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SOS: New Rock & New Rap

This page serves as an SOS and "war button" where authors armed by their writing can shoot  at any time your "greatest screams" through  of the news, of the satire,  of poetry or music, a new rock and a new rap capable of positively revolutionizing the "culture of ideas" without any censorship and with total freedom to the closed ears and eyes of Jupiter Editions. Its publication is the sole responsibility of the authors, however, its publication is an interesting source for literary research and Internet investigation of Jupiter Editions Books.

A rock as it should be! Capitalism as it should be! A hell of a rock!

Hip hop 666 - Song  from the devils

IN PORTUGUESE, I AM A CHICK OF A CHIBO! IN ENGLISH I AM A WISTLEBLOWER! a war hip hop non-stop with The Algorithm of Love in the hands

The 3 songs are by Jaime Maria Bayamonde da Costa Ayala and were created during the Ilha Process  of the pirates as the author's 24th coping strategy as consulted in the  Case No. 666 of the Island  of the pirates

If you're supposed to be stupid, you better not be a mother!

"Like" the "Happy Cows" of the Azores(?).......................

"I fucked myself up on one page!"

Crucifiquem-me (Last Message)
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A 6-part short film

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