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Jupiter Editions is the 1st Portuguese international philanthropic publisher-director-producer project to transform its books 100% in recycled paper in films and theatres. The 12 original native languages of Jupiter Editions are Portuguese, German, Swedish,  Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, Dutch, Icelandic, English, French, Italian and Castilian. In a Jupiter Editions story, Jupiter Editions entered the Jupiter School and learned to speak 10 new languages: Arabic, Hebrew,  Japanese, Korean, Russian, Ukrainian, Greek, Mandarin, Turkish and Hindi. Currently there are 22 languages of Jupiter. In addition to Jupiter Editions being a registered publishing mark, it is also a registered trademark of theater productions, show and film production, film directing, film studios, sound recording studios, film sports event production, organizing and directing fairs for cultural or educational purposes, organization of events for cultural, recreational and sporting purposes. 

The First Editorial Plan of Jupiter Editions comprises 9 books that integrate the set of 3 innovative literary genres of Jupiter Editions:


Within the Science Fiction of Law and Technology we have 3 subgenres:

«Criticism in Technological Comedy»

«Tech Intrigue Review»

«Criticism in Technological Poetry»

Jupiter Editions is a publishing project empathic, humanIt issustainableborn thinking about planting trees and defending resources and intellectual property. We don't see Jupiter Editions books for sale in bookstores. Because Jupiter Editions books have to be ordered, they have to be ordered.

Jupiter Editions subscribes to the ideology of a healthysmart resource capitalism, printing onrecycled paperand giving primacy to the true brilliant human talent that can be seen, felt and felt through writing based on an everlastingphilanthropic thinkingfor the persecution ofhealth, happiness, peace, tolerance, freedom and respect.

So Jupiter Editions doesn't go after faces, but after hearts, after good values, after talents, after empathy, and for that reason, it goes after empathetic stories.

Today, those who have a privileged place in the market are the good hearts, the talented, the brilliant, the enlightened, the altruistic, the tolerant, the passionate, the hopeful and the empathetic. Because it is their voice that the market now wants to hear!

We have our doors open to all authors without intermediation or the need for literary agents.

Jupiter Editions knows that there is mathematics in the spirit and look at the mathematics of the spirit. We like letters, but we also like math. Our mathematics is the 9 times table. Our first editorial plan is 9 books. Our second editorial plan will be 18 books. Our third editorial plan will be 27 books. Our fourth editorial plan will be 36 books. Our fifth editorial plan will be 45 books. We thus open the contest honestly to everyone.

In every new book that arrives at Jupiter Editions as an editorial proposal, we have to find the design, the story, the symphony, the empathy, the fun and the meaning. Yeah, it's these 6 intelligences that Jupiter Editions looks at (A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future, Daniel H. Pink).

Jupiter Editions looks at books as a proprietary technology, as astart up. Look at the evolution, the technological potential and the application that can be seen in his books. Each Jupiter Editions book must be a start up. It has to be a book that will evolve into another book. It has to be technological in this sense. You must have a projection for the future. It has to be a “living work”, which has a continuation, a saga, which is a trilogy, a pentalogy or an enealogy, which can be easily adapted for the theater or made into a film,  series or novel.

When we buy a book from Jupiter Editions we buy a technology. We bought a book that looks more like a theater. We bought a book that looks more like a movie. We bought a book that looks more like a soap opera. We bought a technology book. Only Jupiter Editions books have implemented this technology.

When our readers buy our technology, readers are forever connected to Jupiter Editions. From our books, readers are connected to Jupiter Editions. By purchasing our books, our readers become part of the Jupiter Agenda. All our readers can sign up for our events, courses, workshops, workshops, parties, hikes,hot air balloon, picnics and diving trips to swim with sharks, manta rays and dolphins. They may also be part of the virtual jury. Therefore, we call our readersMember Readers.

When you buy a book from Jupiter Editions, you are planting a tree, cleaning up 1 square meter of beach and another square meter of forest, but you are also sending a package of rice or pasta and a can of grain or beans to those who need it most in Mozambique. We are going to take a plane to Mozambique with our Member Writers and Member Readers, to buy packages of rice and pasta and tins of grains and beans with the money from the books we sell and see with our own eyes where and to whom we owe most deliver.Jupiter Editions is much more than a publisher!


Jupiter Editions doesn't just want to print books, it also wants to print houses for those who don't have their own home. 9% of profits go towards Jupiter Editions' PRINT HOUSE MISSION to 3D print homes with sustainable micro-materials for homeless people and homeless young graduates or newlyweds.

Jupiter Editions values the eternity of the spirit, preferring to enter into perpetual contracts that do not expire over time. The publishing contracts of Jupiter Editions will always be with authors who constantly produce film, in a perspective of ideally wanting to transform a Jupiter Editions author into a kind of “industry partner”, in which his intellectual property and his copyright are enough capital for “your entry” into Jupiter Editions. Therefore, we call our authorsMember Writers.

At Jupiter Editions authors, translators and ambassadors or founding promoters, like any other contributor, are always called upon to share in the profits. May 26, 2020 print yourheartwith Jupiter Editions 

«Legal-Political-Economic Novel»

«Science Fiction Novel»

«Science Fiction of Law and Technology»

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