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Jogo de Câmaras em Santarém
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"Game of Chambers in Santarém" Recorded in real time at 20:28 on 7/6/2022. Published in Kanal Jupiter on 7/7/2022. I think the mayor of Santarém will end up in a macabre movie for 66 years if he doesn't spend 6 million on Jupiter Editions. If you put 6 million in the trash, you don't put 6 million in Jupiter Editions,  fuck it? Call the Judiciary Police, because I think the  devils are going to get into Jornal Mirante and Correio do Ribatejo and catch fire if they don't give Jupiter Editions news coverage... There are things that here in Santarém they're not quite right... I think the movie here in Santarém is going to be shit... 01h34 07/07/2022 Raul Catulo Morais if we invoke the Right of Resistance! The Mayan Willow War Tank entered theIlluminati Games,  so it's also worth using the tank to send shots (just kidding). Call Domi he knows how to fly war tanks and reppar. Domi's rap is masonic. War is Masonic. Santarém is the most spiritual and therefore most Masonic city in the Masonic Code. It is a stage for wars and a stage for theaters. In Santarém we make war with the theater. We were born  in a Masonic Theater,  in a Masonic War. From here, we left for other wars, for other theaters. Life is always giving.  Even if it's always a war,  we see peace. We go through this in war and theater as if nothing had happened. We like theater a lot. But we like our theater more than the theater of others. That's why we entered the theaters, to build our theaters of peace above the theater of war. Raul Catulo Morais with All Reserved Rights  with Jupiter Editions 7/7/2022

If the Suma Garbage Company has a Turnover of 369 Million and a Market Share of 42.1% why the hell do Garbage Men receive the Minimum Wage without the Right to a Health Risk Subsidy of €3000 and a Bad Smell Subsidy of €666? If the City Council delivered the garbage to Empresa dos Lixos Resitejo for 6 million and if Resitejo is co-financed by the European Union through its beautiful projects, such as, for example, with the Scouts, Jupiter Editions asks why the Men of Garbage only receive the Minimum Wage or Little More Than the Minimum Wage? The photographs would be prettier and happier if wages were in fact sorted by happiness when it is the Turnover figures themselves that allow and order "Warnings of Happiness". If the State were to pay, we obviously could not demand a salary of 3000€ for the Garbage Men, when there are doctors receiving 1200€. But we can demand from a Company, even more so when the company is receiving direct money from the Portuguese State via Public Tender or from the European Union, because it invented a trail with the Scouts to pick up the rubbish. Raul Catulo Morais 15h15 14/08/2022 With Jupiter Editions «I went to bed with the knights and the pitchforks,  but I do not pay homage, nor do services nor salute the knights, nor the gallows or their families. Yes I do, salute the Garbage Men, the Police and the Heroes Firefighters! The knights and the  pitchforks want to set my heart on fire and the'The Algorithm of Love. Call the fire department. There's fire,  there's fire,  in Palha's panties... It's Palha running and his panties are on fire. I was the one who set Palha's underpants on fire. The guy left me... All gone. I smelled his cum and saw that his cum smelled like blood. I don't like blood. I don't like the smell of blood. Neither the smell nor the taste. How come Catholics go to the races to bear the Cross of Christ? How come Catholics who call themselves Catholics like the taste and smell of blood? It doesn't fit right! 666,666,666.» «01h39.22/08/2022.666.666.666.999999999999999999.» Raul Catulo Morais with Avenged Sevenfold listening Dear God (OUR GOD),  Nightmare (IN THE DEVIL SHOW AGAINST BULLFIGHTHING WITH BLOOD BECAUSE WE DON'T LIKE BLOOD) and Hail to the King

Puzzle of Photos incorporated in the WorkA Masonic Love in the Freemasonry of the Devilsby Raul Catulo Morais. The puzzle is synchronized with the Work through the Internet of Things andIIluminnatti Games. The poster with the Palha Knight is part of the Pre-Program ofIlluminati Games   on Raul's trip to Torres: «Photographing 9 horsemen in a flash that captures a Palha from that book where the Mayers and Mellos who go to Palha's blood races appear.»

«Not all Lupi are the same. Not all Mayer, not all Mello, not all Palha, not all Holy Spirits and Amens are the same. A nickname, it's just a nickname. We children are not the same as our parents and grandparents, nor our cousins. We are not monkeys. What connects us to apes is just a common ancestor.  Apes are our cousins.  But we are not descended from apes. We follow a whole different Evolution. It is part of the Human Being to know how to evolve and always accept evolution. Of all terrestrial species, we are the one that has alien algorithms above us and that constantly force us to look at things and evolve. That's why we were born human. Otherwise, we might as well have been born something else.  I used to go to the races with Lupi, but we don't go anymore. We're gone. We also applauded when they told us that the bull didn't feel anything and that the bull came back unharmed and happy. We were told lies. But we got up and left the square in silence. To me,  they put a little boyfriend in my hands to defend the bullfights... But the hands let go and I went to get to know the spirit of the bulls and the cows. They are mammals, they feel and dream like us.  We have to stop making blood, otherwise we are the ones who are going to empty ourselves in blood. Blood for blood. Life for life. We are knocking on every door. Some have already opened in silence and we entered in silence. We understand the Silence of Things. 666 We are knocking at the door 666 We have the Devil with us 666 The Devil is in our hands! They are 25000 Blood Races fans... But we are 6 billion and tomorrow we will be 9.9 billion. It's a matter of time. All we have to do is wait serenely for Tomorrow. But we will not be passive. Otherwise the guys fuck us  left and right.  And if we like being fucked by the guys, we're in their hands. We have to wake up. We are born human. We all have to collaborate. We are human beings.” 16:26 08/14/2022 Raul

Jupiter Editions sticks 6 technological velcros to the Bullring and the Town Hall with Opus Dei and Santa Casa. Autobiography.
Voltar  ago Process nº666.

Parte I
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Parte II
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Parte III - Jupiter Editions V Ordem dos Psicólogos
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Parte IV - 4º Velcro Tecnológico
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Parte V - 5º Velcro Tecnológico
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Parte VI - 6º Velcro Tecnológico
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Audios recorded in real time on July 14 and 16, 2022 and published on 07/17/2022.  Reported courtesy of Santarém City Council,  à Lisbon City Council, Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Santarém, Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa, Jornal  Mirante, Correio do  Ribatejo, the SIC Family, to SIC, RTP and TVI. Under construction of new Puzzle Pieces including IoT amongThe Algorithm of Lovede  Jaime  Maria Bayamonde da Costa Ayala andmafia lifeby Federico Varese in História-Fantasia with Opus Dei and introductory argument for Ilha dos Piratas (passage of the underground tunnel between a  Casa da Boa Psicologia nº666 and Casa da Boa Medicina)_cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ with Autobiography and Regression (Going Back with Other Eyes) Case #666. New Pieces to be published in Jupiter Case Study and Leak of first 9 Jupiter Editions books in rough against Opus Dei, Church of Satan and all branches of Bethel  on 9/9/2022. Publication of the Official Demo ofIlluminati Games  in a secret place on the Jupiter Editions website on 9/9/2022. Completion of Process nº666 with shooting being fired at 6 churches,  6 city councils and 3 GNR squads + 3 PSP squads + 3 Maritime Police captaincies  in Game de Batalha Naval (Cabra-Cega) Raul Catulo Morais with All Reserved Rights with Jupiter Editions in Kanal Jupiter 18/07/2022 with edition of deadlines on 14/08/2022.

Summary of the Practical Case of the Bullring in Santarém:  "Supposedly" the bullring in Santarém is in the hands of Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Santarém. "Supposedly" Sector "6" was opened inside the Santa Casa, an Association of Bullfighting Aficionados and "supposedly" the "direct" management of the Bullring was transferred to the hands of Sector "6". "Appeared" a new "millionaire" project for the enlargement of the Plaza de Toiros and the City Council approved it. Question to know about "the question again" of the European Community Funds. Jornal Mirante and Correio do Ribatejo gave a  news to run...  If the funds are "blue" and "green" or by_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_ least should be in a "Human and Sustainable Ecological Europe", or which at least says it wants to be, it cannot  make sense to have funding for a race where there is blood, unless Bullfighting import the tech velcro where races can go on without a blood culture. Evolution is this. It's knowing how to get out of stupid traditions or cultures that only make us look stupid and a big joke!

Summary of the Fantasy Case of the Game of Chambers of Santarém: 6 councilors of the Municipality of Santarém + 6 councilors of the Municipality of Leiria + 6 councilors of the Municipality of Lisbon + Sector 6 + Director of the Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Santarém + Father Aníbal + Director of Jornal Mirante + Director of Correio do Ribatejo gathered at  Taberna to discuss over a table with whores and wine the new designs for the Bullring, mysteriously featuring one of the 6 copies of the 1st Order of the 1st printing ofThe Algorithm of Loveopen on pages 170 and 171. The mayor ordered the owner of the Tavern to delete the images from the 6 video cameras. YouIlluminati GamesJaime was returnedThe Algorithm of Lovestained with a red wine mark symbolizing blood on page 170 and 171. As Jaime got a miraculous Stain Remover, theIlluminati Gamesthey sold Jaime and in one of the 7 "secret" doors of Santarém they put on a recording of one of the presidents reciting in a great tavern enjoyment the key phrase on page 171 d'The Algorithm of Love: «Because you can do everything the same, but instead of sticking the splinter, "sticking" a Velcro! And let's all hear triple the applause!». And the applause began at the Tavern... The illumminnatti took off Jaime's blindfold and a film of Raul's spirit wandering around Leiria Castle was shown on the screen after having received the notebook in the changing rooms of the swimming pools in the Evidence of Lifeguards from the fireman that he had been Raul's neighbor and that he played with Raul and that when Raul moved, he went to the trash to save one of Raul's notebooks... The fireman's father was responsible for processing Raul's film at Castelo de Leiria, but Raul joined with a Masonic knife at Leiria Town Hall with Jupiter Editions to speak with the fireman's father and ask for the film. The fireman's father opened the drawer and also put a large knife on top of the Game Table. On one of the pages of the notebook, when he was 12 years old, Raul had written a novel with the fireman... Raul had to explain that the novel was just a fantasy... The fireman's father explained that the novel had been read by_cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ churches and that the game  was difficult for everyone... He explained to Raul that Raul couldn't have written a novel with a fireman, with a Ukrainian and with a Russian. But Raul explained that the Ukrainian and the Russian were colleagues with whom he had done work on  Jupiter at home after having played cops and robbers with his son. He explained that he wrote a novel with the 3 in parallel in a Pura Fantasia and that he could not be prosecuted after 18 years, just for having written a fantasy novel when he was a child. 13:12 07/18/2022 The firefighter's father replied: "Dear Raul, everything we do is recorded. Everything we do will be recorded. Everything we have done has been recorded. In the eyes of Jupiter and Saturn, everything has been recorded. give him my Masonic knife so that he can enter the Instituto de Socorros a Náufragos and claim that he touched his foot on the wall and that's why he couldn't have been disqualified. But don't claim now. Respect the game and wait for the Trials of the Game. Feel the game. Play the game. Good luck! Your records have been erased... It was as if you entered the film of the Castle as a ghost. My son saw his spirit behind the cameras of the Castle also as a ghost. The ghosts they marry ghosts..." 1:18 pm 07/18/2022 Raul Catulo Morais with Jupiter Editions


"My name is Raul."

"R.... I know it's hard to report an uncle we love, I know it's hard to hand our best friend, o  our lover to the law... System in Portugal... I'm friends with the judges, R... I know you also have judge friends... The Game of Chambers prevents us from hiding strong connections, R..."

"My name is Raul!"

"A.... I also had to hand over my father. When we hand over our own father, we are capable of handing over anyone. Sometimes, the Masonic game is nothing more than a simulation for us to test in the Test of the 9 the spirit- demon with 9 spirits... The cousin who told him that his father heard the cries of babies with great pleasure  made a theater with him at dawn. cousin made him Masonically return to Process nº 666 of the Island of the Pirates. I am a friend of his uncles. I know which of his uncles likes to hear Online babies crying. Like all Devils, R has his faults, he has his diabolism... If it weren't for Psychology and Criminal Law, for R, all  pedophiles would be castrated and chipped and all Nazis and terrorists would be punished with Penalty_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_ of Death. Perhaps, in another life, my dear R, the R made blood... Perhaps, in another life,  R was an Environmentalist Dictator with a Heart Beating 66 beats per second by the Laws of Ecology linked to the Core of the Earth. Perhaps R was the real Demon of Criminal Law and Environmental Law. OR hates Evil and fights Evil with Good. But he learned that for Good to succeed, Good has to marry Evil, having Evil arrested, "feeding" it without killing it... It's a Game of Handcuffs R. It's a Game of Invisible Knives. It was a Masonic Criminal Law and a  Masonic Psychology that tempered his Being. That's why he entered the "Mágico" Portal nº 66 with Criminal Law from Casa da Boa Psicologia nº 666. That's why R, Jupiter Editions is in direct conflict with the Order of Psychologists. There is a Psychiatrists Ward that wants to have a Psychologists Ward admitted. But there is  a Ward of Psychiatrists who in this Masonic Game will have to be hospitalized because they love to hear babies cry. The same Ward that participates in the Black Masses of the Church of Satan. What we want R, is that Jupiter Editions has the Psychiatrists Ward of the Black Mass of the Church of Satan admitted. It looks like a Difficult Game, but we know it's easy to write, easy to code. We know that Jupiter Editions had to don the Cloak of Prince Machiavelli at the Black Mass in the Character Game. I am a friend of your father,  R. There is an Invisible Triangle between me, your father and R."

"My name is Raul! Give me back my image data!"

"In the Masonic Game I have already deleted them, R. You will have to use email  to cordially and legally exercise your Data Portability Right as the legitimate owner of your data. Things work legally R. Look at the Clock. You have a deadline to exercise your right. You have less than 48 hours, R. In less than 48 hours, the entire film will be erased. A Wing of Opus Dei covered up pedophile crimes, R. The same crimes covered up by the Russian Mafia But in Organized Crime, behind Freemasonries, the issue is not just pedophilia or drugs. It is now also illicit and illegal "Databases". It can be difficult in the game to get to drugs or pedophilia. Chamber Game to reach other Levels of Game, R.  Sometimes a question about "Data Protection" may have to be  part of the game. You have to bring out the reference that we all want. s listen, R, because we all hate hearing babies cry. Anyone who likes to hear babies cry must be handed over to the Artificial Intelligence of Criminal Law,  R. OR was chosen for O Privileged Jogo 666. It's like going to a Casino, R. The games in the Casino everyone is legal and everything goes to the Casino... But only the most "privileged" enter the secret doors and see a whole secret world. Open the doors, R. It's R, who has the game key. Use the key you found on Pirate Island under the bridge of Paranoias wood. The key opens the store of the company that built the Ponte das Paranoias on Ilha dos Piratas.  You will see an entire Internet of Things in the store's dossiers, as you saw in the Vacuum Cleaner Store... My son saw him walking like a ghost through the Vacuum Shop...


My son saw his spirit behind the Castle chambers also as a ghost. Ghosts marry ghosts..."

"I'm not going to marry your son. Your son has a girlfriend."

"If you don't marry my son, you'll have to marry the whole barracks. Life for Life. Blood for Blood. Viva, R! Viva!"

"You're crazy! Crazy crazy!"

"I'm like your father! I'm a bloody crazy man like your father! We want you to be a judge! Either a judge or a lifeguard!"

"Fuck off! I'm a writer! I'll be whatever I want you sons of bitches!"

"My mother was a big whore... She cheated on my father with a Russian Drug Baron... That drug that makes us paint psychedelic scenes... She came home and started drawing psychedelic scenes, R... My father liked the drawings... He kissed the tongueless baron on the mouth and forgave my mother... Tiago gave him a sacred notebook... But to keep possession of the notebook he will have to write the story in the notebook. .."

"I'm not going to write shitty psychedelic history in my hallowed notebook! Besides, I've already given the notebook to Jupiter Editions."

"You have no choice, R... You'll have to write... Besides, the Russian Mafia will only protect Jupiter Editions in the Mafiosi's Masonic game if you write the story in the notebook. Sign it in your own blood and nothing can happen to you. And advance in the game, R. Advance. Mount a Knight and check the King of Russia with a Bishop. Don't checkmate him. You can't. But check him in the Chess Game to gain an invisible technological protection proof of missiles. There's a fucking missile game coming after the Naval Battle Game. There will be 6 ships each with 66 seats. Ship #999 only has 6 seats. You will go in the cockpit as co-pilot of Ship #999 to Jupiter. places. Give the Travelers List and the Black List of Nazis, Pedophiles and Terrorists to whom you have to give it. Good luck and have a good trip, R! Your father and I are going with you on Nave nº 999._cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ Make sure you choose the pilot well. We want to get to Jupiter without the film being diverted to Saturn. Not on Saturn we know what the movie will be like. But on Jupiter we know..."

"Who are you?"

"We are illumminnatti, R. Good luck and have a good trip!" 4:49 pm 07/18/2022 Raul Catulo Morais with All Reserved Rights Wwith Jupiter Editions in Real Time in Kanal Jupiter


"My name is Raul!"

"You will play chess with the King of Russia to sit face to face with the Prince of Russia who will show you in a Game of Cameras your films from Lisbon making love in the gardens of Calouste Gulbenkian and Bordallo Pinheiro. A Freemasonry of Mestre André's Lodge entered the Lisbon City Council and gave data to the Russian Mafia... O  yoursprofilewas in the Masonic request of the Russian algorithms... "Supposedly" the Russian Army is homophobic... But in fact, there is a Secret Orgiastic Cult within the Army... The story is the same as the motherfucking pedophile minister from Hungary who wanted make anti-gay laws  to persecute gays when he himself participated in the sperm baths of a devilish all-male Freemasonry. Your spirit is a virgin... That's why it's dear. Would you be able to sacrifice it by entering a Secret Culto  Military Orgiastic of Soldiers-Masons of the fantasy god Satan to stop a war? To save a humanity? To invert the logic of the markets?"

"Yes. But first the war has to stop and the  blood has to stop spilling. That's the only way I can get in. The tech velcro has to be stuck first in the Bullring for me to be able to enter the Arena like a bull. I don't want to get hurt."

"R... You are being secretly translated into Russian,  into Arabic and Hebrew. It's Jovian Germans, Jovian Swedes and Jovian Danes who are translating you into Russian, Arabic and Hebrew Your bath is being prepared Get ready Get ready, R. You will not play chess with the King and Prince of Russia in Russia.  You will not be allowed to enter Russia. You will play with them in Tel Aviv at Adam's house."

"Why at Adam's?"

"Because it was with Adam that you decrypted the Hebrew Masonic Code in the Sacred Fountain of your city. Adam is a Marine. A Marine from Israel just landed in Santarém to visit you. Open againThe Algorithm of Loveto see the Internet of Things. He chipped you to protect you. Israel protects you!" 666.666.666.666.666.666.666.666.666 YHW!


"My name is Raul!"

"When in the Naval Battle Game you send the shots, don't forget to send the Porsche Cayenne, the 6 Jaguars and the Mercedes that smells like foot odor... luxury finishes in cork without the blood of wood and trees, inside a Bentley made of vegetable leather without the smell of blood and inside a Lamborghini Diablo powered by hydrogen. son  became real. If you had talked about your fantasies of covering a Rolls-Royce and a Bentley with vegetable leather and cork and racing a hydrogen-powered Lamborghini Diablo and winning the Race of the Future, a pedophile pediatrician could have had you admitted to the Crazy Children's Hospital... You put wings on a Bentley, R when you were 12. But you knew how to play the Masonic game from the start. You entered the Masonic game with your writing. The. You were always writing in silence. You thought you had entered a "Secret Game of Spirits"... But with your technologies you discovered the technologies of "spirits" and saw who "the spirits" were... You entered a Secret Culture of Illumminnatti, a Secret Culture of Hackers, a Secret Culture of Crackers, in a Secret Culture of Pirates since I was a little boy. You know that pirates plan to hack Mercedes' Artificial Intelligence. For attacking Mercedes' Artificial Intelligence withThe Algorithm of Love, the pirates gave you the key to encrypt the Mercedes computer system so as not to suffer from the Cyber Attack on Porsche and Jaguar. You can only give Mercedes the key for 6 million. It's an easy game, R.  Get into Mercedes, Porsche and Jaguar with your father's old Toyota to apply for Car Sponsorship. Show him how your spirit is not futile and is the same inside a Toyota, a Mercedes or a Jaguar. If you're denied sponsorship, stick your tongue out and cuckold them like you're a Lamborghini Diablo. You don't need a Lamborghini Diablo to see your spirit transform like it's stepped out of a Lamborghini Diablo. If sponsorship is denied, you'll return to the stand to fire shots inside a Lamborghini Diablo. The Jupiter Editions logo looks good on a Lamborghini Diablo, a Bentley, a Rolls-Royce... "

"It also looks good in a Ford Mustang with the Vegan seats from the Bentley and the cork from the Rolls Royce... What game is this?"

"It's Game #666, son."

"I'm not your son!"

"If you marry my son, you will be my son. If you marry my son, you won't have to marry the barracks, because my son will be in charge of the barracks. It was my son who went to put out the Group's fires Amorim... We don't like the Amorim Group's cork business, because of Paula Amorim's Construtora... There is a Mixture of Bloods there that sheds blood in silence... We like the family cork business of Terra dos Balões of Hot Air where Jupiter Editions saw the 9 books being written at the same time that 9 hot air balloons went up. There is an important 9 in the middle of all the history that was written and hidden in a beautiful estate in a beautiful, cool cork business and completely legal in Jupiter's eyes. The cork business is the most  most important and beautiful business for Jupiter. It is every 9 years that we take the trees to the Hairdresser. We protect the trees. There is a hairdresser who cut your hair 9 years ago and who is is linked to the good business of the Boa Família da Cortiça. It was an Important  Hairdresser who saved your life, R. Do you remember? You're in debt to that hairdresser. You will have to pay the 9-year debt,  R. To go to Tel Aviv, you will first have to pay the debt in Almeirim. Your debt can be forgiven, but who will have to forgive it will have to be Anabela. Anabela saw you writing the 9 books at the same time with 9 pseudonyms with 9 Hot Air Balloons above you. There are stories we cannot hide, R. You hid a 9 in the middle of the story like you hid a 6."

"Talk to Bruno Cigano who kept you alive in theIlluminati Gamesand with Cecília who  kept Jaime alive in theReckoning at the São José Festivities Brain Fairand ask them to putThe Algorithm of Lovefor sale at a melon stand on the side of the road from Santarém to Almeirim. You will need money to pay the debt. If you can't sellThe Algorithm of Love,  sells the melons with them. Then follow the road on foot, barefoot as you like, to the Hairdresser to pay your debt, R. Actually,  you won't have to pay. You've already been forgiven. It's just a film you'll have to make with Bruno Cigano and Cecília. Share half of the recipe for Doce de Bebinca as a sign of thanks to Cecília in the kitchen of Café dos Paquistaneses and the other half in the kitchen  of Convento dos Doces Celestes." 9:01 pm 07/18/2022.

"Follow your heart and your intuition and you'll win the game without realizing it's the game of life and you'll be happy! Like everyone else, you were born to be happy! Be happy and good luck, R! Don't be scared... You are safe! Keep writting, dog-bee... You are a dog-bee, you are a bee and you are a queen bee. You are like 3 bees in the same body... You can screw up your writting. Or you can get screwed with your writing. Or you can write without screwing. You have a superpower: you can transform into any bee you want. Keep writing, bee... Keep writing, dog-bee..." 2022 Raul Catulo Morais with All Reserved Rights with Jupiter Editions in Real Time in Kanal Jupiter

Tribunal Maçónico dos Concursos e Leilões
00:00 / 40:59
A mãe entrou no Tribunal como Juíza (Lígia)
00:00 / 40:30
Parte Importante - O Algoritmo do Amor
00:00 / 41:51



Task List:

- Leak of the 9 complete books of Jupiter Editions +targetin English +2080in Spanish in the new Jupiter Editions Orbit of Secret Files 9/9/2022

- Leakage of the theater d'The Authors of the Systemabout Mercedes and Loja dos Aspiradores before Raul went to Loja dos Aspiradores and heard the intrigue of Mercedes and Pinto Balsemão and ended up vacuuming Uncle Francisco Pinto Balsemão's carpets in a Demo_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_

- Leakage of the New Applications of Augmented Reality in the Game-Theatre of the Book ofThe Authors of the System

- Leak of Valentine's Itinerary with Love Poems by Raul to DK on the São Miguel Journey + Secret List of Passengers and Member Readers 9/9/2022

- Leak of Raul's First and Penultimate Technological Letter written on a visit to Porto in 2019/2020(?) 9/9/2022

- Online publication of the Official Demo of theIlluminati Gamesin secret Tunnel Game spot on Jupiter Editions website 9/9/2022

- Leak of the forbidden bookA Masonic Love in the Freemasonry of the Devilsand delivery of Raul to Jupiter Editions

- Leak of the Alien Intrigue of the Work-Painting of the Christian Reconquista with the Skaters

- Leak of the bizarre file from 9/7/2022 "Underneath the Nogueira" by Raul in Super Internet of Things with Super Chip 9/9/2022

- Delivery of the Black List of Pedophiles, Nazis,  Terrorists, Hackers and Crackers to the Editorial Department of the Judiciary Police + Delivery of the Black List of Psychologists, Doctors,  from the Police and the Military of the Character Game to the PJ, the Order of Psychologists and the Order of Doctors in the Closed Drawer of the Secretariat of the Masonic Court of Contests and Auctions of Jupiter Editions

- Jupiter Editions Last Call and Closing of Doors to People who were called in Jupiter Editions Last Call. "Either you come in now, or you won't come in again and we go our separate ways. It's the last call for you. I won't call you again! If you don't come in now, you 66 won't be able to come in anymore. 666 will close the doors to you. the others will remain open. Not for you. The Last Call is a Privilege. You are being called at the Closed Door. It is the Last Closed Door for you, because it is my Last Call For You! I will not call you again!" 21h44 07/20/2022 Raul Catulo Morais With All Reserved Rights With Jupiter Editions in Kanal Jupiter

- Leak of the booklet "Friends of the Jaguar" by Raul + "How to Sleep with a Beast..." by Raul 04:13 07/21/2022

Mãe Illumminnatti
00:00 / 40:30
2º Ensaio
00:00 / 39:06
Teatro Acórdão do Tribunal
00:00 / 41:34
Autobiografia- Parte I
00:00 / 33:24

Autobiography published within the legal Masonic deadline of 3:33 am on 7/21/2022 with video proof to be leaked in undated secret files.

All audios published on this page are recorded only with the voice of Raul Catulo Morais. In some recordings, the Multiple Voice of Raul's Characters in Theaters can be heard during the recordings. Raul Catulo Morais With All Reserved Rights With Jupiter Editions in Masonry in Kanal Jupiter

Uma Tareia de Karaté ao DK
00:00 / 39:37
Podemos só foder
00:00 / 02:40
Amor, curte só este som do caralho!!!
00:00 / 00:45

The 3 recordings were recorded outside the Masonic Court between 7:34 am and 7:44 am on 21/07/2022  in Internet de Programa Dark Net in Kanal Jupiter at the door of Jardim dos Idólicos and Cemitério dos Capuchos de Santarém. (Camp nº666) (Fun Psychedelic Coffin with DK on his knees doing 6 beaks to Raul - "Ya... On your knees, baby...") (Judiciary Police).

Segredo da Malagueta
00:00 / 19:24
Testamento de 6 milhões da Avó Alcinda
00:00 / 07:52
Teatro do Hospital I
00:00 / 40:16
Teatro do Hospital II
00:00 / 35:01
Teatro do Hospital III
00:00 / 37:17
Como (Re)conquistei o meu pai...
00:00 / 12:49
Outra Versão do Teatro (dos Diabos)
00:00 / 17:20
Ajuste de Contas: Sílvia Rot V. Tia Lígia
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Recorded in real time in the Masonic Court after the visit to Casa nº666 of Good Psychology with Process Regression nº666 Well Succeeded Without Illnesses and Without Interference from the Internet of Things in Real Life Without Expression of the Internet By Words in Real Life. Pre-completion of the Definitive File of Process nº 666 after the Reopening of Process nº 666. Teatro Maçônico nº666 recorded at 12:47 with Multiple Voice "666" by Raul Catulo Morais with various interpretations of characters fromThe Algorithm of Love. "I did it for love, because I love my family and because I want to save them from Saturn Editions with Jupiter Editions." Raul Catulo Morais 6:51 pm 07/22/2022 

Inclusão (Mesa de Israel)
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Preparation for opening the New Inclusion Program on Kanal Jupiter. Prince Israel's Israel Table at the Vegan Restaurant. The Prince of Israel has arrived. I'll have to pack my bags to follow O Caminho de Israel on the Pilgrimage of 66 (or 99) Pilgrims after the March through Herdade da Comporta and Porto Santo in Tribute to Gandhi's Marcha do Sal. I found that Gandhi was like me. Freemasons wanted to capture him, but he never allowed himself to be captured. But he got shot by a "crazy" mason-soldier. I know I can be shot at any moment by a madman. But I'm not afraid to die. Because I've died 66 times and been resurrected 6 times. I'm not supposed to have lives anymore, but since I'm marrying a Beast, I'm going to get a life. I will be that Beast of 7 lives. If I die again I will come back as a Demon to wage Real War. Things have to change now. It's not tomorrow. Is today. Montenegro cannot  rise to  Power in 2026.  Otherwise, the Prince of Israel will send a madman to press the Tech Button Life for him "disappear". The Prince of Israel has a Dragon tattooed, because he has the Dragon's Mouth. I have the Devil's Mouth. The trinity lacks a mouth. But we devoured the Trinity in a Las Vegas Urgent Wedding Queue at Masonic  Military Orgiastic Cults. The cults are Masonic. They are nothing more than a Pure Fantasy. It's just a Fantasy that has to be written to win an Army. I will not marry the Prince of Russia. I'm going to marry the Prince of Israel. It is written in the Bible that the real Devil is the Prince of Russia. There are things that match the Bible because whoever reads it, follows it and makes the game and fantasy come true. As it is logical that what I write is nothing more than a Pure Fantasy. Just like the Bible. We are therefore even.  Everyone writes the fantasy and film they want. As I wrote n'The Algorithm of Love «Go to hell Satan!» I send you to shit spitting all over you, because I know all  your fears, all your fantasies and all your fetishes, I know what turns you on! I know you get all horny when I spit in your mouth and piss all over you. I know you're racist and I know you're a Nazi. You don't like black people, despite "collecting"  black people and "sweet little black guys" in your life... I've dated a Nazi... You forgot this important detail... DIE PUTIN! DIE HITLER! DIE BOLSONARO! DIE TRUMP! DIE VENTURA! I HATE YOU WITH ALL MY STRENGTH! I am writing to the Colo of the Prince of Israel. Fucker told me  cancel the Israel Bureau just to write this shit that had to be written... Bye, bye, baby... See you in Hell... Good luck! 666.666.666. Raul Catulo Morais with All Reserved Rights with Jupiter Editions in Real Time 7:21 pm 7/22/2022 Masonry in Kanal Jupiter. Sara Rot is not on the Passenger List. You cannot board. 7:23 pm 07/22/2022 Sara believes in Reincarnation, she is afraid of the "Devil". Opus Dei doesn't even believe in Reincarnation and secretly worships the number 666 and the Fantasy-God Satan, so the Catholic Church is a Lie. Lie down, you deserve to fall off your  Puta de Merda! Falls! Die at once by  all! Dies! You made Real Blood! Either you open the doors to everyone and include Truth like the Church of Norway, the Church of Sweden and the Church of Finland or you will have to fall with your fantasies. I'm going to have to marry the Prince of Israel in Tel Aviv just because of your fantasies, you Fucking Bitch! You were a Mother to me. Because of you, I'm alive. You protected me. You didn't let my mother abort me. Aunt Zezinha told me this story when she was in Opus Dei. I need to ask you, OPUS DEI... Is it true? Or is it all a lie? I decline your invitation. But answer me, otherwise.... 19:31 ELSE... 13:54 07/24/2022 IT'S NOT YOU WHO MAKES ME WARNINGS AND SEND MY FATHER TO TELL ME TO PUT MYSELF DOWN Ó_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_ SUA PUTA DE MERDA!  ENTREI EM TODOS OS TEUS CASAMENTOS-FANTASIA E OUVI  TODAS AS  TUAS MENTIRAS, CONHEÇO O TEU CÉREBRO LIKE NO ONE... ANSWER ME O YOU BITCH, OTHERWISE.... YOU CAN PUT ME TO WORK AS A  SLAVE IN THE VASCO SATURN CONCESSION... I KNOW IT WAS YOU WHO HAD IT_cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ GIVE YOU THE PRIVILEGES... BUT I KNOW VASCO SATURN'S DICK AND ASS BETTER THAN HIS GIRLFRIEND, LIKE I KNOW YOUR BRAIN LIKE NOBODY... ANSWER ME YOU BITCH, OTHERWISE... 13:58 07/24/2022 IT WAS WITH VASCO SATURN THAT I DID "INCUTTING INTERRUMPTED" IN A CHURCH IN SANTARÉM AT NIGHT. WHO GIVEN VASCO THE KEY WAS FATHER ANIBAL WHO SET UP A  HIDDEN CHAMBER. HOW OLD WAS I? I THINK HE WAS LESS THAN 16 YEARS OLD... VASCO WAS 16... WHAT NOW? I CHANGED HISTORY... I DRAWN XICO CASTELÃO OUT OF HISTORY, BECAUSE AN INVISIBLE HAND HAD TO EDIT HIS NICKNAMESTHE ALGORITHM OF LOVE... ANSWER ME, OPUS DEI... YOU HAVE TO ME  ANSWER WITHOUT ME ACCEPTING YOUR INVITATION, OTHERWISE.... -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ With Jupiter Editions.

Cena de Bastidores - Coca-Cola
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Theater recorded in real time at 12:17 pm on 07/24/2022 on Internet Program with the Episode "Jupiter Editions V Coca-Cola and Nestlé" published in New Disney. Multiple Voice by Raul Catulo Morais with All Reserved Rights With Jupiter Editions in Kanal Jupiter 24/07/2022.

A Masonic Love in the Freemasonry of the Devils- Chapter 6 - 1st Part of the Forbidden Book (19 pages)

A Masonic Love in the Freemasonry of the Devils- Chapter 6 and 7 - 2nd Part of the Forbidden Book (45 pages)

Limpar os dados dos Ciganos
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Falar da Beleza dos Ciganos
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The set of two recordings "Cleaning the data of the Gypsies" and "Talking about the Beauty of the Gypsies" belong to the theme "In Defense of the Gypsies" theme of the Jupiter Agenda to open in the Inclusion Program of Kanal Jupiter. The recording "Clearing the Gypsies' Data" is an important audio reference that is connected to chapters 8 and 9 - 3rd part ofForbidden Book: A Masonic Love in a Freemasonry of the Devilsand that intends to make an invisible triangulation withThe Algorithm of Loveand with another book. The audio "Clearing data from the gypsies" was recorded in real time in front of the room where Raul Catulo Morais sat down "for the first time ao  computer" and started writing the 9 books at the same time under his first 9 pseudonyms, in the Land of Hot Air Balloons on 07/30/2022. The audio "Falar da Beleza dos Ciganos" was recorded in real time at the Miradoiro da Montanha Jupiter on 8/2/2022. Raul Catulo Morais regrets his aggressive tone in the audio "Clearing data from Ciganos" apology to Member Readers. However, the Masonry Program itself serves to make the type of report and recording of voice and writing, thus leaving "the aggressive tone" published.  Publicado in Masonry in Kanal Jupiter at 9:36 pm on 03/08/22 Raul Catulo Morais With All Reserved Rights with Jupiter Editions.

Teatro Maçónico de Sobrevivência
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Masonic Survival Theater - «We only have 66€ until the end of the month, mom!» recorded in real time at 8:22 pm on 8/3/2022 Multiple voice by Raul Catulo Morais with fantasy interpretation of the character Lígia Bayamonde d'The Algorithm of Love(preparation for opening telenovela on Jupiter Editions) with All Reserved Rights With Jupiter Editions in Kanal Jupiter 24/07/2022.

Rute Júlia e Catarina Champalimaud
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Masonic Survival Theater - «Rute Júlia and Catarina Champalimaud» recorded in real time at 8:39 pm on 03/08/2022 Multiple voice by Raul Catulo Morais with fantasy interpretation of the characters Lígia Bayamonde d'The Algorithm of Love and the new characters Rute Júlia, Vasco Saturn and Catarina Champalimaud who, thanks to Masonic pressure, managed to enter theThe Algorithm of LoveinInternet of Things  (preparation for opening telenovela on Jupiter Editions) with All Reserved Rights With Jupiter Editions in Kanal Jupiter 24/07/2022.

Mãos à Obra
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Masonic Theater - Hands to Work!» recorded in real time at 9:19 pm on 08/08/2022 Multiple voice by Raul Catulo Morais with fantasy interpretation of the character Lígia Bayamonde d'The Algorithm of Love Raul Catulo Morais with All Reserved Rights With Jupiter Editions in Kanal Jupiter 07/24/2022.

§ What did they do to her? §

§ They sewed up his mouth. But they didn't blind him or take the ballpoint pen out of his hands. He was allowed to write. He can  write, he can do theaters and he can make films. He was chosen by them. He can even go against the Order of Physicians, the most powerful Order. It has already been against the Order of Psychologists. The presidents hear him, but do not respond. They cannot attack you. These are the Masonic Rules of the Game. He knows the rules without seeing. The Masonic Rules of the Game were installed in his Masonic head. He has "The Chip". §

§ Because he? §

§ Because he has inscribed the Magic Number of Life in Blood, Genes and Spirit. He has never read the required books nor has he ever seen the required movies. Therefore, it does not have the "references" in the head of the Fantasy-Church of the Fantasy-God. That is why he was chosen for the Program. He lives like Alice in "Wonderland", because he never read Alice's book.  In Mata-Lobos withThe Algorithm of Loveat the headboard he opened a drawer and saw the Alice in Wonderland book with the cover of the cat with the mouth sewn on. He saw DK's image on the cover. The cat's expression reminded him of DK. He opened the book  to a random page and read a bit and closed the book. On the same day, DK arrived with the book ofPsychiatric Mental State Examinationby Paula Trzepacz and Robert Baker and he blundered as usual like a blind man's buff on the exact page where he was talking about the Alice in Wonderland book... There's always aInternet of Thingsgiving in his life, because of the chip. After he closed the book, he  told DK that he had found a quicker way to get the Psychiatry and Medical Investigation degree by skipping the difficult Medicine Course, so he could sit next to him at work: 3 years at Egas Moniz + 2 years at Católica in Porto. He did the math and said that at age 40 he would be a psychiatrist like him and that he would go hand in hand with him to the hospital... But he didn't like the idea and said that he didn't agree and that he was going to "order" the courses to close, because that " it couldn't be like that"... There are doctors who say that you don't need a Medical Course to become a psychiatrist and that there should be an Independent School of Psychiatry... OR sees this school and wants to open it in Portugal... But who is in charge and who decides this type of demonic-creation and separation of Schools of Demons is the Order of Doctors. In the Ordem dos Médicos there is a wing that agrees with the DK, but there is another wing that agrees with the R... The disagreement has to do with a "small" doctrinal divergence of religions... The Pre-Program shows an Arbiter- Judge-Psychiatrist-Writer, but for that you need a whole set of Forces and a Favorable Environment. Failing that, he himself abandons the Program and attacks the Pre-Program and Program algorithms and programmers. He knows that the algorithms and programmers of the Pre-Program are different from the Program.   They  are still testing his Spirit. But the Program says that the tests should have already ended, under penalty of harming his own Spiritualism and Masonism... But he continues to be tested. §

§ But why? §

§ Because they want it. §  Monstro Katullo Di Verona 08/14/20802:33 pm

Outra Versão d'O Algoritmo do Amor
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Masonic Theater - Another Version ofThe Algorithm of Loveor another truth-lie? (straight version) » recorded in real time at 8:04 am on 20/08/2022 Multiple voice of Raul Catulo Morais with fantasy interpretation of the semi-real character of Raul's father. Raul Catulo Morais with All Reserved Rights With Jupiter Editions in Kanal Jupiter  & Masons Diary on 08/21/2022.

»The Russians put a bomb in my car. I parked in Águas to blow up the Social Capital of Águas and activate the City Fire Hydrants. I wonder why the lady who has the Glutton vacuum cleaner vacuuming the Calçada Portuguesa on Rua do Poeta de Santarém is receiving the minimum wage? I wonder why   the pretty gardeners at Rotunda do Forcado next to the Rotunda of the Rotary Club on the East Side are getting the minimum wage? I wonder why the Cute Boy who goes like a Prince in the Place of the Dead in the Tank-de-Guerra das Águas still hasn't died in the game with the unbearable income of €666 that he's paying just with the shitty minimum wage that Madam Câmara  Municipal is paying via  from the Lady Company Municipal  das Águas? Wastewater Treatment Plant and is always  sitting in the Place of the Dead as if he were an Undead in the Tank-of-War of the Waters. I want to drive the Tank. I want to be the Prince's Driver. If the City Council is not capable of allocating 6 million to Jupiter Editions, at least it pays the Carta de Pesados so that I can write a Mafioso novel with the Prince at the Mafiosa das Águas Company. Foreigners have  to know that the streets and roundabouts are beautiful because of them and that they are only getting the minimum wage. The Sewer Network is  connected to Taxi Network 66 and Security Network Number Six Ô Five. Foreigners know the  Taxi Network as they know the Santarém Sewerage Network. How do foreign  know the Rede  of Santarém Sewers and the people from Escalita do not? How is it that foreigners know where the Jupiter Mountain, the Caminhos dos Mochos  and the Idyllic Garden in Santarém are located, but  the escalibitanos do not? How do foreigners know from the Novela Camarária that the Câmara Municipal das Águas is asking for funds from the European Union and diverting them to other purposes? Why are 6 Guards from the Royal Guard secretly translating the Jupiter Editions City Novel inside Buckingham Palace? What network connects Londres  to Santarém? Network 666? Why did BAYSIXTY6 DO SKATEPARK Skaters from London send a shot at the same time as Raul to the sign for Financial Support from the European Union Cohesion Fund with the Portugal 2020 Program? WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING???? »It's just that suddenly there's gold in the WWTP's... There's a Tourism in the WWTP's worth 66 jupits. The visit to the WWTP's entered the Jupiter Agenda as Sanitary Landfills entered, because there is gold in the garbage... There is a Treasury of 6 million in the garbage...« Message from Raul sent to Jupiter on 08/19/2022 at 10:09 am

»The City Council wanted to put a  lifeguard to work on a  WWTP with a mop and a VILEDA bucket. There is a Fossa that smells very bad in the swimming pools of Santarém and that has to be closed. Whoever opened it stinks from the mouth. It has 3 rotten teeth. There are lifeguards working in hotel pools and beaches with a VILEDA mop in hand and taking the garbage to the "Masonic containers"... Even Commander José Luís from the Navy who knows about the Volkswagen Amaroks Partnership with the Maritime Authority who knows about the Intrigue of Trash and Mops, they know who the lifeguards are who have a mop from VILEDA and a brush from ROCA at the lookout post to clean the dirty floor and the shit from the mystery shoppers... It's not the Hotel's fault... It's the Orca Dolphin Association's fault that entered and sat in the Hotel. The Association has to leave the Hotel, because the lifeguards are only receiving €900 at the hotel and on top of that they have to take their lunchbox... They are not entitled to eat in the hotel's "luxurious" restaurant. Foreigners get silly when they hear about it! The restaurant's coffee sucks! It's the worst coffee in Ribatejo! In Rede 666 the hotel is being criticized because of the restaurant and the cafe. Foreigners need to know that the cafe has nothing to do with the hotel, because the restaurant and cafe are a concession. The foreigners from Jupiter on the 666 Network want to expel the Taberna from the Hotel, because the Taberna pays its employees poorly  and because it has installed shitty camcorders all over the Taberna sending customers as data to the Market Data Black. If the Taberna doesn't pay its employees properly  and doesn't uninstall the cameras, it will only be left with flies. There are flies in the Tavern. I love flies! But I'm not the King of the Flies! It's not me, Balial! I'm just a Messenger from Balial.« 666.666.666.7.8.03h38.22/08/2022 Monstro Katullo di Verona

»Foreigners from Jupiter want a Vegan Tavern or a NO RED MEAT Tavern in the luxury hotel. And I want to be a hotel receptionist,  because I like the management of the hotel. I don't like either the Association or the Tavern in the hotel. I'm like them, I'm like aliens from Jupiter. I am a foreigner in my own city. I am a "house guest" of my city's hotel. As a customer, I write what I write. I know what I'm writing. I know what I have to write.« Message from Raul sent to Jupiter at 3:45 am on 22/08/2022

Photo Game incorporated in theForbidden Bookis atInternet of ThingswithThe Magic of Algorithms and theInvisible Brain Chipfrom Raul

»I've entered all the places I needed to. I've seen what I needed to see. I was and am a chameleon. I have chameleon skin. I crawled through it with the snakes. I'm not a snake. I include snakes like crocodiles in my diet. I am PREDATORY AND HUNGRY for snakes and crocodiles. They are white meat. I eat white meat. Snakes and crocodiles taste like chicken! I include them in my diet for this reason. I protect turtles and turtle eggs by eating crocodiles and crocodile eggs. I'm a chameleon. I swallow snakes. But snakes cannot swallow me. I'm a poisonous chameleon. It is my own  venom that protects me from snake venom.« Message from Raul to Jupiter at 8:37 pm on 8/19/2022

»I entered the racist, xenophobic and homophobic houses that finance Ventura's pig and goat. I went in with my chameleon skin. The parents said they were homophobic, but they wanted me to sleep with their younger children. I know and know how Procedural Law works. I didn't call the PSP or the GNR. I called the PJ, because I know the leaders and I know how the commands and police stations work in Portugal.  In the beds where they wanted to handcuff me, the police stations themselves had loaned the handcuffs to their children . The   handcuffs are the same as the Maritime Police handcuffs. The Police know as much as the Navy knows... The same shit is also done in the Navy.« Message from Raul to Jupiter at 8:41 pm on 08/19/2022 »That's why I play the Naval Battle Game and command tiros  to the PSP police station in Santarém, the PSP police station in Amadora, the GNR police station in Vila Nova, the GNR police station in Villa dos Piratas, the Maritime Police in Ilha dos Piratas, the Police Maritima of Loulé and Vale de Lobo, the GNR of Faro and Quinta do Lago, the Maritime Police of Porto Santo, Commander José da Marinha and the Captain of the Port of Porto Santo. Afonso Côrte-Real was transferred to the Santarém police station, passing through the Waiting List for 20 years and he hurt my Parking Ticket as if it were Uncle Vasco Bayamonde who hurt it, to shut me up. But I don't shut up just because I got a Parking Ticket. Afonso Côrte-Real appeared on the surveillance cameras of the Zoo with his uniform on, contesting like a monkey with the young followers of Ventura and Elon Musk and was transferred to Santarém. Because he hurt my fine, he was sent with me to the Work to hold the Work. They stripped him of his uniform. Came with me to   undercover for the works. If we go up to the 6th floor  of the building I will have  follow the script and take his pistol and shoot the police station. Even if he uses his dick to send the shot. The bikers from Ilha dos Piratas also entered the works with us. They too have shots to send.« Message from Raul to Jupiter at 4:34 am on 22/08/2022

»There's a surgeon from Egas Moniz who wants to sew up my mouth and there's a cousin of mine who loves corpses and if the surgery goes wrong, he's deserted to see my corpse there at Egas Moniz.« Message from Raul to Jupiter at 23:41 in 08/19/2022

Crucifiquem-me (Last Message)
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