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Jupiter Editions espouses the green and smart capitalism of Jaime Maria Bayamonde da Costa Ayala's resources.


Jupiter Editions defends the full right to life of trees. Jupiter Editions only prints on 100% recycled paper.


Planting trees with its Member Readers and Member Writers is part of the Jupiter Agenda. For every book printed, Jupiter Editions plants a tree.


In its purchases in the market, Jupiter Editions always prefers ecological and sustainable materials, always preferring materials made of bamboo or imitation wood or vegetable leather, not making purchases of materials of animal origin, not opposing, however, for example, materials made of wool from ethical and responsible shearings or certified in which the sheep live happily in a regime of freedom or semi-freedom.

Jupiter Editions appreciates Jaime Maria Bayamonde da Costa Ayala's philosophy of human predation by completely moving away from all red meat markets for ethical, environmental and medical reasons.


In partnerships with restaurants, Jupiter Editions prefers to partner with vegetarian restaurants or with restaurants that do not sell red meat.


Jupiter Editions endorses the position of The Authors of the System by Sebastião Lupi-Levy, Jaime Maria Bayamonde da Costa Ayala and Antoine Canary-Wharf on the monitoring of Parliament through the triangulation of the Medical Board, the Psychology Board and the Order of Biologists, blocking laws, decree-laws and specific “schedule investments”.


Jupiter Editions sees the happiness wages of The Authors of the System by Sebastião Lupi-Levy and Jaime Maria Bayamonde da Costa Ayala and therefore imports them throughout their society.


Jupiter Editions understands Antoine Canary-Wharf's criticisms of government action taken on curfews and general confinements. Jupiter Editions supports alternative measures to general confinements of the Medical Association. It is always worth remembering that at the time when the World Health Organization called on governments not to do confinement for the sake of mental health, it was precisely witnessed by governments to do confinement. Jupiter Editions defends that in a sophisticated society of scientific values like today's, the Law should be as scientific as possible and that the laws make sense to the laws of Physics, Chemistry, Medical Sciences and Natural Sciences.


Jupiter Editions appeals to all those who want to have exotic pets, not to buy them in pet stores, but to go to an exotic animal rescue center, so as not to collaborate with the black market of animal trafficking. It also appeals to the most lucid, sensitive and intelligent not to collaborate with the black market for cages. Canaries and parrots deserve to be released from their cages without their wings being cut off!

Jupiters Nordisk-Svensk philosophy ofJupiter Editions

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Episódios "Honest Green is Not Honest  and is Not Cool" and "Mercadona - A Documentary about Slavery Modern"  publicados in Last Masonic Court Titã Moon Saturn, Kanal Jupiter, Parliament of the Bees, Masons Diary e Filosofia de Jupiter para Ensaios de Preparação de Abertura da Comissão de Inquérito de  Felicidade dos Trabalhadores e Estabelecimento da Nova Organização Mundial do Trabalho com Envio dos Trabalhados Preparatórios da Jupiter Editions ao Centro de Estudos Judiciários, ao Parlamento, ao Supremo Tribunal de Justiça, ao Tribunal do Trabalho,  ao Tribunal Constitucional Alemão e às Courts Suecas, Finlandesas, Noruegas, Australianas, do Canadá e da Nova Zelândia para o Editar do Código do Trabalho e para o  Estabelecimento da Nova Ordem Mundial do Trabalho Conectada aos Direitos Fundamentais e Dignidade da Pessoa Humana 22h22 05/11/"023 Raul Catulo Morais

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