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Mission fight Hunger

"For every book sold, Jupiter Editions buys 1 package of rice or pasta + a can of grain or beans to hand-deliver to families or people in need"

Which families or people in need will Jupiter Editions deliver to?

In each editorial plan, Jupiter Editions includes African regions with an index of poverty or extreme hunger for its MISSION TO FIGHT A HUNGER. Thus, the supplies will be delivered to the neediest families or people who live in the region framed by the Editorial Plan.

How does Jupiter Editions deliver the groceries? Will send?

Jupiter Editions does not ship the groceries. Jupiter Editions delivers the groceries in hand on a trip with Member Readers and Member Writers. Purchases of groceries are made at local stores.

Who pays for the trip?

Jupiter Editions pays 100% for travel to its Member Readers and its Member Writers, including all mission expenses and all activities complementary to the mission and travel, including accommodation, food and airline tickets.

Wasn't it easier to send?

It was easier to send, but it was also easier for groceries to be “diverted”. In addition, Jupiter Editions is empathetic and human and wants to be with its own eyes and with its spirit in the place of the region, in close contact with reality and getting to know the neediest families and people connecting with them. Jupiter Editions wants to pass this sensitivity on to its Member Readers and its Member Writers.

25,000 copies sold mean 25,000 families or people helped?

25,000 copies sold do not mean 25,000 families or people helped, but 25,000 packages of rice or pasta and 25,000 cans of grain or beans for needy families or people. You cannot fight the hunger of a person or a family by giving them a can of grain. But maybe we can fight the hunger of a person or a family for a year if we give them, for example, 60 packages of rice, 60 packages of pasta, 60 cans of grain, 60 cans of beans, 60 cans of mushrooms, 60 packages of oat milk and 60 packages of oat flakes.

Will Jupiter Editions also be delivering mushrooms and oats? Wasn't it just pasta, rice, beans and beans?

Saying that "for each book Jupiter Editions buys a can of grain or a can of beans and a package of rice or a package of pasta to deliver to families or people in need", gives a reference to Jupiter Editions of the minimum number of groceries it has the responsibility to buy. It can be more “interesting” to combine other groceries so that a family or person can have several meals in a year with access to greater diversity of nutrients. The trip to the place becomes important for that very reason, to be able to understand the real needs of a family or a person we have identified. If a family or person eats eggs, Jupiter Editions can try to establish a “line” with a local grocery store where a family or person has an account paid by Jupiter Editions, to pick up, for example, for 1 year, fruits, vegetables or fresh eggs.

Where will the First Editorial Plan trip be?

The First Editorial Plan of Jupiter Editions framed Maputo (Mozambique) for the MISSION TO COMBAT HUNGER, as long as it's safe to travel at the time.

But isn't Cabo Delgado at war?

Although Cabo Delgado is more than 2700km from Maputo (about 36 hours by car), taking into account the war in Cabo Delgado, Jupiter Editions will ask the competent authorities for an opinion on the recommendation for the trip. Thus, the trip to Maputo will only take place if, at the time, it is 100% safe. The restrictions of the pandemic context, at the time of the trip, can also lead to the mission's destination being changed by another. If the trip to Maputo at the time is inadvisable or inconvenient because of the pandemic context, Jupiter Editions proposes another safe destination to Member Readers Traveling , and any Member Readers Traveling may also propose another safe destination, taking place the mission in the most voted destination, if the new destination is not unanimous.

What complementary activities are included in the trip to Maputo?

The trip to Maputo includes a safari in Gorongosa National Park and another safari in the Kruger National Park.

How many jupits are needed for the trip?

27 jupits are needed.

2 months before the scheduled trip date, Jupiter Editions confirms the mission program and launches the trip competition on the Jupiter Account with at least 15 seats.

The contest is aimed at Member Readers with at least 27 jupits.

Member Readers entered into the contest will be submitted to Jupiter Editions Testing through the Jupiter Account, with the 200 Member Readers with the most correct answers being pre-ranked. In case of a tie for the right answers, the shortest time will be broken.

The 200 pre-classified Member Readers will be called for Travel Casting being classified Travel Member Readers by at least the best 15.

Travel Casting criteria are announced with the Contest Schedule.

How can I track book sales and see the groceries that Jupiter Editions is making?

One of the fundamental principles of Jupiter Editions is the Principle of Transparency . The Jupiter Account, once integrated with the online store, provides real-time data on book sales. All Member Readers with 9 jupits and all Active Member Readers  can monitor book sales in real time and see Jupiter Editions transfer the amount of each sale from the checking account to the MISSION FIGHT HUNGER account, through the Jupiter Account.

«I think this is all very beautiful... But excuse me, I know of a case closer to my reality than Maputo, of a couple who are starving and who is not being helped by anyone... The only food they have is love... And in a monetary system like ours, we know that  with love alone, unfortunately, we cannot survive... If there is already money in the MISSION FIGHT HUNGER account, can we not use it to help this case closer to us, Jupiter Editions? There are also people starving in Portugal... I'm Portuguese, don't get me wrong...» (Gil de Sales Giotto)

Dear Gil, thank you for your Intrigue in Technological Poetry  that we greatly appreciate. Another one of the basic principles of Jupiter Editions is the Principle of Best Representative Democracy. This means that all Active Member Readers can countersign in the Jupiter Account a request to use MISSION FIGHT HUNGER money outside the relevant region, for a specific case, as long as they are able to anonymously report the target (without identifying it) . Achieving the best qualifying majority of votes in favor, Jupiter Editions carries out the new mission. At Jupiter Editions, who are in charge of the missions are Member Readers and Member Writers. Since Gil is a Member Writer, in addition to being able to endorse as all Member Readers, he can also propose on the Jupiter Account that the sales of his book will specifically revert to a new MISSION FIGHT HUNGER. However, it will only be possible to reverse previous sales if you get the best qualifying majority of votes in favor. Failing to do so, future sales may revert, as long as it is announced on the Jupiter Editions website that sales of the book At the Speed of Light will revert to a MISSION FIGHT HUNGER outside the framework of the Editorial Plan.

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