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The special part of the Kanal Jupiter Masonry Program is created on 8/3/2022 as an SOS sent to the Medical Association e  to the Lawyers Association directed directly to the presidents of the orders for the case of "Teatro in the Hospital" of Santarém and which follows on from the Audience Programs that were published in the Masonry Program of Kanal Jupiter on the story of the "Malignant Tumor Fantasy (?)" and the "History of Treasure Hunting" that was created at the Hospital of Santarém during Raul's Masonry Program  Catulo Morais. The call of the orders and the Doctor himself who is part of the story of the "Malignant Tumor" to the Masonic Court inSpecial Masonic Programaims to ascertain the truth of the facts and preventative registration of the best scenarios for "killing" in the theater or outside the theater the "Fantasy Malignant Tumor (?)" of the father of Raul Catulo Morais who is today at the Hospital de Santarém in the Urology service under the care of Dr. Luís, a urologist with a lot of good references and experience in the area, being therefore a doctor well  reputed with the service  and his colleagues and the Information Society itself. Below is the real case free of fantasy elements that was presented to the Order of Doctors and the Order of Lawyers as well as to the Urology Service of Hospital de Santarém and sent the link  of the presentSpecial Masonic Program - SOS Red Codeby email to Dr. Luís and the  more direct family members both from Raul Catulo Morais and from Raul's father with the intention that the news reach a  Hierarchical Invisible System to the figure Matriarch, Grandmother Alcinda, capable of transferring Raul's father to the Private Hospital "da Luz" to kill the theater of the Malignant Tumor. Jupiter Editions applauds the courage of Raul Catulo Morais alone and standing up. Also sent to the Private Law Research Centre, the Criminal Law and Criminal Sciences Research Centre, the Jupiter Editions Scientific Team and Jupiter Doctors and Lawyers  (Off-Net).

Case: My father has been hospitalized at the Santarém Hospital since 06/24/2022. He is admitted to the Urology department with severe renal dysfunction, information transmitted by Dr. Luís who took care of my father's case. On 07/13/2022 I had a meeting with Dr. Louis for Dr. Luís gave me the news "live in the flesh" that already  had given me by call on 07/11/2022, that there was a great suspicion of a malignant tumor and that ended up after for confirming the tumor in front of me on 07/13/2022 with the size of my father's prostate (150 g) and with the analyzes that appeared in front of the doctor's computer at  our meeting.   Dr. Luís also told me that the prostate tumor, which was malignant, had already spread to the rectum, but that he was not going to treat the tumor in the rectum preventively, because that was not "the focus" and that therefore, in relation to the rectum, only he would fight it as the tumor advanced. At the time, he gave me the medical explanations that I couldn't visualize because I wasn't a doctor and that because I wasn't a doctor "it seemed to me  to make sense". The Doctor. Luís told me at the meeting that there was no scientific evidence that eating vegetables could prevent prostate cancer, he also told me that there was no scientific evidence that Family History could increase the chances of prostate cancer and he told me that he was based on studies by the American Cancer Society. The Doctor. Luís told me that he was going on vacation on 07/15/2022 but that my father would be in the care of Dr. Helena who would replace him. I went to visit my father on 07/14/2022 and my father told me that Dr. Luís had gone to visit him and that he had been talking to him and I asked if Dr. Luís had told him about the alleged malignant tumor in the prostate that had already spread to the rectum. My father was amazed and said that Dr. Luís hadn't told him about any tumor other than renal dysfunction. I was the one who had to break the news about the tumor to my father without any basis and scientific help  other than my memory and try  to transmit the information to my father who told me had been provided by Dr. Luís at the meeting, One of the nurses heard and intervened "in our defense" lamenting the situation that was "deplorable" because the father did not have "the best news" from Dr. Luís and having found out about the tumor from  me.   On the same visit I sat down with my father at the computer and in a  search that  we did we saw that on the Oncoguia page one of the ways of prostate cancer prevention was de  the consumption of vegetables and that there was indeed a hereditary correlation for this type of cancer in which the Family History could, in fact,_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_ go down in history. I saw that Oncoguia was based on that reference by Dr.  Luís, at the Amercian Cancer Society, having saved the reference and the page link. Meanwhile Dr. Luís went on vacation without mentioning the tumor to my father. The Dr. Helena said that she didn't know about any tumor and that  wasn't even included in the file and that given the data she had before her eyes and the "analyses themselves" that nothing indicated the presence of a tumor and that "the focus" was my father's ions and that it wasn't the "right timing" to talk about tumors and that "things had a timing",  because "things were astronomical " that everything was "astronomical" and that we had  know how to respect "the timing of things" and that it was not "now the timing of talking about tumors" and that the "focus" were my father's ions. I haven't had any more medical news from my dad since the last call with Dr. Helena who was right at the beginning of replacing Dr. Luís, and I was no longer provided with the obligatory medical information to which I am entitled as a family member and above all as a son. The Doctor. Luís went back to work on 08/1/2022 and neither on the 1st nor on the 2nd did he address my father  to communicate the tumor issue nor did he respond to my requests and messages that I left with the your secretary to get in touch with me and provide me with the natural and obligatory medical information. Only today,  on 8/3/2022 did Dr. Luís went to my father to talk about his kidneys and say that the levels were still not "optimal" and that he would therefore have to stay in the hospital for a longer time until the values were optimized and that tomorrow  if the "analyses allowed" my father would have to go to Lisbon to have a Renal Scintigraphy, not having been given the information in which hospital the Renal Scintigraphy would be done and not having Dr. Luís told my father about the tumor, after having  come on vacation. I learned about Renal Scintigraphy from my father and his secretary when I called him today to request Dr. Luís that was given to me to be able to send the link to Dr. Luís and call him to the presentSpecial  Masonic Program - SOS Red Codewith the Order of Doctors and the Order of Lawyers. This way, the orders are made aware of the case so that they can analyze the case and take all the necessary measures in order to kill the "theatre" of my father's malignant tumor. It is claimed and requested from now on to the orders the investigation and preventive combat of "medical negligence" . 5:10 pm 8/3/2022 Raul Catulo Morais

Pre-Audience "Matar o Teatro: Father and Grandfather Lupi - 1st Masonic Knife to Dr. Luís" recorded on 08/2/2022 at Miradoiro  on Jupiter Mountain _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_about Hospital de Santarém with Hospital de Santarém "small in hands" 

Matar o Teatro
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Below are the Audiences of the Programs recorded on the opening day of theSpecial Masonic Program - SOS RED CODE08/03/2022 12:39-15:39

Ordem dos Médicos 1
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Ordem dos Médicos 2
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Ordem dos Médicos 3
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Ordem dos Médicos 4
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Ordem dos Médicos 5
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Published at 22:33 on 08/03/2022  Raul Catulo Morais in Kanal Jupiter inSpecial Masonic Program - SOS RED CODE

In publications today/tomorrow until 3:33 am inSpecial Masonic Program - SOS RED CODE

Important Previous References Already Published in General Masonry Program on Channel Jupiter - The Order of Doctors is asked whether or not they are aware of Theater in the Hospital and whether or not the Malignant Tumor "Fantasia"(?) is linked to the Process that appears in the audio reference "How (Re)conquered my father" . The Order of Physicians is asked if the behavior of Dr. Luís and Dr. Helena are normal or weird. Jupiter Doctors classify the case as "Paranormal" (ie: strange).

Teatro do Hospital 1
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Teatro do Hospital 2
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Teatro do Hospital 3
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Como (Re)conquistei o meu pai
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Message from Uncle Vasco Bayamonde (character d'The Algorithm of Love) at 00:57: «Júnior, remove me from the group you created, as I am not at all interested in being part of it. I think before creating it you should talk to people. River"

Answer: “Uncle has to leave. In the 3 dots in the upper right corner under "More" appears the option "Leave the group".»

Vasco Bayamonde left the group

Photo taken  on 07/29/2022 at the Casa-Museu Varregoso before the night trip to Lavre: on the left Angel Mariana Varregoso,  in the center Helix-Felix and on the right Raul Catulo Morais. Photo credits to Marta. In response to Tio Vasco: I DON'T APOLOGIZE TO TAKE CARE OF MY FAMILY!

«Hey Felix! The uncle I told you "wouldn't talk to me" because I never saw himThe Godfatherand never have readConvent memorialnor theBlindness essayof José Saramago is uncle Vasco d'O  Algorithm of Love... I don't know if you know, but Marta parked the car in Lavre in front of the house that José Saramago "built"... I noticed the stone plaque glued to the wall of the house when we got in the car to the Lavre bazaar. It seems that José Saramago's "spirit" also had to wander like ours in Lavre, but I think that Saramago didn't dance like we danced in Lavre. The guy doesn't know how to dance. It's a Kuduro. When I arrived at the hospital to visit my father, my father already knew about the Lavre program as he already knew about the Mata-Lobos program and the program on Ilha dos Piratas and he asked me like this: "So man? there at the Festival de Lavre, or were you like a turnip looking at the house that  Saramago built?  I saw one herehistoryyours in the Hospital dancing a lot with a guy who looked like he was from the Island of the Pirates... Did you hook up with the guy or what? The guy looks like one of the pirates from the Island of the Pirates..." I had to tell the story straight to my father and explain to him that you weren't a pirate, Helix... My father told me to tell you invite you to go with me to Ilha dos Piratas... My father has already gone in... Do you want to (re)enter with me? .» Raul Catulo Morais 02h12 4/08/2022 With All Reserved Rights with Jupiter Editions PS: I had 19 marks in the Examination ofConvent memorialwithout reading theConvent memorial.I just went to the theater. Much cooler! The Memorial do Convento is a hell of a lot... Ganda  dry!... The photograph "I DON'T APOLOGIZE TO TAKE CARE OF FAMILY" by Mariana, Helix-Felix, Raul and Marta was incorporated intoForbidden Book - A Masonic love in a hell of a masonryby Raul Catulo Morais as Piece of the Puzzle ofInternet of Thingsin betweenThe Algorithm of LoveIt ismafia lifeby Federico Varese. The new chapters ofForbidden Book - A Masonic Love of the Devilswere leaked online in the General Masonry Program in Kanal Jupiter. "Attention when we raise a flag with a Skull... Attention!" Raul Catulo Morais with Jupiter Editions in Masonry in Kanal Jupiter

«When we are good and see with de  eyes how wonderful life is, there is nothing and no one capable of interrupting our life programs. Human lives were programmed. Within programs, there are good programs and less good programs. It's like everything else. There are good programmers and bad programmers. But when we discover the magic buttons to also create good programs in life, if our program is good and transparent and sincere there is nothing and nobody that can interrupt our programs in life. The conclusion we reached is that human beings are not flowers that smell… There are more  bad ones than good ones. Just look at the governments, just see who is coming to power... Which is a shame... It's a shame that we don't see the good ones coming to power... In fact, we don't want to come to power. .. We just want to live Life peacefully, in peace and quiet... We just want to see Life and feel it in all its "dimensions". It's just one dimension. There are dimensions and internets linked to the Dimension of Life that make it seem that there are many dimensions,  but the dimension is only one. If we are human, we cannot enter either the Dimension or the Internet of Flies... But we live with flies in the same Dimension of Life. Flies are important because they also pollinate and decompose. They participate in the Carbon Cycle and know that 1 carbon atom has 6 neutrons, 6 electrons and 6 protons. We are Carbon. We are life! We must protect Life and see the Life of others as sacred too. Fireflies as well as bees know the Chemical Formula that Corrects the Equation of Life... It is not easy to emit light in a world that seems to belong to darkness,  because it is governed by darkness, by the evil ones who they worship the world of darkness because they really live "with this world of darkness" in their heads. But when we discover the Chemical Formula that Corrects the Equation of Life and discover an Infinite Light, we are more relaxed in the movie that is Life.   We, the good ones, are on the verge of extinction, we are like “fireflies”. But the bees protect the fireflies… We emit a tiny light  that most  of humans don't see or even turn on… But we don't stop emitting light… We keep emitting… Slowly we are emitting… We are making light signals… We are showing our light to the bees, the fireflies, to Intelligent Life because we are in fact connected to Intelligent Life. We just have to be patient... Like bees, we just have to be patient... We have a lot to learn from bees... But it's not just with bees, it's with everyone and also with us. When we are good,  among the bad guys, the bad guys don't touch us because they know we are protected by the bees. There is always a small group of bees protecting us from a distance, invisibly… The group appears and disappears… It appears and disappears… It only shows itself to us… It is only visible to our eyes. Not all human eyes can see Intelligent Life and understand that what connects us to Technological Life are bees. That's why I say that our gods, our angels and our aliens are bees. Believe it or not, anyone who can't get to the bees will never make it to "the aliens". I'm not an alien. I'm a human. Maybe a cyborg, because the bees installed some technology in me… They chipped me… But I love bee technology. I don't mind getting chipped by bees. I trust and believe in the bee chip. I don't trust   the chip of Machiavellian humans, Nazis and terrorists disguised as philanthropists like Elon Musk. Neither I nor the bees like Elon Musk. Follow him. Don't follow me. Follow Elon Musk. Follow him. Follow the motherfucker who wants to chip us all. I hate having his fucking satellites flying over my front yard all the time. I don't like being flown over by his satellites and drones in this Internet of Things. I look with the bees at the motherfucker's satellites and I see space garbage and therefore I see a very lying European Union that doesn't understand anything about the environment or ecology. I look with the bees at the drones and I see aerial garbage and therefore I see a lying Law that does not understand anything about Intimacy or Privacy. I see with the bees a New Law of the European Union and a Commission that has to be reformed. But I don't even know who's on the Commission. I write randomly like a blind man's goat, I speak and say things randomly that things always end up connecting to a Macabre Internet. ABRAKADABRA! In this Internet of Things, what I like is to be flown over by bees. I hate the hum of drones. I love the buzzing of bees.»  12h22 04/08/2022 Raul Catulo Morais & Federico Ferrari 

“Why did I write this? Because I went back to the Beginning of Everything. I went back to my Escola dos Ciclos and then went to the Escola Agrária. At Escola dos Ciclos I found a beautiful phrase from the spirit of Alexandre Herculano: "I am not ashamed of correcting my mistakes and changing my opinions, because I am not ashamed of reasoning and learning". At Escola Agrária I was with the bees and the cows. I had half an hour among the cows. I decorated them with my spirit and they decorated me with their spirit. I lost friendships for 14 years, but in 14 minutes I gained new friendships. I'm a friend of cows, so I see cows as sacred, just as I see all mammals as sacred! We are fucking mammals! We must at least protect our species if we are to be protected by the alien eyes of bees. Cow's milk is calf food! We are not calves! We are human! There are doctors who make fun of other doctors who drink cow's milk. I stayed with doctors who make fun of other doctors. This is like everything else in life. There are good doctors and there are bad doctors. There are doctors who smoke. There are psychologists who smoke. There are crazy psychologists and psychiatrists out of their minds. There are freaks for everything. We can go crazy now! The madmen rose to power! It seems like anything goes! The human world is crazy. It seems that we are "all crazy". But we are not. I'm not crazy! Ask me who are the crazy ones in the head and I'll answer with the bees! Bees say we humans don't hit it right in the head. They are right! I agree with them! I give them the Reason! They are the ones who are right!” 12:37 04/08/2022 Raul Catulo Morais With All Reserved Rights With Jupiter Editions in Kanal Jupiter.

§ Hey, R...

§ Hey, 666...

§ There was a change of plans and your father went to Leiria for the Renal Scintigraphy exam and not to Lisbon... If you heard the news, you wouldn't know anything... It seems that silence hovers everywhere and comes from everywhere... Do you know why there was a change of plans?

§ For my father to visit Leiria Castle?  I'm kidding...

§ Do not laugh. When you went up to Leiria Castle, you lent your father your eyes... But your father is just like you... You also have to go up, you also have to see, you also have to admire... The firefighters made a detour just so your father can go up to the Castle of Leiria. Do you know the meaning of this deviation?

§ Yes, a Masonic deviation. A detour that cannot be spoken, but that can be written and therefore told through writing...

§ It can also be told through dance... Your father danced like you did when he arrived on the terrace of the Torre de Menagem... Like you, he felt like a prisoner of a Medieval War... The same bees and the same flies that saw you dancing also saw him dancing. Your dances are different. You have a dance that your father doesn't have. That's what the flies and the bees wrote. Like humans, bees also have a dance,  a script and a "mental palace". It wasn't Xico Castelão who gave you the "mental palace"... It was your father. The expression is from your father. Uncle Xico simply stole your father's expression and passed it on to his son and Xico appeared in front of you with your father's expression to seduce you... Your father went through many wars. For a tribal war, for a civil war, for a colonial war and for a world war. He was a warrior and a survivor. That's why his expression and code is "survivor". But it was because he gave you the codes as he did that you too survived the Invisible Traces of the Wars. Your father only waged war with your brain to prepare you for Life. You know that life is not rosy even though with your sophisticated cutting-edge technologies you are always able to see a rosy film.  When your father told you about the exam of Renal Scintigraphy and told you that he was going to be perforated and that he didn't know how it was going to be with "the biopsy" because he could lose blood and "empty himself" all in blood. But really,  it wasn't your father's fault. It was Dr.'s fault. Luís who didn't inform you of anything or explain anything to you. Your father knew that you were going to do the research for  yourself and you were going to see that the Renal Scintigraphy exam was a quiet exam done with magnetic resonance imaging with application of radiological contrast... So there is no blood. .. But your father said that the exam would be used "to kill the  malignant prostate tumor that Dr. Luís has in his head", but you saw that in your research the images of the exam did not you can see prostate tumors, but you can see kidney tumors. As you are not a doctor, only with the research you have done, you do not know if the Renal Scintigraphy exam is in fact able to confirm or not the so-called "malignant tumor" in the prostate. Your father just wants to put you at war with Dr. Luís,  because you have a Veil of Ignorance because of Dr. Luís. You will have to play Chess in the Hospital with Dr. Luís. Before giving him Checkmate, ask him if there is a Medical Negligence on the Game Board or if there is a Theater in the Hospital of a malignant tumor... Next you will play with the nurse that your father wants to give you as a bishop to the nurse for him to eat you. Your father is playing chess with the nurse who wants to eat you. In the chess game with the nurse, your father sees you as a bishop. The nurse wants your father's bishop. Your father has a Master Move in his head and will sacrifice you in the game to gain another witness from the Nursing Team. It's an important witness. It's an alliance. A wedding. A marriage that only a doctor can stop. Your father won the fireman who was driving the ambulance in the chess game. That's why your father managed to divert the ambulance and go up to the Castle. And now? Do you already know with eyes to see the meaning of this deviation?

§ Yes, a Masonic deviation. A deviation that cannot be spoken, but that can be written or danced and therefore told through writing or dancing...

§ Looks like you answered with different eyes...

§ Well, I replied... I got a pair of 6 eyes, a pair of 6 lenses and a pair...

§ Hush... Silence, R... Feel the absurd silence and live once and for all the silence you want so much! 13:22 08/04/2022 Raul Catulo Morais With All Reserved Rights With Jupiter Editions in Real Time inForbidden Book - A Masonic love in a hell of a masonry, Raul Catulo Morais.

— Whoa, Junior... Are you listening?

— Hello dad,  how are you?

— Hello, hello… All calm… Listen there…  It's like a comboyada here at the hospital… I think this even affects Montenegro… This affects Montenegro's kidneys…_cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ Now they got me playing chess with Montenegro… Hey, I don't like the guy at all and the guy doesn't think he likes you at all because you got in there with his kids or nephews over there eating in the stables of the Golegã Fair? Or did you not?

“No, father. I didn't get involved. I don't know what this story is going on in the hospital...

— Listen, Junior... Don't forget that here in the hospital all the stories come... Everything is said in the hospital... They put me here now playing chess with Montenegro, because the guy is from Belenenses and I'm from Porto… What is on the chessboard is one of the kidneys from Montenegro… If I beat the guy, the guy gives me one of the kidneys in case I need a kidney… Dr. Luís wants to stick some tubes in my side to reach the urethra because in Dr. Luís, my kidneys are dilated… But I already realized that the guy is playing this game with his intuition… Do you remember the story about the tumor? The guy has  it's a tumor on his head… The tumor only exists on  his head… And then with these doctors you have to be careful, because the guys think about one thing , they make a diagnosis in their head and then they take the diagnosis to the end and do everything for their game to work out... That guys don't give up... This is Guarda-Velha... The guys remember me from Mozambique... They're bringing all the stories from the bush and the war and I don't know what else... I've seen that the guys want a war game... The guys make a living from this... The guys love this... Are you sure that Didn't you go out to eat with your children or nephews from Montenegro at Feira do Cavalo, at Feira da Golegã? Haven't you been there spinning among the knights? One of the nurses who heard half of the mass said that you were friends with the nephews from Montenegro because he had seen you leaving a horse boxing at the Golegã Fair with the nephews from Montenegro…  That's why the guy showed up here wanting to play chess with me... I already told you that in the game of chess you're a bishop, don't forget that you're a priest... And I'm going to have to sacrifice one of my bishops... forget that I'm playing with two bishops, one on each side...

— If the father is playing with two bishops and I am one of the bishops, why are you going to sacrifice the bishop that is your son and not sacrifice the other one?

— Oops, because I can't sacrifice the other one... The other one is  the same real priest... And you're not a real priest, hey... You're like me... Only in this game,_cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ Junior, I think it's better for me to stay with the priest and pray for me to win the game… I don't know!!! This, as I told you, is a comboyada that is not understood… Not even the doctors understand… So, look there… Not even the nurses…  Nobody understands this soap opera that goes here… The Dr . Luís with Montenegro here, he showed up with a Totobola bulletin asking which club I was from… I said I was from Porto… He asked Montenegro which club he was from… Montenegro said he was from Belenenses… Father Aníbal saying that the game on Monday was between Porto and Belenenses… Dr. Luís asked me who he should bet on who would win… Eh, it's not because I'm from Porto, see if you understand…  It's because of the Games History_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_ that exist,  do you understand? And I told Dr. Luís that I was betting on Porto... That in the game between Porto and Belenenses, Porto is going to win... Montenegro was fucked... I think there's one of the nephews you had playing there at Belenenses... What did Father Aníbal who is my friend and who knows that Montenegro is from Belenenses said? He said that if Belenenses won that Montenegro needed to put one  of their kidneys on the table in case I came  in need of a kidney… Dr. Luís, who is involved with Montenegro, saw the move of the bishop, the priest… And he said that the Kidney Game had to be played on a chessboard to be more “fair”… Why did Dr. Did Luís come with this conversation? I didn't know…  Father Aníbal told me later when Dr. Luís and Montenegro came out of my room... I think Montenegro is a Chess Master and wins everyone in the Chess game at Mestre André's Lodge, which was the Lodge that made him climb the PSD and now appear with the campaign cards politics, that the guy wants to rise to power in 2026... The guy came here to the hospital to visit me just to do a political campaign... Just so you can see how these guys are... It appeared on TV yesterday, I don't know if you saw it on the doctors' side and such…  The guy wants to collapse the National Health System because the guy is a friend of the private sector and plays in the blood business of health… Look, that book you bought_cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ from the Health Business there from the doctor Bruno or whatever his name is you have everything there… You have the answer there for all this comboyoda that is going on… You have there the names and all the answers you need…_cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ That this puts the Champalimauds, mete_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136b ad5cf58d_ the Holy Spirits Amens, put everything…  You're watching the movie, aren't you? Montenegro knows that I wanted you to go into your cousin António's  Goa store, next to Mestre André do Montenegro's store… I wanted to take you there at the time, because I had already foreseen this everything... But that's it... You were there in other lives, you were having your head in another love affair, you still weren't seeing things... What happened? The stores connected… This was an invisible handshake between your cousin António from Goas, Chamuchas there, with Montenegro… A coalition por  because of 9 books_cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ que  appeared out of nowhere from 9 authors… Just so you can see that the things we do and say afterwards have consequences… But  that's it… just to you understand the comboyada that is going on here at the hospital... The other one, Dr. Luís already wanted to put the tubes in me to unblock my urethra because he said that my kidneys were dilated because of my urethra and that everything was connected… But  why did Dr. Luís said this to defend Montenegro's kidneys... So that Montenegro's kidneys would leave the game table... Why? Because Father Aníbal told me, I don't know if it's true or false, that the priests seem to be our friends, but they are also very liars, that Dr. Luís, UROLOGIST, I think he also has a problem  in his kidneys, but he's hiding the disease to make friends with Montenegro and then keep one of Montenegro's kidneys... See the story all that was created with the kidneys only with the game, isn't it? Look… Give thanks to God,  because you got a very good story in your hands to be able to write. Write this story!  Write! Write that this story is yours. It looks like it's mine, but   is not. It's all a Game of Illusion. The story is yours! 13:49

- Thanks Dad...

— You're welcome... Listen... Can you hear me? So you don't miss the story and so you don't get lost in the story... They made a stretcher from my bed and took me to the Nephrology Service to see if my kidneys were dilated or not. The surgeon looked at the computer images and called Dr. Luís and said "hey, hey Luís, Raul's kidneys are completely dilated... They're really cool... There's no dilation at all in the kidneys..." Before that nurse comes along who wants to eat you, hey, the guy is he's cute and he wears that little silver chain around his neck, hey the guy is cute man, he's a guy, aren't you the one who likes guys? You guys were fine, man... Okay, as I was telling you, so you don't lose the story and not end up with the story halfway through and then daddy dies and then you don't know what to do with the story halfway through, the surgeon here in Nephrology winked at me and told me right away not to fall for Dr. Luís to be perforated with the tubes, because without dilating the kidneys, Dr. Luís wanting to stick the tubes in me... What did the surgeon tell me? That Dr. Luís likes to drill... It's the guy's scene... He likes to drill, so I'm already telling you that I'm going to refuse Dr. Luís... 14:01 05/08/2022 Raul Catulo Morais in Real Time With All Reserved Rights With Jupiter Editions in Special Masonic Program in Kanal Jupiter Published at 14:02 05/08/2022


Red Code "1 min de Psicologia"
00:00 / 21:03

Red Code "1 min of Psychology" - A look and an opinion about All Things and About All Masonic Games. Hearing in the Masonic Court recorded in Real Time at 3:52 pm on 3/08/2022. Published in Special Masonic Program at 23:44 on 8/8/2022 Raul Catulo Morais with All Reserved Rights with Jupiter Editions

Ponto de Situação
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Ponto de Situação  - Masonic Court Hearing recorded in Real Time at 11:03 am on 08/5/2022. Published in Special Masonic Program at 23:44 on 8/8/2022 Raul Catulo Morais with All Reserved Rights with Jupiter Editions

Red Code "Grau 33"
00:00 / 33:53

Red Code "Grade 33" - 2nd part of the Situation Point +  The Importance of Having an Outside Internet and the Importance of Building Our Own Masonic Knife = Grade 33 - Court Hearing Masonic recorded in Real Time at 11:37 am on 5/08/2022. Published in Special Masonic Program at 00:12 on 08/9/2022 Raul Catulo Morais with All Reserved Rights with Jupiter Editions

Red Code + 1 Facalhão Maçónico
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Red Code + 1 Masonic Knife  - "A Masonic Knife that fell from the sky to point at my own family - Masonic Court Hearing recorded in Real Time at 12:01 pm on 08/5/2022. Published in Special Masonic Program at 00:13 on 08/9/2022 Raul Catulo Morais with All Reserved Rights with Jupiter Editions

Red Code "Intuição de Jogo"
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Red Code "Game Intuition"  - Masonic Court Hearing recorded in Real Time at 12:53 pm on 08/5/2022. Published in Special Masonic Program at 00:22 on 08/9/2022 Raul Catulo Morais with All Reserved Rights with Jupiter Editions

Teatrinho para desanuviar
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Little theater to unwind in 4 minutes  - Masonic Theater in the Masonic Court recorded in Real Time at 12:59 pm on 5/08/2022. Published in Special Masonic Program at 00:22 on 08/9/2022 Raul Catulo Morais with All Reserved Rights with Jupiter Editions

{I'm... Look... Delta Code...  This is not going well, the kid is smart...}

{I told you man... And he absolutely must have the Internet outside... That's why we have to activate the Torrié Code...}

{Torrié Code or Bondie Code? It's Bondie Code in this situation...}

{Oops, yeah...}

{You're not right in the head anymore...}

{Well, man... The game is even confusing me...}

{This is not going to go well for us... I had information on the other side of the Network that he is being helped by his Law professors who are there on the Network with their eyes closed, you understand?}

{Yes, I told you... I said that this with Júnior would cause problems... He was always smart... Have you seen the story that is being raised about Mommy's College of Etiquettes...? }

{I've already seen it... But that's not worse... What's worse is that he's talking about Process nº 666 that came here at the Santarém Police Station against the Republican National Guard and that puts my husband in just because my husband went to get their things from the old woman's house with the police van, you know? The National Republican Guard knows perfectly well that my husband did not have a mandate and that he did his mother-in-law a favor... Except that the neighbor across the street was from the Guard and nobody informed us of anything... Why is the kid looking? open all stories? Because all the stories reached the Faculty of Law, the Faculty of Medicine, the Catholic University of Lisbon and Porto... Do you understand? The story even reached Porto and the kid is now defending himself,  because it's the story of his life...}

{Oops, don't tell me... Hey, you son of a bitch... That story is also messing with me, man... It's screwing us all, man... I didn't know... Seriously!! ! I'm being really frank with you... It's not like me to tell you that I didn't know about the story, when I already knew... Seriously... I REALLY didn't know... [LOL]}

{Well, you're not following along... You're already giving up... You're already dead... You're already dead in history...}

{Hey, don't tell me that... I don't want to give up... Much less with this kid... I don't want to give up... He's soft... Didn't you see there_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_ in your house? He started to cry, he looked like a little girl... Is he ever the Devil? Since when does the Devil cry? Only if it's  a Good Devil... But since we're the Bad Devils, hey, we have to beat the Crying Devil... It made me so funny.... But I had to stop myself so I don't laugh right in his face... He sees me as a little mother... He's so naive... What a shame if he were my son... Having a 30-year-old son who hasn't even finished college , he just goes for a walk, he messes with men, I've heard that he hangs out on gay sites with a bare torso... He's still going to be a porn actor... He wrote that crappy book aboutTechnological Knightsby Barac Bielke... What a load of rubbish, his father is right... He just writes shit... It's just cum, just dicks, just dicks... He's short of dicks... O the ukrainian sent him with his feet, he thought he would always have the ukrainian's dick in his little mouth... he thought he would always be suckling... what kind of life is he?... he just_cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ thinks about picha... All he knows how to write is about pichas... Oops, it's true... A  That's the truth... What a heartbreak!!! It's the displeasure of the father... The father and the mother... The mother wanted a girl to wash the dishes with her... She's not even capable of lending a hand to the mother to wash the dishes... More value was she had an abortion, as she wanted... The other one, Zezinha, didn't let her... It should have been aborted... It shouldn't have been born, if all this was to happen after  ... But it was worth having an abortion... Well, the mother wanted an abortion... Mothers feel everything... She already knew that a Great Demon was coming... Oops, you already know how damned I am... But then... What are we going to do?}

{Sical code.... It will have to be...}

{Seriously??? Already??? So what about the Lavazza Code? Didn't it come before the Sical Code???}

{Oops, we have to jump from Code... So if he's fetching all the stories from Mozambique, plus this one from Process nº 666 of the Court and he's managing to connect everything...}

{He won't be able to call... He won't... Don't worry... I know him... I know him... I've changed a lot of diapers... That gets to a part where I I already noticed that he can't call... Because if he does, he'll see what he doesn't want to see: a Horror Movie in Hell of Hell... He doesn't  like Hell. .. He's not like us... He doesn't even eat red meat...  What the hell is this that doesn't eat red meat?}

{But look at the most important thing and already  I was  forgetting with the whole conversation, is that I called you to change your WhatsApp profile picture...}


{Because he's going to leak a conversation he had with you in the game to Pass the Level and not get hit by the Medway train. Here comes a train of things. Get ready!}

{But can he leak like that? I call the police...}

{He can... He's playing in Legitimate Defense... He knows you got the phrases from Network 47...  Ele  is smart... The kid is a trap...}

{But he doesn't die, dammit?}

{Nothing... Aren't you watching his game? He doesn't die...  It seems that our mother chose him himself... He is  she... It's the Devil... It's her and the Rauis... They are the trinity... It has to be them... Do you know what I smell from beginning to end? It's just that that court between them over the house was a theater between the two,  between mother and son just to get my husband involved... That's what I'm seeing... }

{What are you going to do?}

{I'm getting divorced... I'm done with this! This is not working! I've been talking to my PT... He's a really cute kid, Junior's age... Except that the kid likes kids and milfs... He calls me Milf... Oops, I went to see...   The kid complimented me... I was dumb... I'm going to be in a pornographic movie with him... I don't know... The kid is cute... I'll send you a photo so you can see how he is... My husband doesn't get up the way he used to get up... I'm dry, man... I wasn't born for this, listen... I want sex the way it should be... that without sex life loses fun...}

{Oops, do like me... Masturbate and you'll see you'll come like hell... We don't need men or husbands... Don't you have little hands? Use your little hands or do you want me to teach you?}

{What you want? Walk in scissors now with me?}

{Hey, why not? To go back to the old days... Scissors are now in fashion... They're back in fashion, you see...}

{I ordered a pair of scissors to Junior's hair... Have you seen that hair of his? How horrible!}

{Wow, it was worse when he wore that wig and looked like a woman, when he was a female referee... He just lacked breasts...}

{That's why he was later groped and eaten in nightclubs by players... They mistook him for a girl... It was with my PT he told me... I think he's been there too... He's already put him there the little hand... Either he wanted to or what it was... I don't even know the story anymore... Look, I missed this story... But I know that he's already been there with all the players in baths in the changing rooms and I don't know anymore what... That's what my PT told me... He knows these things...}

{Seriously? Look how lucky! I wasn't that lucky!  I wish I could be fucked on all fours by a football player and get slapped like that with the dick in my face... I like one from Sporting, another from Porto and I like of two from Benfica... I'll send you pictures of the ones I like... Oh, I wish... I wouldn't mind taking all 4 of them at the same time... My husband is such a pussy... Already don't get up...}

{It's like mine...}

{Oops... Let's combine scissors... We're sisters...}

{You say that scissors are in fashion, right? We are in the Age of the Devil,  isn't it?... Are scissors also foreseen in the Bible?}

{Everything comes... All of this was predicted... All of this makes  part of the prophecies... The Bible is more than right... There is no doubt...} [00: 57 09/08/2022 Raul Catulo Morais With All Reserved Rights with Jupiter Editions] 

Illumminnatti Games at the Hospital???
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Illuminati Gamesto play at the Hospital? Recorded on 8/6/2022 at 5:47 pm Published on 8/9/2022 at 11:48 pm Raul Catulo Morais

Teatro dos Malucos no Hospital dos Malucos
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Teatro dos Nucosno Hospital dos Malucos - Recorded in Real Time on 08/6/2022 at 5:47 pm Published on 08/09/2022 at 23:48 pm Raul Catulo Morais (Cut recording to protect Hidden Part)

* «Grandmother Alcinda is a client at the Hospital dos Lusíadas, if the grandmother had known about the theater of her father's tumor, the theater would have been transferred to the Lusíadas.»

* «I can't even see the red curtains of the theater at Hospital de Santarém.»

* «Because of the hospital environment, I can’t smell the theater, so I don’t understand how theater is done in the hospital.»

* «This must be a great show... This must be the show of someone's life... This must be the film of someone's life...»

* «My father suddenly loves Dr. Luís and tells me to stay out of the game with the fucking phone connected to the Internet  from Opus Dei.»

* «My father says that I was captured by Opus Dei for  having slept with the children of Opus Dei.»

* «Be careful when we raise a flag with a skull...»

* «I paid a doctor's visit to the Lupi-Levy house and I'm not even a doctor...»

* «Raul, forget Hospital da Cuf, that is not a real hospital... That looks like a hotel...»

* «I had to tell my aunt that Grandfather Lupi didn't stay in bed next to his father, because of an Arbitration Game...!»

* «We were admitted to the Hospital dos Malucos in Santarém?»

História dos Castelos
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History of  Castles- Recorded in real time in  08/6/2022 at 7:35 pm Published in 08/9/2022 at 01:09 am Raul Catulo Morais With All Reserved Rights

* «Lupi's mother was scandalized as it is that there is no hemodialysis at the Santarém Hospital and said that this whole story was ridiculous and that if it had been in  Salazar's time this story would not have stayed like this... »

* «I understand a  aunt Salazarist and Saudosista, because grandmother Alcinda is also Salazarista and Saudosista...»

* «The aunt asked me  at the hospital door for the 6th time if I was sure I didn't want to go up to the Town Hall and told me to do something otherwise we'd be left to hell as if it were our fault If my mother at Hospital de Santarém did not have hemodialysis...» 

* « Oh Rrrrrrrraulllll do you think it makes any sense not to have hemodialysis at Santarém Hospital? Do you think it's normal for the doctor to suspect a malignant tumor, he goes on vacation without saying anything to your father about the tumor, he's already returned from vacation and only after a week does he talk about the tumor to your father? Only in a film Raul... Look, direct it!»

* «There begins the priest's sermon... "Has Raul already seen Torres Novas Castle?" And I say no... And the priest replies: "Ahhh! That's why daddy goes to the Hospital of Torres Novas, which is when you go to visit your father to go to the Castle of Torres Novas..." And I "hannn" and the priest "That's right..."... And he continues "Did you know that the Castle of Torres Novas dates back to the Principle of Nationality and was initially conquered from the Moors by D. Afonso Henriques?" And I look to the side e  a Moor is passing in the corridor...»

* «I look like I've just landed at the airport and I simply follow the arrow that says "Nothing to Declare". Because I have nothing more to declare. I simply follow the arrow. Because hey, I came fromJupiterby Gabriel Garibaldi and I just landed on Earth. This, Terra  is a parallel world, this is just movies to show. What does this remind me of? Reminds me of the History of the Castle of Leiria... CUT OFF to Protect Hidden Part.

Biópsia para o Seguro do Carro
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Liga Jupiter
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Sintonizar - Direito e Arbitragem
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"Biópsia para o Seguro do Carro", "Liga Jupiter" and "Sintonizar - Direito e Arbitragem" recorded in real time on 08/6/2022 between 4:18 am and 2:00 pm. Published on 8/10/2022 at 2:28 am with cutouts for Hidden Part Protection. Raul  Catulo Morais


«Oh Junior, are you listening??? They already put me in the helicopter… I'm going   to the Hospital Rainha Santa Isabel… Are you listening? Now I'm going to a Real Hospital... It was Dr. Luís…  It looks like he heard your prayers… How did this whole story go? Hey… Stories from Mozambique… War stories with war doctors… With doctors who aren’t afraid  of going to war… Look… Doctors like me… Doctors like I was in Mozambique… Your grandmother Alcinda there is a story for te  to tell  my, that this is my story, that when I was a paramedic in Mozambique your grandmother stopped traffic just for me to land… If not   If it were your grandmother I would die, because a wind diverted my parachute… Look… I gave him a clue… I had to give him one more clue… I told him that I was the black boy from Jardim … I told him that I was part of the Elite Troop of Boys Parachutists from the Garden there in Mozambique… Everything  because of the brand of  a coffee… Just because your great grandfather, my mother's father, was serving the table and a privilege arose,_cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ a “little opportunity” just because of the brand  of a cafe… That's how your black "Mother" attended the Colégio de Técnicas only for whites in Mozambique… Ó Jr ???? Are you there ou  what??? Are you writing the story???»

"The father!!! I already know the story…”

«Ah, you already know… After all, Dona Alcinda passed the story on to her grandson… Okay…  Don't forget that the story is mine and I'm giving it to you and I want to read it here at the hospital when I enter the world of Jupiter... Look, I'm here in a war with your uncles, who want to write the story that is mine and send it there to Saturn Editions... Don't mess with the Doctors_cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ from Saturn… Send them away  from the Jupiter Editions Scientific Team that the guys are titanic… Look at that  at the Hospital Rainha Santa Isabel the doctors are from Jupiter… They discovered that I am a technological patient,  because they saw me here opening the2080by Antoine Canary-Wharf… That's my nickname now here at the hospital… "Technological patient"... They've already discovered my technologies... They've already seen my technologies... You already know that in a Technological Information Society passa_cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ everything… Even the nicknames… You weren't the elephant Dumbo in the primary by  because of your ears, because you are big-eared and because you can shake your ears  like you were an alien? It's all connected my dear Junior. Look… With all this history of tumors in the prostate and such,  the kidney doesn't work and you have to go to  Hospital Rainha Santa_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_ Isabel to go do the dialysis to see if the kidney starts working or if I'm going to stay either with your kidney or with the kidney  from Montenegro, you know what I got in the middle of this whole story? A parachute jump!!!!  To remember the good old days!!!!! I'm going to parachute out of the helicopter... It's going to be dangerous... I'm literally going to fall down there at the Queen Santa Isabel Hospital... All because of your literature, boy... Look, it's not Dr.  Luís my Invisible Hand... It's you, you motherfucker! It's you,  you son of a bitch! Cum!!! Damn man…  You've got us all  into a great movie… But cool… I'll tell you right now…  Cool… Cool… it forgets theBusiness da  Health… He forgets!!! Close that book!!! Close!!! He forgets!!!! Forget Hospital da Luz, forget Cufs and fuck, forget Lusíadas... Forget Champalimauds... Forget it!!! Forget it all!!! I don't need… Dr. Luís, with just a call to the Hospital da Rainha Santa Isabel, he solved the matter, that's it... And now there I go... But forget about the tumor, man... Tumor, as I told you, is only in the head of Dr. Luís, man… My doctor is Dr. Luis, are you listening? I don't want other doctors… That's why I don't want to keep writing SOS messages to your aunt to go talk to her grandmother… Don't think that it's the grandmother who's going to save my life with money transfers to the Blood Business at Hospital da Luz… I already told you… Forget it, my friend!!! Forget it!!!  Forget everything you've seen, heard and read!!!! Look, do a “Refresh”… Forget it, are you listening??   Forget that doctor Bruno who wrote what he wrote… The guy wants to fuck you up… The guy is from the Left Block… Don't forget what I told you when I had to myself_cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ infiltrate there by Higher Orders… That is scum and a lobby only turned to  the Gay Community… Nothing against it… But  there is all there a Gay Industry... You there, be careful my boy... The guys look at you and fuck you all at once...Knights  Technologicalfrom Barac Bielke… Look, you put it  but it's in the PSD… You turn it  it's for the PSD… Or else for the CDS, which is the same Shit…"

«Lol! Dad stopped talking to me when I entered the CDS!»

«Oops, Junior! You see if  you grow up that you are already old and you look at how it should be for Parliament. You take a good look and see who's sitting in Parliament, man... You took the guys there to the restaurant to fuck my whole salary... You took all the guys there to the restaurant on dates and I don't know what else, where did you have them? there was one there for you to have your luxury meals, because I gave you the luxury o  Júnior, but you blind and with a mania for romances went there with your love affairs and fuck Xico Castelão me the whole salary… What did you want? That's why I cut you  your pass to Lisbon, you ass! You were a donkey!  You have donkey ears… It was I who put them on you… I was also born  with donkey ears, you donkey!!!! Hey, laugh with me, man... Don't leave me laughing alone in a movie like this... Don't be stupid and call o  Castelo Branco e  Cinha Jardim and set up_cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ but it's a program with them to stick the 6 technological velcros to the Town Hall and the Santa Casa to end the Business and with the Show of Blood of the Bullfighting... That Cinha likes you... Cinha listens to you, you understand? She likes the races there in Campo Pequeno... But if you sit down with her aunt and talk about your technological velcros, if you show your aunt your velcros over a cup of tea, she'll see that she'll want to stick the velcros with you... You even get an invitation and everything to go with your aunt to the races... You already know what races are like with your aunt... It's in the box... And then you go with your aunt to see the Benfica boxes_cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ and Sporting and then you see life better... You see life with different eyes...  Don't forget that all this started with_cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ because of  you, my friend… Because of your inventions  and fantasies you wrote there_cc781905-5cde-3b5-d8-6_bad5cf'The Algorithm of Love… Look… If you invite Castelo Branco over for tea with his aunt,  you'll see how good it will be  for the next chapters of your booklet “Amigos da Onça ” ; because you'll see all your friends appear again as soon as they see you there in the cameras sitting next to Castelo Branco and his aunt… See if this time you stop being stupid once and for all!!!! Look... You have a lot to  talk to your cousin Castelo Branco about Goa, Nampula, Maputo... I don't know if he calls Maputo or Lourenço Marques... But each one calls what he wants... He he is Open-Minded and that is the most important thing, we are Open-Minded... He has important stories to tell you about your other grandmother Noémia and your aunt Zezinha... Look,  he I'm sure he might want to co-author the next chapter with you on how to “How to Sleep with  a Beast”… That  I already saw that the guy had the same experience as you,  man… But that's it... He's from the other Era, from the  Transformers Era… You haven't reached that Era yet… I don't know If you're going to  don't get there…  If you arrive, you've arrived, that's it… Look… Transform Herb tea! Transform! Look…  Here I go to the Hospital da Rainha Santa Isabel… Before you go visit me, don't forget that you have to first  go to the Castle… Do you still remember the story you learned here at the hospital about the Castle? Look at the History of the Hundred Soldos and the Hundred Soldadinhos… With the whole story you won 666 Soldadinhos…  And look, one of the 666 is me! See you later! Woe to you if you call me a motherfucker, huh? Then you get a couple of slaps  from Aunt Giralda... Look, she's not like the others... She  is going to leave Palmela Castle  like a Queen to visit me… Do you hear? See if you're polite to Aunt Giralda when you come here...»

«I want auntie to fuck off and give me the fucking house!!! With the whole story, I should have kept the house! The house was given to me for 11 years. I still have the Lease Agreement with me…”

«Hey,  oh Junior… You don't even look like you're a lawyer, damn it! openThe Algorithm of Loveon page 249 so you can see how your Lending Agreement is worthless against the Purchase and Sale Agreement your aunt made with Opus  Dei or with the Russian Mafia,_cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ that's the same shit!!! Your aunt is really stupid too…  She sold the palace for €66,000… Damn… She's another idiot… I don't know what return your aunt took, but that's it…_cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ It looks like he sold the house in handcuffs... It looks like he went to the Notary Office to sign the Public Deed with handcuffs, like when he went to sign the Lending Contract that he celebrated in a little theater with you... Your aunt is really stupid ... Don't tell him this part, will you? Now the question is: who bought Aunt Giralda's palace for €66,000? These are high school stories, man… You already know that this comes to a point where everything comes, man…  And in a  Technological Era with Internet of Things often gives Shit… And look… That's what this movie did… Shit…» bb3b-136bad5cf58d_     08/08/2022 Raul Catulo Morais

Pág.249 O Algoritmo do Amor
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Recorded in Real Time at 03:37 on 6/08/2022. Cut recording.  Recording made in the Documentary Series of Masonic Theaters of 08/6/2022 during the Original Theater-Documentary 66 mins and 6 secs unpublished and in Studio to be Edited and Cut against As Primeiras Jupiter Editions Uncut Realtime Rules.

In publications and Editing Cutting and Sewing and to be finishedThe Forbidden Book - A Masonic Love in a Freemasonry of the Devilsto the Super Moon of Phantoms and the  Shooting Stars of Saturn (astronomical event) of 14/08/2022.  An event badly foreseen by Dr. Helena, Titan physician from Saturn, "who is focused on the father's ions". Initiating the Leak Process of the 9 complete books and other files from the Masonry Program Hands-on Task List into Jupiter Editions Secret Files New Orbit. Raul Catulo Morais With All Reserved Rights with Jupiter Editions 1:03 pm 8/8/22

I love you dad! I love you motherfucker! Looks like we're co-authoring... Lol! This is beautiful! You're not going to die in the game, I  won't let you!  Let's get rid of this tumor! Let's finish the guy! Raul Junior 1:12 pm 8/8/2022

«Fuck, man... Oh, Junior... I'm already here...  What a luxury,  man... Damn it... I'm in a hotel ... They even have a Playstation here and everything... They put a game here for me to play on the Playstation... I'm going to play... It looks like that Playstation I went with you to buy in Alcochete, remember? This looks like it's a Rockstar Games game... Or Rockstar Games or Saturn Editions which is the same shit... Look, all I can tell you is what I want to play now, man... Excuses from me_cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ call and I'm going to join a Metaverse of Things... I already know that you're against the Metaverse and that you had to create a Metaverse at Jupiter Editions to get people out of the Metaverse... That's right the game I'm going to play here at the Hospital... Hey, see if you play the game, man, which is to get me out of the Metaverse... Call Dr. Diogo. Marry him and get me both out of this movie because this is an illegal game... The guy is really your type... I know this because you are my son... I know your genes like no one else ... I was the one who edited them, otherwise you wouldn't get away with this life, my son... But come on, now I'm going to play... Fuck... What a luxury, man... I've never seen anything like it... Man, when you come to visit me, you already know that a priest will show up here... You already know the Concordat Law... You already know that in a hospital with more than 66 beds a little priest is mandatory..._cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ And this priest I also think is cute and he's about your age... But that's it, I'm already telling you how the game will be so you don't get caught de_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_ surprise and make a fool of yourself in front of the priest... The guy will ask you if you know the story of Queen Santa Isabel... Ask Mariana Portugal that she knows the story and that she is capable of saving you in the game... I like her because and when she went there with the other one, with Xico Castelão, there at the restaurant she didn't order any bifana like Xico, because Mariana knew that if she ordered a bifana, that bifana would come out of my pockets and you would have more difficulties during the month, because that bifana was going to be expensive... He didn't order a bifana like Xico Castelão, can you see the difference? Even your Jehovah's Witness aunt knows the story from the back to  the front and even though Mariana Portugal is Catholic Apostolic Romantic, even your aunt who is a Jehovah's Witness likes Mariana Portugal..._cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ But he doesn't like Xico Castelão... I'm going to play online  with Xico Castelão here on Playstation... Whoops,  I'm going shoot him and his father... After the shots, I'll stab them in the back like the guys told you to... I'm in the game because of you, you idiot!! I'm also playing in the game because of you, you idiot. Look... I'm from the team of Mariana Portugal, Mariana Varregoso and Dr. Diogo...  Now I'm going to send some shots at Sara Rot and DK... Sara Rot showed up here at the game... Hey,  I have to send him the shot!  See you later! So long as the game is getting cool now... Look... I got another Angel for Jupiter Editions... A Knight... The Kleba-Kodak... Now yes, we're going to Jupiter ! Wow, the guy is really cute... He really has those pure German lines that you like... You'd also be happily married to him... Look, the guy on Earth is just a knight, but on Jupiter the guy is a urologist doctor ... It's still going to be the guy who's going to open up to me all... He's going to open up to me and then to you... But first he's going to open up to me... But the guy is just a knight, huh. .. Don't forget that Kleba-Kodak is only a doctor in Jupiter... You see if you don't confuse the game with real life... You see my man... Otherwise I'll resuscitate DK myself and send the guy Intern yourself in Psychiatry... You're going to be a dick, in the game, huh... Otherwise you'll be asshole and Kleba-Kodak's gone... I've now found you a proper knight, por_cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ You can see that if you preserve your Virginity... That you are a Virgin... Don't forget that you are a Virgin...»

"I am not virgin. I am Aries.”

"Hey, shut up! Look I'm a Toiro! Look how stubborn I am! If I'm telling you that you're a Virgo,  it's because you're a Virgo! Damn, man!!! Don't me  ruin the game, huh! Look, I bet all my money on this shitty game, so you see... This is your inheritance... These are the legacies I left you... You already know that Daddy is not rich... If daddy dies there's nothing... There are no houses,  no money, no games, no interests and   the game is over all at once ... Come on, you don't need to call me, I'm just here playing the game on the Playstation... Damn, man... I've never seen anything like it.... A Playstation in the hospital... Hey, Junior. .. This is not a Hospital... This is a Hotel!!! 13:37 8/8/2022 in Real Time

Hard Core Game SOS Hospital da Luz SOS Hospital  dos Lusíadas SOS Hospital da CUF (Support, Partnership and Sponsorship).

With the information presented by Dr. Luís (Hospital dos Lusíadas), Dr. João (Hospital da Luz), Dr. Paulo (Hospital da Cuf) and by Instituto da Prostata with all the Clinical History   that was created and with the New History Data as of today, it seems to me that there are only two conclusions left: either created in fact a fantasy tumor for the Theater of the Masonic Novel of Doctors which however was originally performed in real time during the course of the Masonic Games within the Masonic Theater itself or if it is then facing a Serious Medical Negligence. It cannot make sense for Dr. Luís told me at the 1st meeting that there was a malignant tumor in the prostate, then  go visit my father and not tell him about the tumor, go on vacation, Dr. Helena tells me that she doesn't know about any tumor and that the tumor was not in the file, Dr. Luís comes back from vacation and a week has passed and he still hasn't talked about the tumor to my father and he hasn't answered my messages for a week and then in the hallway on the day of the Power of Attorney I have to be the one to talk about my father's supposed tumor and The Doctor. Luís "talk to me about the tumor" and when I ask Dr. Luís why Dr. Luís still hadn't told my father about the tumor,  Dr. Luís answered me "I didn't tell him about the tumor because his father thinks he's fine". It was then on that same day that Dr. Luís then had a "deep conversation" with my father "about everything", at my request, I had to be the one to ask Dr. Luís to please inform my father about the tumor so that I could start having a more normal conversation with my father about the tumor,  so that I could have a different language, a language and a more real one about the clinical reality. However, when I talk to my father, my father keeps saying "at stake" and that "the tumor exists is in Dr. Luís' head" in an amused tone, telling me not to worry about anything that Dr. Luís is doing an excellent job and he is the best urologist in the country. It is on the day of the Power of Attorney that Dr. Luís informs me that my father's PSA, which was 300, had dropped to 40, but that it was still high, because the normal range is between 0 and 4. He told me that he was undergoing hormone therapy and that he had reacted well. He said that he had given my father chemical (not complete) castration to lower his testosterone levels and that he would have a complete castration later. My father told me  that he didn't know about any chemical castration. Dr told me Luís in the same hallway conversation that he had given a kind of "poison" to inhibit the pituitary from releasing  androgens. When I spoke about the tumor issue, Dr. Luís told me that at that date he still could not do a biopsy to confirm the malignant tumor, but that there was almost a 100% certainty that it was malignant and that we would be talking about an unsolvable tumor and that it would not be worth treating it,_cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ because there could already be metastases, a conversation completely  different from the 1st meeting in which Dr. Luís confirmed the tumor for me and told me that it had already spread to the rectum. He told me, however,  that everything would depend on the biopsy, but he went back to saying that he still didn't have the conditions to do the biopsy with my father's values. Now, based on the auxiliary medical information exposed, it is true that in certain situations with the biopsy there could  be bleeding through the rectum, hence that "Dr. Luís' idea" in not to do the biopsy so my father wouldn't lose blood, since he was anemic and he lost blood easily.   During the research, I also understood that the malignant tumor is often not treated in special cases, and the present case could be framed in a special case in which the doctor considered that the tumor should not be treated. However, in order to know whether or not the tumor should be treated and how it should be treated, the biopsy examination is crucial. Despite the hypothesis of complications in special cases, with the medical information exposed, it is possible to state that the biopsy is not something that is complicated or (minimally) invasive and I see it as extremely important from the moment a doctor suspects there is a malignant tumor that does everything possible in time to confirm the tumor and quickly  try to attack it and not "hide" it or put it in the background or secondarily "in parallel" as it was put in case. Of course, in this case, the concern with the kidney in an episode of severe renal dysfunction must obviously be taken as a priority, since it is incompatible with human life for the kidneys not to function, but this does not mean "leaving aside" a malignant tumor or not if you talk about the  malignant tumor that can be attacked. Now, this is precisely the importance of having "clean, clear and healthy information" between the doctor, the patient and the family members so that the families themselves can meet in a healthy way and organize themselves, such as seeking different medical opinions and for this, it is extremely important that the most direct family members,  such as, for example,  children, be able to have access to the Process so that they can pass it on to other doctors. For example, it was on the day of the Power of Attorney that I arranged the 2nd meeting with Dr. Luís and that he said he wanted access to the Process. I went to the hospital for the 2nd meeting, but Dr. Luís apologized and that he was very busy and that he had not yet had news of the CT scans from the Hospital de Torres Novas and that we had to wait for the new news and that, therefore, he had nothing new to tell me and that such news would be important to find out what the real scenario was and to see if the values stabilized in the meantime for him to be able to do a biopsy,  because until then no biopsy could be done. For example, at Hospital da Cuf transperineal biopsy is available, which means that in a hypothetical case if my father had been hospitalized at Hospital da Cuf or had been transferred to Hospital da Cuf, for the specific case of wanting to avoid rectal bleeding and therefore waiting to treat a suspicious tumor that in the meantime is advancing,  but  that the treatment can only  be started with the confirmation and with the "view of the images" of the tumor through the biopsy, the "miraculous" biopsy could have been performed in good time via the transperineal route and the treatment started immediately killing the tumor and preventing the tumor from spreading, either by radiotherapy or chemotherapy or another treatment more suitable for killing the malignant tumor. Because until the biopsy is done, treatment for prostate cancer cannot be started or decide whether or not it is worth treating the cancer. This is hard to see and hard to say that health also has a very high price in Portugal and that the richer we are, the more our chances of survival in case of illness will increase. There is no serious investment in the National Health Service. I obviously defend a free National Health Service in Portugal, but at the level of a Private Hospital in terms of access to health and life (survival). What should only distinguish the public hospital from the private hospital  should be the convenience, the comfort,  the luxury,  the decoration and nothing else. Nobody expects to have a hot tub in a public hospital,  but in a private hospital there might be... A hot tub in a hospital would obviously be a ridiculous investment in a public hospital, but in a hospital private more and more facing what is called "Tourism Hospital" the hydromassage bath would no longer be strange... It's private, not public. It cannot make sense for Cuf to have a "miraculous" biopsy transperineally that can save lives because it manages to decide and trigger the treatment of prostate cancer and public hospitals do not have access to this technology. Who says this technology, obviously says many others. I consider it serious that there is no dialysis at the Santarém Hospital, since Santarém is the capital of the district,  for example. What if tomorrow we have 66 patients in Santarém who urgently need to undergo dialysis, otherwise they will die and there are no vacancies even in Torres Novas to undergo dialysis? Unfortunately, it seems that I am beginning to hear the meaning of the song of the "young doctors" with whom I made a small circle where they sang "If you want to die slowly,  come and die at the Hospital of Santarém"... song had to come out... I couldn't hold back the song any longer. On my tourist visit to Hospital de Faro I saw a deficient hospital that urgently needs work in which the spectacular nurses told me that there were elderly patients sleeping in the corridor for more than a week. This cannot make sense. I walked through the corridors and saw with my own eyes a Poor Health in Portugal in which doctors, nurses and assistants are the ones who manage to handle everything. But the service is poor. There's a shortage of rooms, a shortage of beds, a lot of things are missing,  but I think it's the doctors and nurses who must join in a single voice to Parliament. It is not my voice that will be heard, it is the voice of those closest to the service. I ended up as a tourist at Hospital de Faro when I was working as a lifeguard because blood appeared in my urine out of nowhere. And in the hospital with what I saw, I just wanted to fall in the corridor with a notebook and a technological ballpoint pen transmitting in real time what my eyes with my silly soul were seeing. The blood is gone. It seems that it was just a "spell" for me to go to the hospital and see the hospital. It was at the same time that a "witch doctor" whispered in my ear that everything was just a Simulation of Real Life as if we were in a Hospital Simulator. The "witch doctor" said that we were aliens from Jupiter and Saturn and that we had only landed here on Earth as a tourist to be able to implement "extraterrestrial" technologies on Earth. The "witch doctor" kissed me and told me that with his kiss I would never be able to write about the "spell". It seems that the "spell" turned against the "sorcerer".  I can therefore legitimately see the whole case as a Real Life Simulation. Health is frankly deficient in Portugal, in terms of services and there must obviously be a priority investment in health. There are patients who die in the hospital because they have been in the hospital for a long time, because in the meantime they have acquired a hospital infection, be it urinary or rectal. The longer you stay in  hospital, the chances of a nosocomial infection increase. Once again, if you are lucky enough to be admitted to a private hospital, you expect more "monitored" and therefore faster assistance. My father was transferred from the hospital to undergo dialysis, but in the end the nursing team told me that "everything is normal" and that my father has no indications for dialysis, when the information I had already received is that my father would have to undergo dialysis 3 times a week at the Hospital de Torres Novas and when Dr. Luís transferred my father from the hospital precisely to undergo dialysis, as there was no dialysis at the Santarém Hospital. Today, I received medical information that my father was going to undergo dialysis after all. The tumor is not included in the process, but as a "very probable suspicion". The case is confusing, it's weird, and I don't know how to give better news  about my father. I had to request the Process from the Hospital de Torres Novas, because I still did not have access to the Process when I had already asked Dr. Luís at Hospital de Santarém, precisely because of the confusion installed in relation to the tumor, in which it seems that I have doctors who are unconcerned with the tumor, as if the malignant tumor was "cool" and could not kill or kill itself "look, it's part of of life, nature wanted it that way"... None of this makes sense and in this case my experience says that it is very important for families to be informed or to find out about the case and also to do a medical research on their own if they do not have doctors in the circle of friends or in the family circle, so that they can actively participate in the Process and the doctors themselves realize that the patient is not alone and that if  there is a death, this death will not be silenced and could trigger a Serious Process of Medical Negligence. I love medicine without being a doctor, I can understand and see medical things with some degree of ease, my own brain feels like it was configured to go into hospitals and listen to medical matters without being a doctor. Through my 9 works, I managed with my algorithms to indicate important searches in an Internet of Things to link Good Technology to Medicine and Botany to Plant Medicine. I'm technological, I can see with my intuition which technologies harm the body, but I can also see which are the priority technologies and priority investments. I'm just sad that in Séc. XXI we do not have Cutting-edge Medicine. What would be normal is for someone who arrives at the hospital with a suspected tumor, to have a super-technological biopsy like the one at the Hospital da Cuf in which we can see the cancer without delay and with cutting-edge technology we treat the cancer in a timely manner. My intuition tells me that anal and therefore prostate stimulation can reduce the chances of prostate tumor and so I would say that men who have anal sex with other men passively or men who masturbate with prostate stimulation can prevent prostate cancer. Does it make sense what I just wrote in the middle of the story? I see the importance of a Medical Law that manages to "speak for itself" and impose itself in Parliament with a stronger Order of Doctors without being obviously authoritarian, but that has a presence in Parliament in order to exert pressure on priority investments in the National Service de  Health, as well as capable of monitoring and blocking laws that are harmful to health and that may therefore increase various types of cancer. He saw as the most important medical rights the Law of Ophthalmology, the Law of Cardiology and the Law of Dentistry. With the present case, I also began to see the importance of a Law of Urology. What is intended with a Law of Ophthalmology or Dental Medicine is that access to the Health of Dental Medicine and Ophthalmology  tends to be free. Dental health is very important. Many people are sacrificing teeth and leaving cavities due to lack of money and this cannot make sense in Portugal. A person who needs glasses or who needs to increase his graduation cannot  remain sightless because of  lack of money. I see a Law of Cardiology that obligatorily "sends" people to do check-ups to see if everything is ok, to prevent strokes or myocardial infarctions. I only saw "bossy" this medicine, cardiology. Other medicines could be perverse, such as psychiatry. But with the case, I also see, now, "bossing" the Law of Urology that calls men to stick their finger up their ass. No taboos. No dramas. Has to be. We men all have to let the doctor stick his finger up our ass. Whoever likes it, likes it. Raul Catulo Morais  with All Reserved Right With Jupiter Editions Original Written at 8:34 pm 8/11/2022 Edited at 1:57 pm 8/12/2022

§ (...) You know you have a witness, but does  want to be a roommate with the lady in the psychiatry service of Hospital de Santarém? You know how movies at Hospital de Santarém don't end very well… It's 8:22 pm… If the player is a player from Porto and if today it was Porto's game against Belenenses that would decide whether or not your father would get the kidney from Montenegro in case you needed a kidney, how is a player from Porto doing at this hour in the hotel where you are writing the film in real time in Santarém?

§ I went to Google and saw that the Porto game against Belenenses was on the 8th of the 8th like today,  but last year, in 2021 and that's why the Totobola Bulletin that my father has is Fake for the game that no longer exists, but that once existed. Therefore, Rim's Chess Game is Fake. There's no kidney on the table. My father had a benign tumor and the tumor was soon attacked, so the tumor was part of a theater.  Is this Totobola key?

§ Right, R! Congratulations! You won the Totobola of Life! 666.666.666.20h22.8.8.22

§ Where is  my prize?

§ Take it, it's here. Earned a Golden Whistle. Return to refereeing to referee the game between Porto and Belenenses. Do you remember the 3 FIFA Masonic Theaters I told you about before Sporting's game against Braga from the "Penalty" from nº 6 to the 60th minute, from the Yellow Card to the player 99 to the 73rd minute to player 99 at minute 76? The referee could not give the second Yellow Card, otherwise he would have to show the Red Card and if he showed the Red Card, the Masonic Theater would be unmasked in the Sports Court, which would show the Red Card to the referee. We want you to go back to refereeing, but to sit on the Masonic Court of Sports. We know you know how to play games with Fair-Play! Then at 00:00 there was a 69 between player 99 and player nº 6 who appeared wearing Sporting's shirt on Ilha dos Piratas the day after Anjo Raphäel put the newspaper on youThe ballat the Lifeguard lookout and you saw who was wearing the "Devil's Magic Sweater". That's why Player nº6 asked you to change shirts in front of the Maritime Police. He wore your lifeguard jersey and you wore his Sporting jersey. The policemen shouted a goal, because they were from Sporting.  You were photographed. You won't be able to referee Sporting, but you will be able to referee Benfica against Porto and Porto against Belenenses, if you don't marry the Belenenses player who ate you in the stables at Feira do Cavalo. The referee appeared in the middle of the 69, because he was left with one of the 9 of the 99. But the 99 was inverted por  because of nº6. It was 666. If you enter with your Golden Whistle,  you will expel the referee. You will invert number 6. The names will be face up. Up the number is 999. On the contrary, the number is 666. We turn the number down to enter. When we left, we turned the number face up. It's a numbers game. Mathematically speaking, life is explained by numbers. 999.999.999.22h55.9.8.22 Page 66 inThe Forbidden Book: A Masonic Love in the Freemasonry of the Devilsby Raul Catulo Morais


"Yes father..."

«When you come to visit me here at the hospital, bring me a Totobola bulletin so I can teach you how to play the games of life... I want you to start looking at footballers to see how they play they play, which is for you to start betting properly, man... I want you to write a novel with a football player... That's the key to the totobola of life, my friend... I don't care about romances with doctors, with nurses, shit on all that... You've seen how you're always losing games... And I want you to start winning games, man... I want to put you on the field of games, because only on the field of the games is that the guys will look at you, man. Guys will only look at you if you have either the Golden Ball or the Golden Whistle in your hand... That's life, man... What do you want to do? There's no need to cry and stare at the sky waiting for Prince Charming to fall on you... Prince Charming is on the playing fields, man... Hey, there's a guy from Porto, a really cute kid, man. I know the guy plays in your championship and plays in the Jupiter League, man... See if you can conquer the guy's heart, that he can be your Prince Charming... Your Prince Charming is in charge like Cristiano Ronaldo kicks a'The Algorithm of Love... I've already seen that you like to be kicked by the guys, man... It seems that that turns you on... But look there... You don't show up excited next to me, otherwise the doctors and nurses will show up right away with the phones measuring your excitement... You already know my friend that we are in a Technological Era and that 2080 by Antoine Canary-Wharf arrived earlier on Earth... Don't forget the Totobola bulletin. Look, without that you don't need to come visit me. Ready. You already know what you're coming for. Don't forget the story of Queen Santa Isabel. No  Father Aníbal is here, but you already know that a priest is going to appear and that the priest is connected to the Internet of Priests, man... You already know how the Internet of Things works,_cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ my friend... Already knowing how to see things without paranoia... Look... Thanks to Federico Ferrari, because he was the one who got you to see things the right way with Paranoid Tecnológica. Take it easy, huh... No paranoia and stuff... Everything calm... Stay Real, my boy! Stay Real... Check the in-game bulletin. Don't forget the Bulletin,  that's what's important... You focus now on Football, shit on Law... Now,  focus on Football...  Football is what makes money, man... Law is crooked, my boy... Straighten up,_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_ takes the Game Sheet and looks forward and faces reality! I don't want accidents or fines for speeding... Take it easy... Look, I don't pay any fines and then you already know that when I die the Tax Authorities will attack my tiny amount of inheritance... Look, there's no inheritance, none... There's only a "666€"... Dad's not rich... You've already seen what's in the accounts... That's why I gave you a power of attorney so you can go to the bank and see what money is that there is and organize your life. Get organized, man! From here I'm going to Jupiter or else to Saturn... I'm seeing now... I'm still deciding... I'm still trying to see what Saturn is like... But if it's going to Jupiter, you already know,_cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ chooses the pilot well. If you choose well, I'll put you on the ship. Look, the pilot has to be able to hit the ball at least 6 times with his eyes closed and another 6 times with his eyes open without laughing at the movie, otherwise my friend... Forget it... I won't get on your ship to Jupiter. I'm getting into one that goes to Saturn. Don't forget the Game Report, huh? That is what is most important now, it is nothing else!”

«Father, the nurses told me that the father is a little stubborn and that when he goes to take a shower he doesn't want help and throws all the nurses out...»

«Hey, shit for the nurses, I know what they want!!! They want to see my pirilau in black!!! They're curious... They want to see if I have a big dick like I have a big prostate... They want to see if the size is the same... You forget about that, man... That's what the nurses talk about! This is not important! What is important is that you bring the Game Report! When you arrive, we're going to watch videos of the footballers here so that you can referee the games properly... Don't forget that you're going back to refereeing... The guys want to see you dressed as a referee and a lifeguard and you already know that you should do the will and the fetish to the guys... That's life,  my friend! Have a good trip! Don't get lost along the way, man... This  until you arrive, you'll just see roundabouts and roundabouts from the Rotary Club... The guys also bought the roundabouts here... This is just roundabouts, man ! Good luck,  my friend... Good luck! Stay Real!»

14:41 08/12/2022 Raul Catulo Morais in Real Time with All Reserved Rights in Jupiter Editions with Masonry in Kanal Jupiter

~~ Why don't they tell him that his father has an advanced malignant tumor and that his father's days are numbered?

~~ We have every day numbered... [3:09 13/08/2022] We all have a Cina... The Cina is the Phenotypic Expression in our hands of the Size of Our Telomeres... If we increase genetically with the Real Life Editor Our Telomeres Length strangely Our Life Line increases... If he knew his father had a confirmed tumor he would immediately stop writing and leave the movie... They don't want him to stop writing , they don't even want him to leave the film... They want him to finish making the film... There was an investment... There are foreign banks behind it... There are foreign internets behind it... Which internet is that? Did you see the information confirming his father's malignant tumor?

~~ On Network 47... However, on Network 49 what it says is that his father has no tumor, he just has chronic prostate hypertrophy due to the size of the prostate and that what is true is that he has severe kidney dysfunction , but that he will undergo dialysis to drain the urine and blood and that the kidney will start working... But the information on Network 47 is listed on the Saturn Stock Exchange...

~~ But it's not listed on the Jupiter Stock Exchange...

~~ Because Jupiter Editions didn't accept this movie. But Saturn Editions accepted...

~~ Because Saturn Editions show macabre movies, they show movies from the hospital with serious illnesses and blood. The smell of blood even passes through the screen without resorting to Augmented Reality technologies. Movies are different. At Jupiter Editions, a Masonic Film is made at a Wake or a Burial in which suddenly the undead is not dead, it is alive and leaves the coffin in the middle of the Wake in which only a family member sees and then returns to the Coffin and inside do Caixão after the burial sends a message to his son asking him to go to Grave nº666 to dig him up, because he is alive... These are the Jupiter Editions films that Freemasonry forced Jupiter Editions to write and direct.. At Saturn Editions, movies are different.... Because the main characters actually die in the movie and never come back. It's a different Gaming with different Rules that obeys the Mafia and Titan Freemasonry. Titan Masonry only puts pressure on Jupiter Editions... But it doesn't rule over Jupiter Editions... And when Jupiter Edtions feels too pressured, it simply communicates... It has a mouth, it knows how to talk... It has no fears... In Saturn Editions things are different... The Saturn Medical Army has different modes and technologies from the Jupiter Medical Army...

~~ However, Jupiter Editions gave in to pressure from Saturn Editions and ended up  selling 66% of its contents to Saturn Editions... It gave in to pressure...

~~ It didn't budge... It just became available for trading... 66% "it's nothing"... Jupiter Editions took 134%... Jupiter Editions didn't sell 66% of 100%... It sold 66 % of 200%... The story of the percentage of things is another...

~~ Who are the partners of Saturn Editions?

~~ Nobody knows. They are ghosts, they are pirates. Perhaps pirate doctors from Titan...  In the History of Secret Partnerships, the first partnerships that appear are with Hospital de Santarém, with Hospital da Luz, with Hospital da Cuf, with Hospital of Rainha Santa Isabel, with the Town Council of Villa dos Piratas, with the Group of Chambers of Ilha dos Piratas, with the Mello Group, with the Espíritos Santos and Améns Group, with the Caixabank Group, with the Brisa das Auto-Estradas de Portugal, with the Sociedade Anónima das Infraestruturas de Portugal Group, with the Group of Chambers of the Faculties of Law and Medicine of Portugal, with the Catholic University of Portugal and with the Military Hospital... a publisher-director-producer being hospitals... Being invisible partners of societies and groups, the partners secretly send invisible films "without selling"   by "legal transfer of data" to Saturn edition ns, including all films by partners of societies and groups even if they are not directly linked or contracted with Saturn Editions... They analyze and treat the films as they want... Except that it's all "legal"... No they have only an Army of Physicians as well as an Army of Lawyers... The Lawyers of Saturn are  called the Devils' Lawyers, as the Army of Physicians of Saturn is also called. He was included in the Saturn System, which means that in any place with cameras connected to the Internet, the Saturn Algorithms immediately start filming him in real time for Saturn Editions in a Kind of Dark Net... He is in two stock exchanges... His image, voice and spirit are worth jupits and saturn... It's a currency war, two alien currencies in an Invisible Arm of Iron assisted by the main groups in Portugal, Grupo Mello, the Espíritos Santos and Ámens Group, the Caixa Bank Group, the Auto-Estradas de Portugal Group, the Sociedade Anónima das Infraestruturas de Portugal Group...

~~ Does Grupo Mello own Hospital da Luz or Hospital da Cuf?

~~ The Hospital of Cuf.

~~ It's also Grupo Mello that owns the Grupo da Brisa das Auto-Estradas de Portugal, isn't it?

~~ The José de Mello Group sold 81% of Brisa to a Consortium of Dutch Investors,  who in turn acquired the Dutch Private Hospital and the Netherlands Vacaria which transported the horse Flicka to the Festivities of São José and  which appeared during theIlluminati Gamesn'The Magic of Algorithms and the Invisible Brain Chipand with whom Raul bonded spiritually.  It was also the Vacaria of the Netherlands that took the 9 cows to the Vacaria of the Escola Agrária and that Raul sent a Message to Jupiter to be saved and they mysteriously disappeared the day after... One of the cowboys said he saw a spacecraft abducting the cows, but he was hospitalized and the next day he said he simply fell asleep and accidentally left the door open and the cows ran away. Raul chose the 9 cows because he was spiritually connected to them. But the spiritual connection was not technological. The alien chip that was installed on Flicka and the 9 cows was the same one that was installed on Raul. That's why it's all connected. The Mayers are linked to the Mello. When he ate the Mayers, the Mellos' sons  got their algorithms excited. He ate 6 Mayers. It wasn't just the Mello children who got the algorithms excited. The children and nephews of the Holy Spirits and Amens and the Caixa Geral de Depósitos administrators also got their algorithms excited... The father bought a book and put a book on his headboard for him to read... But he didn't read it. .. It didn't open... When he went to the disco with one of the 6 Mayers, the father saw the film of the kisses on the disco's cameras and called him the next day, very angry because they were late. It was on the day that his father wanted him to enter Cousin Chamuças' Lodge in Goa.   But because of the delay and the movie in the disco the store closed its doors early and he was not started in the Goa Store. The angry father came home with him and put that book back on top of his headboard. But he didn't read it, didn't even open it. On the 10th of June he was filmed by Brisa's video cameras passing the toll booths with one of the 6 Mayers. It was later on the Ponte Sobre o Tejo that Mayer told Raul that it was Salazar who had praised the 10th of June,   Dia de Portugal, de Camões and of the Portuguese Communities. Mayer asked him if he called the bridge Ponte Salazar or Ponte 25 de Abril and Raul replied that he called it Ponte Sobre o Tejo to stay neutral in the Political Discussion, despite knowing from Privileged Information on Grandma Alcinda that Salazar never wanted to that the bridge had his name, but that it was "obliged"... Mayer already knew that Grandma Alcinda was Salazar's secret Black friend and that it was Salazar who granted his grandmother privileges at the hospital... Raul she couldn't lie to Mayer. I also knew about the history of the surfers on the Ponte Sobre o Tejo de2080by Antoine Canary-Wharf and gave the right reference to Raul. Mayer knows the secret references of works by Jupiter Editions, so he is on the Secret Network.  He is one of the Jupiter Scholarship Translators. He is multilingual. Speaks French, German, English and Portuguese. Raul and Mayer co-authored an alien novel on the beach that day, half in Portuguese and half in German. They gave it to Jupiter Editions. Raul knows that he wrote the internet novel dos Mello and Espíritos Santos e Ámens, but he continued to write it with Mayer. Mayer was one of the algorithms from the past who only came back as a ghost because DK left "in the middle of the film"... When Raul got home, his father was sitting with his sunglasses on on the porch with that book in his hand and ordered Raul to open the book to the "magic" page 66 so he could see the movie that was his life. He saw the surname of the Mayers linked to the surname of the Mellos on the tolls, because he remembered when Mayer said that the tolls belonged to their distant cousins and that their cousins were looking at them naked. Mayer stuck out his tongue and told Raul to do it too and Raul did it because he was holding hands with Mayer.

~~ Who is his father anyway?

~~ In the System it only appears as "Bailiff Technician"... But it has a lot of "difficult" diplomas and postgraduate degrees in Public Administration...The Algorithm of Loveteaches us that in Portugal the System is  the Public Administration... His father belongs to "the System"... "He knows everything" and "knows nothing"... He was a Doctor in Mozambique ... In Portugal he only needed 2 years to become a Doctor, because of some "privileges" that Dona Alcinda got... But he refused. He always refused the "privileges"... It is the son who is now paying... But the son looks at his father's story and gains the "privileges" by refusing in the same way that the father refused. He took a degree in Food Engineering and when he was called to join Nobre he refused because he saw the "privileges" and preferred to follow the Public Tender in the Courts and that's how he entered the courts. He always took his little son on the train to Lisbon for the courts. He was a little boy at the Criminal Court and later on in Law, he started going to lunch with his father at the Cantina dos Juízes of the Labor Court in the Palace of Justice. At the age of 66, the father completed his Master's degree at the Escola Agrária de Engenharia Alimentar and took his son to Montemor-o-Novo and Évora so that his son could see and study the Sílvo-Pastorício-Mediterranean Montado. It was at Montando that he "invented" Intelligent Capitalism of Resources and expelled fertilizers from Organic Agriculture with a new Green Law that he took to the Law of Public Tenders. There was a doctor sitting listening to his rights, because on the day the Important Work was presented, DK entered the Faculty of Law like a ghost and sat opposite him in the Public Tender Rights class. In the Important Work he attacked everything,  he attacked the whole System and said in other words that there could be no Red Meat or Cow's Milk in the canteens and meals of schools and hospitals, including the Hospital da Luz, Cuf and Hospital dos Lusíadas, even if they were private. He said he was talking to the scientific references of Medicine and looked at DK passionately. Registered Important Work and Smart Capitalism dos  Resources n'The Algorithm of Love. also spoke withO  Algorithm of Lovein the hands of the Millionaire Compensatory Indemnity of the Sociedade Anónima das Infraestruturas de Portugal. When DK finished him, he went down Santarém withThe Algorithm of Lovein the hands and appeared in the film of the Tearful Train Station. Tears fell on the cover ofThe Algorithm of Loveand Infraestruturas de Portugal donated the millionaire film to Saturn Editions. Jupiter Editions requested the images, but  Sociedade Anónima Infraestruturas de Portugal "was the same silent" as the Caixa Bank Group. If Sociedade Anónima Infraestruturas does not sponsor Jupiter Editions with at least 6 million, Jupiter Edtions will attack in Legitimate Defense  in the Game of Cameras, the cameras to film_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_ and the illegitimate films that Infraestruturas de Portugal is processing and illicitly transferring to Saturn Editions. Jupiter Editions is sending its game arguments to the National Data Protection Commission to attack the illicit film cameras of Sociedade Anónima Infraestruturas de Portugal.

~~ Why was his father transferred to the Hospital Rainha Santa Isabel?

~~ It's part ofIlluminati Games. It was predicted by the algorithms of Miranda, Titan and Callisto. He has to attack the film cameras at the Hospital Rainha Santa Isabel, attack the Empresa dos Elevadores in the hospital elevator, find the Panel of Batel de 99, find the Unknown Soldier,  open the Door of Túnel do Castelo, see a Contract for a Work Project on the Almonda River pronouncing whether it is against neutral or in favor of Sport Fishing in front of the fishermen of the Sporting Team after hearing them about its Justice, photographing 9 riders in a flash that take a Palha from that book where the Mayers and Mellos appear who go to the Palha blood races, photograph two Roundabouts against the Rotary Club, storm the Stadium to referee with the Golden Whistle the 6-minute Secret Night Derby with the Ball of Gold, find the Red Clover with 4 Drops of Blood and  visit the bats of the Caves of Mira d'Aire with the Derby players. If "the spell" works, we'll see him leaving the Club at 5:49 am with the Derby players in a Secret Army of Players hand in hand with Captain D'Osem, descendant of the Alcaides-Mores do Castelo...

~~ What time is it?

~~ 5:49 am.

~~ The time of the spell,  therefore...

~~ Yes, it's spell time. 13/08/2080 Katullo di Verona, in Hotel Katullo in Verona, Ganymedes, Jupiter.

«Oh Junior... Are you listening?»

"Hello Dad how are you?"

«Listen... I don't know what happened to the rider I got you, with Kleba-Kodak... But I saw a story about the guy and the guy turns out to be a carnivore,  man... The guy turns out to be a knight from Saturn... I think the guy isn't from Jupiter after all, man... Because I saw a secret story of the guy with sausage on the picnic table at Praia dos Bodyboarders. .. The guy camped clandestinely with I don't know who, you can't see it in the historie... Except that the guy set up a tent with the elephant Jupiter and the link to Jupiter Editions and that's the only reason the sea lions closed the eyes, otherwise the sea lions would raise the tent at the time to protect the Beach of the Bodyboarders and the Camping Park and the Caravanning Park. The guy illegally parked his caravan in the Parking Lot,  but how could he not  left Zorro and Flicka tied to the trailer of the caravan and the sea lions saw that Zorro and Flicka were loose sleeping next to the tent like "guardian", the fur seals once again closed their eyes, except that the Sea Wolves only closed their eyes because they think you're the one in the tent with the Kleba-Kodak. It seems to me that it was Flicka... Since the guy entered as a Knight of Jupiter in the Angels Diary, the guy had a Jupiter Editions tent printed with your name and his name... Hey, I don't know who that is he's sleeping with him in the tent and now I'm confused if he's a Jupiter or Saturn Knight, but what I know is that he's a urologist doctor in Jupiter and plays as a striker in the Jupiter League... Look, the guy doesn't he neither plays in defense nor is a goalkeeper... He plays as a striker, you hear????»

"I am, father..."

«That's it... I don't know if the sausage was just to put on the Game Table and if he eats or not, but the  what I know is that if you marry him,_cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ the guy takes the sausage off the Game Table... But first you have to get married, because the guy wants to engrave his nickname on your name... Hey,  yeah a good alliance... It's a good passport to enter Jupiter's Europa Germany... But that's it, forget about Jupiter for now... We're on Earth... Hello, hello, Earth????»

«Hello,  hello...»

«Okay, when you get to Torres, turn on Grindr because a guy you already refereed is on Grindr and the guy goes to Sporting, or to Benfica, or to Belenenses,  or to Braga, or dust Guimarães... Then he goes to one of those... Call Grindr because his parents went on vacation to Quinta do Lago, or to Vale de Lobo, hey, I don't even know... But then, I know the guy is there alone at home with the free house waiting for you. Come on, turn on Grindr... We're all on Grindr already, man! There's a Team of Matures here that I discovered at the Hospital... I've already infiltrated, man... I found out that my roommate here is on Grindr... He sent me without him knowing it was me, pic of the dick him... Hey, right in front of him I laughed... He sent me a withered dick... I'll send it to you to see."

«Do not send me, father. Thanks... And I already uninstalled Grindr, Dad.»

«Hey, did you uninstall again? Are you always in this now? Sometimes you install, sometimes you uninstall...  Damn... I'm pissed at you... When did you uninstall again?»

“After going to see Dr. Luís to the hospital to have the supposed 2nd meeting, but that Dr. Louis postponed..."

«Hey, don't tell me you uninstalled it just because Dr. Luís gave you the 2 Masonic touches in the Handshake and you started crying and you went back to the Principle of Everything and you reconnected to DK's Internet... Hey,  the guy's Internet it's the darknet!!! You don't connect the internets that don't connect to each other... Oh, junior!!! The guy is a pirate!!! Hey, turn Grindr on, please! Go back and install it, I want to see your movie on Grindr here at Saturn Editions... I'm already on both Internets, man... But this is me... The guy is only on one... Look ... It starts but it's running to Grindr's sponsorship, as soon as Saturn Editions saw you on Grindr they immediately ran to ask Grindr for your films...» 16h12 12/08/2022 in Real Time


«Yes, father... Hello!»

"Hello Hello!!! Look man... Do you already have the Game Bulletin with you?»

“No, father. I would pick it up at any kiosk when I got to Torres...»

«Listen... This isn't like that, man! Don't go to any kiosk! Go to the kiosk and I'll tell you... Ok, man?"

"Okay, dad..."

«There... When you arrive, tell me you've arrived so I can tell you where to get the Game Sheet... Ok, man?»

«Ok,  dad...»

«Go... Take it easy... Have a nice trip!» 16:13 08/12/2022 in Real Time


"Yes father!!!!"

"Where are you?"

«On the highway, still traveling...»

«Still, man? Porrrrrrra!!! Are you reversing on the highway or what? Look, I don't pay the fine if you put reverse gear on the highway, I'm already warning you, huh... Just because the car is in my name, don't think I'm going to pay the fine...»

"I already know dad..."

«Who will pay the fine  are then those "666€" of the inheritance... I don't even know if you can pay it... If it doesn't work, you know, just repudiate the inheritance... You already know that the parents' debts are not passed on to their children unless the children accept an inheritance with a liability greater than an asset... But nobody does that, right...(?) When the value of the inheritance it is negative because of the debts, the son simply repudiates the inheritance, does not accept it... But then,  you already had Family Law and Succession Law,_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_ you already know how episodes follow one another in Life... That's why I'm going to leave everything unpaid now... I don't pay anything else... If you reverse on the highway,_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_ you already know that you get a fine and that I don't pay any fine... In fact, that fine should be in your name and not in mine that you're the one driving... I'm here calmly in the hospi such...  Have you turned on Grindr yet???»

«No,  father...»

«Okay... See if you install it, man... When you turn it on in Torres, check it out... Don't be fooled by the player... Because one is from Jupiter, but the other is from Saturn and plays in Fátima ... If you're wrong about the player, you already know that afterwards you'll have to sleep with the player from Torres and with the player from Fátima or with the whole team of the player from Fátima... You already know how movies are de Saturn... Either it's trios, or it's orgies...» 16h54 13/08/2022 in Real Time



«Yes, father... Hello!»

"Hello Hello!!! Are you there already, man?”

"I just arrived..."

«Hey, go to the Inspection Center to get me a package, if you will... But don't open the package, man!!!» 5:05 pm 08/13/2022 in Real Time  


"Yes father?"

"Have you got my order yet?"

"Yes, father..."

«Did you open my order, man???»

"No, father!!"

«Check it out, huh... Look, in  regarding the Game Bulletin, seego to Loja 33... Needless to go and check the GPS that the store does not appear on the GPS... You will have to go to the Police Station and the Police  will not send you to Loja 33 , he will send you to another store located at number 33... It is different... But you will go into that same  store which is a comic book store and you will see all your comic book life... It's the guy who will tell you where Store 33 is, but don't get excited with the guy, man... The guy will ask you if you like Zombies and he'll invite you see Zombies wearing Virtual Reality Glasses... Hey, don't let the guy wear the glasses, because he's  who owns the Virtual Reality film and in the film he is the Boss of the Zombies and in the film the guy fucks you and then you have to marry him, otherwise the zombies will all kill you and look we lose everything... What we already won in the game, we lost... but then, you're free... If you want to stay with the guy, that's fine... But I'm out, because I don't get involved in zombie movies, pa... I don't like it, man... I like movies with footballers... But you're the one who knows... Friends like before, are you listening?? We always stayed friends like before...» 17h16 12/08/2022 in Real Time


"Yes father...?"

«Don't forget to ask Dona Cátia for your film entering and leaving the store with the Totoball in hand, so you can ask for sponsorship of the Santa Casa da Misericórdia Games. Dona Cátia is responsible for processing the images... If you don't ask her, she will own the film and then send it to Saturn... You already know how the film is... It's always the same. .. You will see the Golden Key in Store 33». 17:19 08/12/2022 in Real Time Raul Catulo Morais With All Reserved Right With Jupiter Edititons


“Hey, where are you?”

«I'm already at the Hospital, this is a mess here at Security because of the visits... People are all complaining, because there are no scheduled visits and it's disorganized and there are people who have been waiting since 1 pm to visit their relatives and still haven't been able to visit them and don't even know if they'll be able to visit them... I don't know if I'll be able to go upstairs, father...»

«Hey, Junior!!! Go to the person who is complaining the most and ask for their email and tell them to send the Complaint to the Programme. Invite her to join the Program that I want to hear her complain about but it's on the Kanal Jupiter Program... That I only watch Channel 1 and Kanal Jupiter... Ask the most refilona for her email to send her the program link and invite refilona to join the Program with her Complaint... Look...  Let her gather everyone's complaints... I also have complaints to make... One of them is that they put a TV in my room without a remote control... I can't even turn off the damn TV... This looks like a robot,  man... Still by_cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ I have to take it with the programs that the doctors and nurses want... Man, I'm tired of this crap with the TV on, man... And I have other complaints... Because of you, I stopped drinking Cow's milk, but here at the hospital the only milk they have is cow's... They don't have vegan milk!»

«But dad said it felt like he was in a hotel...»

«Oops, it seems... But as there is a Complaints Book in the hospital,  there is also in the hotel... The bed looks like a hotel, the room has a fabulous view, only I have a TV that won't turn off... They don't give me a command...  It looks like a robot like your mother... It doesn't shut up for 1 minute... Porrrrrra!!!! It's the same Hell here at the hospital... The same Hell at home with your mother who won't shut up for a minute, she's always plugged in, dammit!!! I have to play with your mother's soap operas at home and in the hospital!!!! Porrrrrra!!!! Holy shit!!! A person not even at 70 has peace of mind!!! Porrrrrra!!! Not even at 70!!!!!!! Porrrrrrra! What the hell, man!!!! A guy doesn't even have peace of mind in the Reformation, Junior... Porrrrrra!!!! Then I look at the TV and it's just guys with bare chests eating each other and I only see dicks... Come on, we've all been castrated... Here at Hospital  we look like a Herd of Castrated Bulls... Look... An Invisible Hand has now changed the program to a Running of the Bulls... Whoops, damn it!!! This must be one of those smart TV's that the algorithms and analysts from MEO and VODAFONE are always listening to and then we say something and an advertisement or a channel appears saying what we are saying... Damn!! ! What a Shit Internet of Things!!!! I have never seen anything so macabre!!!! Patients don't have the right to control... Talk to the MEO guys to put two new buttons on the controls, the NEW DISNEY button and the KANAL JUPITER button... That's it, man!!! That was a good partnership, man... But I'm also already imagining if we technologically ill people had the remote in our hands, the fight that was going to take place here with my roommate... Me wanting it watch KANAL JUPITER and the guy wanting to watch NEW DISNEY...  The guy only listens to NEW DISNEY episodes!!!! Cum!!! It's just old wives' tales between Sunny and Mond... Because of the guy, I already know the whole NEW DISNEY story... I've heard all the episodes... Now, I'm just waiting for the new season, when the guys go there to Saturn... The Sunny who said he was from Jupiter managed to convince the other one, Mond, to go to Saturn... He said that first he was from Jupiter... From Jupiter, my ass!!! My bet is that Sunny will take Mond to Saturn, to have him referee the Saturn League games, there in the hard core games of the Titans... Look, my neighbor here in the room is an Observer Referee... He is an Observer Referee for the First League, the Jupiter League and the Saturn League... The guy is, I don't know how, in the 3 leagues... He must be an alien... He can only, man... To be in the 3 leagues... It could only be an alien... He says he knows who you are, because when you were the Line Supervisor in a Derby between Fátima and Torres Novas, he went to observe your Team Leader, the Referee... He remembers that you signaled an Offside defending the Home Team's Goal, but the Referee lowered your flag and it was a goal... It all fell on top of the Referee,  less than you ... The Observer told me that the Referee could not have ordered the flag to be lowered, because you were the one on the Out of Game line  thread, who_cc781905-5cde-31 94-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ you were the Fiscal  of Line and that hit it right Coincidently the Observer is also right behind you at that moment, and therefore, in the thread of the Line de_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_ Out of Game. The Observer said that you signaled the Offside well and that you behaved very well, but that the Referee did not and that is why he gave you  a negative note.»

«This was not a Derby between Fátima and Torres Novas. It was a game between Tomar and Torres Novas and I marked the Offside against Tomar...»

«So, that was it... That's it... Look, your grandmother doesn't do well with her pipe, man...»

"Grandma called you?"

«Hey,  do you know what your grandmother asked me? If I was a member of Sporting, because Hospital da Cuf had discounts for members and if I was a member of Sporting, that is, only if I was a member of Sporting, then it might be a good idea to transfer to Hospital da Cuf ... Damn it... I immediately said to him "So, mother, don't you know I'm from Porto?"... Because I saw right away that conversation was coming from behind your aunt... I'm not stupid ... Your grandmother doesn't even care about Football, because the Bible says that Football is the Devil's Game... So it was just talk... Do you know what the old woman answered me? "Raul, don't confuse Societies with Clubs... You can be a member of a club, without wearing the club's shirt..."  And I just replied: "Mother called to find out if I'm a member of Sporting or to transfer me to Hospital da Cuf without me being a member of Sporting?"... What did your grandmother answer me? If I agreed to be a member of Sporting and wore a Sporting shirt, she would send me the money and transfer me to Cuf Hospital ... But she immediately said that this would later deduct from my Legitimate share of the Inheritance... And I replied that Hospital Expenses were not included in the Legitimate discounts... And your grandmother replied that it depended on the Law Schools... She said that at the Lisbon School the hospital expenses were not included, but at the Coimbra School the hospital and education expenses were included...  Speaking of the money that he had transferred me for you to enter the Catholic University, talking to me about the 5,000 €, the tuition fees for your 1st year of Law...  And I replied: "Mommy, I know the Doctrine that Reigns in Portugal and the Doctrine that Reigns is the one from the Lisbon School, not the one from Coimbra... And I had to drop Junior from Católica, because from the conversation about Christianity's Second Semester Required Chair... Or don't you remember? If Junior doesn't know the Bible or attended Catechesis how the hell would he pass na  Mandatory Chair of Christianity? I had to take him away from Católica when his mother told me that if he failed he wouldn't pay for the years to come until he made the chair... the Public Faculty of Law"... That's what I told her... Your grandmother was offended that I kept the 5  thousand € quiet, which later went to pay your all tuition fees at the Public Faculty... The old woman thought you were still at Catholic school... She's a Jehovah's Witness, but she's smart... You know that in Portugal, Catholicism has a different weight and tone of voice in Societies of Lawyers... But I told her that you didn't want to be her Lawyer or the Devil's Lawyer...  I told her that you wanted to be a judge! that to be a judge, it would be better to do a Master's degree in Coimbra to get to know the School of Coimbra and not be tied to the Doctrine of the School of Lisbon... I think your grandmother buys you a small house in Coimbra and pays you for the Master's if you agree to do the Master's in Coimbra... Your grandmother wants to send you to Coimbra, to the Portugal of the Little Ones... I already understood her move...   So, you already understand how the story goes here... A War of Doctrines... Hey, but you never go up again, man?»

«Dad... It's a mess, everything is going on, because everyone wants to go up, only this is only 1 at a time and the visits are not scheduled and everything is saying that the visits should be scheduled and that's the Security saying they can't do anything and for people to make a  Complaint...»

«Hey, get up there, man! Fuck! There's a guy looking forward to seeing you and he never sees you again?? Damn!!! What a fucking hospital, man! What a shitty hospital that doesn't even let my son go up to see me, man!!! Fuck!!!!" Get up there, man!!!» That here where I am, the film is all quiet... That the films must be in another service... You go ahead and say you're going to go up to the Nephrology Service... If the Security asks what the hell the order is you bring, tell him you bring a Golden Globe. And get up, boy!” 5:36 pm 8/12/2022 

The Photo Puzzle was incorporated into the workA Masonic Love in the Freemasonry of the Devils  by Raul by force ofIlluminati Games

* I am against video cameras in a hospital. The processing and treatment of images makes no sense if not in a hell of a movie,  in a macabre movie, in a black movie of a black data market. I see stretchers and people in wheelchairs passing under the cameras and I can see the images frozen and delivered as "data" to a publisher, director, producer or a data analysis company. I therefore denounce the Hospital's chambers to the National Data Protection Commission. WE ARE NOT GIVEN TO MOVE INTO A HOSPITAL! IF OUR IMAGE AND OUR SPIRIT ARE WORTH MONEY IN A DATA MARKET AND IF IT IS WORTH MORE MONEY IF IT IS SPENT IN A HOSPITAL, THEN THE MONEY MADE FROM PROCESSING,  FROM TREATMENT AND ANALYSIS TO OUR IMAGE, TO OUR SPIRIT, TO OUR VOICE, TO OUR EXPRESSION, TO OUR FEELINGS, TO OUR EMOTIONS MUST GO TO OUR BANK ACCOUNT! In Santarém there is a Funeral Agency Dos Diabos in front of Hospital de Santarém that has to be closed because of a shitty camcorder e  that says on the shitty sign "Smile, it's being filmed !". But what kind of macabre movie is going on in our lives that a Machiavelli right has brought into our lives the shit of a black data market and therefore black and macabre movies? To close the Funeral Home, it is enough to invoke Data Protection, because the video cameras are illegal,  unconstitutional, illicit and illegitimate. There is a security guard at Hospital de Santarém who transfers the images with his phone to the Dark Net while at the same time transferring them to Network nº47 to which the Funeral Agency of the Devils is connected. It doesn't and can't  make sense for me to be a patient and on a gurney standing in the hospital corridor with a goddamn camcorder with all the hell watching me and laughing and watching and selling my movie on a Dark Net. In a Sick and Insane Data Market the subject of surveillance cameras is as important and as a priority as other subjects. What about the Patients' Right to Privacy and Intimacy? Or because patients are in a public hospital governed by Public Administration Law, private and intimate data "suddenly" belong to the State? We are human, we can see and think about a thousand subjects at the same time. Otherwise, never again. We are trapped in Time. 6:14 pm 08/14/2022 Raul Catulo Morais

* I agree that there is a TV or "Inflight Entertainment" in the hospital so that patients can be entertained. When I was 12, I saw with my own eyes a public hospital in London where the beds had "like" an arm with an individual TV for each patient and the patient could regulate the sound without disturbing the other patients in the same room. Now,  if on the one hand I agree that there is a TV in a hospital room, it is important that this TV can be turned off by the patients themselves whenever the patients want and that it does not stay on against the will of a patient. The environment must be free of noise and must be an environment of peace and quiet, without technological equipment interfering with the patient's Right to Rest. It can be difficult for two patients in the same room to agree on the TV program or whether one prefers the TV on and the other off, so this type of case must obviously  be anticipated. Is it the patient who is tired of the noise who has to  make an effort to abstract himself or is it the other patient who must respect the other patient and turn off the TV? For these types of cases, my best suggestion is that there be a separate room to watch TV and that the patient, when he wants to go to the TV and cannot, can ask for help from an assistant. Another option would be if there is only one TV, the beds have an input for phones and so patients who want to listen to the TV put on their phones so as not to disturb other patients in the same room. I didn't like watching TV at Hospital de Torres,  because as soon as I entered the room to visit my father, I also imagined myself there in that room fighting with one of the patients, because he preferred to always have the TV turned off in the name of Peace and Quiet. What about the Right to Peace and Technological Peace? Only in2080by Antoine Canary-Wharf? 6:31 pm 08/14/2022 Raul Catulo Morais

* I'm against filming cameras in OTIS Elevators unless it's in a Jupiter Editions movie. On the day of the Power of Attorney, the Notary told me in the OTIS elevator that OTIS was going to install video cameras in the elevators to win the Data Race. When I left the hospital, an OTIS van passes by with a guy inside the van making horns at me and sticking out my tongue. At the Hospital de Torres Novas, when going down in the OTIS elevator, the firefighter from Minde said that OTIS was going to install video cameras in the elevators to win the Data Race. When I left the hospital, an OTIS van passed by with a guy inside the van cuckolding me e  sticking out his tongue. Truth or lie,  I need to ask Jupiter Editions if we ended up in an OTIS movie or if OTIS got into a Jupiter Editions movie? 7:36 pm 08/14/2022 Raul Catulo Morais

* I am Neutral, I have to be Neutral on the subject of Sport Fishing. The only issue around Sport Fishing is that fish that are caught and discarded later have sore mouths and have more difficulty feeding. But I look very sincerely at the practice a little bit in sport and I understand the practice, despite being more adept at fishing than sport fishing. I do not care about or defend fish as I do and how I defend and give rights to mammals through my writing and my voice. Pisces are fish. I don't waste ink in vain like cuttlefish, squids and octopuses. However,  I do not tolerate the fishing of intelligent and social fish such as Groupers or Devil's Manta rays. With my writing and with my voice, I protect Devil Mantas and Sharks.  My only Dilemma is the Octopus' Dilemma. The motherfucker is smart, but  is lonely and cannibalistic. Will I be an octopus? If so, in an Aquarium I have to eat the octopus otherwise it will eat me, right? Ahead of the Almonda International Sport Fishing Track Project-Work, one of the Torreans asked me in front of the Sporting players and with the Castelo Lights On, if I would like to live with him in Torres and if I would like to go up with him to the City Council... I replied that I liked  living in Torres.  I thought it was a really beautiful city. But I told him that in Torres I wanted to live. I told him that in Torres I didn't want to go to the Chamber,  because the Chamber seemed to be working well. He asked me if I agreed with the value of the contract for the Project-Work on the International Sport Fishing Track and I replied that €126,000 was a reasonable amount, as I told him that I knew that the repair of the pitch at Torres Stadium it had cost a municipal investment of €11,000 and that's why it seemed to me that things were working well in Torres... I knew that the contract had been carried out by Sociedade Por Quotas Relvados e Equipamentos Desportivos and that it was completed in 5 days. I told him  that in Santarém things are working "differently", because the City Council had awarded the work on Largo do Castelo for €1 million... He said he just didn't like the 6 surveillance cameras that had been installed in Castelo de Torres "more or less" at the same time as the cameras that had been installed in Castelo de Leiria and Villa dos Piratas... He said that Castelo de Torres "could have" the Lights connected, but that the Castle of Santarém could not, because underneath and around the Castle of Santarém (still) there are fireflies and that the spotlights dazzle the light of the fireflies. He said that the lights dazzled me too and he called me a firefly joking. He asked me how I could "go up". And I replied that only if the People came knocking on my door and forced me to go upstairs with knives would I go up. Only then could I compete. Otherwise,  I don't see how I could compete to go up. The will must come from the People. The people are in charge! Because it is the People who command the most! I told him that I knew how to sing the Canção da Grândola Vila Morena with the power of the verse that said that it was the People who gave the most orders, without being Communists. I told him that I hated Communism as I hated the Dictatorship of China and Russia! I told him that he was Truly Rightwing and Truly Liberal and that because he was Truly Rightwing and Truly Liberal he didn't like the PSD, nor the CDS, nor the Left Block, nor the Socialist Lie, nor the Lie of Democracy in controlled Portugal for a Freemasonry of the Devils in a pure Political Theater of Robots, Puppets and Marionettes. He told me that he remembered me dressed as a lifeguard on the beaches of Grândola... He told me that he also remembered me a  walking barefoot through the rice paddies at Herdade da Comporta. He told me that at Praia das Lontras he simulated drowning just for me to get in the water, because if I got in he would win the bet he had made with Primo Infante... it was another lifeguard and so he lost the bet...   He asked me if I remembered a Yellow Card I had shown him "just" because he had felt me the asshole in the Académica Playing Field. I told him I didn't remember. He said the prank had been part of a bet. Told me I was bet. That I was part of a gambling bet. I didn't cry like I cried. I simply faced reality and accepted to be part of the game. I realized it was just a game. 20:57 08/14/2022 Raul Catulo Morais

«Hey, Junior???»

"Hello, father..."

"Hello Hello!!! Listen there??? Have you found the 4 Blood Drops Red Clover yet, man?”

"Yes, father..."

«Are you with the guys from Torres Novas?»

"Yes father..."

«Hey,  are you crying? Don't cry, man... The blood I received in Santarém was Torrean blood, from the guys you're with... It was a vampire doctor who transformed at night and robbed the Blood Bank and flew like a bat to where you are, just so I can stay in the movie of life until the end... Do you understand now the importance of blood? Blood for blood,  life for life, my friend... That's the way things are, that's the way things work, my friend... of Jehovah and didn't accept the blood transfusion I didn't stay in the film... Look, in this part of the film it was your Jehovah's Witness aunt calling you... Look, my name is Jehovah and I don't follow the Bible ... If I followed, I was pretty fucked...   Hey, are you crying? Don't cry, man!!! Don't forget that you are the son of Jehovah, huh? Well... You've seen that I'm still the same and that the blood transfusion doesn't change the personality as you once wrote there at your aunt's house after you heard the verse from I don't know how many... You wrote mistakes, but don't worry, we can always edit our mistakes... Look... Always remember Alexandre Herculano who wisely wrote: "I am not ashamed of correcting my mistakes and changing my opinions, because I am not ashamed of reason and learn." Are you always going to visit the caves with the guys to see the bats?”

«Yes,  let's go.»

«After all, did you hold hands with the guy from Torres Novas or the guy from Fátima?»

«Ao de Torres Novas...»

«Look, send him a hug and thank him for the blood! If the guy wants to suck some of your blood, let him suck you to pay the debt. I was in blood debt. Pay him with your blood.” 08/12/2022 22:22


«Hey... I could see you were never coming back... Look, sit down... Change of Plans... Did you manage to install grindr?»

«No, father!... Where can I leave the order?»

«Ah... You can leave it there next to the bicycle...»

“Where did that bike come from? I saw one like it in São Martinho...»

«Look... It really came from São Martinho... But I'll tell you the story of the bicycle later, which is not important now... In fact, the bicycle belonged to that gentleman over there who is sleeping in bed. .. It's the Observer... But let him sleep, don't wake him up... But the bike was his and I bought him the bike... Right here face to face,_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_ each in his own bed, we made a deal on the spot... He told me he would sell the bike for €66 and I said "ok"... I transferred the €66 to him by Mb Way... You already know how it's just the technological patients... Technological patients even do business in the hospital bed... They don't stop, man... Life doesn't stop,  man... Technological patients even catheterized they do business and invest, man... I had to buy him a bicycle in case the film here in the hospital got that crooked dust,  I could step on the bicycle... That I'd walk , I know that never again... I was still going to I saw the cameras of the runners running like crazy and the guys would catch me right away... Like with the bike, the guys would never catch me again, because I have to pedal... Do you remember when I put you pedaling on the Track of Athletics around the Rugby Field of the Escola Agrária with the other boys? It wasn't by chance, my friend... Nothing in life is by chance... Well... Like I told you, Change of Plans... I'm glad you didn't install Grindr, man... I'm glad ... I'm glad you didn't install it... I sent an email to Grindr to partner with Jupiter Editions and to sponsor the film, which I had an idea of a Good Partnership here... But as I told you , Saturn Editions came forward and showed a reference d'The Algorithm of Lovecriticizing Grindr... In response, the guys sent me to this page d'The Algorithm of Lovein partnership with Saturn Editions saying that because of the New Partnership with Saturn Editions I couldn't establish a partnership with Jupiter Editions or sponsor,  unless with some conditions that the guys put in to there in small print, hey, I couldn't even read it... I saw myself Greek, man... I saw myself Greek... I gave up,  man... I gave up on movies from Grindr when I opened the Privacy Policy and saw the guys' partners... Companies all over the world... Guys "cede" sexual data to the whole world... And Saturn Editions doesn't appear on the Partners List, she's a Ghost-Director...  Whoops, I've given up... I'm done dealing with ghosts and Invisible Things and Systems and Companies... I'm done, man! I got out of the movie, man!!! And when I left,  I saw that we had all left... I'll tell you... How I had made a deal with the Observer, that bicycle deal and how I knew that the guy I was on Grindr I thought I'd Partner with the guy and I turned to the guy and said, "Hey, did you send me this withered dick on Grindr?" The Observer was immediately taken aback and I told him not to be taken aback that I was just a Secret Agent from Jupiter, I had to tell him that I was an infiltrator... And that I knew the guy was in the Secret Players Network and on the Secret Games Network and set up a Secret Partnership with the guy and we boycotted Grindr... The cute guys who were on Grindr as algorithms and knights got a message from the Networks saying to get off Grindr and get on_cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ in the new Gaming by Jupiter Editions against the Gaming by Saturn Editions... Hey, that shit worked, because saturns plummeted on the Ceres Stock Exchange... Because the Networks are international... Or that is, the cute guys and the knights all left Grindr with just a message from the Networks... Just so you can see how this thing from the Networks is highly mounted, man... It's just a message... We just send a message ... Fuck! It's beautiful! It's beautiful to see the Network working live in Colors!!!   The Observer who is sleeping there is also in the Game as a referee... He entered the game as a referee. He was the one who played the game... What did I hear? I heard that the game was going to start at 19:22 in the Castle... The Castle will be closed and all the players around will be looking for the Key to open one of the doors of the Castle... But none of the players know about the Key... They will receive clues,  but none of them will reach the Key with the clues... The Ball of Gold and the Golden Whistle were hidden in the Castle... Whoever leaves the Castle with the Ball wins of Gold and with the Golden Whistle. Whoever leaves with the Golden Whistle will whistle the 6-minute Night Derby and whoever leaves the Castle with the Golden Ball will kick off. That's how the game is... Only you know where the Key is... Because the Key is where you went to get the Game Sheet... It's the Golden Key... That's why I told you go get the Game Sheet... You kept the Game Map... To enter the game you just have to be there at the Castle door at 19:22 and go close to the guy and say that you know where the Key is... Then in the tunnel, the guy is  able to send you a lock with the key  to thank you for the Ballon d'Or. Don't forget, as soon as they open the door, they close it, otherwise they'll be invaded and then they'll lose the game. The Golden Key opens the Tunnel Door and then opens the Castle Door. They cannot then leave through the Tunnel, otherwise they "die". You have to leave through Porta do Castelo which is where your Escort will be, your Army waiting for you to go on to the Derby afterwards... Hey, I'm going to show you the guy that I think in my opinion you should address in the game... That was the guy I told you about who was on Grindr "waiting for you"...  But you're the one who knows... You're free, man... If not If you want to go to the game and go straight to Santarém,  it's up to you... It's your choice, man... I'll only show you the games... But you decide whether you want to play them or not... You can even join the game and then leave halfway through... You can always leave the game... You don't have to be stuck in the game... You're free, man! Don't forget that it's just a game and that life is not a game!" 5:40 pm 08/12/2022 Raul Catulo Morais 

“Am I, Junior?” 11:11 am 08/12/2022

“Hello, father!”

«Hello, hello... Man... The hemodialysis yesterday was hell...»

“Really, dad?”

“Hey, really?”

«But was it painful??? It's not supposed to be  painful!!! It can't hurt!!! I've been doing research... It's supposed to be "soft"...»

«Wow... It's very tiring... Very tiring... It was a very tiring 2 hours... I felt like I was at a car wash... Have you ever been to wash your car by any chance?»

«Only 2 hours? But I saw that dialysis was performed for at least 4 hours...»

«Hey, yeah... But that's for non-technological patients... Don't forget that I'm a technological patient, man... And for technological patients it's half the time, it's faster..._cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_So, do you already know what hemodialysis is for? I already saw that you know how long it lasts... But do you know, in theory, what hemodialysis is, man?”

«It is a treatment in which the blood is filtered out of the body to the dialyzer, which is like an "artificial kidney" where the blood is cleaned and then returned to the body again...»

«That's right,  man... I can see that you studied the matter well... But look, dialysis has more functions, replacing the functions of the kidneys »

«Yes, it can replace some functions of the kidneys... But not all...»

«The kidney allows our survival, man... Even in desert situations,  the kidney allows our survival... That's why throughout history, I'm a survivor... Because I have a surviving kidney...  Do you understand, man? Look at this part, after all I think I couldn't say... The alien doctors are already here, all looking at me... Damn!!! Horror movie, oh Junior... They appear here in front of me with saws... Look, Dr. Mytrö is the one with the biggest saw and he was the one who opened my jugular... The guy to take my blood opened my jugular... I was dumb... Among all the patients, I saw that it was the only one that Dr. Mytrö had opened the jugular... The others did the hemodialysis through the wrist... For me, the guy put the catheter in my jugular and then told me to smile at him... Damn, the guy is scary!! ! He's like "Oh Mister Raul... It looks like it wasn't quite what I was expecting... I see him a little discouraged... Smile... Smile for me... Give me a smile from you... ." ... Damn it, I had to smile at the scared guy, but I didn't show him the fear... The guy was standing with the saw in his hand asking me for a smile after opening my jugular with his saw... Well, I had to give him the smile he wanted... I showed him my teeth... I showed him my toothless smile... The guy also replied with his toothless smile... I saw that the guy didn't have a tooth and he told me he was going to get a Golden Teeth like your grandmother...»

«Dad... But I don't understand the story... Dr. Did Mytrö cut open his jugular with a saw?”

«Oops!!! I'm telling you!!! Word of honor!!! The guy has Dracula's features... He looks like DK's twin... Wow, just like... Doesn't DK have a twin brother?"

"That I know..."

«Well, as far as you know... You don't know... Maybe the DK is Dr. Mytrö... I don't know! We know in this whole story... We don't know... We already don't know anything... Fuck!!! It came to my jugular..."




[[[I'm auntie... Hello,  how are you?]]]

[[[Hello, my dear... I miss you so much... Auntie is here missing you so much...]]]

[[[Yes, yes, auntie... Me too... Look, auntie, I can't take too long because I already have my customers waiting...]]]

[[[Customers, niece?]]]

[[[Oh, I was wrong, auntie... Patients... Go...  Patients...]]]

[[[Don't say sick, dear... It's bad luck... Say patients, dear... It looks prettier, even for those who are listening...]]]

[[[ Well, then, aunt... And this is what many people are listening to... But look, aunt... What I wanted to ask you was if you didn't have any Junior shorts, some refereeing shorts. ..]]]

[[[I have, I have, niece... Look how funny... By  I just happened to have them in my hands reminding me of your little cousin's games...]]]

[[[So, come on Aunty... You're going to wear them... This is for the Character Game... Do you have Magnesone?]]]

[[[I do, niece...]]]

[[[So, but pretend  that you don't have it anymore and you're going to ask Junior to go buy a box of Magnesone at the Pharmacy... Because there's going to be an advertisement on Magnesone Radio... It's to see if you later appear  on Kanal Jupiter also in an advertisement for the Pharmacy advertising a brand of Magnesone... But this is  like a spell, Aunt... You have to go there and knock on the door of Cousin Junior's room at the time I'm going to tell you, okay, auntie? That this is all intertwined...]]]

[[[Okay,  niece... Ok, niece... You know how your aunt likes these little interconnections... Your little cousin doesn't like them very much...]]]

[[[Oh he doesn't like it?]]]

[[[Do not like...]]]

[[[Look, that's what I didn't know... I thought he liked it... I've already seen which Pharmacy on duty is... And when he gets to the Pharmacy there will be two soldiers dressed in refereeing shorts saying that they need one more to make the team and then a boy will appear that I don't know who this character is, I just know that he will appear calling his cousin "Mister Arbitrator"... Okay,_cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ this is the spell, aunt... Which is to see if he goes back to arbitration, because he has to come back aunt... He has to write a novel in Arbitration... Or in the Field of Play, or in the Game Report or in the changing rooms... But he has to write a novel in Arbitration, Aunt... Or at least start writing the Novel in Arbitration... If he later wants to leave Romance or Arbitration he let it go... He has to start writing the Novel in Arbitragem...]]]

[O niece... But why? Why does he have to write the Novel in Arbitration?]]]

[[[Aunty, I don't know... I'm just a Messenger here... I don't know the rest... I have no idea, Auntie... It's the protocols...]]]

[[[And my niece... How would my advertisement in the Magnesone Pharmacy look like?]]]

[[[Look, auntie... From what I saw in the script's protocols, it was you at the Pharmacy talking really badly about your son and your husband and then they show up at the Pharmacy and you with the Magnesone in your hand talking really well your son and your husband and kissing your son with the Magnesone in his hand and talking very well about Magnesone and holding your son's hand and bazaars at the Pharmacy talking very badly about the pharmacist who had seen you with whom you had spoken badly about your son and your husband... What do you think, auntie? Han... An ad made to measure for you...]]]

[[[Hey, I like it... I think it's a  cool ad...]]]

[[[But look, auntie, you can't speak ill of Magnesone...]]]


[[[Hey, auntie... Calm down... You don't have to swear by Magnesone, auntie... Look, auntie... Wait a minute... After all, I think you can speak ill of Magnesone, which is for the ad become more fun...]]]

[[[O Mister Raul...]]]

[[[Mekie, Doctor?]]]

[[[So, how are you? Everything under control?]]]

[[[Oops, everything under control...]]]

[[[I bring you the Guide for roll call with your son... We're about to take off, Mr. Raul]]]

[[[What time are we taking off?]]]

[[[It has to be at that time, at 10:22 pm...]]

[[[And what time do I have to call my son?]]]

[[[At 11:11 am... You have to say that  all of us look like aliens, who doesn't know if we are aliens from Europa from Jupiter or from Titan from Saturn...]]]

[[[Whoa!!! Again the same script??? Who wrote this shit???]]]

[[[It was Doctor  Mytrö... He's the Boss...]]]

[[[Cum!!!! I'm tired of this movie!!!]]]

[[[The film is almost over,  Senhor Raul...]]]

[[[Hey, that's all I hear you say, but I'll never see the End of the Movie again... I'm tired, man!!! I'm not your age... I'm already 70, man!!!! Tired of these movies, man...]]]

[[[Mr. Raul, it's almost time... You have to say that Doctor Mytrö looks like Dracula and that with absolute certainty that Doctor Mytrö must be the Chief of the Vampires... You have to say that Doctor Mytrö is the same to DK and ask his son if he knows of any of DK's twins or if maybe DK lied to him and said that he had entered psychiatry, when in the end he had entered it was urology... He has to install this drama in the head of the your son,  so your son can finish writing the film... Otherwise, because of the Protocols, we can't take off, Mister Raul...]]]

[[[Whoa!!! Who wrote the fucking Protocols?]]]

[[[It was DK and Sílvia Rot...]]]

[[[Motherfucker!!! That  goat is going to do with me!!! That bitch is connected to the motherfucker DK, isn't it? Motherfucker!!!!]]]

[[[Mr Raul... We're on the Network... Sílvia Rot is on the Network... Can you hear him calling her...]]]

[[[SON OF A BITCH!!! ARE YOU LISTENING TO YOU SON OF A BITCH??? I should write os  Protocols!!!! You don't do shit at Jupiter Editions!!! You don't do shit!!! What you want is to appear in movies breastfeeding footballers on Saturn and then land on Earth as if nothing were wrong with your saintly psychologist mask... You're the one who put me in this macabre hospital scenario, man!!! Couldn't you have put me in another scenario??? Look, in Bali... In Bali, you're fine!!! Now here... In August,  I'm here trapped in a hospital movie...  Damn!!! Great shit! Next time I'll write the Protocols and send you... I don't even know where I'm going to send you in the film... But I'll send you somewhere, to see if you like it... A I am writing the Protocols next,  am I not Doctor Ivan?]]]

[[[Yes... It's what's in the Protocols...]]]

[[[Done... Keep the Protocols then...]]]

[[[Sir, Raul... It's almost time for roll call... You have to ask your son what the function of the kidneys, bladder and prostate is,  you have to compare dialysis to a car wash, ask what kidney functions can be replaced by dialysis, complain about Dr. Mytrö and say that it was Dr. Mytrö, for him to remember the hickeys that DK made on his jugular and to ask him again if he's sure if DK isn't a urologist and his name isn't Mytrö or if he doesn't have a twin, because he's really just like him, he has the same features as DK's Dracula and say that he doesn't know why, of all the patients, Mr Raul was the only one who had his jugular vein attacked, when all the others had vascular access through the wrist... If your child gets the answers right we are going to give him a cool one and if we give him a cool one praise your son and say that he is ready to be an Assistant Dialysis Technician and tell him that he can now include "Introduction to the Bladder" in the Curriculum, "Introduction to the Kidneys" and "Initial Formation in Dialysis" whose training entity is Jupiter Editions... At the end of the call we will send you by email a Part-Time Job Offer for a Dialysis Clinic in Santarém... part-time will be used to buy the first two refereeing kits while Jup iter Editions is negotiating with the Football Association e  with the Sports Equipment Brand, for Juniors to wear jerseys with the logo and the Jupiter Editions link... is not established or if Sponsorship is not awarded to Jupiter Editions,  he will have to leave Arbitration mid-season. Like Jupiter Editions, Saturn Editions is also a Director and Producer Brand for Sports Game Films. He will be filmed in the games, the footage of which will be sent and diverted to Saturn Editions... Every mistake he makes,  every mess he sends on the Playing Field will be repeated 66 times... Well, the only way he can protect his image in a Saturn Editions clandestine film is if he's wearing a Jupiter Editions sweater. A player will give you and put on your boots. He will have to initiate Arbitration Romance with this player, even if he is placed in Offside. What is your son's foot?]]]

[[[41, 42...]]]

[[[Let's see if your child is lucky in games and in love.]]] Raul Catulo Morais With All Reserved Rights With Jupiter


«Sometimes, we can have an Intelligent Program that just wants to put on a shirt or a uniform to stay inside a game and not leave the game, while others take power and then dictate the Rules of the Game. We can wear the jerseys and uniforms if we ourselves like  to see ourselves dressed in the jerseys or in the  uniforms.  The most important is that we feel happy and see the usefulness of "shirts" and uniforms in our own lives. We don't have to see utility in everything, but when others begin to see us as "tools" and to see us as "useful", then it is because we too must see ourselves as instruments and as useful for ourselves and for society. our life. Because after all  after all, it is our life that is at stake and in the game, the only life we can play with is our own life and never with the lives of others. If we play, we have to know with our life. But there it is... We are in an Internet of Things... When we play with our lives, we end up playing with the lives of others. But we always play in Legitimate Defense. We simply protect our Beacon. We don't let others score goals in our goal. But if they score, it doesn't matter. We don't have to stay in games until the end. We can always take off our jerseys and leave the game. We are free. We don't have to stay in things for others. We are left with things for ourselves. Never for others.  Unless we are talking about Love. Of course, for Love we give up things. When we see the ones we love most happy, we are also happy. But Love is another conversation. Do not enter the Game. Love can never enter the Game. Neither Love nor Friendship.” 11:08 am 08/16/2022 Raul Catulo Morais

"I don't mind an Internet of Things

See a Pre-Program installed in my life

And fulfill "more or less" the programs,


I see the advantages of the programs,

And as long as I feel happy in them.

Otherwise, I leave the programs.

I also know how to handle them.

Because I know how to turn against my own family.

I know how to turn against my Freemasonry.

I know how to turn against my own Army in Self Defense.

I don't let myself be screwed,

If I see that the stinger has a poison that kills me. 16:03 08/12/2022 Raul Catulo Morais

But I know I can be stung by poisonous stingers,

Because it's my own ass

That withstands the horny, venomous stings of Hornets.

But I can't take all the Drones.

I know there are stings that I can't stand. 

I know there are poisons I can't stand.

I know there are technologies I can't handle.

I know there are chips I can't handle.

Because I'm technological, I know that there are technologies and chips that kill me.

There are Programs that I can't stand.

I simply turn away! 11:19 am 08/16/2022 Raul Catulo Morais

[Just give me a sign so I can grab hold of myself and come to you.

Otherwise, tell me the opposite. (...)

You left me with no answers,

In horrible silence. (...)

It looks like you died, it looks like I'm in mourning.

Give me signs of life.

I can't talk to you

Otherwise through love letters  or poems. (...)

I reconnected with you.

But  without your signs of lights,

I can't stand being connected to you much longer. (...) 12h24 08/13/2022 Raul Catulo Morais

I'm surrounded by fireflies.

They keep flashing me lights...

But I don't see you among the fireflies...

I don't know if you're hiding among the fireflies...

I showed you on the 1st day all my algorithms.

I showed you Kleba-Kodak, Fráguas, Domi, Mello, Mayer, Moosërt...

I showed you all...

You said they were all ugly and just with a kiss from you I saw them ugly...

But now I see how ugly you are!

you are ugly

And ugly you will stay forever in my eyes, onlyand don't come back!

Sooner or later,

If you don't come back I'll be screwed by them. 22:49 08/12/2022 Raul Catulo Morais

Don't let them screw me. Return! [I still love you.] 11:49 am 08/16/2022 Raul Catulo Morais

“You could send me a letter.

I'm the one with the key to the post office.

I'll see if you sent it.

I'm going to open the mailbox... 12:25 pm 08/13/2022 Raul Catulo Morais

“Fireflies can only thrive if they are in a clean environment.” in BBC Wildlife

«Until they find a partner, fireflies go through several metamorphoses.» in BBC Wildlife

«"Suddenly", the female finds herself surrounded by males who try to synchronize their lights with the female's lights...

It's called the "Dance of Lights"...  It's the Firefly Competition... 

Even the most magical beings compete with each other. But they are not eaten.

The competition of  magical beings is solely and exclusively loving.

Magical beings only compete in Love to get a partner.

Then they collaborate.

Then they always collaborate.”

12:25 pm 08/13/2022 Raul Catulo Morais

Until Freemasonry is able to see how magical fireflies are,

While not recognizing the socio-affective intelligence of cows and pigs,

Until we recognize the alien importance of ants and bees,

I have nothing to learn from Freemasonry.

Much more has Freemasonry to learn from me,

than I do with Freemasonry.

Much more has Freemasonry to learn

With my spirit and with my spiritualism,

Than I with the Void

And with the Empty Heart of Freemasonry.

12:12 08/16/2022 Raul Catulo Morais

Edited 1:13 pm 8/17/2022 Raul Catulo Morais

I've said it and I've written it,

But I write it again:

It is not Freemasonry that has me in its hands.

It is I who hold Freemasonry in my hands.

How I see the  tiny anthills, 

I also see the small freemasons.

There is no doubt that even small,

It's the bees  e  the ants that rule our lives.

Only there is a difference.

Is that I pay homage to bees and ants,

Because they are my religion.

I do not pay homage to humans,

Except for the workers, the garbage men, the construction workers,

To the firefighter heroes, the police heroes, the medical heroes, the nursing heroes.

Not everyone is a hero throughout the story. 08/12/2022

[Because there are doctors who cannot be doctors,

There are doctors who have to take off their gowns.

Don't call me to take off the doctor's gown.

There are policemen who cannot be policemen,

There are policemen who have to take off their uniform.

Call me so I can undress the police.

I will take off their uniform on the bed and on the bed I will leave them handcuffed .] 16/08/2022 Raul Catulo Morais

«I am a free mason.

I do the works I want.

I hit the stones I want and how I want.

The Work is mine.

I'm a worker. I am the Owner of the Work, but I stay in the work with the workers.

I'm beating stones with the masons in the work that is mine.

The hours are ours. We take as many breaks as we want. 12:16 08/16/2022 Raul Catulo Morais

That's why I am,  a Mason without an apron.

I had to buy my own apron which cost me €66.

I had to buy my own apron and sew it...

Therefore, I am a mason without an apron.

I was born in the Freemasonry of the Devils to fight Freemasonry like a devil.

Anyone who wants to join my movie, 

That you join me without fear,  but now.

Anyone who doesn't join "now", please don't show up to me later in the film.

12:22 pm 08/16/2022 Raul Catulo Morais

I see Montenegro as a Freemason going to the fairs and parties,

Buying votes with your piggy face,

In a Puppet Game managed by the Masters of Juggling and Illusionism.

I entered the Masonic lodges, saw how the Juggling and Illusion program works.

I saw how the heads of the Masters thought...  They all have pig's ears. They all look like a pig.

I asked them how they were able to eat pork if they looked like a pig themselves?

They liked my sass. My writing excites them and their children. 

I slept with their children. I kept the groans in my ears.

I saw that they all groan and think alike.

12:28 pm 08/16/2022 Raul Catulo Morais

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Recordings made in real time between 08/19/2022 and 08/20/2022 with multiple voices by Raul Catulo Morais in a fantasy interpretation of the semi-real character of his father Raul. All rights reserved to Raul Catulo Morais with Jupiter Editions in Kanal Jupiter. Published on 08/21/2022

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