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Do you know who wrote each of the conspiracies?

What if one of the theories is right?


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«The Authors of the Sebastião Lupi-Levy System is a book written by all Member Writers of the 1st Editorial Plan of Jupiter Editions and the artistic name Sebastião Lupi-Levy is a pseudonym that belongs to the 9 authors»;

«The Authors of the System is not a book written in co-authorship, as it was only written by one author; the cover of the book of Os Autores do Sistema simply represents the 9 authors, because 8 are seated at the table and the other is under the table writing the book and Sebastião Lupi-Levy is under the table”;


“There are 9 authors; there's only 1 author; all 9 books belong to the same author; he wrote all 9 books at the same time»;

« It is “humanly impossible” to write 9 books in the period of approximately 3-4 months (25/10/2019-14/02/2020); the authors all wrote at the same time at a round table as on the cover of The Authors of the Sebastião Lupi-Levy System »;


« There are 3 typical traits; and therefore, there are 3 authors and each of the 3 authors wrote at the same time »

«There are 5 algorithms that belong to the same algorithm base and that only appear in just 5 books, so the “only certainty” is that one of the 9 authors wrote 5 of the 9 books»

«The Target – The Digital Footprint and the Technological Paranoid belong to the same base of writing algorithms as The Algorithm of Love belongs to the same Jupiter by Gabriel Garibaldi and all others have the same base of writing algorithms, which is completely different from these 4, so there are only 3 authors»


«The structure, the arguments, the way of writing even the writing themes are completely different; one book is for laughs, another book is very serious, another book is like a theater, another book is like a movie; they are all different; although authors constantly refer to each other's books as if they had an omniscience about each other's books, this does not prove that it's the same author, but that they all wrote connected to an Internet of Things»

«In an Internet of Things, having authors connected to each other in a telekinesis of our real life, that only means two things: either the authors are all robot-writers or the writers wrote with an intelligent brain implant capable of transmitting thoughts to each other in real time At the Speed of Light by Gil de Sales Giotto.»


Got a new conspiracy theory? Can you prove it with Jupiter Editions' Puzzling? Do you have a better argument than the 9 conspiracy theories about the first 9 Jupiter Editions books that appeared written At the Speed of Light by Sales Giotto's Gil by Gabriel Garibaldi's Invisible Hand of Jupiter? Do you think it was the Technological God of Simon Roncon-Oom who illuminated the first 9 Member Writers of Jupiter Editions? How many jupits are you willing to sell your script to Jupiter Editions for? Do you think you are capable of  endorse your idea and see it published  by Jupiter Editions only with votes in favor of Member Readers?


And do you have any idea how many jupits the right answer to this question is worth?

What if the answer is hidden in the Jupiter Editions books?

Do you know who are
THE AUTHORS OF Sebastião Lupi-Levy's SYSTEM?

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