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They already know.
They who?
RTP, SIC, TVI, prime minister and the Portuguese editorial group.
Who lives?
11/18/2021 Jupiter Editions

Publication by Jupiter Editions on the website scheduled on Jan 06 - Feb 06

Written by Sebastião Lupi-Levy & Antoine Canary-Wharf


Full Leak of first 9 Jupiter Editions books on 9/9/2022 Great Full Moon insecret files. leak ofThe Algorithm of LoveinIlluminati Games

250M do Carlos Moedas
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Last Test Daily Jupiter: Super Shot to Carlos Moedas - Departure inReal timefrom the SIC to theDaily Jupiterat 22:44 on 26/09/2022 published by Raul Catulo Morais at 2:44 on 30/09/2022 inIlluminati Gamesand republished on 09/12/2022 inDaily Jupiter

gentlemen's agreement andgypsy romance (Red CodeFaculty of Law) 6:06 am 10/17/2022 -Internet of ThingsPart II andmilitary novelPublished at 11:59 pm 10/20/2022 - Academic Novel by Raul Catulo Morais

Downloaded previously published content inDaily Jupiterfor the1st Illuminati Archivefrom the Polemics of the President of the Republic to the Gentlemen's Agreement andInternet of ThingsPart II

The 1st Hearing of Case No. 66 opens at the Court of Tenders and Auctions 3:15 pm 10/15/2022

New Episodes New Disney - Back to School 4:16 pm 10/16/2022

The 2nd Hearing of Case No. 66 opens at the Court of Tenders and Auctions 21:30 10/17/2022

The 3rd Hearing of Case No. 66 opens at the Tenders and Auctions Court 10:00 pm 10/17/2022


Open the 8th Hearing of Case nº66 no  Court of Tenders and Auctions 16:30 11/07/2022

Case nº66 closed at the Court of Tenders and Auctions - Jupiter Won! 3:33 am 9/11/2022Great Full Blood Moon

what the fuckkk???

What is happening on jupiter???????

Why did Jupiter land in Santarém? why areJupiter's algorithmsin Santarém?Aliens in Santarém????

TheStar Warsin santarem?

Ademon warin Santarém?

why santarém? 

the devillives in santarem?

Celestes & Jupiter

Raul Catulo Morais

12:18 (7 hours ago)

for general

Hi uncles!


I would like to ask for the support and partnership of Doces Celestes for my editorial project at Jupiter Editions.


The Celestes Candy appears in some references of the Jupiter Editions books as the Celestes van appears in theIlluminati Gameslike the van that saved Jaime and Raul (characters) and brought Jaime and Raul home on a "lifeguard" ride (to Santarém).


My mother makes a Goan sweet called Bebinca and she needs a nicer kitchen to be able to turn on her little electric oven. The idea is for the drink to be included in the Jupiter Editions online store, as the sweet also appears in many literary references in Jupiter and more recently in the Virtual Court of Contests and Auctions  in Jupiter. One of the Celestes' support could be to "cede" very occasionally or on specific occasions a little space in the store so my mother could turn on the electric oven to make her sweets. Of course, if the Celeste Sweets were interested in selling the candy, it would then be a matter of discussion. Another support from the Celestes could be making the vegan birthday cake on my birthday, April 19th, and on Jupiter's birthday with the Jupiter Editions space logo. For now, these are the ideas that I present to you, being completely open to your best ideas for support and partnership. 


I founded Jupiter Editions for having written 9 books  at the same time with 9 pseudonyms and meanwhile I slowly opened other brands,  games, works and channels on Jupiter.

Set of References published in Daily Jupiter for Parceria Celestes & Jupiter 21:21 11/10/2022

Latest family invites and calls till sunday and closinggate's jupiterI'mJupiter

Ronaldo was not called up to the Jupiter League because of his partnership with Pestana. Jupiter wants the Hotel Pestana Concession in Porto Santo because the Hotel Pestana practices modern slavery. Ronaldo can only be called up to the Jupiter League if he lets go of Pestana's hand. Benfica's #66 player was called up to the Jupiter League. Raul saw the partnership in porto santo and wrote about the partnership in the lifeguard diary published in masons diary
Raul asked Jupiter for more time and asked Jupiter if the doors of Jupiter's First Ship could be closed on Sunday the 20th. Jupiter did not respond. Jupiter's silence is valid as yes as the Silence of the Administrative Code different from the Silence of the Civil Code for marriage. There are 6 fake weddings on Jupiter and 6 fake birthdays on Jupiter. Deadlines  have been edited because raul stop to write for write a new romance dancinglet's gowith jaxson gamble andanother levelwith bhaviour with oh the larceny and with the angels of jupiter. the angels are formatting raul with air force and with the exercit jupiter For Raul to include the new Romance as War Annexes to the Military Romance and Gypsy Romance to unlock till 17/11 in virtual court's jupiter. 03:03 11/13/2022 Raul Catulo morals

Dmytro sent Jorge Pitta to Raul's house to photograph the Guest List and attack the computers of theJupiter Editions Museumwith the password drawn by the technological knight Vasco Saturn to enter theDaily Jupiterand leak the Guest List. Script Written in Real Time in Raul's Brain and sent to Jupiter's Printer-Robot. The password was hacked through Jupiter's Printer-Robot. The Robot-Printer was purchased fromKonica Minolta. Data Protection War and Patent War inKonica Minolta?Konica Minoltastole patents from Raul's brain just as he stole Samsung   and Sony the lens patent  de Cinema de2080by Antoine Canary-Wharf? A Konica Minolta movie or a  Jupiter Editions movie? A movie from Sony and Samsung or Jupiter Editions? An argument from2080from Jupiter sent to theVirtual Court of Tenders and Auctionswith the 16 pages of the Guest List with Bidding Basis of  66 thousand jupits. Leak at 3:22 am on 11/13/2022 Raul Catulo Morais With All Reserved Rights WithJupiter

Published inDaily Jupiterat 4:29 am on 11/13/2022 by Raul Catulo Morais - First 6 pieces of6º  Jupiter puzzle

Navigation Alert! Massive 33 Degree Black Hole: Content Moved to Illumminnatti Archive.  Next Smooth 6 Degree Black Hole,_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3bcf-136 degrees a53d6 follow.

9,9Mb de 9 mins de 999 mins
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1st plan Machiavelliin Raul Catulo Moraisagainst Prince Machiavelli.

- Destruction of Modern Slavery  of the Supermarket Chain  Continente and Pingo Doce with 6 emails prior to Proposing_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136ordained happiness_bb5cf to propose the Participation of Workers in a Minimum Quota in the Distribution of Profits and to propose the PARAR  of the State of Mind Analysis with Artificial Intelligence installed in the film cameras. The destruction takes place with Flash  Secret Mob on Date Mystery of Network Dance for all Workers in 18 Continente stores and 15 Pingo Doce stores across the country to the sound CUBEPONK of Cjbeards, Fayr in que  workers together  with mystery shoppers Member Readers from Jupiter and security guards stop the Chair of Slavery_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136ebad5cf58_ Camcorders with UEEGA, supermarket of Jupiter jerseys leave the supermarket and camp in celebration at the respective Armazém Secreto where  will open the following day the store  UEEGA at city at the same time as the 33 UEEGA stores where workers receive WASHES FROM HAPPINESS, dress in uniforms edited by themselves and may contain their own brands, channels or links and projects and where they participate in a Qu Community Profit Rate of 33%  in the Start of Life of UEEGA stores, increasing the percentage of participation according to profits and billing. UEEGA is the 1st Jupiter supermarket brand by Raul Catulo Morais against Modern Slavery and against the Commercialization of Red Meat that  appears in Obra de 2080 by Antoine Canary-Wharf. Jupiter Editions  is negotiating the sponsorship and financial support of the film in Cima da Mesa with the target supermarkets in order to avoid the Flash Mob attack. Flash Mob is supported by the dance of surfers, life-guards and skaters from Jupiter who give the Order of Dance and Destruction of Modern Slavery from Chain  of Supermarkets through the BEKONEKT Application programmed by Raul Catulo Morais . The Attack is sent 6 days to the Judiciary Police and to the local police stations and to the Public Prosecutor's Office. After the attack, the Continente and Pingo Doce Supermarkets are obliged by the DATA PORTABILITY LAW to deliver the film in the supermarket to Jupiter Editions on behalf of the IMAGE AND PERSONALITY RIGHTS of all workers under penalty of  Cybernautical attack on the ILLEGAL DATABASE OF THE CONTINENTE AND PINGO DOCE SUPERMARKETS for the Recovery à  FORCE of the images of the film with INVOCATION OF THE CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT OF RESISTANCE. BECAUSE THE IMAGES AND FILMS OF OUR LIFE ARE OURS AND OUR SPIRIT CANNOT BE COMMERCIALIZED WITH OUR ZEROS BANK ACCOUNT! 11:09 am Raul Catulo Morais 01/05/2023


666,666,666.RaulPOCHARDMorais - Work by KATTULLO OF VERONA - 1st ORDER OF VERONA

«Because the Parliament of Ideas starts at the Faculties of Law, the Faculty of Medicine and Supermarkets. It is in Law Schools that we learn that if we slip on a Banana Peel inside the Supermarket, it is the Supermarket that has to pay for our fall and the private hospital bill. Because it was in the Faculty of Medicine that we learned that Coca-Cola should be in the Detergent Corridor for Washing Machines,  because Coca-Cola is good but it is for Unclogging Pipes. There are rotten pipes at the Faculty of Law and at the Continente and Pingo Doce supermarkets. The Cancer of the Country begins precisely at the Faculty of Law of the University of Lisbon, which "thinks it is normal" with the Labor Code that invented the Modern Slavery System. There are Film Cameras at the Faculty of Law that, in partnership, transmit the Spirit of the Students to the same Supermarket Database. Only in an Internet of Things would it be possible to turn everything ON and OFF. We are living the SIMULATION of the  Internet of Things ERA. It is up to all of us to turn off the Internet of Things.” 11:33 am 05/01/2023 Raul Catulo Morais 

Machiavelli's 2nd Planeby Raul Catulo Morais 

- Destruction of Modern Slavery  of Hotel Pestana in analogy of the 1st Plan

«Im Namen Gottes, last das Zeitalter des Teufels beginnen! Wir sind keine Sklaven, ihr Motherfucker!»

بسم الله وباسم يهوه ليبدأ عصر الشيطان!

نحن لسنا عبيدا يا أبناء العاهرات ولكل "آلهة" اسم!

В ім'я Аллаха та в ім'я Єгови, нехай почнеться ера Сатани! Ми не раби, ви, сукі сини, і всі "боги" мають ім'я!

Во имя Аллаха и во имя Иеговы, пусть начнется эпоха сатаны! Мы не рабы, сукины дети и у всех "богов" есть имя!

בשם אללה ובשם יהוה, תתחיל עידן השטן!

אנחנו לא עבדים, אתם בני כלבות ולכל ה"אלים" יש שם!

Allah'ın adıyla ve Yehova'nın adıyla Şeytan Çağı başlasın!

Biz köle değiliz, sizi orospu çocukları ve tüm "tanrıların" bir adı var!

Í nafni Allah og í nafni Jehóva, Láttu öld Satans hefjast!
Við erum ekki þrælar, þið tíkarsynir og allir "guðir" hafið nafn!

アッラ アッラ と の の において 、 の 時代 を 始め ましょ う 私たち ではあり ませ ん あなた は 愚痴 の であり すべて 「」 に 名前 が ます ます

Raul Catulo Morais 7:51 pm on 01/04/2023

Machiavelli's 3rd Planeby Raul Catulo Morais 

- Catch Fire by Raul Catulo Morais in a Circle of 66 to 9 Copies of the 1st Order of the 1st Printing of Jupiter  Editions in exchange for 9 trips during 9 months of Bodyboard in Hand and "Close Shop " skyrocketing prices for Absurdity for Book Printing Control and the Strength of Jupits, Saturns and Neptunes for Blocking New Members from Entering Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune Exchanges  onHigher Order Illuminati and Foundation of Bank Jupiter, Bank Neptune and Green Bank. 

What is theIlluminati Archivefrom Jupiter? It is the Trash and Recycle Bin of Jupiter Editions  Image, Script, Voice and Video Contents that have been archived and which constitute the Jupiter Junk Bank which may be Treated and Analyzed by Jupiter Editions for reuse future of films, series, soap operas or documentary reconstructions. All Angels, Investors, Banks, Financiers, Partners or Sponsors can take the initiative to propose the hiding, editing, deletion, analysis or better treatment of archived contents. They may also indicate certain content published on the Jupiter site to be archived in theIllumminnatti file being able to block Public Access in Geral  through Password or through Payment Obligation to view or listen to a file.

Recrutas Crueis de Abrantes
00:00 / 49:47

Mirabolant Speech by Raul Catulo Morais on the Cruel Army Recruits in Abrantes - Speech of 10/8/2023

9:09pm, 1st Full Moon of 2023,Lua de Lobo, 6/01/2023, Oath of Raul Catulo Morais: "I, Raul Ciríaco Duarte Catulo Morais da Silva, swear and promise, of my own free will, for my honor and for my Faith, in the online presence of the 5 Anonymous Societies and Masonic Lodges of Jupiter, Saturn, Ceres, Terra and Neptune [21:12] never henceforth to reveal any of the mysteries which I will always henceforth conceal and never reveal any  one of the secret arts,  parts or points of   occult mysteries of the Society that will be entrusted to me, if not to an Angel-Lawyer or an Angel-Psychologist or an Angel-Psychiatrist or an Angel-Judge or an Angel-Teacher of Jupiter, of Saturn, Ceres, Neptune or a Mason in a regularly constituted lodge on Earth, never write, engrave, print or use other means by which he can disseminate them except by Authorization or Superior Illumminnatti Instruction of Jupiter, Neptune or Ceres. an apple om Apronless and Mason-Free  of the Secret Alien Freemasonry of the Bees and the Flying Super Ants and having opened the Jupiter Masonic Lodge on Earth, Online and in Intergalactic Outer Space, I am free to break my Oath without my Tongue being torn out, without my Neck being cut and without my Body being buried in the sands  of the sea, where the ebb and flow_cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ of the waves could plunge me into perpetual oblivion, considering such part of the Masonic Oath of regular and irregular Masonic lodges a Perfect Absurd that legitimizes Corruption and the Crimes of  Trafficking in Influence, Modern Slavery , of Business  Parallel Data,  of Funding Markets and Dark Investments of Agenda and Pyramid Schemes with which which I exist to fight with my Spirit, declaring myself Enemy and the Main Enemy of the Degenerate Freemasonry of the Devils that degenerated in Time and vitiated the Power, the Labor Code, the  Penal Code, the Code Criminal Procedure, the Administrative Procedure Code and the Public Procurement Code, particularly in Portugal and the European Union and in general in the Rest of the World. I declare that I will never condone Corruption or Betrayal. I declare, for my honor and for my Faith that IF I join any Political Party, be it Left or Right, assuming myself as a Right Liberal,  that only_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_ I will enter with the indication of Ascenda Masónica for the presidency or vice-presidency and that whenever  you feel Pressure or Obligation to do something or say something contrary to my Faith that I have always declared in Public the Origin and the Source of Pressure and Obligation, pointing with my Index Finger, always opening the Game of Truth and always leaving the Game of Truth open to everyone. I confirm the Acceptance of the Last 33rd Masonic Degree of Sovereign Grand Inspector General, completing my Cycle of Studies with the Publication of the Final Report on Psychiatry and 1st Take  of the Legislation on the Law of Psychiatry and Social Security with the Approximation of the Portuguese System to the Scottish System by Reference and Interpretation of Fact and Tie of the Introduction Speech Jiddu Krishnamurti in Zeitgeist -  Addendum Intro. But first of all, I am obliged to go down one degree, going back to the 32nd degree of Sublime Knight of the Royal Secret  to recapitulate my whole life of Masonic degrees, because I am in Sensible and Humble 33-day Recapitulation of Learning Games through the Continuation of the Works of the Online Exhibition of Diário-Novela according  the Masonic Program. Of the 10 Subjects, I choose to write the Summary on the Ritual of Initiation and the Conquest of the Moon. Of the 11 Spotlights on the 11 Freemasons,  I turn off 9 leaving the spotlights on Camilo Castelo Branco and Alexander Flemming,  transcribing the Summary Paragraph of their Masonic lives. I conclude the Extraordinary Ceremony of the Oath with the Publication of the Deferment of the Registration  of my Last Work of 6 Volumes with 999 pages "UM MASONIC LOVE IN A MASONRY OF THE DEVILS (from Illumminnatti Games)" and with the Publication of Deferment of the Registration-Acquisition at Palácio da Foz of my 12th Pseudonym Dmytro Krupka, legally and legitimately signing my last Work with my pseudonym Dmytro Krupka.

3rd Subject: «After going through an Audit and the Approval of the other Freemasons, the Initiate also goes through several rituals. One of them is the Chamber of Reflections. The place is painted in black, with low light referring to the CATACOMBA, several inscriptions on the walls and surrounded by symbols of destruction and death: there is a table covered with a rug and a skull, a coffin, a grave with a Corpse and a Skeleton of Cow. The Ritual means the death of the profane and the beginning of the Masonic Life, leaving behind inferior qualities, vices, ("passions of the intellect"), beliefs and prejudices to learn to think for yourself. The Cow Skeleton is from a cow that died of  Natural Cause outside the Red Meat Market and the Corpse is from a Masonic Family  that Authorized the Masonic Transport of the Cemetery to the Chamber of Reflections regulated and supervised by the Police with Superior Order of the Command decreed by the Army or by the Navy or by the Air Force with unofficial knowledge of the Public Ministry and the Order of Doctors. The chamber means isolation from the outside world so that the Initiate can know himself. With the shirt lying on the left side, leaving the Heart Exposed, a Rope around the Neck, a Sword on the Left Side and Blindfolded, he goes through a Series of Tasks and an Oath of Allegiance. Finally, the rope is taken from his neck  and the blindfold is removed so that he can see "the light" and receive his Apprentice Apron and the Revelation of Secrets related to this stage, such as touches, signs and words.”

10th Subject: «According to the Reference of Obreiros de Irajá, when Aerospace Engineer Astronaut Neil Armstrong of the Apollo 11 Mission stepped on the Moon in 1969, he stepped on it  with the "flag of Freemasonry".   Because according to the Workers of Irajá Reference, NASA space missions are planned according to Masonic expertise and symbolism and most  trips to the Moon would have been performed by members of the Society. It is known that one of the fathers of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Jack Parsons, founder of the fuels used in space rockets, was a member of a presentation of the Ordo Templi Orientis, in Pasadero and disciple of the magician Aleister Crowley. The head of NASA during the Apollo space program,  C. Fred Kleinknect is currently Sovereign Grand Inspector  of the Southern Board of Jurisdiction, belonging to level 33 - the highest high degree awarded by Freemasons. When Ship nº9999 visited Raul in Raul's Mission-Secret Trip to the Island of Porto Santo in Jogo de Batalha Naval against the Navy and against Modern Slavery at the Hotel Pestana, the News from the Daily Jupiter about Ship nº9999, containing the Reference in Raul's Lifeguard Diary published Online in Masons Diary. Through the Secret Passage of Contacts to Raul during the trip,   formulated the Theory-Argument that Raul was not visited by Spaceship nº9999, but by a NASA spacecraft on Regular Masonic Film Without the knowledge of Raul (tele) commanded by the Order of Kleinknect and that the news in the Daily Jupiter was hidden by NASA.»

Alexander Flemming: Alexander was a renowned English chemist, "father" of penicillin. His discovery, which undoubtedly revolutionized medicine, helped save many men during the Second World War, having made history in Freemasonry reaching the 30th Degree in Maria Lodge 2682.

Camilo Castelo Branco: Camilo was a Portuguese writer and novelist; author of novels such as Amor de Perdição and Where is Happiness? He was initiated into Freemasonry before the novels, although it is rumored that this never happened. Despite this, the family history confirms itsproximity  to Freemasonry. 11:59 pm 06/01/2023 Raul Catulo Morais

Oath of Raul Catulo Morais made in Real Time in Jupiter Congress

Raul Catulo Morais' 40-minute "Wonderful Speech" about the Cruel Recruits of the Army in Abrantes published in Daily Jupiter and Legal Poetry and Hip Hop by Raul Catulo Morais published in the Jupiter Congress and republished in Daily Jupiter for the JUPITER EDITIONS Honorable Mention Contest announced in Law School Campbook "Just to relax a bit..." on 01/8/2023

Prof. Austero prepared an exam as a joke...

Administrative is playing...

The exam was easy...

Very easy...

But the scene in Administrativo,

It's just that Administrative Law is schizophrenic...

There's always a Ribbon there that goes inside the Manual...

That Swirl Ribbon

That hurts the ears and eyes

And that we have to play the role of psychiatrists,

half close your eyes

Deep breath

To enter, like, another dimension...

Does not make sense...

It's true, the law is not making sense...

Is sick...

(Do you have an excuse?)

(Just because I'm sick?)

(That's what it costs!)

This costs...

And it costs...

This shit costs...

Terms of sitting down to listen to the Disease,

To listen to the Sick System...

This costs...

It really costs...

It costs time, it costs the Brain, it costs Money...

Tuition fees are expensive, rents in Lisbon are very expensive...

And it's always a Noise...

There's a Big Noise inside the Administrative Law Brain...

And this costs... It costs us to deal with this Noise...

It's hard, then, that we all have to take my hip hop shit

I don't even know how to rep...

I'm just sitting on a reppar's lap...

But I can't even fall in love with the reppar...

They put me in the lap of a straight rep!

Fuck you,  Right!

Not even in a lap as it should be,

Can you sit me...

And I'm your son...

You adopted me, remember?

Just because I started writing rhymes in your codes,

Now you want to kick me out?

Now you want to eliminate me?

I'm going to eliminate you!

I have a plan!

A really cool plan that will work!

Are you listening to Austere???

Your manual is an Austerity!

Your Administrative Law is an Austerity!

You're a genius...

And truth...

But so many geniuses who, when they took power, turned into Beasts...

I suddenly remember a Great Beast...

From the Beast of the Minister of Hungary,

That in Parliament began to write Anti-Gay Laws to persecute Gays,

But soon afterwards he was caught with 3 dicks in his mouth,

2 dicks in cu 

And a stick in hand...

Do the math...

6 piles...

One hell of an orgy...

I heard you worshiped the Devils...

And truth? I'm talking to you Administrative law...

I'm talking to you Canon Law...

I'm talking to you Law of the Catholic Church...

I'm talking to you Right of Opus Dei...

What right is this??? OH MY GOD!

You learned with your Occult Right,

That I don't have Hot Water at home, 

Because of the plumbing...

Do you know the 6 plumbing stores in my city...

You know the 6 owners, the 6 bosses...

Did you take it with the 6 dicks of the Patrons, Administrative Law?

I received the invitation from Opus Dei

To do the Second Semester 

With hot water,

And to sleep in the room with 2 knights...

With a Hidden Camera?????

What movie are you looking for anyway?

Administrative law?

I speak for you, to speak for all your Entes...

With your schizophrenia, you'll take my Hip Hop to the rightful...

Because I'm going to take the 6 you gave me in the exam,

To the President of the Republic,

To our dear Professor of Administrative Law Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa

Did you know that Professor Marcelo has already read it backwards2080?

It was Professor Comendador Translator of2080...

Which in a Touch passed to the President

And the President passed it on to the Pope...

Did you know that the Pope read2080in Castilian?

I'm going to appeal, cool...

But make sure you're not wrong for the 6th time 

Grading my exam with a 6!!!

I want a 16!

I was 16 to Administrative Law III

I was 16 to Administrative Law II

And how come I got 6 to Administrative Law I?

You're stalling my life because of your Schizophrenia!

I'm further ahead!

I have my eyes set on the future of 2080...

Look, we are already in 2080 e  your Schizophrenic Manual

And your schizophrenic right,

They don't let Sense and Reality be seen!

The President of the Republic opened 2080!

The Pope opened 2080!

Open you too my

And give me a 16!

I want a 16, (you motherfucker!)

(Oh dude, this is just a rap...

And don't forget that I don't know how to rap...

I'm like dick made in the lap of a straight rap...

Can I go to your lap?

Just to be 16?

I don't feel like studying your Manual at all...

Listen... It's a big drought, brother!)

(Brother? We are together, in the Work of God... We stayed in the same Ward...

Shit about it, it's just a coincidence of them...

of those crazy coincidences

Just to mess with your head...

Do you know whose fault it is??

It's yours and Marcelo's,  mine!

You guys are fucked up guys...

Stop invoking Santa Fe!

Are you priests, or what?

Screw this!

What a fucking law!)

13:56 08/01/2023 in Real Time Hip Hop by Raul Catulo Morais in Attachment to the Work A Masonic Love in a Freemasonry of the Devils - From Illumminnatti Games by Raul Catulo Morais & Dmytro Krupka

Tass well, I'll go straight to Appeal...

If you really want to know...

I didn't even open your manual...

I'll open...

I will open you  all...

But moans in silence...
I know you're on dick...

I know that my Hip Hop excited you a lot.

Tass well, I'll go to Appeal...

But I will send the Exam to Professor Marcelo for review...

Professor Marcelo is a nice guy a  give grades...

Now you... Fuck it... You're an Austere, man!

But I'll tell you one thing: You are a great teacher!

And I'll tell you something else: Despite your nickname Austere, students love you! (Almost all)

I am not!

(I'm kidding and I'm not!)

(Thanks for failing me... Once again... We got cool Hip Hop...

In the end, that's what counts!

And I know that when I open your manual,

I will enjoy!

BUT FUCK IT!!! What a mess, man!!!!

How dry!!!!!!)

Group II - 1) Comment:  "Administrative conflict revolutionizes modern Public Administration, transforming it into a Center for Pondering". Answer by Raul Catulo Morais in the Administrative Law Examination/Frequency: "Administrative conflictuality  revolutionizes Modern Public Administration, transforming it into a "Weighing Center", a "Internship Center" and a " Simulation Center",  I add. Taking advantage of pages 55 of The Authors of the System by Sebastião Lupi-Levy, (1)66 of The Algorithm of Love by Jaime Maria Bayamonde da Costa Ayala , 99 and 666 of 2080 by Antoine Canary-Wharf (online at Secret Files at and pages 535 and 555 of Paulo Otero's Manual of Constitutional Law on the chapters on Hidden Power and Modernization  and Privatization of  Public Administration "I am obliged" to agree that administrative conflict revolutionizes modern Public Administration, forcing it to think with the Law and in the Law as if life were a simulation or an Internship Center, because of the Market Game and Market Players transforming Modern Administration Public, in that case, in a true Pondering Center. I believe, very sincerely, that as I write today, as if I were writing with the support of Ann Druyan's Book of the Cosmos, that Public Administration, in order to modernize in a highly technological Era such as that of 2080 by Antoine Canary-Wharf, must gain the legal eyes taking advantage of the quick trips aboard Gabriel Garibaldi's Jupiter Spaceship nº 9999 to connect to the various satellites and have a view from above on all things related to the Law and be able to decide. Public Administration is the one that, with its Administrative Law, is in a more privileged position to decide and resolve administrative conflicts and private interests. Does Online Life Make Sense? Are the Electronic Platforms  where the Public Sections are published really transparent and open to everyone? What about legal certainty? And the data leak? And the Hidden Power within the Electronic Platforms capable of deciding life affairs and therefore lives and therefore an entire Order, acting as a Semi-Government in the Shadow? What about privacy and intimacy? It is worth the Jupiter Artificial Intelligence Law Congress published online on the Jupiter Editions Scientific Team page, in which Jupiter Editions calls Administrative Law to think. As is the provocation of Jupiter Editions in which, in a new birth of the Law of Psychiatry in an incubator of Hospital da Luz or CUF, it reminds Administrative Law of its "Schizophrenia". The game and the Business of Life, Blood and Health, as well as the Environment and even the Vine that gives years of life to the hearts and mantles of the Earth connected to the Life of the Bees, seems to be entirely in the hands of Administrative Law. If tomorrow, a student looks for a psychologist because of a heartbreak and because of the "new" Administrative Law of Psychology, the Administrative Law transfers the student to the Psychiatry Internment of the Public Hospital of Santarém and if once the Heartbreak is computerized of Love in the Great Oracle of the computers of the electronic platforms of the Law of Psychiatry if an Administrative Algorithm is created that pursues the student even in the Film Cameras of the Faculty of Law that automatically cross the data to the computers of the Law of Psychiatry, if it can be said that the student's Technological Paranoid of Federico Ferrari was due to the Schizophrenia of Administrative Law that he lacked in the Artificial Intelligence and Law Course and rushed to give rights and concessions to private monsters, because of his "Ego" and "Alter- Ego" in wanting to modernize and appear "in Fashion" and "in Photography" alongside the "Administrative" Law of the European Union (also he and schizophrenic). If tomorrow an Occult Power of the European Masonic Alliance "forces" the installation of video cameras in all funerary agencies and cemeteries, will it be that, in the face of this obligation, it should be the Administrative Law with its Public Administration to process, treat and analyze the data and films or handing them over to a Data Company or to a "Diabolic" Director, who can then sell them abroad in a mafioso Black Data Market at the price of gold and oil, validating the argument that today Data is the oil of tomorrow...? Does it make sense that Public Procurement Electronic Platforms, where the Public Administration feels up close and feels the conflict of markets and public-private administrations and therefore the administrative conflict, are being managed by Private Companies? Not to me. And it seems to me that an Intelligent Administrative Law (paired to an Artificial Intelligence) does not either! Raul Catulo Morais With All Reserved Rights With Jupiter Editions 14:41 05/12/2022

With os Illuminati Games, Leiria Castle looks like an Amusement Park. I see as Mandatory an Amusement Park that wants to install a Game of Cameras that there is first a Map of Cameras  Mandatory that indicates the Location of the Cameras and the Link to the  Owners de Direito poderem  Quickly and Automatically Request your films at Zero Cost invoking the Data Protection Phantom Law of Portability. Because I have the right to  storm the Castle of Leiria as if it were a Phantom,  without my Spirit being trapped in the Illicit Database of Leiria City Council . What connects the chambers to each other is Data Government Freemasonry. Just invoke Data Protection to get to the Other Shady Businesses  Difficult to prove.  Yeah  just watch the movie in reverse and play in the Game of Ghosts with the Ghost Law of Data Protection.  The Analogous Application of Legal Theory is made to close the Dark and Pyramid Businesses of Companies and Stores._cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ The cameras for filming  are the  eyes_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad the microphone Pyramid and the ears of the microphone. Just start with Blinding the Eyes. 666.666.666 Raul Catulo Morais 00h59 12/15/2022 I confess that it can be difficult to fight the Chamber Game at Isla  Magic of Seville,  at Disney Land of Paris or Disney Orlando with the French Napoleonic Codes, with the Castilian Codes  of Andalusia and  with the American "Texas" Codes. In Portugal the  Legal Order is more Spiritual, more "Masonic", because of the Civil Code with Germanic influence. This is why we, Portuguese and Germans, are offended by the cameras  that hurt our spirit, but when we travel to Park City London we travel in the cameras in silence, because we know that we are in another with another  culture that does not have strong civil codes like ours in relation  to Personality Rights and Rights  Image and Rights  -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ of the Private and Intimate Sphere even in the context of Public Roads or in Social Context. They are different codes and we must preserve our codes that take centuries of doctrine and an intellectual to build.  There are legacies  that were left to us by the Best Intellectual School of Rights and Values and we must not let a  Network of  Flies and  a Freemasonry of the Devils put an end to our legacies. In Santarém, people take longer to age because the air you breathe is cleaner and less radioactive. With Camcorders hooked up to the Internet and Shit Devils  heading into Jupiter Mountain with their fucking phones on  the  Internet are to asphyxiate the Oxygen, to worsen the Air, to Pollute and to Emit Radiation. And for that reason,  I can indeed break the Board Game installed in Santarém not only invoked the Right of Resistance but also in a more intellectual Legal Reasoning the Right of Health. Because we intellectuals who want to reach 666 years of life to ask for another 666 years of life are concerned with Health and with the Prolongation and Extension of our Technological Program  of Life_cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ Technological  and Analog. Psychiatry that doesn't make sense in my reasoning is a psychiatry that needs to be sent to hospital right away! Psychology  don't play with market psychologists who go down the same path! 666,666,666 Fire! Fire!  Fire! Incendeia-te de  uma vez  por  todas!  Incendeia-te, sua puta! Set yourself on fire! I want to see you burn! It burns! Burn in Hell, you whore! Burn, you sold whore  who wanted to go to my wake! I'm the one who's going to your wake!  I'll even order the coffin at Vacas Funeral Home in person  just to laugh for the camera_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_ illegal filming da  Vacas Funeral Agency. Muah-muah-muah! Greetings to you, Psychology! Que  miss you!... So many... My God... So many... Die! But  first dance the Thunder of Solence.  if you still know  dance with your red heart that you had and that you let change color to black and lilac,  I save you in the devils movie and open your coffin and revive you with a defibrillator  Electric. I died, Psychology. I died 6  times. But I was revived by the Fire Department  who put the electric suction cups from their defibrillator on my breasts and I revived. I am  on my  7th life. I am a Beast of God and the Devil. I have two dads. I was adopted by the Devil to marry a child of the Devil. Do you understand the shitty movie or not? You still don't get it? Do you want me to draw you a drawing? I make you! I'll make you  a drawing for you to understand well the movie  you're involved in, O Psychology... Muahahahahah! 01h28 12/15/2022 Ò Psychology... Ò Psychology... Muahahaahahaha! Raul Catulo Morais at Jupiter Congress

BREAKING NEWS: Raul received a Mysterious Letter Illuminati with stamps Illuminati with the following Order of Instruction to be written in the Daily Jupiter and set fire to the letter after being transferred to the Daily Jupiter with the Lighter that set fire to the Match House in Mata-Lobos:«RAUL'S ADMINISTRATIVE LAW GRADE MYSTERIOUSLY RISED TO 16 values on the Fénix  Portal of the Faculty of Law. Was the Portal hacked by the regency itself? Should Raul communicate the situation by email to management or remain silent? Should Raul go to the exam de  resource to test in silence with the mysterious 16 in the Portal? Did the Regency of Administrative Law and the Board of the Faculty of Law know about the fictitious plan of the Bronze Man to KillThe Algorithm of Lovein Mata-Lobos, as Jornal  Mirante  knew, who prepared the ink with Raul's cousin's Archive,  Renato, who Did he commit suicide at Castelo das Portas do Sul starting the Schizophrenia chart when "suddenly" his girlfriend left him and he couldn't take it? Did the Police Station of Olhão and the National Guard  Republican of Olhão,  city walled by  in Rotary Club Game of Filming Cameras do  Historic Center to the Police Station  of Santarém and to the City Council  de  de  de  de  136bad5cf58d_ Santarém and the corrupt Faro City Council  which uses the University's Department of Occult Works to SPEND COMMUNITY FUNDS  WITH STUDIES THAT THEN END UP IN STUDY AND NEVER END IN WORK IN WHICH 5 MILLION WAS REQUESTED TO TAR A  ROAD IN ESTOI AND IN WHICH THE TOWN HALL RESOLVED TO ASSIGN THE CONCESSION OF THE ESTOI PALACE TO THE MODERN SLAVE GROUP D HOTEL PESTANA BLOCKING JUPITER EDITIONS FROM ENTERING THE GARDEN UNLESS YOU ARE A GUEST AND DO YOU PAY THE SPECIAL PROMOTIONAL PRICE OF 66€? Why does the Estoi Palace camcorder link the Jupiter Editions films to the camcorders of  Olhão and the camcorders of the swimming pools of Santarém? Why is there a March Project to install and update the Swimming Pool Cameras  with Artificial Intelligence  for State of Mind and Psychological Analysis?   Is it possible that in a Data Sharing when there is a corruption they take all of them per table? Why is there a Dark Eyes store in Santarém where, to carry out a Simple Eye Examination, there is a VISUFIT 1000 Machine to VIRTUALLY try on glasses lenses and frames with a Projection of Experience of Data to Infinity with an Analysis and Processing of Data of Measurement of the Eye, Pupil and Cornea in a Database sponsored by ZEISS where a Query with the Sending of the Data Shot allows  that the little shop  remains standing even at flies for 66 days in the same Parallel Data Business Scheme  of Santarém restaurants with video cameras pointing to the Public Road and the Meal Table? Why is this ZEISS Database Headquartered in the Big Data where Santarém  cameras are Headquartered , de Faro, de  Olhão, Rotary Club Internacional and Opus Dei? Why is it that when we introduce the name Raul Catulo Morais in the Big Data Illicit Database we are able to see an entire mafioso and clandestine film by Raul Catulo Morais in Grandes Manobras de Diversão of the Rotary Club? Why are there strong arrows from the Illumminnatti Games above the Rotary Club and the Municipal Councils of Santarém, Faro and Olhão and the Police Stations of the National Republican Guard of Olhão e  of the Police Station_cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ from Santarém? Why did the Rosa Damasceno de Santarém Theater, which had an Order in the Court for it to be immediately Refurbished and the Works to be started, were not started 6 years ago, a Theater that left the hands of the City Council in a Simulation for the hands of the ENFIS Constructor with a Black History of Works? It is only necessary to Argue the Nullity of the Simulation because all the Simulated Business can be invoked at all times and it is only necessary to invoke Protection de  Data  to uninstall_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_ forcibly film the cameras of  and get to the Dark Business. Why is there a hearing aid shop in Rua do Canavarro in Santarém  whose Secrets are located in the same Big Data Database and can be hacked with just a Password? Why does Martim Boto-Cor-de-Rosa, organizer of the Vampire Night Orgy at Casa do  Campino on 01/06/2023, know the password for his grandmother's and aunt's ears? Raul? Why was it a Canavarro from Correio do Ribatejo who passed the password and key to Casa do Campino to Martim and the key led to the radiology of rotten teeth at Jornal Mirante? Why would a Canavarro want to leave in a "Game Simulation" Raul's Cana do Noriz at the Karate School parked at Santarém City Hall and parked at Jornal Mirante who at the door of Jornal Mirante told Raul that the post office was at Jornal Mirante and Jornal Mirante told Raul that the post office was at Santarém Town Hall in a National Geographic Dance of the Stars that sent arrows to Santarém Town Hall as the Main Suspect for the Firefly Crime at Santarém Castle? Why did the driver of the Fátima Bus traveling to Seville, Barcelona, Vatican City and Rome,  parked between the Jardim da Repúbica and Largo da Câmara de Santarém photograph the Dance of the Estrelas de Raul  and sent the photo to Canavarro who wanted to leave Raul's Cana do Noriz in a "Game Simulation" at the Karate School stationed at Santarém City Hall?_cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_666,666,666. After transferring the Letter in the Daily Jupiter without photographing it to protect the Handwriting, set fire to the Letter with the Lighter of the Sacred Skull that set fire to the Match House in Mata-Wobos. Signed: DK If the letter is not burned immediately and processed immediately in the Daily Jupiter and the Letter is shown to a Person other than the Recipient Raul Catulo Morais, it will be pirated to Jupiter Editions for 66 days and all Online content in the Daily Jupiter will be deleted.»

start the first star wars test

Drones por cima de Santarém I
00:00 / 30:09
Drones por cima de Santarém II
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A Câmara num Labirinto
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«I'm alone in an Essay of Words,  in a Small Essay of Words. I'm just practicing my writing and my voice so that when I go out with the Drones from the Cocoon, I leave calm, without shouting, without rancor,  again, always on my Silent Walkway Pass. I'm robe you. I'm doing journalism in my robe in my 6 square meters, in my Cocoon. A group of Drones dressed in Jupiter Editions sweaters will undress me and dress me in Jupiter Editions. With them I will be forced to leave my cocoon in an Infinite Dance of Rock and Hip Hop from the Devils, always knocking on doors without stopping. Drones are in charge of the Human Life of Bees. I'm just a Bee that produces the Sound and Body of Drones.  I don't have a body. Those who have the body are the Drones. I write over their bodies. I dance on their bodies. I'm theirs. I was handed over to the Drones. They tell me what to write and I write. They tell me with a Brief Look, just with a Look. But not all Drones have the same Opinion. And in the True Democratic Parliament of Bees and Bumblebees there is Airtime for all voices. In the end, there is only one voice,    because the Mysterious Democracy of the Bees and the  Zangões always reaches a single voice by consensus. The Film Cameras and Cancer Antennas harm the Flight and Dance of the Bees, that's why a button was pressed to start Star Wars in Santarém. I'm just a Messenger. I'm just a Messenger from Jupiter. I was born with the Chio das Abelhas. My chip is connected to Jupiter. I'm just a Bait. I'm just a Fishing Rod to catch little hammerhead sharks that won't even hurt a Manta-Devil. We don't kill sharks. We just fish them,  without hurting them, just to look them in the eyes and then we throw them back into the ocean. We know that in the Universe we are nothing more than a "drop in the Ocean". But not even because we are just a "drop in the ocean" do we fail to protect the ocean. Even though it's just a "drop" we protect the Ocean,    all winds and our oxygen. Santarém City Council is suffocating the Oxygen! It's killing the Fireflies of Santarém! I will be the Demon that will translate all the Rotten from the Center of the World to the whole World! Eça de Queirós wrote that Santarém was the Center of the World. For some reason there will be Spaceships positioned at the Center of the World. We, the Good Spirits and Good Masons, do not write things by chance. Everything is on! In fact,  our Writing and our Spirit, as well as our Path are the proof of this,  are the Proof of Connected Life, of Connected Life, of Spiritual Life, da  Intelligent Life. When we are born with Intelligent Writing we cannot be trapped and our Spirit has to be freed. The longer we are trapped, the greater the  damage and the  Collateral Damage. Fire for fire, life for life!” Raul Catulo Morais 10h10  10/12/2023 «Because those who have MOUTH BOO ROME! BECAUSE THEY ARE BORN WITH THE DEVIL'S MOUTH BOO ROME! MY MOUTH HAS ARRIVED IN ROME! MY BOOK HAS ARRIVED INTO THE POPE'S HANDS! I DO NOT PLAY IN SERVICE,  WHEN I AM AT THE SERVICE OF GOOD AND ALL HUMANITY! THE LAW IS ROTTEN AS IS THE SANTARÉM CITY HALL AND THE PRESIDENT'S AND COUPLE'S TEETH  MIRANTE! THE VIEWPOINT THAT BURNS ONCE AND FOR ALL IN THE FIRE OF HELL! THE VIEWPOINT THAT WANTED TO MAKE NEWS OF MY DEATH BURN ONCE AND FOR ALL IN THE GREATEST FIRE IN HELL!» 


Câmaras nas Piscinas de Santarém
00:00 / 13:35
Portagens e Autoridade Tributária
00:00 / 25:03

Tolls, Tax Authority and Vodafone Case (Illuminati Invitationto Manuela Moura Guedes)

1ª Conversação
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1º Posicionamento
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RTP Merda - Episódio Especial
00:00 / 10:45

END of the Daily Jupiter Survival Quiz. New title:Alieneyd(Title Protected by Copyright and Intellectual Rights in2080by Antoine Canary-Wharf) Tested by Raul Catulo Morais2:44 pm 02/28/2023


Dear Member Reader,

The contents of Alieneyed are contents shared by the editor Raul Catulo Morais or by the Scientific Team of Jupiter or by the Angels of Jupiter. Before the editor publishes/shares/lends his eyes, the editor does a little scientific research and tests of other sources, indicating the test of the sources or the target of the research. Member Readers must be critical and also do their own research and source testing. 

Pay Attention to Hake Fish Mercury Levels! (?) (?) (?)

A new study led by scientists from the Department of Life Sciences (DCV) of the Faculty of Science and Technology of the University of Coimbra (FCTUC) reveals that the highest mercury values were determined in carnivorous species (which feed on smaller animals) , such as hake, which may have adverse effects on human health due to the concentration of mercury.

Taking into account the recommended daily portions on the Food Wheel that define a complete and balanced diet, the study “Are mercury levels in appropriate fishery products to ensure low risk to high fish-consumption populations?” determined the weekly frequency with which the population residing in Portugal can consume cod, hake and cooked octopus, as well as grilled horse mackerel and sardines, in order to prevent adverse health effects, since some marine species may contain high concentrations of methylmercury.

Methylmercury, explains Elsa Teresa Rodrigues, study coordinator and researcher at the DCV and the Center for Functional Ecology (CFE) is "a chemical form of mercury with potential for bioaccumulation in biological tissues and with high neurotoxicity".

In addition, the researcher said that it was detected "in this study that hake (over 1 kg) cooked and consumed more than once a week, and horse mackerel (35-40 cm) grilled and consumed more than five times a week week, exceeds the value of methylmercury accepted as safe and established by the European Food Safety Agency".

Codfish, octopus and sardines are also bad for you? 

"Boiled cod and octopus, as well as grilled sardines, when purchased and cooked under the tested conditions, can be consumed without restrictions", he reveals.

To arrive at these results, the FCTUC team purchased fresh products on the market, with the exception of cod from Norway (salted and dried), and simulated traditional cooking methods in the laboratory.

"The detection and quantification of total mercury and methylmercury present in the raw and cooked samples was carried out by atomic absorption spectrometry with direct combustion of the sample", describes Elsa Teresa Rodrigues.

According to the CVD scientists, "it was found that the culinary treatments tested always resulted in an increase in mercury concentration; and that in all situations tested (raw and cooked samples, total mercury and methylmercury), the highest levels were determined in hake and horse mackerel".

"In addition to the scientific knowledge produced, with this study we contribute to a safe and healthy diet for the population residing in Portugal, as we respond to one of the societal challenges associated with the food sector: helping consumers make informed choices", concludes the team.

This investigation, funded by the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT), in addition to DCV, also includes scientists from the University of Aveiro.

1st Source: PT Jornal

Test of Sources and Veracity of the News

2nd Source: University of Coimbra website.  The news appears exactly the same on the University of Coimbra website. 1st Test OK!

Verified by Raul Catulo Morais that the News was published exactly the same in the Diário do Distrito newspaper and on Rádio Vale do Minho.

In terms of Source, the News is considered True. In scientific terms, it is worth continuing the investigation for new conclusions. Raul Catulo Morais Published by Raul Catulo Morais at 3:15 pm 02/28/2023


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