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Sebastião Lupi-Levy

sebastião lupi-levy is the author of the book The Authors of the System

Sebastião delivered 9 works to Jupiter Editions.

Of the 9 works, 3 belong to a valuable trilogy.

The Authors of the System belongs to the valuable trilogy. 

The Authors of the System, a delicious and addictive top-secret parliamentary legal intrigue. A group of latent legislators are casually gathered around a round table. In this informal environment, sometimes very intimate, they make laws bringing new codes and new rights to today's society in the face of today's market. It really seems that we are   under their desk, hidden, listening and witnessing in real time the birth of power. It's a mix of wills. On the one hand, it makes you want to stay under the table and listen to them in a new addiction. On the other hand, it makes you want to get out from under the table and sit with them too, take the ballpoint pen and cross out the old codes with them and write the new codes with them.

Follow the demosThe Authors of the System in pdf version. To make a donation to the author, you can do it by bank transfer to the current IBAN PT50 0033 0000 4553 6831 4880 5 or MB WAY (00351)964190565. The IBAN and MB WAY that appears in the demos pdf is outdated and no longer belongs to the author. To buyThe Authors of the System go to the Jupiter Online Store (Shop in the Menu or click on the Jupiter Store Button at the bottom of the page). The bookThe Authors of the System is available in full in Portuguese  ussecret files.

DEMOS From the authors of the system

Original charcoal pencil drawing of the first cover of the Technological Knights

The Authors of the System  belongs to a valuable  trilogy  with an important set of 3 susceptible works and all potential editorial framing of Jupiter Editions, however, the remaining 2 works are subject to the Editorial©JUPITER EDITIONS Contest serialized by the Jupiter Court of Competitions and Auctions Jury, and can only be included in this trilogy one work at a time in each series of the Editorial Competition©Jupiter Editions,  pursuant to article 1 of the Publishing Contract entered into between Jupiter Editions and the author.

« The Publishing Contract concluded between Jupiter Editions and the author can be consulted by Member Readers at the Jupiter Editions Museum .

Consulting the contract we know that the contract gives 50 advantage points to the author as a Member Writer in the capacity of Author In Competition with Trilogy  in the next 2 series of the Editorial©JUPITER EDITIONS Contest when it competes with the remaining works of its trilogy, ending the advantage score if any of the remaining works of the trilogy does not fit into the next 2 series of the Editorial © JUPITER EDITIONS Contest.

We also know that the contract gives the author 40 points of advantage as a Member Writer as an Author In Competition With Previous Edition Contract in the next 9 series of the Editorial Competition © JUPITER EDITIONS when competing with his other 6 works outside the trilogy.

Pursuant to article 4 of the Publishing Contract, Jupiter Editions is obliged to return the remainder of the works to the author if the remainder of the trilogy is not included in the 3rd Editorial Plan of Jupiter Editions.

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