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Technological Paranoid

A psychological plot that runs through the brain and mind in a kind of neopsychoanalysis. Through self-recognition it makes the conscious brain survive in the Technological Age. In a free association technique, one “sees” the brain at work and the brain itself investigating its heightened psyche, describing the technological information society and bridging it to the influence it exerts on the construction of brain thinking. It is a technological conjecture that “it is the” brain that produces as a “defense mechanism” generating a very important and very intelligent theoretical basis for a way of understanding ethics, morality and human culture.


Author: Federico Ferrari

Genre: Criticism in Technological Intrigue


Worth 2 Jupiter Coins



    pages: 120

    size: 150x210mm

    approximate weight: 200g

Federico Ferrari's Technological Paranoid

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€35.00Sale Price
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