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A science fiction novel that criticizes the current technological information society and the Politics and Law that embody the musculature of the excessive market for technological things. In a possible "enchanted world" inserted in a possible intellectual society that lives happily, in peace and safety with all rights, freedoms and guarantees, this bold and daring alien novel promises to change mentalities, giving a new world that anyone in love with love is passionate about, for the environment, for nature and for the universe of rights. It is a beautiful intra galactic journey, informative at an astronomical and planetary level, “very light”, “no weight”. Without wanting to, we learn physical and chemical concepts, distances between the stars and planets and the history and true formation about the planet Jupiter and its importance, interaction and influence with planet Earth. Europa, is one of the moons of Jupiter, which, due to its “salty sea” and favorable conditions to those on Earth, allows the existence of life forms inspiring this novel as a stage.


Author: Gabriel Garibaldi

Genre: Science Fiction Novel

Winner of the Europe 2020 Literary Prize


Worth 4 Jupiter Coins



    pages: 150

    size: 150x210mm

    approximate weight: 235g

Jupiter by Gabriel Garibaldi

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€50.00Sale Price
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