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Target - The Digital Footprint

A very current technological intrigue that shows the reality of Jaime, the main character, who is unknowingly monitored by friends and the technological information society through an "application" where the exact location of Jaime, his relationship, is constantly shared, their friendships, their opinions, thoughts, intellectual mental faculties, outbursts and secrets. It is a wake-up call for Criminal Law in a transformation and subversion of all rights in the current technological information society. It raises ethical, moral and criminal-juridical questions in a disguised flavor of love and friendship. Jaime is sensitive, loving, intelligent, intuitive, bothered by environmental issues of the utmost importance and a defender of fundamental human rights and personality rights, mainly concerned with protecting his image and voice data.


Author: Ralf Kleba-Kodak

Genre: Criticism in Technological Intrigue


  Worth 2 Jupiter Coins



    pages: 180

    size: 150x210mm

    approximate weight: 280g

Target - The Digital Footprint of Ralf Kleba-Kodak

€175.00 Regular Price
€35.00Sale Price
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