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A science fiction novel that criticizes the current technological information society and the Politics and Law that embody the musculature of the excessive market for technological things. In a possible "enchanted world" inserted in a possible intellectual society that lives happily, in peace and safety with all rights, freedoms and guarantees, this bold and daring alien novel promises to change mentalities, giving a new world that anyone in love with love is passionate about, for the environment, for nature and for the universe of rights. It is a beautiful intra galactic journey, informative at an astronomical and planetary level, “very light”, “no weight”. Unwittingly, we learned physical and chemical concepts, distances between the stars and planets and the true history and formation about the planet Jupiter and its importance, interaction and influence with planet Earth. Europa, is one of the moons of Jupiter, which, due to its “salty sea” and favorable conditions to those on Earth, allows the existence of life forms inspiring this novel as a stage.


Author: Gabriel Garibaldi

Genre: Science Fiction Novel

Europe 2020 Literary Award Winner

worth 4 jupits


300 pages



Jupiter by Gabriel Garibaldi

€250.00 Regular Price
€50.00Sale Price
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    The book can be sent before the maximum delivery time, taking into account the number of orders. The pre-sale will be closed until the book launch date, on which date the price of the book may rise considerably, taking into account the laws of its quotation em Bolsa Jupiter. In case of cancellation of the launch, Jupiter Editions undertakes to return the money and may agree with the Member Reader to convert the book into an ebook at a lower price.
    According to the 1st Order/2nd Edition Rules of the Game, the order of 2500 copies has been reached, Jupiter Editions prints  and delivers  the book to the address of the reader within a maximum period of 15 days , not applying the deadlines mentioned above. For more information about the 1st Order/2nd Edition Game Rules go to the menu and page “Prizes & Contests” click on the “Gaming & Puzzling” subpage and see the 1st Order/2nd Edition Game Rules.

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