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Mission Fight Garbage

Oceano poluído de plástico
Lixo na praia
Lixo na praia
Saco de plástico na praia

For every book sold, Jupiter Editions cleans 1 m² of beach or forest .

"Just 1 m² of trash on the beach is enough to kill a turtle." Gabriel Garibaldi in Jupiter

Let's fight junk with Jupiter Editions books!

Which beaches are we going to clean first?

What mountains are we going to clean?

Can we clean the mountain on the beach first and make a Jupiter Editions Charm Piknik watching the sunset after we clean the beach?

And can we then toast?

Can we go clean 1500 m² of beach and another 1500 m² of forest, please?

Who decides where we are going to clean and when we are going to clean are the Member Readers and the Member Writers

Jupiter Editions books hide a map of beaches, hotspots and mountains

 The Member Writers have already released the first map  


All the  Member Readers can release upcoming maps

All Member Readers with 4 jupits and all Active Member Readers can nominate beaches, rivers, lakes, forests, hills, mountains or volcanoes for the MISSION FIGHT GARBAGE via the Jupiter Account.  

In Mission Member Readers can earn up to 3 jupits in the MISSION FIGHT GARBAGE, depending on the hectares, time and difficulty of the mission.

Member Writers and the founders of the Jupiter Society actively participate in all missions.

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