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Construction of the 1st project illumminnatti  Games 

Antoine Canary-Wharf, Gil de Sales Giotto and Jaime Maria Bayamonde da Costa Ayala co-authored the Illumminnatti Games

The work  it is co-authored in a secret location on just one computer.

Whenever there is a change in the spirit of the author, the author closes the chapter giving it a title at the end, putting the date and time and passing the computer to another author, who will open a new chapter. Authors are not allowed to change the order of the chapters, being reserved to the editing power of Jupiter Editions, which may give an order to the chapters according to the Gaming & Puzzling of Jupiter Editions,  saving the original at the Jupiter Editions Museum.

It is intended that the authors process the Illumminnatti Games using 4 important memory groups:

  • Forest of Fears

  • Pirates Island

  • isla magica

  • Azores

  • Bodyboarders Beach

  • Monsanto Skatepark


Authors can momentarily step away from the 4 memory groups whenever pertinent to turn on the Internet of Things. During processing, authors can use their own records, diary notes, files or research, but everything they process in the Work cannot be deleted or corrected. Processing must be done in a rush “no going back” only with the film that is going on in real time in the author's mind, as is an exclusive feature of Jupiter Editions works.

The deadline for completing the 1st work of the Illumminnatti Games is December 25, 2021 at 00:06. The Work must follow the following Schedule of Carpentry Work:

  • First Carpentry Work of the Work from 9:00 am to 11:59 pm from 10/28 to 11/06

  • Second Carpentry Works of the Work from 3:00 pm to 11:59 pm from 11/07 to 11/15

  • Latest Carpentry Work of the Work from 20:00 to 23:59 from 11/24 to 12/24

  • Carpentry Bank connected via Internet of Things to the Doctors' Bank 12 hours on Christmas Day: from 12:06 pm on 11/24 to 00:06 on 12/25.


Between 15 and 21 November 2021, the 1st public exhibition of the Illumminnatti Games is expected to be published on the Jupiter Editions website in a “perfect hiding place”. the dates and times  may be hidden in the 1st public preview by Jupiter Editions to safeguard Jupiter Editions Gaming & Puzzling. All Member Readers who find the Illumminnatti Games demo on Jupiter Editions can send an email to with the subject “Illumminnatti” with the location of the demo on the site requesting 2 jupits .

All Member Readers with The Algorithm of Love or At the Speed of Light or 2080 or a SIX OFF THE RECORD ticket book can visit the Works of Carpentry in the Work in silence or by interfering with voice entering the Work. To visit the Carpentry Works of the Work, Member Readers can send an email to proposing 3 dates with time according to the Carpentry Works Schedule under a commitment of honor that will keep secret the location of the execution of the Work, about the true identity of the authors and the people present, regarding all the elements that come around, as well as the content processed in the Work that they watch in real time, although they can write about them or represent them in another artistic expression.

Member Readers will be able to enter the Carpentry Works and film “at gunpoint” at the authors if the film is authorized by Jupiter Editions and Jupiter Editions issues a temporary Jupiter Agent diploma or certificate, with the diploma or certificate shown to the author, as soon as he is “pointed at gun” with the phone's cameras. The agent will function only as a film and image processor, being obligated to send the film to Jupiter Editions and prohibited by contract from sharing the film on a network, but may, however, keep it on their phone and show it in person only to your intimate groups of peers without sending the video or film and without facilitating its sharing over the network.

As advertised Gaming & Jupiter Editions' Puzzling aimed at Skaters Member Readers and Surfers Member Readers, skaters and surfers registered in the Abduction Game can kidnap one of the authors of the Work, as long as they continue to provide the computer means for the author to continue working on the Work, linked to the your Internet of Authors.

October 28, 2021 -  All rights reserved © Jupiter Editions®

Geometry Set

new references

  • The work was completed ahead of schedule. The authors released the doctors from the Bank of Natal and spent Christmas  with the doctors as a family.

  • Jaime was kidnapped by the Colégio Alemão surfers who appeared at Praia dos Bodyboarders when they appeared on tour in their city. They asked for a ransom of 666 jupits and released Jaime in the Land of Dinosaurs inside a Crib with Dinosaurs

  • Antoine was kidnapped by skaters from the Lyceum Francais  who were skating in Monsanto and who saw Antoine pass the Magical Portal of Monsanto hand in hand with a skater to London and arrive in Lisbon hand in hand with another sakter . Jupiter Editions was asked to publish in the official demo of the Illumminatti Games the part of the Work that links Monsanto's Skate Park to London's Bay Sixty 6 Park. 

  • The Illumminatti Games once again called one of the authors to break the Porcelain Skull and remove all the masks and raise the 9 pseudonyms and the legal personality of Jupiter Editions within a period of 66 minutes  and 6 seconds, but the author was able to convert minutes into hours and seconds into minutes and increase the time limits by howling at the Full Moon 

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