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Tech Knights

A cinematic request of princes, brothers and knights who open a real fight of data and romances. It addresses very sensitive topics from pornography, drugs, the orgiastic cult, “the new” technological prostitution mediated by a data company ruled by power, to the gay industry that came to objectify and commercialize a sexual orientation. It has a very strong sexual language, which at times shocks, but which is the real language used by young people in today's information technology society. It is a sincere balance between love, betrayal, innocence, fantasy, lies and technology. We are placed "in the shoes" of Arthur who innocently makes a "weigh of things" in an impressive account of the novels, lies and technological traps in which he found himself involved.


Author: Barac Bielke

Genre: Criticism in Technological Intrigue


Worth 3 Jupiter Coins



    pages: 130

    size: 150x210mm

    approximate weight: 210g

Technological Knights of Barac Bielke

€200.00 Regular Price
€40.00Sale Price
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