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The most real and technologically possible futuristic science fiction. We are in 2080, but it seems that we are in 2025 placed in the role of a law professor, judge and businessman who, in an honest and loyal commitment, “fights” for the safeguard of copyright and intellectual and personality rights, especially the rights of privacy and privacy, image rights and fundamental rights to the protection of personal data. It feels like we're inside a movie. A spectacular, wonderful and mandatory cinematographic approach to the Economics, Politics and Technology of Artificial Intelligence algorithms. All subjects are covered, from nanotechnology, implantology, precision medicine, robotization… It assumes itself as a true manual for humanity in the current and coming technological age.


Author: Antoine Canary-Wharf

Genre: Law and Technology Fiction

Winner of the Ganymedes 2020 Literary Prize


Worth 1 Jupiter Coin



    pages: 270

    size: 150x210mm

    approximate weight: 400g

2080 by Antoine Canary-Wharf - Part II

€130.00 Regular Price
€26.00Sale Price
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