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    Jupiter Editions Member Writers, apart from publishing contracts, also enter into agency contracts with Jupiter Editions in which they make exclusive Off The Record Theaters © Jupiter Editions of qualified audiences and participate in exclusive movie premieres to be later seen in the latest castings stage and Jupiter Editions can distribute the films and theaters to the general public with new actors. On behalf of the Jupiter Editions Editorial Strategy, exclusive circle audience qualification is done through Jupiter Account Testing to Member Readers who have certain jupits. There is, therefore, a Gaming, a Puzzling and a Testing always taking place in real time in the Jupiter Account in which for some Jupiter Agenda events or to compete in certain contests, through Testing, Jupiter pre-selects by asking with intelligent determined algorithms aspects of a book that Jupiter knows the Member Reader is reading. Testing also allows you to assign the status of Active Member Reader. Active Member Readers are Member Readers who have purchased a book in the last 3 months or who do the Testing and Jupiter's algorithms attribute the quality of Active Member Reader, this quality not being known by other Member Readers nor is it public in the Account Jupiter the jupits that each Member Reader has.

      Jupiter's interest is that a Member Reader is simply reading at their own pace.

     The Member Reader will see a chess, a puzzle, a fortune, a gaming, a prize, a “treasure of ideas”, an “intelligent writing”, an occultism, an economic spirit and will want to go after it. Member Readers can create public, private or hidden profiles, post reviews and propose referendums.

     Through the Jupiter Account, in addition to Member Readers being able to interact with other Member Readers and Member Writers, being able to “publicly say” in the Jupiter Account that they are going to a certain Jupiter Agenda event, they can directly submit their originals, whether manuscripts , songs, performances, scripts, gaming and puzzles that intelligently connect to the Strange Internet of Things from Jupiter Editions books.

jupiter Account

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