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Member Readers

6% of Jupiter Editions profit is to be distributed with Member Readers in a so-called Circular Savings of Currency Investment Incentive on the Book Exchange

All Jupiter Member Readers or Agents with 16 jupits can participate in the 6% profit universe of the Jupiter Exchange in proportion to their jupits. 

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To fly a hot air balloon with Jupiter Editions you only need 27 jupits


Check out the Jupiter Agenda below

How to become a Member Reader?  

When you buy a Jupiter Editions book you become a Member Reader.


When our readers buy our technology books, readers are forever connected to Jupiter Editions. From our books, readers are connected to Jupiter Editions. By purchasing our books, our readers become part of the Jupiter Editions agenda. To activate your book's Jupits voucher, simply scan with your phone the unique, once-scanable code incorporated into your book or follow the steps indicated in your book to validate/add the Jupits voucher to your Jupiter Account with your Jupiter Card. The Jupiter Card is a virtual card and is automatically generated when you first register for your Jupiter Account. From your Jupiter Account, you can subscribe to the Jupiter Calendar and view other Member Readers or always browse in private. You will not be alone at our events. Combine with other Member Readers to sign up with them for the same Jupiter Agenda events.  

See the Jupiter Agenda below.   All our readers can register for our events, trips, bodyboarding and surfing circuits with a writing workshop, workshops, parties, theaters, tributes, missions, hikes, hot air balloon rides, picnics and swim trips together with sharks, manta rays and dolphins. They may also be part of the virtual jury. That's why we call our readers Member Readers.

Only our Member Readers can register for our exclusive events. Registration for our events is limited to the number of places available. In the Missions and Tributes, entries from participants who are not Member Readers may be accepted due to the importance of solidarity and philanthropy of the event.  

The  Big Salt Walk, in a tribute to Gandhi, a 66km beach tour, includes photo reporting, filming and interviews, music, breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner and camping. Member Readers with 6 jupits can enroll in the Big Salt Walk free of charge. Other entries in the Big Salt Walk will be admitted upon payment of €150**.

To swim with the manta 15 jupits are needed. If you want to bring a friend, even if you are not yet a Member Reader, you can bring him or her by paying +45€**.  

“But my boyfriend is a Member Reader, I have 10 jupits, and my boyfriend has 5. Can I transfer my jupits to my boyfriend's Jupiter Account so we can both sign up for the manta rays dive?”

Yes, you can transfer your jupits to another Member Reader.  

There is a market that looks at the manta rays and wants to fish them. Jupiter Editions looks at the manta ryas and wants to swim in them. While there are markets that look for the flesh of the manta rays, Jupiter Editions looks for the social intelligence that exists among them. Because Jupiter Editions wants to protect that social intelligence that exists in the them, diving with the manta rays is part of the Jupiter Agenda.

Dolphins have a very high socio-affective intelligence, not only with their species but also with humans. Therefore, diving with dolphins is also part of the Jupiter Editions agenda.

Jupiter Editions wants to protect all species that have a socio-affective intelligence with their species or with humans. Jaime Maria Bayamonde da Costa Ayala was the first author to defend this type of intelligence in his novel, The Algorithm of Love.  Ralf Kleba-Kodak, Antoine Canary-Wharf, Sebastião Lupi-Levy, Simão Roncon-Oom and Gil de Sales Giotto all follow Jaime Maria Bayamonde da Costa Ayala. Follow them too.

There is a market that looks at sharks and wants to fish them because there is a market that looks at shark meat. Different studies have associated the consumption of shark and dogfish meat with neurotoxicity, including an increased risk for the development of various neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer's or Parkinson's*. Jupiter Editions prefers to partner with markets that see a sustainable shark economy. We believe in the intelligent capitalism of resources, which Jaime Maria Bayamonde da Costa Ayala brings to the fore in his political and economic legal novel, The Algorithm of Love. By swimming with sharks we protect their prey. That's why diving with the blue shark is on the Jupiter Editions agenda.

There are economies that make more sense than others. Jupiter Editions always protects the best economy ever.

*Studies linking shark meat consumption to the risk of developing Alzheimer's or Parkinson's can be found at:; ;

**Values are merely indicative and may be subject to change.

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