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MISSION printing houses

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We will apply 9% of the profits to print houses for homeless people, young graduates or newlyweds without their own home and with no chances of resorting to bank credit and artists with works made without their own home and without money to pay rent

«The real cost to print a house of 180 m²  in 3D with sustainable micro-materials in less than 24 hours is €3!!!!!!»


“The market has already inflated this truly eco-friendly technology to €30,000 and is expected to continue to inflate to the absurd cost of €300,000. When we have people in the 21st century who are homeless, young graduates or newlyweds without their own home and without the possibility of resorting to bank credit for the purchase of their first home, we must vehemently defend access to this eco-friendly technology, tending to be free, as a basic right of an evolved technological society like Gabriel Garibaldi's Jupiter. It is worth remembering that the true inventors of this technology, regardless of the war with patents, wanted to bring the 3D printer to the market with the philanthropy of being able to print a 180 m² house at almost zero cost, solving one of the biggest problems of the world and naturally relieving stress and bringing new peace and happiness to 21st century society. It is important to think that the 3D printer does not come to "spoil" the business of builders or developers, nor replace the real estate market, but rather complement it with an alternative for those who do not have housing or equity. In other words, it relieves "the system". Printed houses, before being a fashion, must be what they are: a basic need of any human being born in the light of the 21st century «on a technological platform», as The Authors of the Sebastião Lupi-Levy System so well defends. "It's not fancy" having a house printed or living in a printed house. Because that can't be the thought! Because it is this thought that absurdly inflates the market. Because it's absurd! Having a house printed must become a basic right of any human being, who does not have his own home or who was born without inheritance, when technology exists and is real! The real cost to print a home from  180 m² in 3D with sustainable micro-materials in less than 24 hours is 3€!!!!! Soon,  it has to be part of the philanthropy of any government or society or company or investment fund that is truly empathetic and human. Because even "funds" already want to be human and empathetic, and "funding" wants to stop being "black" and become "green". We are on time! The bank that also accompanies our thoughts. (...) Seeing a technology being sold for €3,000,000 when it's worth €3 in itself doesn't shock me, because I'm a liberal. What scandalizes me, and this is what we have to make a scandal about, is seeing a technology capable of responding to the Right to Housing at zero cost and seeing a market predictability playing with people's lives and minds. The feeling of private property, where we can develop our personality in peace, tranquility and security in a reserve of private life and intimacy is the most important human feeling of all... When we are liberal and defend the economic freedom of things and the market, it forces us to be intelligent and naturally also to see the intelligence of the markets. Being liberal is like everything else, it has limits.  And limits are the basic rights of any human being. If we are poor and have a printed house, we will be happy if we live with the thought of "how fancy" we can live in a printed house. But let this thought dwell in the mind and brain that knows it is poor, but that it has an extraordinary and spectacular capacity to be happy-poor. It's not that the printed houses are for the poor. The rich can also have houses printed and live in printed houses. What is not wanted is to see the rich who do not live in printed houses having houses printed for the poor at absurd prices. The most important thing in the market is to be able to be real and see the real price of things. It is very important to see what is going on around us. We cannot play with basic human rights. We are not supposed to be born to have to go to work to be able to "hold the roof of a house". Let's work because we want to live, not to survive. We don't have to walk on the lights of the 21st century running around to survive. No. We run because we have a taste. We run because we like it. And we don't get tired. Let's work, because there is a healthy capital market in which we want to participate and invest, because we want to make our contribution to society, because we want to collaborate with Law, Psychology, Biology, Medicine and Psychiatry. Maybe it's important that we start seeing a Market Psychiatry. There are markets, which Psychiatry must have the courage to send for hospitalization. We are not supposed to be working to survive, to have money to pay rent with the stress of something happening and being without a job and being evicted and having nowhere to go. This is bad for mental health. Because if that is so, if I have a Psychology and a Psychiatry allowing themselves to be taken by a Marketing of Things in an Internet of Things, then we are not in the 21st century and we are not part of a society neither evolved nor intellectual. To be intellectual is also to be this: to get ahead with Psychology, without Economics, and have the courage to tell the market that it cannot inflate the price of an ecological technology capable of solving the "mental health of things". The idea is to evolve with technology. The idea is for technology to increase happiness, alleviate human suffering and not the other way around. It's up to us to decide on the most important issue of the day, because this is the most important issue of the day: Europe to import the 3D Printer and start printing houses for those who do not have their own home and cannot buy a house in the traditional market or resorting to the bank. That Europe starts printing houses for those who have studied, for those who have worked, are young and do not have their own housing or equity. Let Europe start printing homes for people who are homeless. Let Europe start printing homes for young doctors, for young lawyers who spent the money on a suit and tie and are now "homeless". When we have young doctors who cannot buy a house or rent a house and we have ecological technology capable of printing a 180 m² house in 3D for 3€ I see here a strange Internet of Things... The 3D Printer must be the investment priority of any current government, before investing in the Internet of Things, or in drones doing thousands of deliveries, monitoring and processing. After we are all properly installed, then, perhaps, we can move towards more alien investments.” April 17, 2021, Jaime Maria Baymonde da Costa Ayala. FOLLOW THE AUTHOR @jaimemariabayamonde

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