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Jupiter Editions AGAINST Revista Sabado, AGAINST Amorim Group, AGAINST OLÁ ice cream with cow's milk  & JUPITER EDITIONS invokes Tree Law and (Public) Tender Law AGAINST Navigator IN PARTNERSHIP GAME WITH RENOVA COM PAPER RECYCLED 100%, not 99.9%
Jupiter Editions doesn't like Luís Montenegro and Raul Catulo Morais promises to move up to the PSD if Uncle Luís' motherfucker bazaar of the party and unlock the Jupiter Editions books that he had blocked in his little Masonic shop  by Mestre André on to the little shop owned by Mestre André do priminho Costa in a  Dark Net of Things. 7/6/2022
Trancado pelos Illuumminnatti
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Olé, tia Paula!
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O Cocó da tia é sagrado!
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“Hello, Aunt Paula! Let's eat an ice cream from Olé de Velcro Tecnológico at the New Running of the Bulls Without Blood in PSD's Dressing Room ... Let's go, auntie? Let's go!... Come on, auntie's poop is sacred... Come on, auntie... We're  late for the race... Does auntie like Luís Montenegro? I'm like my aunt... At the Golegã Fair in one weekend I slept with 3 Montenegros... But they said they were from families like "nothing to do"... And I believed it, aunt... . YouTechnological Knightsby Barac Bielke they put some kind of technological flaps in me and stuck me  with the technological velcro and I liked it... I was like a giant technological tusa ..._cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ But auntie, listen!!!!! Are you listening???? Like, beyond gigantic... That this is a story... 6 million, auntie... Put 6 million there in Jupiter Editions because this shit today is good to invest... The auntie has already consulted the Stock Exchange Jupiter? Uiii... The numbers are so absurd today... It's only 6... Oh auntie...  Why is it that here at Praia dos Diabos it's just bison tattooed with 6, 66 and 666 ? They're all muscular... Are our security guards from the Black Mass...?? Oh, auntie... I don't like this beach at all... This looks like a Black Mass... I don't like it...» Recorded in real time in 7/6/2022 at 9:09 pm (PINK!) in Kanal Jupiter. Raul Catulo Morais with All Reserved Rights with Jupiter Editions in Kanal Jupiter. Opening of the Internet Journal of Programs 07/6/2022 with BANKS & MASONRY with Jupiter Editions in KANAL JUPITER

Jupiter Editions CONTRA Direct from TVI with Aunt Lapa from the PCP who agrees with the position of the Russian Embassy that threatened singer Pedro Abrunhosa só  for having said into the microphone at a concert his "fuck Putin" and having said which was the voice of all Portuguese people. FUCK PUTIN! 07/27/2022 21:46
Embaixada Russa 1
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Embaixada Russa 2
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