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All Jupiter Editions partners, promoters, ambassadors, employees and missionaries are Jupiter Agents.

All Jupiter Agents are entitled to a Jupits Virtual Wallet in order to enter the Jupiter Exchange and participate in the profits of the 6 percent universe without having a Jupiter Account.

Jupits are automatically deposited in the agents' Virtual Jupits Portfolio according to the number of jupits that the agent has directly influenced in the purchase.

Practical example: When a Member Reader buys a book at Jupiter Editions, they have to tell Jupiter Editions which promoter has brought it to Jupiter Editions. If a Member Reader buys the Antoine Canary-Wharf 2080 which is worth 4 jupits and says ambassador Jaime Ayala brought them to Jupiter Editions then 4 jupits are automatically deposited in Ambassador Jaime Ayala's Virtual Jupit Wallet.


In addition to the automatic deposit of jupits in the Virtual Jupits Wallet  Promotion and embassy royalties are paid monthly to all agents.

Jupiter Editions monthly sends the sales map to all its agents so that its agents can see with transparency the sales they influenced and the respective royalties.

Practical example: If a Member Reader buys a €100 book  and he says that it was ambassador Jaime Ayala and the ambassador agreed with the author or with Jupiter Editions that they would keep a 20 percent royalty, so 20 euros will be paid to the ambassador from the sale of the book.


Jupiter Editions, within the universe of its quota of royalties, sets natural limits for agreeing royalties with its agents. Within the universe of the royalty quota of each author, Jupiter Editions does not interfere and authors are free to establish and agree on royalties with agents and partners for the promotion of their books. However, Jupiter Editions appeals to the good census of Jupiter agents and partners and all ambassadors and promoters to negotiate royalties with authors, remembering that authors' royalties are their true Copyrights and that there is a duty to we promote "free of charge" an artist for their art and spirit and that a percentage equal to or greater than 2 percent is already quite significant when there are authors who are bound by publishing contracts in which they only receive 8 percent of the book cover price.


All Jupiter Agents with 16 jupits in the Jupits Virtual Wallet can enter the Jupiter Exchange.

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