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Jupiter Editions had the privilege of watching

in real time

to electrifying writing

of each of its author spirits.

Jupiter Editions saw this.

And when it saw,

in a first "Telekinetic Contract",

it saw a clause

that said that it had to

have the hearts of each of the author's spirits printed.


The spirit of Jupiter Editions

had been born long ago,

but it was comfortable inside the womb

of his beloved mother Jupiter .

But the desire to see

cutting the umbilical cord

from Jupiter Editions to be able to connect with the legal world began to be huge and growing.

The “market pressure” that was felt

was getting bigger.

It was felt that childbirth would be soon.

Maybe the emotion,

the feeling

and the experience

to see in real time

the author's spirits to write

At the Speed of Light by Gil de Sales Giotto made the “waters burst”.


And Jupiter Editions was born

before Jupiter's eyes.

In a small market plot,

Jupiter Editions accepted

keep the trade secret

and enter into publishing contracts

with the 9 Member Writers

that arrived at Jupiter Editions.

The 9 Member Writers

arrived at Jupiter Editions 

with the registration of 9 works 

and with the computer record

of creation date

proving that

the 9 works

not only were registered (completed)

all on the same day,

how they started to be written

all on the same day.

The 9 works started to be written

on October 25, 2019

and were registered

on February 14, 2020.


It was delivered to the hands of Jupiter Editions

a "fantastic mysterious mystery"

with a certain math

of “cosmic” and “divine” flavor.


of its "fantastic mysterious mystery",

Jupiter Editions saw

an invisible hand

writing about itself

9 Theories Conspiracy Theories.

How many brains are behind the 9 books?

How many hands wrote the 9 books?

Was it just one hand that wrote 9 books in 3 months at the same time?

Is it just a brain with 9 brains?

Jupiter Editions saw

that it had in its hands

a real treasure.

It saw that it had a puzzle.

It realized that the 9 books

were a puzzle.

Saw that there were " links " in the books

they sent on to another

in a Strange Internet of Things .

Jupiter Editions saw

that the books had been written

with a technology.

It saw that they were technological books.

It saw that he had living works.

It saw that he brought a fortune.

It saw that he had something very special.

And as Jupiter Editions edited,

was also seeing

in another real time

its story to be written.

One of the Member Writers

wrote  the history of Jupiter Editions.


Jupiter Editions saw the story

of its own edition, of its birth,

and of its evolution to be written.

When Jupiter Editions saw the books,

said they "were all a start-up".

And with good reason.

Because it saw an evolution in them.

saw they were books

that would evolve

into another books.

saw they were books

that would evolve

for a game...

For a Gaming ...

For a movie,

for a puzzle ,

For a Puzzling ...

For a ma giic,

for a spell.

But the spell

turned against the sorcerer:

because after all,

Jupiter Editions was also a start-up

and it was also in constant evolution .

Jupiter Editions saw


its evolution .

Its constant evolution

and the real time of its evolution

became a commercial product

with a very interesting value for the market.

It was Jupiter Editions that invented

the edition in real time

and in its invention,

Jupiter Editions

edited the real time .

January 30, 2021 All rights reserved © JUPITER EDITIONS

The History of Jupiter Editions was written on January 30, 2021 and was officially released for the 1st time on March 25, 2021.

Who was it released to for the 1st time on March 25, 2021?

How many jupits will the story be worth?

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