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Barac Bielke

barac bielke is the author of Technological Knights

Barac Bielke delivered 6 works to Jupiter Editions.

Of the 6 works, 3 belong to a valuable trilogy.

Tech Knights belongs to this valuable trilogy.  


Read Barac's letter

Original charcoal pencil drawing of the first cover of the Technological Knights

saga ii

Frederick Melleriko  -  Angel-model-ambassadorJupiterand mystery-angel  de jupiter  -Doctor ludgero (Judiciary police psychiatrist and botanist) inTechnological Knights saga II 

First Roles Argument: After Raul ends his romance with António, National Director Luís of the Judiciary Police orders Psychiatrist Ludgero of the Judiciary Police to "hack" Raul's Grindr so that Ludgero can enter "again" in Raul's life rescuing Raul of the Order ofTechnological Knightsputting an end to the Saga, locking the partners of Eagle and Angel Studios behind the Saturn Editions Director. 

Mohammad Chamma  -  Angel-model-ambassador of Jupiterin dubai and istanbul, architect-investor  of jupiter  and mystery-angel ofJupiter- Mohammad  intech-ridders saga II and the other algorithm  of love  book VI with Raul Catulo Morais
Argument: When Raul traveled to South Africa, Raul made a stopover in Dubai and the driver Mohammad took Raul to the beach for Raul to see the sea during the stopover on condition that they exchanged the bottle of port wine, which Raul took in the hands as an order from your grandmother to offer your sister. On the beach, Raul and Mohammad ended up having a  romance protected by the Dubai secret police. In an interception of stories linked toJupiter's Film-Nouvelle,Tech-Riddersof Barac Bielke and toThe Algorithm of Loveof Jaime Ayala, 6 years later, Raul and Mohammad meet again when Mohammad visits Santarém. Mohammad takes Raul to Istanbul and together they writeThe Other Algorithm of Love - Book VIopening a small shop in Istanbul and Dubai to sell their novels and romances in Turkish and Arabic. 

Antonio  (Robot Gabriel Garibaldi)  -  Actor-writer-jupiter's robot,  firstroles in  divorce between jupiter  and saturn by raul catulo morals inthe last  book of illumminnatti gamesby raul catulo morals connected oftech-ridders de barac bielkesaga iiwith rAUL & jorge.
António is a robot from Saturn but claims to be from Jupiter and to be one of the sons of YHWH and in a romance with Raul. during the novel, Raul discovers that António is a robot belonging to Eagle Studios that publishes the romance between Raul and António through Saturn Editions, later transforming it into a film showing it in the secret rooms  from Las Vegas, Dubai and Tokyo without Raul dreaming.  The romance starts when Raul is kicked out by  father of the house_5-cc7819 -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ a  middle of Jupiter's film nouvelleand is welcomed first by the gypsies, then by an Opus  Dei residence and in the residence turns on Grindrand sneaks out of the residence to go to his new love. Out of jealousy, Jorge denounces the romance and Raul is expelled from the residence. 

Raul & Jorge  inTechnological Knights saga II 

«George??? What are you doing here??»; “Bitch, I got in! I got on Jupiter, bitch! Don't you congratulate me?»; "That's not possible!"; «Bitch! You sent me the invitation and I accepted!»; «I didn't send you any invitation!»; “Dude, are you kidding? I got the fucking message! Then I sent the photo to Jupiter and entered our argument.»,  «What argument? I didn't send you any message, Jorge!»; «Puto, look here... Are you kidding?»; "It was not me!!! I didn't send you that message!!!»; «Look kid, maybe it was them... Muahahah! The aliens.... Muahahahah! Have you seen the news in Daily Jupiter? The guys are out there in Santarém,  my... They're looking for the Moonlight that  went to visit in Porto Santo... Muahahaha!»; «I am not believing this!»; «Puto... Shit... It's an alien movie... The aliens are in charge of the film, kid... Muahahah! And the aliens hacked your phone and sent me the invitation... But come on, kid... Now don't go saying that it was the aliens who hacked your phone to Dr. Lucy, otherwise, kid, we're both going to end up in hospital Dr. Lucy's psychiatric condition and that hospitalization shit is so fucking fucked up... People can't even be a little anxious in the movie, otherwise they're going to be hospitalized, fuck it... You were right... This shit dos  algorithms and robots evolved a lot, man! This looks like we've ended up in 2080, fuck it! Mano... What I found out... That the Vatican guys have been hiding one of the copies of2080of Antoine Canary-Wharf, but what was not printed and that the names were edited before the Print Order was given  and have hidden the most powerful telescope of all, more powerful than a telescope from NASA...»; «That's a thong, Jorge! That was the story of Carochinha that the priest told me...»; “Fuck off, dammit! Did you sleep with the priest to find out about Carochinha's History...? O  guy is really cute... How old is the guy? 26, 27?»; «George, I don't know! Don't you want to get out of my life before you get back in "again"? I don't want to make films in the Vatican...»; «Puto, see if you understand the shit... First, I can't get out of your life, because we got married in one of the movies and then because the closest city to the Vatican in the world is Santarém, damn... And we we were born in Santarém... At the Santarém Hospital, kid... On that ugly cobblestone shit... Bro, I was born on December 25th and you were born on April 19th, 1992, on Easter day, damn it... .  Hallelujah! Christ is risen... Fucking cool!  This is so fucking cool! That's why it seems that we've already died and such in other lives and now we're back to haunting the Vatican and the System, kid... This is really cool, dammit! Enjoy this movie,  kid... Freemasonry loves us, guys love us because of our dates, you fucking understand? Guys are crazy, they're mentally ill... Pissed off and we see the mental illness of guys  and we joke about it,  damn it! Do you understand? Kid, we  are like robots, you know?»; “Oh, George! I don't have the patience, sorry! I am out! Like, I don't want a movie like that!! So that we can both end up in bed later, just to fuck Trinity? I don't want!"; “Bloody hell, the movie has already been written! Now we just have to do it...»; «I won't fulfill your fantasies, I won't!»; «Oh kid, don't you remember our argument in which I was Xico Castelão and you were Jaime da Costa Ayala and that I was always making out with Mateus and I ruined your engagement with Fred and that afterwards your Jaime da Costa Ayala's porcelain mask fell off and you were left with Raul and I went to ask dad for my childhood dream of  to marry Raul in the Church of Santarém where we did a lot of shit in catechism.. .become reality...?"; «Where did you do a lot of shit, Jorge! And like this argument is mine! I wrote it myself and registered it with Jupiter Editions...'; "Dude, shut up! You stole part of the script from me... The script was ours and we wrote this shit 9 years ago that I still remember...»; «Oh Jorge, you are inventing!»; «Oh kid, I still have that shit saved, but I'll only show you  if we first do the first footage in bed...»; “Oh, George! Vai  fucking dust!»; “Dude, it's just a fucking movie! It's our parents who are the brand ambassadors and asked for the sponsorship of the camcorders... Remember when I told you that I had made a "contract" with your father? I chose you, bitch! Oh... Just shit... The wedding paper we signed in the film wasn't fake, that is, we accidentally got married in the film, even for real...»; «Oh my God!»  Raul Catulo Morais Writting inReal TimeinLast Call to JupiterinAlienMovieofJupiter Editions1:47 pm on 11/13/2022

00:00 / 19:30
Jorge II
00:00 / 09:33

"Jorge" and "Jorge II" - Episodes from 02/01/2023 de  Raul Catulo Morais inReal Timewith Double Voice of the Character Jorge in Internet of Programs withFilm-Nouvelleby Jupiter 

Tech Knights  belongs to a valuable triology  

with an important set of 3 susceptible works and all potential editorial framing of Jupiter Editions, however, the remaining 2 works are subject to Editorial Competition © JUPITER EDITIONS serialized by the Jupiter EDITIONS Jury, and can only be included in this trilogy one work at a time in each series of the Editorial Contest - JUPITER EDITIONS pursuant to article 1 of the Publishing Contract entered into between Jupiter Editions and the author.

« The Publishing Contract concluded between Jupiter Editions and the author can be consulted by Member Readers at the Jupiter Editions Museum .

Consulting the contract, we know that the contract gives 50 advantage points to the author as a Member Writer as an Author In Competition with Trilogy  in the next 5 series of the Editorial©JUPITER EDITIONS Contest when it competes with the remaining works of its trilogy, ending the advantage score if any of the remaining works of the trilogy does not fit into the next 5 series of the Editorial © JUPITER EDITIONS Contest.

We also know that the contract gives the author 40 points of advantage as a Member Writer as an Author In Competition With Previous Edition Contract in the next 9 series of the Editorial Competition © JUPITER EDITIONS when competing with his other 3 works outside the trilogy.

Pursuant to article 4 of the Publishing Contract, Jupiter Editions is obligated to return the remainder of the works to the author if the remainder of the trilogy is not included in the 12th Editorial Plan of Jupiter Editions.

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