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royalty system

Jupiter Editions Royalties System follows the empathic and human perspective of fair distribution of profits. Everyone involved from making to promoting a Jupiter Editions book, theater or film share in the profits.

Jupiter Editions distributes the wealth to everyone involved.


In books the royalty system is 50:50. 50% belongs to the author and the other 50% to Jupiter Editions. Royalties from translators, designers and promoters communicate with the Jupiter Editions quota. In specific cases, to encourage the promotion or translation of a book, a promoter or a translator may in addition receive royalties from the Jupiter Editions quota, agree with the author and also receive from the author's quota. For example, Jupiter Editions of its quota has agreed with the translator that the translator receives 12%. But the translator can, in addition to receiving 12% of the 50% of Jupiter Editions' quota, still receive another 20% of the author's quota, because he agreed with the author who was willing to translate without advance payment, for example. A promoter may also have arranged with the author promoting one of his books if he took a royalty percentage from the direct sales he influenced.


In fil production the royalty system is 20:20:20:20:20. We have 5 universes: the main cast, the secondary cast, the movie extras, the direction and the production. Within each universe the distribution of profit is made equally per head. This means that if we have 100 extras and if we have 1 million to distribute in the movie extras universe, we will distribute the million among the 100 extras, each extra €10,000.

Example: The profit of the movie from Isle of Pirates was 20 million. As we have 5 universes of quota to distribute, this means that we are going to distribute 4 million in each universe (20 million / 5 universe shares). If on Pirates Island the main cast were 4 actors, it means that each actor will receive 1 million. If 20 actors entered the secondary cast, it means that each actor will receive €200,000. If I have 3 heads in production and another company (for example a partnership), it means that each head will receive 1 million and the partner company involved in production will also receive 1 million, because it is part of the production universe. If we have a head in 2 universes, for example a producer who assists in the direction at the same time, we will see that head receiving its percentage of the two universes.

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