  "Tender Specifications"

Demo -  "Getting to Funchal by boat"

Demo -  "Monk Seals"

Demo -  "They knew I was your boyfriend!"

Demo -  "That father looked like an actor"

Demo -  "My father was angry with me and with good reason"

Demo -  "Canary Wharf (London)"

Demo -  "If you wanted to appear from a Ferrari»"

Demo -  "Way of the Owls"

Demo -  "I don't need these fishings!"

Demo -  "Sexual Ruler"

Demo -  "boys talk"

Demo -  "I'm not proud or ashamed!"

Demo -  "I looked at him!"

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Episódio "Dimi & Danna - Escuta dos Irmãos" gravado e publicado às 22/01/2024 por Raul Catulo Morais (Double Voice de Raul Catulo Morais) with All Reserved Rights With Jupiter Editions

It is not yet public information if the Machiavellian Law  and Machiavellian Psychology  are works that belong to the tetralogy or are works outside the tetralogy.

The Algorithm of Love  belongs to a valuable  tetralogy

with an important set of 4 susceptible works and all potential editorial framing of Jupiter Editions, however, the remaining 3 works are subject to the Editorial©JUPITER EDITIONS Contest serialized by the Jupiter Court of Competitions and Auctions Jury, and can only be included in this tetralogy one work at a time in each series of the Editorial©Jupiter Editions Contest, pursuant to article 1 of the Publishing Contract entered into between Jupiter Editions and the author.

The Publishing Contract between Jupiter Editions and the author can be consulted by Member Readers at the Jupiter Editions Museum.

Consulting the contract, we know that the contract gives 50 advantage points to the author as a Member Writer as an Author in Competition with Tetralogy  in the next 3 series of the Editorial©JUPITER EDITIONS Contest when it competes with the remaining works of its tetralogy, ending the advantage score if any of the remaining works of the tetralogy end up not fitting into the next 3 series of the © JUPITER EDITIONS Editorial Contest.

We also know that the contract gives the author 40 points of advantage as a Member Writer as an Author In Competition With Previous Edition Contract in the next 3 series of the Editorial Competition © JUPITER EDITIONS when competing with his other 2 works outside the tetralogy.

Pursuant to article 4 of the Publishing Contract, Jupiter Editions is obliged to return the remainder of the works to the author if the remainder of the tetralogy is not included in the 4th Editorial Plan of Jupiter Editions.

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