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chamber for the last confession

I discovered/found my Spirit,  my True Spirit today at 9:06 am on 1/10/2023. Maybe it's late, 1 day, 2 days, 3 days, 4 days... I don't know. 1,  2, 3, 4 years... No  I know... But I know I'm late, I come late and arrive late, but_cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ because of the Program that was installed in my life. My Program was hacked by drone hackers who showed me the Truth,  my Truth, the Truth of my Spirit, the  story of my Spirit._cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ It's 10:10 am on 01/10/2023, I still have the spirit of my crying... But I'm not crying anymore. I'm not crying anymore. I ended up  crying as if I could see all  of my Brief Life in a Film Film Forbidden... Religiously forbidden... It's as if I had been logo_cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ dead only  for having seen the movie  that I saw. It is as if a Knight fired a Sniper at the Masonic Order of the Order of  Knights... But it is as if there had been a 6th Number Revolution and as if, suddenly, Noah's Ark was opened with Code nº999999 and in Self Defense the Drones  fired against the Knight of the Sniper, just because of the Code,  that opened the Ribbon.  The tape I saw is there on a Cassette inside Noah's Ark. Noah's Ark was buried on Elephanta Island. It is possible to mentally open the Ark with just the Code,  but  it is necessary for the Code to reach the Ark. It takes a Mind. For the Mind to be able to send the Code,  the Mind has to dig up a Set of Keys, translate a Message and deliver a Message to the Recipient to receive a Map. There is a whole Journey that leads to the Understanding of the Game of Keys of Life,  of the Translation and Delivery of the Message, to the Unearthing of the Truth and the Mental Marking of the Code to open once and for all the True. In Noah's Ark only  there is one  Cassette,  despite the stories saying that there are a series of cassettes and tapes... The truth is that it is just a Tape that tells all the Truth that exists on a Single Cassette, called the Cassette of Life. All around are the tapes generated by the Mind that travels on its own journey with other trips, thoughts, illusions,    desires and fantasies for another "reality" in a Sequence of Dreams and Fantasies which is logical to the Mind and which preserves the Mind itself. The Cassette is a Jupiter Editions cassette. It doesn't even say Jupiter Editions.  Only the Elephant Mark Jupiter appears. Elephant Jupiter was the last to be rescued by Spaceship #9999. He was at the Zoo wearing Augmented Reality Glasses. A great cruelty... But not even the  kids could see this Cruelty from phones in hand with their  eyes always stuck in the Addictive Screen of "Other Satan", by Belial . Not even Disney's Dumbo kids can see the real elephants, because Disney seems to inhabit a Great Belial from Hell...  My Cry of Blood of Life was due to a Set of Sequences of Images, Movements and Memories. Despite being, obviously, in my Condition, an atheist, I start by saying that for me the names Allah and Jehovah are very special names, for me they are very technological names with a great technological load. It was on my trip to South Africa that on the plane  that made a stopover in Dubai that I heard Arabic "for the first time" and it was as if it were "my language". I felt a Scratched Honey that I can't explain. It was magical! It was  truly magical! It was a very spiritual journey that I had in which I got to know the Koran in a different way. I didn't open it, but I found out about it through Good Muslims who passed me some passages  and simply told me that Allah was a good God and  that it was a lie that spoke of terrorism or fanaticism in the Koran... Of course,  I believed in the Good Muslims that I saw who only looked for a Legitimate Hope and Faith in God.. in a World constantly at War.. .  In other words, I heard the most beautiful parts of the Koran and I saw the Koran as a very beautiful book. I didn't think, from what I heard, that it was  a book that would provoke a war.  In fact, quite the contrary... A book that says not to eat pork, for me  is a special book... However, I just think that this special book is missing parts... For example, not to eat goats,  no eat  cow... Not eat mammals,  because we humans,  are mammals. I think we should think about the suffering of all animals, but  the truth is that we have to feed ourselves and we have to feed ourselves  with the best foods to be able to reach_cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ to "Eternity": I see Eternity as  possible,  _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb5dinto_meternally5cf5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ , because I see Technology and Medicine and I know that with Technology  and Medicine it is possible not to die for the Telomere Theory. Now, only Scientists and Ecologists with Botanists, Biologists and Doctors will be able to give us the Chemical Equation of the best nutrition in a Weighing of Dishes with Nutrition on one side and with the Right of_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_ the other side.  And when weighing the number of dishes, I take the Red Meat dish first. For now, this is the Plate I take from the Scale of Life to see one of our arms (and belly) lighter... If you ask me which plate I take next, I'll answer that it's the meat plate I eat the white meat of birds, but I keep the white meat dish of snakes and crocodiles, which taste like chicken and are healthy meat and I see Eternity in their flesh and in their eyes and that's why I eat them. Medicine also sees an Eternity in the venom of snakes... I would say that Life is easy... I would say that the Equation of Life is easy to get right... It is not difficult... It is easy... Life it is very easy, but it is difficult and complicated because of the black tapes and black books that consume our energies and take away our time to see the Truth and reach the Truth.  The Truth is one, it costs whatever the cost, a  The truth has to be told and disseminated  as if it were a virus. The truth is that we humans are prohibited by  LAWS OF ECOLOGY  from eating red meat and making it a Business of Life. The truth is that red meat causes cancer,    causes what I call CANCER OF THE DEVILS... It makes you think worse... It makes the Spirit more aggressive . No  does good and causes suffering to a Species very close to us... Perhaps Angola will be offended by my dishes ... But what can I say to Angola, is that Angola can make Cahupa with Chicken...  India, can make Fish Curry, Shrimp Curry,  Chicken Curry... Almeirim you can make a Stone Soup with chicken... We just have to imitate the Jews and fill the Vegetal Gut with chickens... And we love pigs... Not for nothing, but  no matter how much "Let's love" a chicken it will never love us... Bring me a chicken that dreams, that has my feelings and emotions that we have so I can take from the dishes a  chicken... All this, all this intelligence of ours has to do with the Group of Memories and with the Group of Learning... Chickens don't have "the memory"... They don't have "the memory" brain" than pigs,  cows, humans and bees, for example,  just like ants have... Chickens only know how to walk_cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ after the corn and after the owner because of the corn and counting his eggs... In the face of such Nature, if I should eat chickens, crustacean shrimps and snails,  sacrificing these animals, to protect other animals more  close to us. Until the day  that I discover that there is an Alga, which I have already discovered,  that has more protein than a  White Meat and Red I say that then I can be truly Vegetarian... However, I see the Essential Fish,  because of the  Essential Oils as I see other white meats , because a  Medicine and a Nutrition me  say that I can't just feed on Algae... And I believe them... But when a Better Nutrition and Better Medicine tells me that I can now only eat Algae and Bamboo and Soy Sprouts, as these will only be my food, and my husband's oat milk and sperm milk. I see the Sacred Sperm, since always,  as a Royal Food. It is my Truth.  I am just writing my Truth... It is my Truth. It's not true for everyone. It is my Truth. I already took the oath,  on 9/6/2023 on the 1st Full Moon of Lobo de Janeiro... It means that,  I can no longer speak on the Mysterious Masonic Arts from the 6th. However, I can tell you two true stories from yesterday that make Unblocking the History of my Spirit. I am writing very slowly, because the Online Processor is slow... My writing appears a little stuck ... From time to time it blocks...  I have to have some patience to see my writing appear... I've waited 30 years for this... I have to have patience... I have a lot of patience... A lot... I have great patience... I'm really patient... I have a "Patience from Hell"...

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Voice recordings by Raul Catulo Morais at 2:14 pm on 01/14/2023 and adapted on 01/15/2023 to Film-Nouvelle"Dangerous game: Schachmatt! Ich habe mit einem Psychopathic Psychiater Network im Bett geschlafen." inNewincanal jupiter


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