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Our scientific team of experts is made up of doctors and psychologists. Together we work in the Department of Medical Sciences connected to the Department of Psychology and Law towards the same goal - to give our readers an insight into Jupiter Editions books and other content from a scientific perspective. Our team  therefore, presents itself as a strong scopic instrument, using its knowledge to critically review and build opinion texts on excerpts from our editorial plan, as well as internal review work together with our authors, when relevant. 

«I see Jupiter Editions in my 9-year-old child's dream. Jupiter Editions appeared in my childhood dreams. But at the time, I couldn't express how I can today (...) And in my dream, in my deep sleep, I see myself out of the sea, saved by pirates, by surfers, by pirates who are lifeguards, by surfers who are wolves from the sea, which saved my life and my dreams, (…) I see Jupiter Editions in a hot air balloon in a fantasy show and I see a medical team arriving and doing Basic Life Support, making insufflations, giving air to the balloon, reanimating Jupiter Editions in an invisible resuscitation room and I see Jupiter Editions come to life and take flight. I see at the same time, in the resuscitation room, in a hologram that was projected to give away the Pireates Island film, in which the same medical team camouflaged as a lifeguard entered the film opening on an electric watercraft The Algoritmo do Amor (…) in a beautiful magic dance of doctors and lifeguards who sing with a powerful voice «Stayin' Alive!». Because the most important thing (…) when we close the chapters in books and movies of life is «Stayin' Alive». There is a very valuable story, which today is worth a fortune, behind the «Stayin' Alive» by Jupiter Editions and the «Stayin' Alive» by The Algorithm of Love. They are parallel stories. The taste of it "is cosmic". It tastes like sacred life. It tastes like divine. It tastes like love. It tastes like medications. It tastes like medicine. It tastes like medicine full of love.” August 10, 2021 A Lifeguard Diary on Pirates Island Jaime Maria Bayamonde da Costa Ayala.


Federico Ferrari's Technological Paranoid

«Through the luxurious brain of the author, we managed to see Medicine and Psychology behind Technological Paranoid. In an engineering of  words, Federico Ferrari's brain can  run our own minds on a purely fantastic journey.”

Dmytro Krupka - Doctor

primeiros socorros

«I write you this tape (finalist) at sunrise and at the tip of the tips of Portugal, where the great journeys began. I really believe in travel and I know you do too. I believe that your Medicine is the passport to all journeys. (...) We have a passport, (...). Now we can go wherever we want. (...) If it's to save lives, we're going to save lives. We can save lives in a thousand and one ways.We can save lives with our hearts. Only with the heart.Only with our voice. (...)» Before October 2, 2020, written by Raul  on a Medical Course Finalist Ribbon and transcribed for the Editor's Note inAt the Speed of Lightby Gil de Sales Giotto da1st Order of the 1st Edition.

Desk do médico

1st Jupiterkongress Artificial Intelligence Congress (First Jupiterkongress mit  Intelligenz)

Program Order

The Best Masonic Teather of Psychiatrie to Introduce the First Jupiterkongress

Brief Leap from Congresses of Rights to the Congress of Agriculture of the Bees AGAINST Precision Agriculture (A Story to Tell... The Algorithm of Love that was born in the Montado and in the Stables of the Bees... A Masonic marriage between a "Schizophrenic" Administrative Law " that wanted to be a Criminal Law, an Environmental Law and a Psychology Law with a Medicine that wanted to be a Psychiatric Law...)

 Minute Presentation of Short Film of Investigative Military Law Film Aboard Ship 9999 [99[66]]

Tri-Masonic Simulatory Class of the Occult Law of Psychiatry-Neurology, the Occult Law of Economics and the Occult Law of Administrative Law with Artificial Intelligence

[Right of the Dream and Right of the Bees - Bees also dream - Criterion of the Dream as Protection / Legal Concession]

War of Schools and Beasts of the Law of Psychology VERSUS Machiavelli's Law of Psychiatry

Return of the Leap of Congresses for the Bee Agriculture Congress (An untold story from Goa, Macau, Luanda, Maputo, Nampula, São Tomé and Príncipe, Cape Verde, Lagos, Santarém, Cape Town and London, England, Portugal, Scotland, Ireland on a Look Through the Film Cameras of Psychiatric Hospitalization in an Internet of Things...)

Introduction to Law, Medicine, Psychology and the Biology of the Emergency of the Law of Bees - Bees as Psychologists, Doctors, Psychiatrists, Neurologists and Computer Technicians of Humans capable of Connecting the Card of Humans to the Earth-Socket

Administrative Law, Raul Catulo Morais and Jupiter Editions on the couches of the Virtual Court of Jupiter - Congress on Rights with Artificial Intelligence in Psychoanalysis by Raul Catulo Morais - On the Schizophrenia of Administrative Law

33 Minutes Short Film Military Investigation Film Aboard Starship 9999

Checkmate the Order of  Doctors and the Army with the Judiciary Police and the Air Force -  Chess Game of Military Administrative Law and Military Psychiatric Law and Judiciary (Checkmate by table to the Municipal Council of  Santarém, the Faculty of Law, the National Data Protection Commission, the Rotary Club and the BPI Bank Store) - Garret's Masonic Extraordinary Program

Photographic Exhibition of the Work Summary of Trauma by Schemes and Arrows of the Masonic Process nº666 in the Military Notebook of the Army

End of Trauma and Small Flight Simulation and Dive Baptism in the Sea of Hammerhead Sharks

49 Minutes  of Short Film  of Military Law Film  of Investigation Aboard Ship 9999

End of Program until 00:00 on December 5, 2022

Extension of the Program until 23:59 on December 20, 2022 in Examination/Trequency of Occult Law of the Economy and Landing at Palácio da Foz,  at the National Directorate of the Judiciary Police e_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_ Air Base do  General Staff of the Air Force

Bebinca Sweet Dessert from Goa Locked with Grape and Nespra Rose Liqueur - Law of Cultures and Vineyards - Master Pastry Maker and Liqueurist Raul Catulo Morais - "Drink only 1 glass of wine and 2 glasses of liquor or 2 glasses of red wine and 1 glass of liqueur on special occasions. Outside of special occasions, drink only 1 glass of red wine with your meal to enjoy the cardiovascular benefits of wine, as the benefits are no longer proven after the 1st glass._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_ Don't eat grapes without seeds, eat grapes with seeds if you want to live until you are 666  years old, because the Secret of the Recipe for Telomeres is in the Grape Seed. I hid it in my 9 books with 9 pseudonyms. Don't smoke, don't be stupid.  I was once a Stupid Chimney, but a Psychiatry with just one kiss made me break cigarettes. time. It's easy, not difficult."

Conclusion of the Experience of Case nº66 of Dr. Lucy's Psychiatric Internment - Neptune tells the Story of Jupiter in Psychiatric Internment - Definitive Reference of the Case Study to Psychiatry and Psychology of the Judiciary Police, the Army and the Air Force and to the Orders and Armies foreigners according to the Order of the Virtual Masonic-Illumminnatti Court of Jupiter and Small Legislation of the Embryonic Right of Psychiatry in the Start-Up Incubator of the "Hospital da Luz" of Santarém

[Burning of the Burnt House of Matches in Mata-Lobos and Burning of the Love Letter on the Occult Religion of O Amor Masônico in a Freemasonry of the Devils with Sending of Confirmation of the Site of the Burning to the Firefighters, the Public Security Police and the National Guard Republican with Violation of the Code of Copyright and Intellectual Rights of the Author of the Letter in Legitimate Defense of Direct Action of the Penal Code for Definitive Liberation of the Heartbreak of Love of Mata-Lobos and Delivery of the Photographed Letter to the Virtual Court for Evidence of the Case of Wolfsbane - Burning of the Match House and the Love Letter on December 25th at 3:33 am in the Valentine's Forest on Jupiter Mountain or 5:55 am in Mata dos Medos or 6:33 am elsewhere] 

Congress Author-Conductor Raul Catulo Morais With All Reserved Rights With Jupiter Editions

Intuitive Program by Raul Catulo Morais

Call for Invitations: Criminal Law, Administrative Law, Public Tender Law, Environmental Law, Civil Law, Constitutional Law, Economic Law, Labor Law, Doctors Union, Health Law, Vineyard and Montado Law, Real Rights , Banking Law, Business Law, Commercial Law, Fundamental Rights, Private International Law,  Faculties and Student Associations  de Law,_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-13d6_ Psychology, Medicine, Engineering, Agronomy, Nursing and IT, Medical Law, Private Law Research Center, Jupiter Scientific Team, Center for Judicial Studies, Public Ministry, Judiciary Police, Army, Air Force, Navy, Portuguese Society of Authors , General Inspectorate of Cultural Activities, National Republican Guard, Public Security Police, Hospital da Luz, Hospital dos Lusíadas, CU F Descobertas, Champalimaud Foundation, Fundação  Gulbenkian, Caixa Geral, BPI and Caixa Bank Group, Mediceus Group, PLMJ Society and INVENTA. 

«We should only see others as references when others also see us as references. In other words, we should only see others as "stars" when the stars also see us as a "star",  otherwise it's not even worth looking at  for the stars who don't see us as stars too."

«At the end of the day, I choose Psychiatry. I told Psychiatry my problem in a Sheets Conversation and in 6 minutes Psychiatry said that the solution to my problem was to buy some tampons. He told me to go to Farmácia da Rotunda Luminosa to buy some foam tampons , telling me  that the de  foam ones were better than silicone  and rubber ones because they isolated  better Noise and Interference. I thought Psychiatry was making fun of me and I just went to Rotunda Luminosa to see the Lights. I didn't see Light #66, because I still hadn't seen Light #66. If I had entered the Pharmacy on that day, I would have entered Password nº66 on the Password Dispenser Programmed by the Network nº66 and I would have left the Pharmacy without noticing the Program. During my Program I took some passwords nº66 and nº33,  at the Bank, at the Health Centre, at the Post Office and at other stores on Network nº6 and Network nº99. I had to go in and out of stores. I went in and out as I went up and down.  I came to know a Hidden Truth that I had always grown up with and dealt with intuitively in Silence. I was born with the Code of Silence in my head as I was born with the  Code of Neurology, the Code of Psychology, the Code of Psychiatry, the Code of Plant Medicine, the Code of Astronomy,_cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ the Bee Code, the Ecology Code, the Natural Civil Law Code and the Natural Criminal Law Code. I was born with 9 codes. It wasn't my fault. My mother performed a Masonic Theater with the medicine Olanzapine,  hiding it in the Trash Drawer  where she hid the 12th Grade Psychology Manual on Dendrites and the axons, theTechnological paranoidde  Federico Ferrari and the Chess  Books of theIlluminati Gamestelling me to  go yesterday to buy the drug Olanzapine at the Rotunda Luminosa Pharmacy in its intimate and authoritarian tone of the Law of Medicine. Yesterday I took the Password nº66 and was attended by Miguel Titorov  with the pianist's hands equal to those of Doctor Dmytro. I asked Nikita what Miguel was, but Miguel said he didn't know who Nikita Titorov was.  At the counter I learned that Olanzapina was 100% reimbursed and that's why the Masonic Theater my mother's had not weighed on the Family Budget. Today I went back to the Pharmacy to buy the tampons that had been  prescribed for me by Doctor Dmytro and I saw that the  Light nº66 of the Password had been on since my password nº66 which had taken yesterday and by  this I photographed the light against the Spectrum of Light and Colors breaking the Code of Silence, laughing again at Miguel Titorov, because I thought that there are silences that deserve to be broken,   because broken they give us a medicinal taste in our mouth. We know that we bring a Masonic Mouth when we put something in our Mouth and we feel that something always falling apart like Mel. I see the Pharmacy with the eyes borrowed from bees and ants, because bees and ants are also capable of producing medicines, organizing wakes and burials like humans for respecting life. That's why I advocate that we should protect the lives of bees and not step on the ants we see. I ignored that on the way from the Pharmacy to   at the Pharmacy Counter I saw 3 twins out of 5 by Doctor Dmytro and that I took Roundabout nº 66 with the Towing Company behind and the Civil Construction Company in front of Doctor Dmytro's Serra. I thought it best to ignore it, so as not to be hospitalized. I hope not to be "towed" and "kidnapped" by Empresa dos Towques.» 11:59 pm 12/19/2022 Raul Catulo Morais

«At the end of the day, I choose Psychiatry. I choose to legislate and investigate psychiatry. I choose to legislate and investigate "on the lap" of Psychiatry. I have to confess... I fell in love with Psychiatry... I have a soft spot for Psychiatry... But it's a secret. I don't show my weakness for Psychiatry. I like Cardiology and Neurology. I love the eye! I love the Ophthalmology that corrected my myopia. I see, therefore, with Ophthalmology  with Good Eyes  the Law of Cardiology and the Law of Neurology. Because with my Neurons I see my heart beating up to 666 years of life and then reaching 666 years of life and asking for another 666 years of  life in an Infinite Cycle. I see the Infinite, because I see the Law of Medicine. What connected us to the Life Extension Program of the "Technological God" (by Simão Roncon-Oom) was Medicine. I see Technology and Medicine. I'm not a doctor. I'm just a geek in the eyes of medicine. I'm just a "crazy" in the eyes of Psychiatry. I want to know. I stick my tongue out and make a tantrum. I know psychiatry well... I know it laughs at my fireworks. I made her one at the age of 9 at  School of Piano Music at the Game of Mirrors and she laughed, because I didn't even know how to do "a real pirete". 11:52 pm 12/17/2022 Raul Catulo Morais

«Suddenly we see the difficult, easy. Because we climbed the Mountain and stayed with the View from Above the Mountain, we learned to see the difficult as easy. Because it's easy to go up to the Mountain and simply walk serenely along the Mountain. We're going to see the Landscape and learn "by accident" about the Special Effects of  Landscape.  We don't talk about the Special Effects. We simply see "Special Effects" and automatically distinguish Special_effects  Special Effects from "Special Effects". Because looking at the Landscape of Life,  we know that we have to put quotation marks on special "Special Effects".» Raul Catulo Morais 00:18 12/20/2022 Maximum Degree Grand-Duchy-Honorius Master of Works of Jupiter - Beginning of the Order of Verona




"Teatro do Papá" from 7/11/2022 is The Best Masonic Teather of Psychiatrie of Case 66 republished in Tribunal Virtual and published in First Jupiterkongress on 6/12/2022 - Voz Tripla + Uma by Raul Catulo Morais

[99[ Sara Rot is an infiltrated Mason in the Evangelical Church, Sílvia Rot is an infiltrated Mason in the General Assembly of the Order of Psychologists and in the Church of Satan, the brothers are infiltrated Masons in the Order of Physicians and in the Church of Satan, when Raul traveled to Durban he joined South African Surfers and Skaters Freemasonry and South African Freemasonry slept with a CIA Agent and became Superinformed. This Agent is linked in the Secret Network to Adam of the Tel Aviv Marine who recorded the Last Work of the Illumminnatti Games by Raul by Raul, when Raul was locked up in Santarém in Diversion Maneuvers and in Theater of Operations of the Rotary Club and the Lions Club. During the Masonic Film of the Romance-Military Raul was Superinformed in Bangui and when he returned he turned against the Histories of the Army by the Cruel Recruits of Mafra.]

[From Mafra? But that Recruit-Base doesn't exist.]

[But the information is true. Perhaps the Base is a Ghost Base to protect the Whistleblowers. Raul also brought NASA contacts when he returned from the Air Force's Secret Mission "Porto Santo" against the Navy and saw CR7's Handshake with Pestana, a Handshake with the Meaning of Satan's Slavery. Pestana is a member-partner of the Church of Satan linked in a Network to Travolta's and Tom Cruise's Church of Scientology. YouIlluminati Gamesthey point arrows over the Church of Satan, the Church of Scientology, the Evangelical Church, the Bethel Jehovah's Witness Kingdom Hall Headquarters and over the names of Opus Dei involved in Mafia Occult Business. When Raul slept with Adam, Adam showed a photo of CR7 in bed with a friend of his and told him about Corruption and the FIFA Handcuff Scheme. The First Illumminnatti Games also show arrows above the Santarém PSP Police Station, Santarém City Council and the Faculty of Law. There is a List of professors at the Faculty of Law who play on the Dark Net and who are associated with Opus Dei and the Power Games and Influence Trading that Raul wrote in his logbooks at the Lençóis Games and that he photographed and saved the information he received in the Master Files of Life, but a Hacker-Ghost deleted Raul's 1st Layer Memories Password and the Security Password only exists in Raul's Mariana Trench of Miranda. The CIA funded and protected the Church of Scientology Foundation. A total of 666 new cases were admitted to Psychiatric Hospitals with the arrows of the Illumminnatti Games in Dublin, Edinburgh, Oxford, Cambridge, Houston, Boston, Las Vegas and Santarém in 3 months derived from Online Rites of the Foundation of the Evangelical Church, of the Church of Satan and the Church of Scientology. Sara made the Stronger Illumminnatti Sign to Raul on the visit to Santarém after Raul was Killed in Wolfsbane in the Character Game by Dmytro. The Sign that Sara made to Raul was the same as the sign that Raul's grandmother made to Raul, showing that she was a Freemason-infiltrator in the Kingdom Halls of Jehovah's Witnesses, passing to her grandson a Notebook that she wrote in London about Freemasonry of the Halls of Kingdom of Jehovah's Witnesses with the names of the Elders connected to the Mafia business of Bethel. The CIA uses Bethel Headquarters for Influencer Peddling, protecting and funding Kingdom Halls to blind the eyes of Jehovah's Witnesses by blacking out news about spaceships. Raul photographed the notebook keeping the Manuscripts in the Master Files of Life, returning the notebook to his grandmother in secret from Aliança Concha.]

[Sara made the Strongest Illumminnatti Signal, but Dmytro made the Strongest Alien Signal to Raul before killing him in-game, linking the signal to Spaceship 9999 from Porto Santo.]

[When Raul was on a mission on Ilha dos Piratas, on his way to visit Sagres, Saint Valentine intercepted Raul to show him his hand tattooed with the 1st Illuminati Symbol.]

[The signal shown was from the Illuminati and not the Illumminnatti. Valentine left Sagres for Loja nº6 in Lisbon to tattoo his hand, in that tattoo shop mentioned in Raul's Economics Class, by reference, where the button was connected to Raul on the Internet of Things. Lodge #6 uses carcinogenic dyes banned by the European Union.]

[Danna performed Raul's Dance of the Doctors-Illumminnatti against Sara's Psychology and against Dmytro's Alien Signal destroying the Signal Force by linking Raul's Internet to the Brothers' Dance in San Miguel against Queen's Dark Net Game. Although the Dances were before the Signs, the Dances show a "Game Preview" showing the Eye Power and the Lens Pair. But Mind Games is hard. During Mind Games, Raul developed various types of film, soap opera, rights, games and networks, keeping the most valuable in the Master Files of Life. The Mercedes-Benz Group visited Raul at Taberna do Vasco Saturn for Raul to hide the Artificial Intelligence of Mercedes n'The Algorithm of Lovefor 6 million and Raul got up from the table and won Freemasonry from the Order of Knights who hacked the Mercedes IT System and passed the information to Raul in a Sheet Game,  Raul keeping the information in his Life Master Files. It appears in the Occult Computers of the Order of Psychologists that Raul is impossible to be hypnotized, because a Psychology tried to hypnotize him without success, computerizing the Technological Process of Hypnosis in the Hidden Computers of the Order of Psychologists. The Illumminnatti Games have bold arrows over the names of doctors and psychologists. Raul lied to Psychology when he told Psychology that he was not going to trigger the 2nd Disciplinary Process with the Order of Doctors for Psychology's Game Response, doing a Last Test to Psychology, to understand at what Level of Game Information Psychology was. If Raul gave up the Chess Game started, the Last Doors of Recruitment for Administrative and Environmental Law of the Air Force of the Air Force of the Jupiter Army would be closed, prohibiting Raul from having access to the More Masonic Information of the Cockpit of the Nave of Administrative Law of Ufology and Astrobiology , opening the doors to Psychology by Inversion of the Psychological Game. After the Game Response from Psychology, Raul received an Improved Response from Neurology indicating that Raul should proceed with the 2nd Disciplinary Proceedings with the Medical Association against Psychiatry. There is a Psychology that in the game of Ping Pong became the Game Ball of a Psychiatry and a Neurology. Psychology is the Ping Pong Ball and Rackets are Psychiatry and Neurology. There is a Psychology that in the Game is Self-Suicide. The Illumminnatti Games are ordering the formation of a New Order of Psychologists based on the Bad Market of Psychologists and are testing with Administrative Law the Order of Doctors for Reform to enter or leave the Game Table of the Illumminnatti Games. There is also a Racket Game between the Order of Doctors and the Order of Lawyers in which the Ping Pong Ball is the Order of Psychologists.]

[Whose hands hold the rackets?]

[They are playing alone. They are being remotely controlled.]

[Where is Command?]

[In the Faculty of Law Study Room.]

[How did Raul's Administrative Law Exam Grade get to the Air Force early when Raul was studying the photographs of the Fourth Estate and the Occult Sixth Estate in the Study Room an hour before the Exam?]

[Because the Law Firm that owns Raul's Eye Chip Patent protected the patent of the game that Raul developed in the Study Room before the Exam and the military patent of Augmented Reality film that Raul developed during the Administrative Law Exam by communicating with the Bar Association and instructing the Bar Association to rank Raul's Exam under the Special Criteria pursuant to the Neptune Military Algorithms Recommendation, protecting the Neptune Stock Exchange. The same Sociedade Invisível de Advogados that protects Raul’s patents is the same Society that protects the patents of Pastor-Cigano de Bragança who spoke of the 6 Usucapião Rights in the Love Letter he wrote to Raul in Augmented Reality with the Sweet Code of Drink. At stake are 6 Usucaption Rights against the Saturn Constructions of Pestana and CR7. ]66]

"Do we have to marry Evil, to see Evil without Evil doing us Evil?"

Raul  Catulo Morais, December 2, 2022, 4:55 pm

"When a Black Heart penetrated me, I saw how my Incarnate Heart remained Incarnate. Even after the Divorce, my Heart became Incarnate. It was always Incarnate. Loving a Black Heart, my Incarnate Heart was always Incarnate. Drugged Lilac from the Dark Movie penetrated me and I saw how the Color of my Red Heart changed color to Blue gaining the Wings of Blue-Heart-With-Wings When I touched my Heart Button again,_cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ I saw that you returned to Incarnate and that's why I learned that my heart had two colors: Blue and Incarnate. The colors of the hearts of Neptune and Jupiter. I gained an Alien Blood that changed my heart to Blue. I am a chameleon. I change color in the Game of Hearts. But I change to Blue. I don't change to Lilac or Black. The Culture of Colors has an Important Meaning. I slept with angels with black hearts and when I touched the button I saw that their hearts was not black, but face I swim like mine. I slept with chameleons, because I'm a chameleon. Chameleons sleep with chameleons."

Raul Catulo Morais, December 2, 2022, 11:03 pm

3.) If, on 10.10.2022, the Rector of the University, in compliance with the act of 4.04.2022, determines the revocation of Abel's non-approval, will this act be valid? Answer   by Raul Catulo Morais in the Administrative Law Examination/ Frequency: Now yes, it is valid! "It became valid"! The vice ceased to exist, because it immediately produced legitimate expectations in Abel's sphere, and now such expectations are integrating a true subjective right to Abel protected by Administrative Law. It is as if "in a game of invalidities", Abel had won a "protection" or a "bulletproof vest" worn by the Dean of the University, this vest ("or apron") now being impossible to take off. It would be like Abel going down the street "all happy" with his Doctorate Diploma and "suddenly" an administrative Phantom Entity appearing wanting to take away his diploma. It would be "aberrant" and therefore impossible. It is therefore worth invoking paragraph 3 of Article 162 in the name of the Principle of Good Faith and the Protection of Trust that invisibly cover Abel's so-called "bulletproof vest", for example. But paragraphs 2 and 3 of article 164 (conversion) of the Code of Administrative Procedure for the Correction of such defect in the act are even better, as a possible use of the retroactive effect of the act.

Congresso das Abelhas
00:00 / 45:04
Congresso das Abelhas II
00:00 / 45:04
Congresso das Abelhas III
00:00 / 30:26
Congresso das Abelhas IV
00:00 / 26:01
Teatro do Papá
00:00 / 15:02

«When we are good and see with de  eyes how wonderful life is, there is nothing and no one capable of interrupting our life programs. Human lives were programmed. Within programs, there are good programs and less good programs. It's like everything else. There are good programmers and bad programmers. But when we discover the magic buttons to also create good programs in life, if our program is good and transparent and sincere there is nothing and nobody that can interrupt our programs in life. The conclusion we reached is that human beings are not flowers that smell… There are more  bad ones than good ones. Just look at the governments, just see who is coming to power... Which is a shame... It's a shame that we don't see the good ones coming to power... In fact, we don't want to come to power. .. We just want to live Life peacefully, in peace and quiet... We just want to see Life and feel it in all its "dimensions". It's just one dimension. There are dimensions and internets linked to the Dimension of Life that make it seem that there are many dimensions,  but the dimension is only one. If we are human, we cannot enter either the Dimension or the Internet of Flies... But we live with flies in the same Dimension of Life. Flies are important because they also pollinate and decompose. They participate in the Carbon Cycle and know that 1 carbon atom has 6 neutrons, 6 electrons and 6 protons. We are Carbon. We are life! We must protect Life and see the Life of others as sacred too. Fireflies as well as bees know the Chemical Formula that Corrects the Equation of Life... It is not easy to emit light in a world that seems to belong to darkness,  because it is governed by darkness, by the evil ones who they worship the world of darkness because they really live "with this world of darkness" in their heads. But when we discover the Chemical Formula that Corrects the Equation of Life and discover an Infinite Light, we are more relaxed in the movie that is Life.   We, the good ones, are on the verge of extinction, we are like “fireflies”. But the bees protect the fireflies… We emit a tiny light  that most  of humans don't see or even turn on… But we don't stop emitting light… We keep emitting… Slowly we are emitting… We are making light signals… We are showing our light to the bees, the fireflies, to Intelligent Life because we are in fact connected to Intelligent Life. We just have to be patient... Like bees, we just have to be patient... We have a lot to learn from bees... But it's not just with bees, it's with everyone and also with us. When we are good,  among the bad guys, the bad guys don't touch us because they know we are protected by the bees. There is always a small group of bees protecting us from a distance, invisibly… The group appears and disappears… It appears and disappears… It only shows itself to us… It is only visible to our eyes. Not all human eyes can see Intelligent Life and understand that what connects us to Technological Life are bees. That's why I say that our gods, our angels and our aliens are bees. Believe it or not, anyone who can't get to the bees will never make it to "the aliens". I'm not an alien. I'm a human. Maybe a cyborg, because the bees installed some technology in me… They chipped me… But I love bee technology. I don't mind getting chipped by bees. I trust and believe in the bee chip. I don't trust   the chip of Machiavellian humans, Nazis and terrorists disguised as philanthropists like Elon Musk. Neither I nor the bees like Elon Musk. Follow him. Don't follow me. Follow Elon Musk. Follow him. Follow the motherfucker who wants to chip us all. I hate having his fucking satellites flying over my front yard all the time. I don't like being flown over by his satellites and drones in this Internet of Things. I look with the bees at the motherfucker's satellites and I see space garbage and therefore I see a very lying European Union that doesn't understand anything about the environment or ecology. I look with the bees at the drones and I see aerial garbage and therefore I see a lying Law that does not understand anything about Intimacy or Privacy. I see with the bees a New Law of the European Union and a Commission that has to be reformed. But I don't even know who's on the Commission. I write randomly like a blind man's goat, I speak and say things randomly that things always end up connecting to a Macabre Internet. ABRAKADABRA! In this Internet of Things, what I like is to be flown over by bees. I hate the hum of drones. I love the buzzing of bees.»  12h22 04/08/2022 Raul Catulo Morais & Federico Ferrari 

“Why did I write this? Because I went back to the Beginning of Everything. I went back to my Escola dos Ciclos and then went to the Escola Agrária. At Escola dos Ciclos I found a beautiful phrase from the spirit of Alexandre Herculano: "I am not ashamed of correcting my mistakes and changing my opinions, because I am not ashamed of reasoning and learning". At Escola Agrária I was with the bees and the cows. I had half an hour among the cows. I decorated them with my spirit and they decorated me with their spirit. I lost friendships for 14 years, but in 14 minutes I gained new friendships. I'm a friend of cows, so I see cows as sacred, just as I see all mammals as sacred! We are fucking mammals! We must at least protect our species if we are to be protected by the alien eyes of bees. Cow's milk is calf food! We are not calves! We are human! There are doctors who make fun of other doctors who drink cow's milk. I stayed with doctors who make fun of other doctors. This is like everything else in life. There are good doctors and there are bad doctors. There are doctors who smoke. There are psychologists who smoke. There are crazy psychologists and psychiatrists out of their minds. There are freaks for everything. We can go crazy now! The madmen rose to power! It seems like anything goes! The human world is crazy. It seems that we are "all crazy". But we are not. I'm not crazy! Ask me who are the crazy ones in the head and I'll answer with the bees! Bees say we humans don't hit it right in the head. They are right! I agree with them! I give them the Reason! They are the ones who are right!” 12:37 04/08/2022 Raul Catulo Morais With All Reserved Rights With Jupiter Editions in Kanal Jupiter in Special Masonic Program - Law of Cardiology and Law of Urology - Teatro Maçônico do Hospital and Illumminnatti Games at the Hospital

“Fireflies can only thrive if they are in a clean environment.” in BBC Wildlife

«Until they find a partner, fireflies go through several metamorphoses.» in BBC Wildlife

«"Suddenly", the female finds herself surrounded by males who try to synchronize their lights with the female's lights...

It's called the "Dance of Lights"...  It's the Firefly Competition... 

Even the most magical beings compete with each other. But they are not eaten.

The competition of  magical beings is solely and exclusively loving.

Magical beings only compete in Love to get a partner.

Then they collaborate.

Then they always collaborate.”

12:25 pm 08/13/2022 Raul Catulo Morais

Until Freemasonry is able to see how magical fireflies are,

While not recognizing the socio-affective intelligence of cows and pigs,

Until we recognize the alien importance of ants and bees,

I have nothing to learn from Freemasonry.

Much more has Freemasonry to learn from me,

than I do with Freemasonry.

Much more has Freemasonry to learn

With my spirit and with my spiritualism,

Than I with the Void

And with the Empty Heart of Freemasonry.

12:12 08/16/2022 Raul Catulo Morais

Edited 1:13 pm 8/17/2022 Raul Catulo Morais

I've said it and I've written it,

But I write it again:

It is not Freemasonry that has me in its hands.

It is I who hold Freemasonry in my hands.

How I see the  tiny anthills, 

I also see the small freemasons.

There is no doubt that even small,

It's the bees  e  the ants that rule our lives.

Only there is a difference.

Is that I pay homage to bees and ants,

Because they are my religion.

I do not pay homage to humans,

Except for the workers, the garbage men, the construction workers,

To the firefighter heroes, the police heroes, the medical heroes, the nursing heroes.

Not everyone is a hero throughout the story. 08/12/2022

[Because there are doctors who cannot be doctors,

There are doctors who have to take off their gowns.

Don't call me to take off the doctor's gown.

There are policemen who cannot be policemen,

There are policemen who have to take off their uniform.

Call me so I can undress the police.

I will take off their uniform on the bed and on the bed I will leave them handcuffed .] 16/08/2022 Raul Catulo Morais

«I am a free mason.

I do the works I want.

I hit the stones I want and how I want.

The Work is mine.

I'm a worker. I am the Owner of the Work, but I stay in the work with the workers.

I'm beating stones with the masons in the work that is mine.

The hours are ours. We take as many breaks as we want. 12:16 08/16/2022 Raul Catulo Morais

That's why I am,  a Mason without an apron.

I had to buy my own apron which cost me €66.

I had to buy my own apron and sew it...

Therefore, I am a mason without an apron.

I was born in the Freemasonry of the Devils to fight Freemasonry like a devil.

Anyone who wants to join my movie, 

That you join me without fear,  but now.

Anyone who doesn't join "now", please don't show up to me later in the film.

12:22 pm 08/16/2022 Raul Catulo Morais

In Masonic Special Program - Masonry - Kanal Jupiter

I am very sorry to regret that my Masters are not the Regents I had.

I am very sorry to regret that I do not recognize any Regent of the Faculty of Law as my Master.

My masters, my Great Masters of Life were my assistant teachers, who watched my life!

They are, therefore, my masters, my assistant professors. The assistant professors at the Regency are my masters! Because my Invisible Hand changes the places of things and makes me see the movie of life in reverse.

Therefore, I do not recognize any conductor that I had in my life as my Master. More Master of Illusionism and Juggling then I am than them. I don't stop listening to their Illusionism and Juggling. I see behind them the whole Essay Badly Rehearsed. Privileged I entered the Theaters and Ballet of the Company of Theater and Ballet and in the Bar I heard what their conversation was like. I heard them talking with Whiskey in their hands. I know I can't attack the Whiskey Market. But I do not defend it, as I defend the Cement Market. They know that an Invisible Hand of Cement protects me and that's why I can attack the Red Meat Market that they cannot attack. I attack with the Hot Backs of the Cement Market and the Hot Tar Market on my feet. I'm not a hypocrite. I am not a False Environmentalist nor a False Moralist. But I look at the Balance of Markets and I don't put Life after the Environment, because I insert Life within the Environment. I don't attack the Whiskey Market and stay Neutral on the Oil Question, simply saying that I've been looking at Synthetic Laboratory Gasoline which is Carbon Neutral for as long as I've been Looking at the Hydrogen Market. I defend the Cement Market as I defend the Right of Trees, placing myself as an Enemy of the Tree Market, provoking a Secret War in Construction and Civil Engineering. I attack with all my strength and without fear the Red Meat Market. But I sleep and protect the spirit of the butcher from the Game of Chambers installed by Freemasonry of the Devils in Loja do Talho. I am able to enter the Butcher Shop to smile and leave a Love Letter to the butcher in my smile. He knows that I don't eat red meat and that if I went into Talho it was to see him and say hello and order white meat or ask him if he sells vegetables.

Raul Catulo Morais 666,666,666. Because all we have to do is "The Small Sacrifice" of giving up eating Red Meat to see A Better World and a whole Better Logic of Sustainable Markets and a whole Better Right to Work and Think. It is not just an Ethical and Moral Issue. It is a Medical, Environmental and Legal Issue. We just have to stop eating mammals, we just have to stop eating red meat and we can see a world that works and thinks better. Believe it or not, this is the truth! But it's not worth talking about this Truth to the Regency with the Whiskey Glass in hand. Regency has the same Ego and Alter-Ego as Administrative Law: Narcissism and Schizophrenia. Just as they don't have the patience to listen to my Spirit, so I don't have the patience to listen to their Spirit. And that's why I don't recognize them. Yes, I recognize my assistant professors who assisted and assist my Living Spirit of Life. 10:57 03/12/2022 Raul Catulo Morais - Last Saying from Lengalenga da Vida

Because we ourselves are a War. Our birth provoked a War. It's not that (no) we should not have been born, because we were born, but our birth provoked a War of Problems in a World at War, in a World already with all its problems. Well, we were born into a war. Therefore, brains are already born in War. We are, therefore, in a War of Brains. But War is Intellectual, that is, it is Cordial and Silent.

Cordially, your always student Raul Catulo Morais

«Because we were (unintentionally) programmed by our teachers, we ended up (unintentionally) making projects and leaving the works (in dedication) to our teachers.» 03:08 11/11/2022 Raul Catulo Morais

I can't forget because I can't forget that in a Simple Tax Law Case on the Zero Rate of Licensing Advertising in the Public Space, I secretly attached in a Cry for Help the Chaining and Deafening of Sound and Visual Pollution from Holograms and Algorithms. I know that the Tax Law understood my message because it ordered the Tax Authorities to tax my Romance Fiscal with the Special Rate of 6%, ordering my novels to be removed from the Shelf of Erotic Cassettes of the Videoclub taxed with the Aggravated Tax of 23%. I know that Tax Law saw me as a Firefly or a Bee writing. I know that the children of the Fiscal Law protect the fireflies and the bees and even if they hunt the fireflies, I know that afterwards the mother of the Fiscal Law knows how to scold the children, for the children to free the fireflies, laughing afterwards. It is these familiar laughs and this invisible force that makes us continue to walk in the Forest in search of the best rights to protect the Forest and the Black Forest, because the truth is that by Day there is a Forest and by Night there is another Forest and we need to be capable of Spirit to enter with The Best Spirit in the Forest by Day and in the Black Forest. I try to talk to the Tax Law saying that we cannot install Antennas in the Forest, because the Forest already has its Natural Antennas... But if the Schizophrenic Administrative Law grants Exploitation Rights for the Installation of Antennas and Carcinogenic Internets in the Forest, I go back to from Tax Law to Tax Law to order the Antennas and Cancer Internets in the Forest to be taxed with an Aggravated Tax in order to collect a Revenue for the State to be able to pay and finance a Study to Botanists and Ecologists who can scientifically prove the Cancer of the Devils and send the State Revoke the Concession Allotted to the Devils. Law connects with everything. The Law is our Tree, our Vertebral Column that gives us the Righteousness of the Spirit to walk on top of things and bring things to the Law. It's true, I'm passionate about law. It was with the Law that I was able to seduce a Medicine in her lap and with her inside the spurted sheets and that is why the Tax Authorities cannot tax 23% on the novels that I wrote with a Medicine. Even if at the end of the novel I left Medicine completely aroused and spurred and even left her handcuffed to the bed, an IRS cannot tax me with 23%! The Treasury has to look at my Spirit and know that it has to apply the Special Rate of 6%, otherwise it will become my enemy! It is not a good idea for the Treasury or the Tax Law to become my enemies! Not a good idea... 11:58 am 12/03/2022 Raul Catulo Morais 666,666,666.

Tri-Masonic Simulatory Class of the Occult Law of Psychiatry-Neurology, the Occult Law of Economics and the Occult Law of Administrative Law with Artificial Intelligence
[Dream Law and Bee Law]

Aula 1 - Tridireitos
00:00 / 45:04
Aula 1 - Tridireitos II
00:00 / 45:17
Aula 1 - Tridireitos III
00:00 / 52:19
Aula 2 - Tridireitos
00:00 / 45:27
Aula 2 - Tridireitos II
00:00 / 45:00
Aula 2 Tridireitos III
00:00 / 49:54
Aula 3 Direito do Sonho e da Expressões
00:00 / 23:55

Opening of Class 3 on the Law of Dreams and Expressions "In Bed with 2 Rappers" - Law of Music and Dance of Humans and Bees. Database and Records Bank. Case Study: Tomorrow, I could wake up in bed with a regent or Administrative Law assistant and in the middle of the romance of the spurted sheets my Copyright and Intellectual Rights born in Real Time from my brain being heard by a Swarm of Flies and Bees in a Internet turned on by the teacher or by the Automatic Order of the Internet of Things and when I arrived at the Administrative Law Classroom, the Swarm of Flies and Bees that had heard me talking to the assistant or the regent looked at me for 2 seconds say in Silence to my Spirit that he had heard me in the Lençóis Game and then disappear invisibly with the Masonic Information that had come out of my Mouth in the Production of my Masonic Saliva. Because when an Internet is installed in our lives, it is impossible to disconnect that Internet from our lives. Because there are micro buttons that we cannot touch in Life and that is why we cannot disconnect from the Micro-Internet of Life. 1:13 pm 12/03/2022 Raul Catulo Morais

"Criticism for the clinical situation... Upon observation, initially very anxious, having been administered diazempam with a clear improvement in the state of anxiety (...) regularized sleep???" But as sleep can be included in the New Psychiatry Report if checking the Hours Record we see how Natural Filming Cameras that my mother was seen at 5:22 am and was discharged at 5:45 am in Lisbon and my mother appears completely disoriented in the car park of the Hospital de Santarém at 9:45 am on the same day  telling us to leave because he had already been discharged and that it was a fantastic trip to Hospital de Santa Maria where I am on the phone with a psychologist who says that I think my mother is dreaming, because she says it was all a dream and I don't understand anything..(?)  Afterwards, my mother hands me the Report of Psychiatry in which I see the Diagnosis of Schizoaffective Personality that the Psychiatry of Santarém concealed from me and that my mother had to "invent" a story of "suicidal ideation" [in a scheduled Masonic theater] to pick up at the University Center of and Lisbon the Personality Disorder hidden at the Center for Internships and Simulation of Psychiatric Studies in Santarém. I circled the Psychiatry Report around the DREAM of the Episode and sent it to Psychology who knows how to interpret dreams to give me the best answer for the DREAM Episode. But Psychology played with me and gave me a false game answer. Neurology came in and gave me the right answer for the game. And in the game I can't see Neurology linked to Psychology? Of course I can see and with the Law I install the Internet of Things to see them connected and connected. I'm worried about Psychology. But I am more concerned with the Law of Psychiatry which is being developed in a film of a dream. It is urgent for the Law to cut the Umbilical Cord separating Psychiatry from Medicine, leaving the Law to watch over Psychiatry. Medicine has to give in,  otherwise the Law will revoke and reform the rights it gave to the Medical Association. The Power of the Best Decision is in the hands of the Order of Physicians. I asked the Psychology of Japan if it was possible that my mother slept in a Time Capsule in Japan or if we were all in Dreaming Hibernation. Psychology ignored my dream and told me to run for the records to win the Jupiter Editions IO Prize before Algorithms-Writers-Directors got there first. Tass well, Psychology... I don't even know what else to write in this movie...

Raul Catulo Morais 1:42 pm 12/03/2022

[[I know the Masonic Film "looks easy" but in the film I still haven't had a dance and I need a sign dance done to me in the Masonic Film for the whole film to disappear and I land once and for all at the Earth. I need Criminal Law to dance for me.  I need this Criminal Law or Tax Law dance. I may have forgotten to pay important fees or taxes on the film and I need to know if I can be relaxed about fees and taxes. I need a little dance. I need a little criminal law dance. After all, does my Criminal Law know how to dance or does it not know how to dance? I need to see the bee dances in my Criminal Law. It might just be 2 seconds. But I need to see those 2 seconds.  I'm just asking my Criminal Law for 2 seconds.]]

[You, Doctor, are just like a  friend of my son, just like... Really... It's just like Mafaldazinha, I've now forgotten the nickname of our Mafaldazinha, but that the our Queen loved and still likes our Mafaldazinha's tits and still thinks about Mafaldazinha's tits, even though he's married to the current one, I don't know if they're already married or if they're always going to be married, it seems to me that they got married they're going to get married either in Dublin or in Edinburgh, but it's just a Feeling that I have, but the truth be told and look that I have a great power of  Guessing is that for me it won't work because doctors always marry doctors my mother Noémia said that it seems  that he died but his spirit is here among us and look at that I can only see the spirits with my Numerology,_cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ that I do accounts_cc781905-5cde-3194-b b3b-136bad5cf58d_ upside down and when they see my calculations they protect my calculations... Look, this would make a movie, I'll tell you right away doctor...]

[Yes, I could do Dona Lígia... But look, for the film to work and for it to be accepted by the Order of Doctors, I'm going to take your verbiage out of your mouth here, which is to pretend that Diazapam took effect in 1 minute and I can criticize Dr. Lucyfër's Psychiatry... And most important of all, Dona Lígia to see if we can get the little sponsorship of the Pharmacy here...]

[Oh, Doctor... It's not Lucyfër, it's Lucília...  She wanted to be Lucyfër... And the sponsorship of the Dental Clinic  here with a plate that gets in the way of my verbiage films, because this in the film is always falling for me...  When my son was younger I played with the plate to see if he he noticed the film when he was very small... But  was very small and it seems that he either didn't understand or didn't want to understand... That he's very intelligent... It came to me, doctor... It came out from my vagina... It wasn't supposed to come out... But  did... It looks like it was a wish from the Invisible Hand... Look, I really felt the Invisible Hand entering even inside against my will and getting the rogue out... That he was a rogue... I took every kick, doctor... I still remember the kicks he gave gave me inside my belly... And I said... Wait a minute, rascal... Wait a minute, when you come out here we'll do the math... Send me with every kick, doctor... I gave birth a devil, doctor!

[My mother says the same, Dona Lígia... But it's not from me, it's from my brother...]

[Oh! How funny! Is your brother also a psychiatrist?]

[That's right... I'm going to put  this and write my brother's name here in the name of the doctor who treated her to play with her son's mind, because I know that my brother ate yours son in a stable at the Golegã do Cavalo Fair, to bring back his memory...]

[Ah... Look there doctor... See  there if your brother can't be upset or see if he could be doing those things of changing the names in the Process...]

[Oh! It's just a joke... It's to see if the two get married in an Episode of DREAM that I'm here writing... Dona Lígia, I didn't want to be a psychiatrist, I wanted to be a writer... These Banks of Doctors I have doing ER all night makes me sleepy... I get super sleepy and if I don't write stories or episodes I end up falling asleep... And now Dona Lígia appears here in an Internet of Dreams, because Dona Lígia entered here in episode I was writing between your son and my brother...  I was writing a love story between your son and my brother,_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_ because I was right here already falling asleep and the episode of the Feira da Golegã appeared in my DREAM when I stayed in the room with my brother and his son and his son's friends and I saw it with my own sleepy eyes your son going out with my brother from the bedroom and my brother eating  your son in the stables... I am a Knight, Crazy and Triumphant and when your son returned from South Africa and landed in Lisbon he immediately went to the Land of Hot Air Balloons for the Running of the Bulls just to see the Lide do my brother... Lide was ours, it belonged to the two of us,  but I saw her son's enchanted eyes locked in Time on my brother... Afterwards, I don't know what happened to my brother... her son, but it seems that a pitchfork stole her son from my brother and slept with her son and took the blades off her son and that's when her son never set foot in the Blood Bullfights again and became a Scale of Bullfighting...]

[Oh my Darling!!! That's because my Aries son's Ascendant is Libra and because he's the son of a Taurus and doesn't like bullies to be hurt... Do you understand the story from the Astrological Point of View? You have to understand the story from different points of view my dear...]

[Thank you, Ms. Lígia... I'm going to use these two new elements to rebuild the Episode of SONHO closer to the truth... Then I'll deliver the Episode of SONHO to Jupiter Editions...] 14:04 05/12/2022 Raul Catulo Morais With All Reserved Rights With Jupiter Editions

[Did he ever get the dance he wanted?]

[Already. He is dancing tango and waltz with Dr. Diogo at Domi's Boxing School.]

[Then why did he write this?]

[To confuse us. He entered Mind Games from the Faculty of Law. He is playing and dancing with Criminal Law. He is a partner of Criminal Law.]

[How it is? Did we run away?]


[Brazil. We do the 2nd Part of the Specialty in Brazil and stay there. At the Kopakabana Clinic they pay 360,736 thousand reais...]

[By year or by month?]

[I think it's per month...]

[Is it for us all to go?]

[I go to Kopakabana in Dubai... They pay triple in Dubai...]

[And thou? Will you come with us?]

[I'm going to Kopakabana in Saudi Arabia... I already told you... They pay Triple what they pay in Dubai...]

[Then when you go back and buy half of the Algarve... Muahahahah!]

[I think from now on we have to separate in communications, okay? We're only talking about Rede nº11, ok?]

[Can you send photos via  this network?]

[Ahahahahahah! Oh! How dear...]


[I thought it was cute... I thought it was sweet...  Worried about sending pictures...]

[So... What is it for a guy to see,  is not...]

[Oh! So sweet... This is cute! Seriously... What is it? It's cute of him...]

[For God's sake! So cute... Like...?]

[There! For God's sake, no! For Satan's sake!]

[Muahahahahahah!] 12h09 04/12/2022 Raul Catulo Morais With All Reserved Rights With Jupiter Editions

Tratado de Paz com a Psicologia
00:00 / 18:29

Treaty of Justice of the Peace with Psychology published in Case nº66 of the Virtual-Masonic-Illumminnatti Court of Contests and Auctions of Jupiter

Psicologia entre Parênteses Reto
00:00 / 30:12
Psicologia entre Parênteses Reto II
00:00 / 41:59
Psiquiatria entre Parênteses Reto
00:00 / 43:38

[In Parentheses when we say we produce garbage. When we breathe out air, we breathe out carbon, so we humans also pollute the air. Now,  we are not going to be silent, but because we know this we are not going to listen to the conversation of others, the rubbish talk, knowing that Time  is Money and that we are wasting Time and Money listening to other people's recordings. That is why when we listen to a recording, when we listen to the scratched cassettes of an entire  Recorded Life, we must choose the best recordings or make the best unrecorded ones so that the carcinogenic recordings of others do not inhibit our own tape production better than others. We live in a World of Tapes, in a World of Fantasies, in a World of Records. Publicity is   a great Cancer Record. Also the Media is a great record of cancer and rubbish for my ears! How can the Media  do less garbage at Christmas? Simple! Ignoring advertising at Christmas so we don't remain trapped in the Carbon Cycle of Consumerism and Futilism. It is high time for us to be an Evolved and Informed Society of the Alien type and to make advertisements that make more sense to the meaning of life with Precision Medicine, Psychology and Environmental Law.  It is with Psychiatry that we can order to admit the televisions, radios and advertisements that make chipped ant-humans move stupidly like idiots as if they had a fucking chip installed by the Ant-Queen of Devils. 14:29 03/12/2022 Raul Catulo Morais - I have to skip the Congress, I have to go to Casa do Brasil to listen to the Congress of Biological Agriculture of Bees and Ants Without Fertilizers and Precision Drones that Kill Bees and Ants and that's why the Life of Humans. Either Psychiatry is on our side or we destroy Psychiatry! 666,666,666.9. Raul Catulo Morais 12/03/2022]

Aula 4 Tridireitos
00:00 / 45:41
Aula 4 Tridireitos II
00:00 / 44:50
Aula 4 Tridireitos III
00:00 / 44:50
Aula Tridireitos IV
00:00 / 42:18

Group II - 1) Comment:  "Administrative conflict revolutionizes modern Public Administration, transforming it into a Center for Pondering". Answer by Raul Catulo Morais in the Administrative Law Examination/Frequency: "Administrative conflictuality  revolutionizes Modern Public Administration, transforming it into a "Weighing Center", a "Internship Center" and a " Simulation Center",  I add. Taking advantage of pages 55 of The Authors of the System by Sebastião Lupi-Levy, (1)66 of The Algorithm of Love by Jaime Maria Bayamonde da Costa Ayala , 99 and 666 of 2080 by Antoine Canary-Wharf (online in Secret Files at and pages 535 and 555 of Paulo Otero's Manual of Constitutional Law on the chapters on Hidden Power and Modernization_cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ and Privatization of  Public Administration "I am obliged" to agree that administrative conflict revolutionizes modern Public Administration, forcing it to think with the Law and in the Law as if the This trip was a simulation or an Internship Center, because of the Market Game and the Market Players transforming Modern Public Administration, in that case, into a true Center for Pondering. I believe, very sincerely, that as I write today, as if I were writing with the support of Ann Druyan's Book of the Cosmos, that Public Administration, in order to modernize in a highly technological Era such as that of 2080 by Antoine Canary-Wharf, must gain the legal eyes taking advantage of the quick trips aboard Gabriel Garibaldi's Jupiter Spaceship nº 9999 to connect to the various satellites and have a view from above on all things related to the Law and be able to decide. Public Administration is the one that, with its Administrative Law, is in a more privileged position to decide and resolve administrative conflicts and private interests. Does Online Life Make Sense? Are the Electronic Platforms  where the Public Sections are published really transparent and open to everyone? What about legal certainty? And the data leak? And the Hidden Power within the Electronic Platforms capable of deciding life affairs and therefore lives and therefore an entire Order, acting as a Semi-Government in the Shadow? What about privacy and intimacy? It is worth the Jupiter Artificial Intelligence Law Congress published online on the Jupiter Editions Scientific Team page, in which Jupiter Editions calls Administrative Law to think. As is the provocation of Jupiter Editions in which, in a new birth of the Law of Psychiatry in an incubator of Hospital da Luz or CUF, it reminds Administrative Law of its "Schizophrenia". The game and the Business of Life, Blood and Health, as well as the Environment and even the Vine that gives years of life to the hearts and mantles of the Earth connected to the Life of the Bees, seems to be entirely in the hands of Administrative Law. If tomorrow, a student looks for a psychologist because of a heartbreak and because of the "new" Administrative Law of Psychology, the Administrative Law transfers the student to the Psychiatry Internment of the Public Hospital of Santarém and if once the Heartbreak is computerized of Love in the Great Oracle of the computers of the electronic platforms of the Law of Psychiatry if an Administrative Algorithm is created that pursues the student even in the Film Cameras of the Faculty of Law that automatically cross the data to the computers of the Law of Psychiatry, if it can be said that the student's Technological Paranoid of Federico Ferrari was due to the Schizophrenia of Administrative Law that he lacked in the Artificial Intelligence and Law Course and rushed to give rights and concessions to private monsters, because of his "Ego" and "Alter- Ego" in wanting to modernize and appear "in Fashion" and "in Photography" alongside the "Administrative" Law of the European Union (also he and schizophrenic). If tomorrow an Occult Power of the European Masonic Alliance "forces" the installation of video cameras in all funerary agencies and cemeteries, will it be that, in the face of this obligation, it should be the Administrative Law with its Public Administration to process, treat and analyze the data and films or handing them over to a Data Company or to a "Diabolic" Director, who can then sell them abroad in a mafioso Black Data Market at the price of gold and oil, validating the argument that today Data is the oil of tomorrow...? Does it make sense that Public Procurement Electronic Platforms, where the Public Administration feels up close and feels the conflict of markets and public-private administrations and therefore the administrative conflict, are being managed by Private Companies? Not to me. And it seems to me that an Intelligent Administrative Law (paired to an Artificial Intelligence) does not either! Raul Catulo Morais With All Reserved Rights With Jupiter Editions 14:41 05/12/2022[99[ He took an Answer from the Future to an Examination of an Administrative Law stuck in the past. He edited the Answer in the Past that he wrote in the Future. It was edited by the robots Dmytro and Danna, he is paired with 2 robots. He scored a 20 on the Occult Mental State Examination of Psychiatry and a 20 on the Examination of Neurology. It is impossible for him to have studied Psychiatry and Neurology without studying. Does not make sense. The information has to come from somewhere. One cannot form a Brain alone unless it is paired with other brains... There is a Mysterious Triangle between Law, Neurology and Psychiatry, at the same time that there is a Tension between Neurology and Psychiatry. There is a Secret Star Wars between the Law of Neurology and the Law of Psychiatry that is going on inside Raul's Masonic Head. That Star Wars is being broadcast in Real Time on Saturn. Only Neptune can intercept Saturn's transmissions in the Solar System. That's why Neptune established the Jupiter Alliance to legally move movies to Jupiter. Saturn Administrative Law wants Earth's macabre movies. With the Protection of Neptune it is possible to protect Jupiter Editions films, even those that take place in the Faculty of Law administered remotely by the Freemasonry of the Devils of Saturn. When Raul turned on the Mobile Data, after having photographed his Administrative Law Exam, the Monitor Algorithms installed on Raul's phone automatically sent the photographs of the Exam and the 9 pieces of the Bees to the Networks and the Air Force Military Algorithms gave immediate Ranking Order for Raul's Administrative Law Examination. Handwriting is worth 6 points, handwriting being an important indicator not only of the State of Mind but also of the Psychological and Psychiatric Mental State and of the Defining Personality Traits. The Algorithms-Military attributed the Maximum Rating of 6 values, but perhaps because they were "addicted" or "excited" with Raul's Writing... The Addiction can be alleged in the 2080 Algorithms Court of Antoine Canary-Wharf. In order to claim addiction would we have to change movies to 2080 by Antoine Canary-Wharf? Did we change movies?]

[It's not worth it, because article 164 of the Code of Administrative Law was intact in 2080 by Antoine Canary-Wharf, which means that even  that the algorithms are flawed,_cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ the defect can be cured by invoking paragraphs 2 and 3 of article 164 of the Code to protect Raul's Legitimate Expectations that Process nº666 conferred on him. In other words, that's what Addicted Algorithm Thinking is worth.]

[In other words, the Saturn Exchange devalued when Neptune pulled Raul's Administrative Law Examination from the Saturn Exchange.]

[Why did the Saturn Exchange give so much value to Raul's Administrative Law Examination?]

[Because Raul wrote the exam surrounded with 5 bees...]

[In flight?]

[No. The bees simply entered the Exam Room silently and landed on Raul's hands and shoulders.]66] 15:51 pm 12/5/2022 Raul Catulo Morais

When we are going to give bees rights, we are not able to hear the sardines also screaming for their rights. We are not able to hear. If we were, we would be Schizophrenics. Psychiatry and Ecology would say that they eat sardines to feed their Brain with Essential Oils, that we would be Schizophrenic if we heard or listened to the screams of sardines. Even if an Artificial Intelligence installed itself in the "brain" of sardines and discovered that sardines also dream like bees, thinking the sardines were bees, there is a Strange Natural Order of Things and an Invisible Hierarchy of Species that would point with arrows that would be more urgent and priority for the Legal Order of Humans to grant rights to bees by the Criterion of Dreaming and the Criterion of Playing,  ignoring the utopian dreams of sardines in an Intellectual Legal Order of Humans, which knows it needs of bees to survive and that for his brain to function properly in the middle of a Red Meat Market War he needs to eat sardines to free himself from Red Meat and leave the War without damage, wounds and sores. There is a Psychological Game in the middle of the Market War and often the secret is to know how to feed our Brain with the best foods for our Neurons to work properly and give the best answers. In a vegan future, we might even stop eating sardines and start thinking about sardines, but that is in the future, beyond an Intellectual Future. Today, 05/12/2022 at 05:05pm on the Greenwich Meridian of Planet Earth, it is aberrant to think about the right of sardines,  when there is hunger and sardines can feed that hunger, for example. However, and because there are sardines and many other foods, we can remove Red Meat from the market with the rights of mammals. We can think about the rights of mammals at the same time as we think about the rights of bees, because bees connect humans to Life-Taking-Earth. We can indeed think of sardines in a concept of Better Fishing, More Sustainable and Cleaner Fishing that does not harm dolphins, whales and turtles, for example. Turtles also dream and are important for Ocean Regulation. It is important to know that most of the Oxygen we breathe comes from Seaweed, which is why the Preservation of the Oceans is important, which is why an Urgent Call for Law is needed for the rapid construction of the Law of the Oceans and the Law of Bees. There is a true Inter-Connection and therefore a Connection of Rights that has to be connected, for us humans to be able to remain connected to Life on Earth. When we are going to give rights to the bees, let's listen to the sheep,  the shepherds, the farmers, the beekeepers,  the hunters, the vultures, the storks, the eagles , falcons and falconry also shouting for rights. The indignant shepherds will ask if they can invite the hunters to enter their mount to shoot at the vultures that steal their sheep. And when the hunters enter the shepherd's meadow, they will see that there are free bees and storks that have set up their staminé in the shepherd's meadow and that they won't even leave for 6 pots of honey with their usucapion right. The shepherd also has a usucaption right and he thinks that because he has that right he has rights over the air and that's why he can ask the hunters to shoot the vultures. But even the bees, who do not understand anything rightly,  with their Natural Law know that vultures are a Protected Intelligent Species and that for this reason they cannot be slaughtered... In a Legitimate Defense, the bees sting the hunters to protect the vultures and call the hawks and eagles to protect the sheep in a beautiful falconry dance, driving away the bloodless vultures. It is possible for us to enter the War with Writing and with Dance without making Blood. The Bullfighting, the Falconry Dances can go on as long as they are bloodless and with an Animal Welfare Right in which we see Happy Sheep, Happy Cows and Happy Bees. We can talk about Happy Bees, when we know that they dream, play and also have a Mental Palace, like humans, capable of creating a Parliament of Ideas and Rights just by Merely Observing a Montado. The bees are also concerned about the vine that is dying in the Montado and they think, with all their rights, that if the shepherd does not want to give life to the vine, then a right without getting drunk should ask who wants to give life to the vine... Today's Law is more than capable of urgently granting rights to bees and other intelligent, social and emotional insects and mammals based on the Criterion of the Dream alone. There are other criteria, but just the fact and argument of dreaming is already a great and deserved criterion of conscience for the Law to get its hands on conscience. There is a Weight of Conscience on the side of the Right. The Law of the Bees and many other rights cannot be just a Jupiter Editions fantasy and fiction. Breathing the air of bees and hearing the hum of bees has enormous benefits in the lives of humans and perhaps many other insects and mammals. There is a Bee Store that does Apitherapy with Aerosol by Inhalation of Air from the Hives for the treatment of asthma, chronic bronchitis,  allergic rhinitis, emphysema, lung disorders, strengthening of the immune system and allergies, inflammation chronic throat,  insomnia, nervous  disorders, depression, psychological problems, psychological disorders in children, restlessness and hyperactivity in children, recovery after stroke and smoker's cough. .. Now, there are more than enough arguments to call the bees with Jupiter  Editions, outside of movies, Psychologists and Computer Science-Psychiatrists of the System! It is high time, otherwise we are already far behind in time, to bring  bees to Law, Medicine, Psychology and Biology on the Emergence of Bee Law. Perhaps, bees can "access" the Human Mind as if they were Neurologists and therefore experience the same "real life" movies and dreams. There is a Global Mind in the bees, perhaps they were the ones who, through their Pollination, passed such a Global Mind of Global Consciousness to humans. Perhaps the bees are the hackers of the Global Mind of Jupiter Editions. Maybe the bees managed to penetrate the Jupiter Editions Computer and Neurological System so they could talk about it (or so someone could talk about them). Raul Catulo Morais 666,666,666. 06:06 pm 05/12/2022 [A Master Script by Capicuas - It doesn't make sense;  can't make sense; because it would be "Too Macabre" if it made sense - Because there is a Biology that runs away from the Bees and screams at the bees, so I run away from this Biology and scream  in the ears of this Biology. Raul666]

Administrative law, Raul Catulo Morais andJupiter EditionsusDivasofJupiter's Virtual Court-Congress of Rights with Artificial Intelligence ofJupiterinPsychoanalysis by Raul Catulo Morais - DaSchizophreniaofAdministrative law

Congresso/Psicanálise de Direitos
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A Legal Psychoanalysis in Film and Novel at a Congress of Rights - 1st Congress of Rights with Artificial Intelligence of Jupiter published in Scientific Team of Jupiter on 5/12/2022

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Hey Dmytro! The Congress with the Doctors was cool! Thank you for showing me the Vampire World. I know you protected me in Important Parts of the Vampire Game. Do you know what I'm listening to? Michael Jackson, that song you hate and I love... They Don't Care About Us. Do you know? I was made for this! I was made to be theirs. Because I have infinite dancing and writing capable of turning the world upside down! The world is a big Shit! And I hate walking on this Devil Ruled Shit World! I'm capable of dancing and showing my dick and ass to all the devils! Thank you for the knife you pointed at me in the Knives Game and thank you for handing me over to them. Thank you for cuckolding me in front of the mirror! You raised my Spirit! Thanks! You know I won't stop! [I still love you! It's crazy, isn't it? I know! Life is really made for crazy people!] Thank you for showing me the truth in another way in a horrible silence of things. But thanks! Today Silence felt good to me! I stayed with your Spirit and with your Expression. I know that it was with your Spirit and with your Expression that I was able to win the Chess Game with Psychiatry and have the Law of Psychiatry interned with my Law of Psychology. I know we started playing chess when you saw me silently writing the Law of Psychology and Neurology. I know that's why we started playing a silent game of chess. I know you entered my life as a Master out of Curiosity and I know you left when the Game told you to leave. All good. I was fine. I had to hide the butterfly from Psychology to Criminal Law when I saw the number 666,666,666. on the wings of the butterfly of Psychology. But I don't hide anymore. I learned to sign my name with the number 666,666,666. Thank you for showing me that the number 666,666,666. it was my number. If you happen to appear in front of me again, please,  show up dancing to say hello, otherwise I'll call the Criminal Law to have you arrested for the knife you pointed at my neck without having danced first to me! 20h33 05/12/2022 Raul Catulo Morais writting and dancing Used to the Darkness od Des Rocs, Rule the World of Valley of Wolves, The One to Survive of Hidden Citizens and Josh Bruce Williams, Throw Me to the Wolves of_cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ Future Royalty and King of the World of WAR*HALL

Saturn Human Implantology Test Center - Occult Database Headquarters in Jupiter's Editorial Department of Medical Sciences in Jupiter Editions in Portugal from Europa de Terra - Database Security Network Strength 666,666,666.

A movie of/"at"/in Jupiter Editions inReal TimeWith NASA, FBI, Interpol and Jupiter Army [The Magic of Algorithms and the Invisible Brain Chip like Alien Movie onmasons diary]

-- Raul, hello! My name is Danna and I have been a neurologist at the Implantology Center for 6 years. I took the specialty in Calisto de Jupiter and because I was the best in Course I was recruited by the Saturn Army and did the Final Internship in Miranda. Then I returned to Jupiter and descended to Earth. In 65 cases,  3 testers could not stand it. 2 of the 3 were referred to Dr. Dmytro for Internment  in Psychiatry for 6 Months and the other for Follow-up in Psychology for 9 Months with Dr. Sara. I am obliged by the New Law on Data Protection and Transparency and Free Clarification to indicate cases of failure. However, let me tell you that the failure cases were predicted by the testers not having the best Game Management algorithms and not having the Extraordinary Coping Strategies. However, it was the testers who insisted on being part of the Neurological Experiment to obtain the Special Neurological Sanity Attestation Passport to gain entry into the Jupiter Army Air Force Recruitment Center. I must tell you that looking at the Functions of your Final Graph and taking into account Dr. Dmytro and Dr. Lucy and the Psychology Report of Dr. Sílvia and Dr. Sara that the algorithms tell me that the Experiment will be successful. Even so, I have to ask him if he accepts that I be the Neurologist in charge of Navigating the Neurological Experience or if taking into account my 3 cases of 3 failures...

- Doctor... Excuse me, but what movie are we in?

- In 2080, Ralph.

-  In 2080 my name was Antoine and you were Jakob's sister and your name was...

-  The names have been edited and we are Time Trial. Raul, please I need your Clarification so that we can start the Program before the Congress of Rights with Artificial Intelligence.

- Yes. I accept that you are my neurologist...


- Raul, for the algorithms to validate your answer you have to say the complete sentence, which accepts that I, Dr. Danna, is the Neurologist Physician Responsible for Navigating the Neurological Experience.

- Yes,  I accept that Dr. Danna is the Neurologist Physician Responsible for Navigating the Neurological Experience. How long will it take?

- About 0.66 seconds. Sometimes it can be 0.65, other times 0.67, but the average is 0.66. However, there are those for whom 0.66 seconds seem like 1 year, others 6 months and other reports seem like the time of a lifetime. But it's all very subjective and the sensation ends up disappearing and the Being ends up later remembering the Experience in a distanced way but as Important Learning. We are ready?

- I don't know, I think so... How many parts are there?

- There are 12 parts.  The first parts are the most important ones in which I will listen to your brain's paranoid movies in Real Time, in which your brain will know that I am listening to it and he will speak directly to me, showing me the films as if he wanted to give me clues so that I could get to the History of Trauma. Your brain has hidden a very important Story and I need to find it in the Depths of the Ocean of your brain.  And I will have to dive to the Depths to recover the lost Password that opens the Files-Master of Life.  His brain is very intelligent and behaves like a Playful Octopus... He hid 9 crimes within a game to protect himself and not be sacrificed. It's very smart. It's time. I have to dive. Don't worry, I have the Diploma de  Diving with Sharks and Swimming with Whales and Mantas from Jupiter Editions.

- Doctor... Why did you dress in a real diving suit...?

- Oh! Ahahaha! It's part of the movie... We're being filmed... Ahahah! It's part of the Movie and the Experience... Just so your Brain takes the Experience a little more seriously and so I can retrieve the Password quickly. We are ready?

- I think so... You're not going to make me make any bank transfers for the Experience to work out and not go wrong,  are you?

- Of course not, Ralph! Before I'm your doctor, I'm your friend... What movie is this?

- It's a film in which, in the middle of the operation, the neurologist or the neurosurgeon tells the patient that he has to make a bank transfer for the experience to go well...

- Ahahahah! Of course! I'm not that mean...  I'm just kidding, Raul... Are we ready?

- Yes, I think so...

- Wear the Seat Belt.

- But are we taking off?

- Ahahahah! More or less! In 3,  2, 1, ABRAKADABRA!

[DANGER: Pain Threshold Reached. Pressure Limit. Surfing Above Pressure Threshold Can Lead to Schizophrenia Derived from Brain Chip Navigation Technology. Algorithm suggests to go up 3.14 hwz and apply Total Protection]

[What is that?]

[It's a think...]


[Oh... One thought... One thought in the heart... MUAHAHAHAHA!]

[Hey, don't laugh like that... You look like a crazy person! Can't you see that the sorcerer is going to hurt our little Raulzinho's heart and who's going to cure our Raulzinho's Heartbreak will be Dr. Danna? Cum! You don't understand anything about the movie... Our Raulzinho is going to play chess with the Queen and he's going to eat the Queen and the two Horses of the Queen and checkmate the King of the Queen and he's going to win the Queen's wife in the game... That's why he's going to marry Dr. Danna... Except that to get married, they need a Password that a Squid stole and took to the Dark Net of the Dangerous Oceans of Saturn...]

[Look, your mother is crazy...]

[Bad! But you're calling my mom crazy, why?]

[Because it's crazy! It doesn't hit well! And you don't hit well because of her!]

[Do I not hit well?]

[No... And you're another crazy person! You are also paranoid like your little friend Raul...]

[I'm paranoid, why?]

[I don't remember, do I? That on Ilha Mágica when Raul left the Tower he went to the Tower Operator to say that the Chair was missing a Safety Screw and you went right behind him to take sides saying that your Chair was also missing a Safety Screw... Both paranoid... Look, did you know that I read in a Psychology Manual that two paranoid people who live with each other can start to develop a kind of Common Paranoia and then end up both in the same World of Paranoia?]

[Do you see the things he is picking up? I'm out! I've already seen the movie this is going to be. This is a movie already seen. It's a Déjà vu]


[Do you believe in Déjà vu?]

[No, Danna... I don't believe in Déjà Vús... Please don't pass the Déjà Vús Information to Dmytro otherwise here comes Dmytro to send me a snap with that little book of his on Mental State Examination Psychiatry. ] 

[Who is the Doctor talking to?]

[With Dr Sara...]

[The Doctor cannot do this during Navigation! Data Protection! How is the Doctor navigating and talking to Sara? It's impossible!]

[They are talking through an Encrypted Neurological Channel. They have Neurons nº66, nº99, nº49, nº33 and nº55 chipped and connected to each other. They're talking about #49, which are connected only between the two.]

[How did they do this?]

[Through a Precision Medicine invented by Dr. Dmytro, Dr. Natasha and Dr. Nikita.]

[Who are Nikita and Natasha?]

[They are brothers. They are "children" of Russian Pharmacy. Nikita is from Biotechnology and Natasha is from Chemistry. Raul and Nikita starred in the movie Um Amor Maçônico In a Maçonaria dos Diabos in the part where Nikita invites Raul to go see the Padrinho's Movie at his house and in the middle of the movie they enjoy it and at the end of the movie Nikita tells him he has a girlfriend and film is diverted to the Eagle Studios of theTechnological Knightsby Barac Bielke and Jupiter Editions files a lawsuit against Eagle Studios at the same time that Raul files a lawsuit against Nikita and the Order of Technological Knights, but the case goes to the Virtual Court and Nikita wins the case claiming that the film was pirated by the Order of Knights reversing the Judgment and taking a 55% Share ofTechnological Knightsby Barac Bielke and theTarget - The Digital Footprintl from Ralf Kleba-Kodak for Russian and English Translation and a 33% Share in Jupiter Editions.]

[But this is not in Jupiter's Social Contract.]

[A Technological Contract was entered into on Saturn and implemented in the Social Contract on Jupiter. To read the Quota, Augmented Reality and the Password are required to read the Augmented Reality implemented in the Social Contract.]

[The password Danna is looking for...]

[Also opens this Augmented Reality. Opens all Jupiter Editions Augmented Realities...]

[How much is the Password worth?]

[Worth more than Jupiter Editions.  Worth 666 million. It's worth more than Jupiter Editions' 200 million.]

[But have you seen that all you know is calling me paranoid, crazy and that everything I do for you is wrong? So why are you with me?]

[Why? Because you even have the right muscles and the right dick and you have perfect little tomatoes...]

[Well... You just want dick...]

[And you don't want to and don't like it either, do you want to see?]

[I wanted to see you talking like that next to Raul so that Raul could get to know your real character! Because you always hide your true character from Raul!]

[And you don't hide it, you want to see it...]

[I??? I'm always the same! I don't change characters like you change   in front of him and always put him in a Character Game...]

[Oh!!! Now you spoke well!!! I'm glad you know that we're all involved in this movie and it's not just me!!!]

[But ca firing! What does that have to do with it?]

[It's all about!]

[I don't know what one thing has to do with the other... I think it was just a big shot from you... Another big shot... That you just send shots lately... And that one from the Tower in the Magic Island was not paranoia at all! As a matter of fact, the Operator even thanked him for the warning and explained that the Chairs at Ponta had the loosest Seat Belt... We didn't say that there was any screw missing...  Maybe it's up to you you were missing screws! In addition to that during the descent and ascent of the Chairs in the Tower, neither I nor Raul screamed like you hysterical feats and I don't know what! That for us was like a swing. For us we were there on our swing all day...  You were the ones who screamed the whole time in a Screaming Game... That is, we ourselves with the Seat Belt Slack in the Chair during the Light Speed descents on the Tower we never screamed and you with your seat belts tight looked like who knows what! That's why you're paranoid! Raul simply went to talk to the Operator to inform him that his Seat Belt had a lot of slack during the descent and that he had noticed during the descent that the other seat belts did not have this slack and asked if the slack was normal to save the next passengers, the Amusement Park and Andalusia if there was any Unusual Day Off and passengers were projectedAt the Speed of Light.  And as I listened to the conversation, I immediately went there to say that my Seat Belt also had a Big Slack during the descent and that I had noticed that the seat belts next to me did not make that slack and it was later the Operator who explained to us that in the Chairs of the Ponta this clearance was deliberate to give a Greater Dynamics in the Engineering of the Flight. And Raul thanked him for the information, he said he had a lot of fun but he suggested that there be some short notice explaining this break so that other passengers could have as much fun as he did without worrying or getting stressed during the flight and you stupid things started right away calling us paranoid and entering the data into theApplicationthat we were into dangerous things and adventures only for your fucking algorithms to classify us as a made up psychological illness. And Raul sent you an Abada in the Chess Game saying that he liked Adrenaline, Speed and Extreme Sports as long as it was 100% Safe calling Engineering "of Screws" to put the Screws in your paranoid heads, because paranoid and shit are you! Because later on Ilha dos Piratas, when Anjo Salva-Vidas asked Raul if his friends had screamed in the Torre dos Gritos, Raul, in order to protect your data in the Game and on Network 666, lied to Anjo saying that none of his friends had screamed and you climbed Magic Steps on the Magic Staircase without knowing why! SHIT ASS is what you are! They don't know how to thank! They're fucking asses!]

[Look! You see if you calm down but it is! Donkey are you who know nothing, but think you know everything! What about the Parachute Jump?]

[What's the matter?]

[Is it true or not that it is your favorite sport?]

[Whoa, yeah! But what does that have to do with an Important Data for a Negative Psychological Profile?]

[O stupid! In our Psychology, Skydiving is only an Important Data for a Negative Psychological Profile in the Differential Diagnosis of Personality and Celebrity Disorder... That is, it depends on other characteristics that the Personality or Celebrity has for us to be able to frame the Disorder... ]

[Well, what you want is to forcibly frame an entire Disorder that does not exist and you want the Disorder to appear with your Illegal Masonic Game of Characters.]

[But which game? It's quiet! Game, game, game! Do you only know how to talk about the game now? You're already like Raul who only talks about the game...]

[Well, why did Raul start talking about gambling? The only thing that sucks is that Raul in real life doesn't talk about any game and saves the game to play on a Better Internet and Network of Things! And Skydiving is our favorite sport because it is the Safest Sport just as Airplane is the Safest transport. That's why we enjoy going to the plane window always watching the flight while you guys go with your eyes stuck in your fucking phone! For us,  we were always in the air flying... We were made to be in the air always flying...]

[Well, I said... I said that we were Paired Up in the Mid-Game, but no one listened to me... I said! The whole Network listened, the whole Network listened, but even so, no one in the Network listened to me... Listen, is it true or false that in the 6th Parachute Jump you jumped from the Air Force Plane giving a sole?]

[I already told you that this story about Inácio's motherfucker is a lie!!! When the guy was hanging out with Champalimaud, the guy wanted to fuck me, but since I didn't want to have anything to do with him, the guy made up that story just to make you more paranoid and to fuck Raul at the Mind Games at the Faculty of Law on Valentine's Day. Administrative Law Examination.]

[What happened in the Study Room on the day of the Administrative Law Examination?]

[A War of Flies and Bees in Network Combat in Dark-Net versus Good-Net.]

[The Dark-Net of the Faculty of Law called the Dark-Net of the Evangelical Church and the Church of Satan of the Faculty of Medicine to occupy the seats in the Study Room of the Faculty of Law and place the Manual of Law on top of the Game Tables of Obligations that Raul did not return to the Library, forcing Raul to go up to the 1st Floor and sit in the only empty seat. The Evangelical Church and the Church of Satan of the Faculty of Medicine entered the Game, "in defense and tribute" of Francisco, for Francisco having entered the Evangelical Church to borrow the book at the Evangelical Library... Because Francisco had entered the Evangelical Church, with the Spirit and Image of Francisco worth millions on the Saturn Stock Exchange, the Evangelical Church passed ahead of the Church of Satan when it sold the image and Spirit of Francis in the Chambers Game to the Saturn Stock Exchange. Raul forgot with his Attention Deficit that he had the Law of Obligations Manual to return, because Raul's mother hid the Obligations Manual when the Information appeared on the Dark Net and when Dmytro tried to pass on the Micro-Information of Game Encrypted to Raul, so that Raul would go to the Library to deliver the Manual. Raul only remembered again when he found the Manual of Obligations during the Garbage and Psychiatry Report when he removed his mother's Psychological Problem of Accumulation of Garbage, while he was in hospital. Raul's mother hid the Psychology Manual in the same trash-filled drawer, the two chess books that made it into the Obra dosIlluminati Games, TheTechnological paranoidby Federico Ferrari and the Manual of Obligations. But Raul took the Manual of Obligations (and the Manual of Psychology) from the Photograph in the Drawer of the Garbage and Psychiatry Game Report... Except that the Manual of Obligations could not be out of the Game and therefore, right after, in a Master's move, his father appeared who hid the Manual of Law of Obligations and the book ofTechnological Knightsby Barac Bielke. It was only after Raul had completed the Administrative Law Examination that his father put the Manual of Obligations back on the table together with the Invoice for Settlement of Raul's Student Loan Debt from Caixa Geral de Depósitos. Raul's father went into debt to clear Raul's €2,000 debt, telling Raul that he owed him blood and that he would have to pay... Who cleared the other part of Raul's debt was the Guarantee Society Mutual Garval against Sociedade de Garantia Mútua Lisgarante... With the Debt Cleared, the Bank of Portugal is forced to stop everything to hear Raul's complaint against the Banco BPI Store regarding the Jupiter Editions Financing Case.   The Game is of the International type because it includes from Churches, Psychiatric Hospitals, Mutual Guarantee Societies, Museums of Skulls and Skeletons, Libraries, Colleges and Banks...]

[Who is Francisco?]

[It is one of the Devil's Dogs that appeared in Raul's Dream on the night of the Administrative Law Exam and that later appeared in the 1st Floor Corridor of the Study Room with the Manual of Obligations dressed as Dracula, looking at Raul when he The other Dogs of the Devil who appeared in Raul's Dream sat beside Raul's table. Francisco wants to marry the Spirit of Raul to get his games and movies  at Jupiter Editions. Francisco is a 1st year student at the Faculty of Law, Filmmaker and Gamer and Programmer Developer. He built 6 games at the same time in the same time that Raul wrote the 9 books. The two finished work on the Study Room. Francisco hacked Raul, which is why Francisco's games match the Internet of Things with 6 out of 9 Jupiter Editions books. There is a 69 in the Story that was Edited by Francisco in the Real Film part where Monika, a Ukrainian student from Raul's Good-Net but infiltrated in the Dark Net, secretly showed Raul the information so that Raul would quickly deliver the Manual of Obligations before it was stolen by the Ukrainian tech-knights and Raul became trapped in the Library Legal Deposit's Soul Library Debt. Francisco froze the Real Film before Monika showed the secret information and sent the Ukrainian knights to steal the Manual by sending the new information on the Dark Net that the Manual had been stolen and that Raul needed a Manual for the Library not to communicate the Manual's Debt with the Bank of Portugal worsening Raul's Reputation and Social Credit. With the Communication, Banco de Portugal was able to excuse itself from listening to Raul's Complaint. Monika shows Francisco's message sent on the Dark Net saying that if Raul enters Francisco's movie-video-clip and makes a pout under the Last Table on the 1st Floor of the Study Room that he enters hand in hand with him in the Library with Manual of Obligations for Raul to clear the debt at the Library and then go with him to the BPI Bank Store withThe Algorithm of Loveobliging Banco BPI to finance O Algoritmo do Amor with 66 million obliging itself in the Business Plan to translateThe Algorithm of Loveand theTechnological Knightsfor Dutch, French and German.]

[What is Francisco's nickname?]

[From Lynce Champalimaud. On the Cover of the 6th Algorithm of Love, which was taken to Casa da Boa Psicologia nº666, it is Francisco who appears in Augmented Reality. 4:33 pm 12/02/2022 Raul Catulo Morais in Real Time}

[That is, in other words... Is he the Prince chosen for Raul... Who chose him?]

[In other words, who installed the image of Francisco in Augmented Reality on the cover of O Algoritmo do Amor?]

[It was his cousin who was in Rede playing with Francisco during Process nº666 of Raul in Casa da Boa Psicologia...]

[Does this mean that Raul is Good Psychology's cousin?]

[He is a cousin of Boa Psicologia, cousin of Tax Law, cousin of Criminal Law and brother-in-law of Boa Neurologia.]


Writing [In pause]





1111111111111111111111111111111.666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666.1111111.########################################### ############################.#"#.#2.#"#.#2.######## ################################################### ###############.11111111.6666666666666666666.111




[Oh my fucking GOD! Raul's Brain is talking to Danna during the experience. Raul's Brain was able to enter the Delta Code and the Sical Code to write a direct message to Danna and project it in front of Danna's eyes during navigation.]

[What kind of brain are we dealing with anyway?]

[You know  what do I think? That the person hacking Raul's brain is Dmytro. I'm pretty sure he sent the code.]

[A war of brothers?]

[A war of beasts and schools of Psychiatry and Neurology from a distance through Technology... It might be possible... In which inside each of their ships they "shoot" "one against the other", but when they land it's like if there was no war and because of that they hug as if they were "robots" in "robotic hugs" that only the closest algorithms  are able to detect the mechanics and robotics of hugs.. .] 12:58 pm 12/11/2022

Xeque-mate à Ordem  dos Médicos e  ao Exército com a Polícia Judiciária  e com a Força  Air - Military and Judiciary Law -  Checkmate by table to the Faculty of Law, to the City Council of Santarém and Leiria,  to the Police Station of Santarém and Leiria, to the Faculty of Law , the National Data Protection Commission, the Rotary Club, the Lions Club, Opus Dei and Loja do Banco BPI

I learned to speak the Tongue of Serpents and I learned the Code of Crocodiles. When we learn the language and their  codes o  our chameleon body gets a new skin and a new deadly poison for snakes and crocodiles. They know that if we  "swallow" the poison that  we bring with us, it kills them and they die. That is why we are the  chameleons which in the chameleon language translates the Tongue of Serpents and the  Code of Crocodiles. I was poisoned. I'm a poisoned gift. I have poison on my tongue. I spit Fire and Poison. I want to burn down Devils' Freemasonry and I want to put an end to Corruption. I was born good. Even with poison on my tongue  I get Bad. The bad ones hate me.  That's life. Each one is born with the Spirit that is born. My name  is  Raul Catulo Morais. I sign my name with 9 six or with the name Satan. It is me. 999,999,999. Raul Catulo Morais to fight and close the Church of Satan! When I enter the Church of Satan and Freemasonry  of the Devils I turn my nines upside down and when I leave I turn upside down again. That's why I can watch all the movies in reverse without leaving Reality Film and I can add a  Augmented Reality  Invisible only with my Tech Brain. Don't play with my brain, otherwise my brain will send you to a Movie of the  Devils. I also know how to direct a Film of the Devils, because I was born in a Film of the Devils. Let me through, please. Please. I am asking for  please. I am on duty in the name of Jupiter! And on duty, I don't joke. I don't  play on duty.  Now it's my turn to play. They put a Chessboard on the Service Table. It's my turn to  play. Checkmate! I don't joke about service! 21:49 12/14/2022

SOS 66
00:00 / 33:01
SOS 666
00:00 / 14:46

SOS 66issued at 4:23 pm andSOS 666Issued at 4:42 pm on 12/14/2022 and sent to the Directorate, Psychology and Psychiatry of the Judiciary Police and the Air Force 

Dança Direito Penal
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Dança Direito Penal
00:00 / 44:30
Dança Direito Penal 3
00:00 / 37:25
Dança Direito Penal 4
00:00 / 03:16
Dança Direito Penal 5
00:00 / 04:32

dancessent to the Public Ministry, to the Center for  Judicial Studies and Dance Criminal Law 3 sent to the Judiciary Police 

Programa Ordem dos Médicos
00:00 / 45:36
Programa Ordem dos Médicos II
00:00 / 45:07
Programa Ordem dos Médicos III
00:00 / 29:45
Programa Ordem dos Médicos IV
00:00 / 33:10
Programa Extraordinário
00:00 / 45:09
Programa Extraordinário II
00:00 / 45:21
Programa Extraodinário III
00:00 / 38:47

The Judiciary Police of Leiria is not at the "pole" of the Public Security Police of Leiria as Father Manuel told me in front of the Court when I arrived after having photographed the Camera Game  de Filmar_cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ and stormed the Castle of  Leiria com  to Jupiter Editions at the Illumminnatti Games. The pirete that I made for the film camera before going up to Castelo de Leiria  and that Father Manuel saw was not passed on or communicated by the Judiciary Police,  but yes through Rede nº66 through   Câmara Municipal de Leiria or through the Security Network, because the Municipality of Leiria is responsible for the Treatment and Illegal Commercialization of Images and who operates is the Rede de Security guards. Thus, one of the operators of the Security Network cameras may have photographed my pirete and sent it to Network nº66 and Father Manuel, infiltrated in the network, saw the pirete and therefore told me about the pirete without speaking_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_ in front of the court in the Masonic Theater of the Impossible Prison Penalty of 9 years + 9 years + 9 years + 9 years + 6 years when the Criminal Framework for the History of Crime only goes up to 3 years in Prison. Father Manuel can invoke the Right of Usucaption against the City Council of Santarém and during the Formation  of his Right a  Police of  Security Public cannot  Dispossess or Constrain the Formation of its Right, because there is already  por  Lapse of Time a Protection Conferred by the Right to Possession of Father Manuel and Bruno's Property, because they have been in possession for more than 1 year and only those who have better possession than them can compete with them for possession. This means that neither the Public Security Police can disturb nor dispossess their properties, being able to  Father Manuel and Bruno remain in their property or restore their possession by their force and authority Direct Action and Judicial Defense. Only those who have better possession of  than they can dispute the possession of  land, being  the best possession_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-196bad5cf58d_ best possession_cc781905-bbde-3b -136bad5cf58d_ the one that is  titled and in the absence of title more  old and if they have equal seniority, the current ownership. Therefore, if the lands are not occupied by title, the best possession is worth it, as they have the best possession. The occupied lands were occupied  legitimately, their possessions being of good  faith, peaceful and public. In relation to the work of Barcelos  of his compadres, it is worth invoking Usucaption to block the Saturn Project, as well as the Jupiter Editions tapes that his compadres used around them to defend his Work by sealing the Work. With my little finger "which guesses" at the 6th Law Office I indicated to Father Jorge that Sociedade Inventa+ would invoke Article 66 of the "Lawyer's Specifications", but Father Jorge told me to ignore_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_ the invisible tapes of the Jupiter Editions film.  Pastor de Guimarães invented 6 patents within the Obra de Barcelos, which is why Inventa+ sponsors and protects the film from patents. 666,666,666. Raul Catulo Morais 23h14 12/14/2022 While Neptune was telling the Birth Story to Jupiter, I created the movie-game in real time that the patients in the psychiatric hospitalization of Dr. Lucyffër had broken Inventa's Air Conditioning with the Mosquito Killer_cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ from Lummy and escaped through the Air Conditioning installed on the ceiling, later jumping  the roof of the hospital. In the game, so that the visitors of the sick people would not also be hospitalized and the Internment door  opened, they had to  photograph the Mosquito Killer and the Air Conditioning without the guards seeing, when the guards entered the Clothing Room and turned on the Light. Only with the light on would  not close the door of the Psychiatry Internment to visitors. [The hidden camera installed in the laundry room is secretly linked to  Camera set installed in the Lavandaria da Carochinha where Mond went with Bruno Cigano and Sónia to wash the Dirty Clothing at 20:07 today when they appeared The Technological Knights of Rugby and Pastor de Guimarães with the bags of cement that he put  washing in the Knights' Machine with the boxers and  with the Knights' socks like ghosts . The  photographs of my psychiatric hospitalization game-film were pirated and I saw my game-film on the phones of the  rugby knights. I had to tackle the son of the otolaryngologist  who installed the hearing aids and as  internets to my family to recover my data e_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf5cf5 my movie-game. We danced without dancing like flamingos in front of the Chamber Game of the Rotunda nº66 which is in Partilha  of Illegal Data with the Chamber Game of the Laundry, of the Hospital  de_cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ Santarém and the Faculty  of Law. I don't know how it happened, if it was "magic" or what, but the film of the knights' socks and boxers,  with the bags of cement and  with the Hidden Love Letter in the Cement and Sand Purchase Book  that Pastor_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf5cf58d_ wrote to Raul e 78 bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ que o Mond  lançou para dentro  da Máquina de Lavar antes do Tempo fechar a Máquina  deu_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_ Oil. Oil out. Because a set of  Cameras installed in a  Clothes room or in a laundry room gives oil. Not all movies in a Laundromat are worth oil, but with certain stories and characters a Laundromat can play  in a  Dark Data Net. I'm not inventing too much. Inventa+ protects my film invention. In a Dark Net of a Laundry we are capable of making a movie  just to wash the Clothes  Dirty.] There are those who call Royal Rights the true Masonic Rights. I disagree. Father Jorge must reverse the Defense Burden and move on to the Defense of the Royal Rights of Gypsies in Obra  in Barcelos, ignoring the 66 thousand euros in fees. Father Manuel  and  and Bruno Cigano may us  pursuant to article 336, 1314 and 1277 of the Civil Code to appeal to the court City Council, the Public Safety Police Station, the Rotary Club and  the Lions Club cease to  exercise , with Masonic Pressure Legal-Literary Sponsorship of a Novel by Jupiter Editions, being able at the same time to exercise  Direct Action to maintain ownership. Without fears. 666,666,666. Raul Catulo Morais 00h09 15/12/2022 The owner of the laundry also saw my pirete in the Game de  Câmaras do Castelo de  Leiria. I make fireworks at the camcorders in Leiria, but in Santarém I wear my hood and throw pebbles at the camcorders  who are installed in the Castle of Santarém invoking the Right of Resistance, because I live in Santarém and not I admit that shit from Santarém City Council de  limits my Freedom of Movement or imprisons my spirit  in its Illegal Bank de Data ! Everyone who fights for  their rights! If I'm stuck in Santarém, it's in Santarém that I dance and dance in Largo da Câmara a Dança  dos Diabos  when the devils come to take me home to go dancing. 666.666.666 Raul Catulo Morais 00h19 12/15/2022 If they take me to  Palace of São Bento,  I dance in the Palace of  I dance in the Palace of  136bad5cf58d_ São Bento para o  Prime Minister, see how big my dick is! No  am crazy. I don't dance alone. I'm not crazy. I don't dance alone. I'm not crazy. 00h22 15/12/2022 But in the Mountain and in the Forest I dance with the Bees. I know I'm not alone in fighting for the Right of the Bees. Play Dirty of  Kevin McAllister [SEBELL], DejaVoodoo of Deelyle, Bayla of Dmitriy Rs & XM,  Evil Mirror of_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b_53d Merciless Kuanzui and Passion of Maestro Chives.

WithIlluminati Games, Leiria Castle looks like an Amusement Park. I see as Mandatory an Amusement Park that wants to install a Game of Cameras that there is first a Map of Cameras  Mandatory that indicates the Location of the Cameras and the Link to the  Owners de Direito poderem  Quickly and Automatically Request your films at Zero Cost invoking the Data Protection Phantom Law of Portability. Because I have the right to  storm the Castle of Leiria as if it were a Phantom,  without my Spirit being trapped in the Illicit Database of Leiria City Council . What connects the chambers to each other is Data Government Freemasonry. Just invoke Data Protection to get to the Other Shady Businesses  Difficult to prove.  Yeah  just watch the movie in reverse and play in the Game of Ghosts with the Ghost Law of Data Protection.  The Analogous Application of Legal Theory is made to close the Dark and Pyramid Businesses of Companies and Stores._cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ The cameras for filming  are the  eyes_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad the microphone Pyramid and the ears of the microphone. Just start with Blinding the Eyes. 666.666.666 Raul Catulo Morais 00h59 12/15/2022 I confess that it can be difficult to fight the Chamber Game at Isla  Magic of Seville,  at Disney Land of Paris or Disney Orlando with the French Napoleonic Codes, with the Castilian Codes  of Andalusia and  with the American "Texas" Codes. In Portugal the  Legal Order is more Spiritual, more "Masonic", because of the Civil Code with Germanic influence. This is why we, Portuguese and Germans, are offended by the cameras  that hurt our spirit, but when we travel to Park City London we travel in the cameras in silence, because we know that we are in another with another  culture that does not have strong civil codes like ours in relation  to Personality Rights and Rights  Image and Rights  -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ of the Private and Intimate Sphere even in the context of Public Roads or in Social Context. They are different codes and we must preserve our codes that take centuries of doctrine and an intellectual to build.  There are legacies  that were left to us by the Best Intellectual School of Rights and Values and we must not let a  Network of  Flies and  a Freemasonry of the Devils put an end to our legacies. In Santarém, people take longer to age because the air you breathe is cleaner and less radioactive. With Camcorders hooked up to the Internet and Shit Devils  heading into Jupiter Mountain with their fucking phones on  the  Internet are to asphyxiate the Oxygen, to worsen the Air, to Pollute and to Emit Radiation. And for that reason,  I can indeed break the Board Game installed in Santarém not only invoked the Right of Resistance but also in a more intellectual Legal Reasoning the Right of Health. Because we intellectuals who want to reach 666 years of life to ask for another 666 years of life are concerned with Health and with the Prolongation and Extension of our Technological Program  of Life_cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ Technological  and Analog. Psychiatry that doesn't make sense in my reasoning is a psychiatry that needs to be sent to hospital right away! Psychology  don't play with market psychologists who go down the same path! 666,666,666 Fire! Fire!  Fire! Incendeia-te de  uma vez  por  todas!  Incendeia-te, sua puta! Set yourself on fire! I want to see you burn! It burns! Burn in Hell, you whore! Burn, you sold whore  who wanted to go to my wake! I'm the one who's going to your wake!  I'll even order the coffin at Vacas Funeral Home in person  just to laugh for the camera_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_ illegal filming da  Vacas Funeral Agency. Muah-muah-muah! Greetings to you, Psychology! Que  miss you!... So many... My God... So many... Die! But  first dance the Thunder of Solence.  if you still know  dance with your red heart that you had and that you let change color to black and lilac,  I save you in the devils movie and open your coffin and revive you with a defibrillator  Electric. I died, Psychology. I died 6  times. But I was revived by the Fire Department  who put the electric suction cups from their defibrillator on my breasts and I revived. I am  on my  7th life. I am a Beast of God and the Devil. I have two dads. I was adopted by the Devil to marry a child of the Devil. Do you understand the shitty movie or not? You still don't get it? Do you want me to draw you a drawing? I make you! I'll make you  a drawing for you to understand well the movie  you're involved in, O Psychology... Muahahahahah! 01h28 12/15/2022 Ò Psychology... Ò Psychology... Muahahaahahaha!

Introdução I
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Introdução II
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Introdução III
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Introdução IV
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Introdução V
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Pré-Tomada II parte
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Target Liceu Sá da Bandeira
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During the Masonic Theater at the Health Center after having taken thePassword nº33I learned that Theater of Masks in Arabic is spelled with a 999 and a 99. I also learned theater in Russian,  in Ukrainian and in French. At the Health Center my mother said that she was seeing a Mirage of Beaches in Marrakech.I confirm  the Mirage, because Marrakech has no beaches. Confirmation of the Mirage at 01:54  on 12/15/2022 Raul Catulo Morais. I also learned during the Theater on Pharmacovigilance on social media to collect and monitor medications. After the test in rats, the next step is in people.  1st is in 20 to 80 people, 2nd is in 100 to 300 and 3rd is in more than 1000 and with the 3 OK's, the medicine goes to the Pharmacy, it is important that all  users of medicines participate in Pharmacovigilance and  immediately report the side Effects_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136Cobad5cf58d_. I see a Law School laboratory wanting to grant rights to the drug, as well as wanting to grant rights to the algorithms, robots and programmers who tomorrow  will program the drug's algorithms. I see more important the Law of Health with the Law of Psychology, with the Law of Dentistry, with the Law of Cardiology and with the Law of Urology than with the Law of Psychiatry and the Law of Medicines. It was with these new rights of mine that I entered the Masonic Theater of the Hospital of Santarém and performed the Master's Move on the Chessboard that I took to the Porta Fechada of the Ordem dos Médicos. I therefore confirm, for the 3rd time, my Suitability and Sanity in the Life Extension Technological Program for the connection of Criminal Law with the Law of Medicine through the Law of the Bees, the Law of the Oceans  and of the Law of Trees. Raul Catulo Morais 999.999.999.99. 02:17 am 12/15/2022

4ª Entrevista/ Reunião Familiar
00:00 / 34:58

4th Interview/Family Meeting with Dr. Lucília, Dr. Luís, Raul Catulo Morais e Lígia  Catulo  Morais de 31/10/2022 libertada às 03h17  de 15/12/2022_cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ of Case nº66 of the Virtual Court and communicated to the Medical Association for the purposes of Game Trials  and communicated to the Judiciary Police and the Air Force for better Psychology, Psychiatry and Research with a_cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ Definitive Remission of Case nº66  to the Directorate, Psychology and Psychiatry of the Judiciary Police, Air Force and foreign orders and military forces with the Request for Translation Code nº 9999.

I admit that a Third who listens to the 4th Interview might say that my mother "looks good". It is important to note that  in this more "lucid" state of his, there is a  kind of manipulated conversation in which  the conversation the tolerance threshold of my mother is very reduced, not letting people talk,  talking compulsively, always talking on top not listening to the other party, accompanying the conversation more or less with states of intelligence, often being confused with whom lives on a daily basis,  not having a stability of a "talk like that" for a long time. It should also be noted that the doctor knew how to "take" my mother, because she said that for  the doctor my mother was completely autonomous playing a game table with my mother on her behalf. My mother is very "terrified" of "Negativity" due  to her beliefs and superstitions. This means that once the doctor said that my mother was autonomous, the doctor wins my mother in the conversation and therefore  my mother gains more weight in the meeting. Now what the doctor did was not pretty, because the doctor simply played with this conversation to block me from accessing the Process, when she couldn't, when I am a son and I live with my mother and I have to know what personality disorder to to be able to know how to deal in the best way and to monitor the progress of the Process itself. In this "better  state" of my mother, my mother  has an Image  Build on_cc7819315-4cde-4cde-4cde-4cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ me very negative and very defensive as our communication is very  difficult.  I am a "liar",  I am a "cheater", "I just scream", I'm "provocative", "I play for my side", I'm "authoritarian" among many other concepts of Out of phase Reality and Stories Invented by my mother. But it is  clear that the Existence of a Serious Disorder gives the Essential Personality Discount. It is also not possible to confirm   my mother's autonomy in an Interview/Meeting or Visit in which my mother is able to dress a Character of a Patient Game of Characters. When my mother is discharged, my mother already leaves "another  person" from hospitalization in a worse state than the 30-minute moment of the 4th interview, later seeing the picture getting worse in the days then demonstrating that my mother is not autonomous, but that was already noticeable during hospitalization. In Calling for Attention to Psychiatry, I consider a Small or Big Conversation between Psychiatry and the Family essential before administering the Medication to the patient so that he already has more or less  enough data and understands what kind of disorder or personality is present, in a way  to improve the Therapy and  to reduce the length of stay, which can be harmful in some cases,_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-186bad5cf5cf5 as I point out in case nº 66 of my mother's Psychiatric Internment opened publicly in the Virtual Court 04:12 12/15/2022

Enfarte, Demência, Ortopedia e Macacos
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Orotopedistas Cavaleiros Tecnológicos
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Episodes "Infarction, Dementia, Orthopedics and Monkeys" of 12/8/2022 and "OrthopedistsTechnological Knightsde Barac Bielke" of 12/14/2022 - Order of Doctors and Order of Pharmacists and PharmacistsTechnological Knightsby Barac Bielke [After the Masonic Theater of Olanzapina I turned on Grindr predicting that Doctor Miguel  Titorov would join the game. I received a "Hey" intuitively predicting that behind the "hey" would come Miguel's picture. I opened the photo and it was Miguel. I turned off Grindr. I know which pharmacy door I have to knock on to ask for sponsorship to writeThe Other Algorithm of Love. I asked at the Pharmacy counter if Miguel played the piano, because of his pianistic hands and Miguel laughed and replied that he had composed 9 songs on the piano at dawn and that was why he was so sleepy ... I asked who he had written the 9 songs for and he replied that he had written for Number 66. He went to get the medicine and I looked back and photographed Number 66. When he came back he told me he was learning Icelandic so I could pack my bags and go work at a pharmacy in Reykjavik and offered me an English-Icelandic Dictionary. I opened the Dictionary to page 66 and saw a Job Offer to work  in a Restaurant 5 days a week for 5 hours a day. I am ready to Emigrate and Serve  at the Tables in Reykjavik. Perhaps it is not Portugal, nor Santarém, the Center of the World. Maybe it's Iceland and Reykjavik the Center of the World. Love is able to Realign us the Center of the World.  With Love we make the Center of the World the place where we date and make love. We are the ones who draw the Center of the World with the Compass a  Circumference of Life. We know that the Radius of the Circumference is the Number Pi. There is the number Pi n'The Algorithm of Love. Some say that 21 pis numbers can fit insideThe Algorithm of Love. I asked Miguel what kind of calculations he was doing and he took the number 66 and divided it by the number pi. That's how I saw number 21. I took out Password #21.  01:15 12/20/2022 Raul Catulo Morais

Back to Front Doctors Novel - Ordem dos Médicos

Pastel de Bacalhau (Natas Vegan)
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666º Desperdício Alimentar
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A Farpa
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4 Piscas Natal (Red Code)
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Prova dos Dados - Proteção de Dados
00:00 / 21:54
2º Almoço de 33 mins
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Conclusão Mata-Lobos
00:00 / 13:16
Psiquiatria de Férias - Caixão Encomendado
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Inteligência da Demência
00:00 / 45:18
Inteligência da Demência II
00:00 / 51:47
Rede Criminosa
00:00 / 50:47

December 19 episodes. Episode of "Pastel de Bacalhau" at 8:50 pm on 12/19/2022

«Mom, I have to take a test. Go up there if you do  please and go down.»

“What is this test for?”

«So I can see if mother  is  able to come back or not.»

"I am, son."

«Then,  go up.»

«Mother  stopped 3 times on the way up...»

«Hey son, it's to rest... You're trying to speed things up, but all of this has its Protocols... For the Orthopedic Knights to appear to straighten the mother's bones, first you have to photograph the frame of_cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ knights there  from the Hospital... Only later do they appear...  Like in the movies... This is for what movie, son? For O  Algorithm do  Love? I'm sorry mommy got the Algorithm dirty with the Fiambrrinho Stains... So good, son... The ham they make from Nobre...»

«Oh mother... Stop talking all the time  about their ham. I don't like them and I don't like Nobre.  Go up there...»

“Ah, son! Let me  rest... Mommy now wanted a sandwich with poultry ham... Mommy no longer likes pork ham that mommy is now a friend of pigs because she saw a report on pigs so funny they look like people,  look at you... You were right, son! Ready! Checkmate!"

“Mom, get up there! The mother has to go up every day,  go to the Miradouro da Janela Nova,  sit on the bench and write about a Memory and then come back... .»

“And then you’re going to deliver the Mother’s Diary to Jupiter Editions?”

«Not me,  the mother is going to deliver it...  Don't you have hands to deliver it? You don't need my hands...  Come on... Mom... I'm not kidding,  go up! You have to go up!”

“Up where, son?”

«To the Count's Ass, mother!»