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Quest to Plant Trees

For every book sold Jupiter Editions plants a tree!

Member Readers who plant trees with Jupiter Editions or who participate in Fighting Hunger and Fighting Garbage Missions earn jupits

All Member Readers can earn jupits at Jupiter Missions or at Jupiter Agenda events of a philanthropic, solidarity and humanitarian or research character.

Estruturas de papel verde escuro

As Jupiter Editions is an empathetic and human publisher, if on the one hand it sees profit, it never does it above the environment, not putting the Earth's natural resources in crisis. There is an urgent need to preserve natural resources, especially in the fight against logging. There is a green political agenda on the European Parliament table. And this is the path we must follow. A capital society is possible in a society that wants to be the greenest and most sustainable, or at least claims so, if it moves towards a healthy intelligent resource capitalism , as defended by Jaime Maria Bayamonde da Costa Ayala in his legal-novel-political-economic The Algorithm of Love and that Sebastião Lupi-Levy later had the help of The Authors of the System . And since Jupiter Editions is authentic and truly environmentally friendly, in addition to just “ordering” the Print On Demand in 100& recycled paper, it also commits to a voluntary agenda, in specific solidarity events before its Member Readers , to plant trees for every book sold. On average, 100,000 liters of water are consumed per ton of paper manufactured. To produce a ton of recycled paper, 2,000 liters of water are needed against 100,000 liters to produce non-recycled paper. To produce a ton of unrecycled paper, 5,000 kilowatts of energy are needed. To produce a ton of recycled paper requires a thousand kilowatts of energy. For every 28 tons of recycled paper, we avoid cutting down 1 hectare of forest. In other words, a ton of recycled paper prevents the cutting of 30 trees, because 30 trees are needed to produce a ton of new paper. For the production of 100& recycled paper, no trees are cut down, what there are are the "natural" industrial costs of water and energy. Paper fibers can be recycled up to 10 times. In view of these data, Jupiter Editions' smart and sustainable option for 100% recycled paper is thus demonstrated, proudly displaying its green stamp on the covers of its books.

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