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Prostituição (e o Fisco)
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Bicos do Fogão e Novas Doenças
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Hob burners and New Diseases - 3 cases by Tiago Talhamares with intervention by Psychologist Sílvia Rot 06/18/2022 Voiced by Raul Catulo Morais and Tiago Talhamares in 10/19/2022 with Jupiter Editions

4th Seduction and Attraction Couples Game Report inFilm-Documentaryon Grindr -App for Men to Men Dating and Relationships  by Raul Catulo Morais - 180 pages 19.7 MB - Published inIlluminati Games

Grindr Nudes Trios Polis
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"Grindr, Nudes, Trios e Polis" - Raul Catulo Morais & Tiago Talhamares in Roman Cisterns Castelo de Santarém in Real Time 06/8/2022 Published in Kanal Jupiter in 06/12/2022 with Jupiter Editions

Intersexual e Interdireito
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"Intersexual and Interlaw" - Raul Catulo Morais in Planeta Terra in Real Time 10/30/2022 Published in Kanal Jupiter in Sexology & Parliament 10/30/2022 with Jupiter Editions


The image rights of Pê Mello's penis were Masonically assigned in the Game of Alliances to Jupiter Editions, with the complete piece of the penis being hidden in the puzzle published in Kanal Sexology but fully exposed in the puzzle of the Attachments ofGentlemen's Agreement - Gypsy Romance and Military Romance in Internet of Thingsby Raul Catulo Morais published inJupiter's Virtual Court of Tenders and Auctions

dark net porn

Dark Net Porn and Dark Net by Jupiter Editions are Simulation-Channels 666 that are born in a Good-Net  and that intend to elucidate an entire Information Society about their Rights so that they can break free from the shackles and technological prisons of the true and criminal dark-occult web-network of the Deep Web. At the same time, the programs intend to draw the attention of Criminal Law, Judiciary Law, Military Law, Civil Law, Labor Law linked to the Law of Sexual Freedom and the Law of Expressions. Jupiter Editions combats the Dark Net by blocking itself on the Dark Net,  creating a Good-Net within the Dark Net to manifest itself and give important clues to Criminal and Judiciary Law fighting Illegal Pornography Networks and Hidden like other networks connected to this one. An easy way  to arrest someone is for example to film someone in a sexual act that we know has a marriage, or a certain job or social or political position in  society life . We can handcuff a psychopathic or sociopathic Doctor with pornographic films of the doctor imposing on him a Program or  an Occult Order. That's why it's worth  investigating the Network, to combat the Crime Network. We are not alone. We are with the Network and in an invisible partnership with the Judicial Investigation Law of the Jupiter Army.  FIlm-Dark-Net-Porn  is sent to the Judiciary Police and the Interpol and sent to the Private Law Research Center and the Institute of Criminal Sciences with the Announcement in the Campbook Magazine of the Faculty of Law regarding the Harassment between professors and students at the Faculty of Law generated in Controversy by the Director having filed a Defamation Process against teachers who  tried to report harassment practices. There are also law professors and criminal criminals playing dark net porn. Because there are devil's advocates, there is a devil's masonry held by devil's lawyers and law societies. It is important that we look at the buildings of large law firms and see the buildings as tiny. It is important to go up a hill to see the network and the  small buildings. The story begins with a camera installed on the last stairs of a condominium... Loja do Condomínio has an Illegal Data Bank that belongs to the Intimate Sphere and Private Waiting. There is a Condominium Meeting and an Angels Meeting to be held with Civil Law  and Criminal Law in our hands. It's up to us to write the best codes of the future. We are in the future. 00:03 12/22/2022 Raul Catulo Morais

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Banco de Esperma do CR6
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Hey Sid! I love u're voice! It's the same voice I had... The Voice! I love u're spirit. I remember we meet at Pirates Islands because u ask me about the next boat to the Villa of Pirates. I had to protect the names and the history. In the story I thaught u are the grandfather of Dimi, but when we are at the pool of Vila Real "I saw the boat of dimis' grandfather cruising"... Did u remember when you talk about the movie on bulgaria? I think it's the same movie on Pirates Islands... I know we saw me dressed with a life guard... U told me u had been life guard in Hawai and ure historie and not story of lifeguard it was very important to save my spirit in Pirates Islands... In my history it was u that save me from dark net porn and save me on Pirates Islands. So for me u are a true Angel! I love u dad! Thanks for u save me! I know ure son.

Sid is an Angel of Jupiter, Actor-Investor-Ambassador of Jupiter. Joaquim was invited to join the Angels Diary with the publication of the Conversation in Messenger between Raul and Joaquim, having been notified and sent the link to Joaquim. 01:02 12/22/2022 Raul Catulo Morais -  Online Letter Written to Sid at 01:01 on 12/22/2022 from Raul Catulo Morais

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Double-Voice by Raul Catulo Morais in Interpretation of Fathers of  Jupiter 11/30/2022 at 6:12 pm at the Campus of Cidade Universitária  between the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Psychology

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